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1900 Bradford County Directory


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1900 Wyalusing Borough Directory

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Post office address Wyalusing

Ackley, Elizabeth, milliner Smith & Waldo, bds Church

Adams, Sarah C., widow Rev. Arthur, bds Senate

Allis, Irving M., notary public, fire insurance agent and dealer in drugs, books, stationery, etc., Main, h Taylor ave.

Allis, Ned H., veterinary surgeon and dentist, prop livery and feed stable, dealer in wagons, prop Percheron stallion "Harry Livingston, Jr.," Church, h do

Ayers, Benjamin, restaurant and pool rooms Taylor ave, h at New Albany

Armentrout, Thomas S. Rev., pastor Presbyterian Church and of church at Sugar Run, Front

Arnold, Phebe J., widow Philemon, bds Taylor ave

Bailey, Benjamin, farm laborer, h Taylor ave

Bank of Wyalusing, John B. Stalford pres., E. A. Strong cashier, Taylor ave.

Baptist Church of Wyalusing, Rev. M. C. Decker, pastor, Second

Barnes, Edwin G., painter, h Gaylord, removed to S. Waverly

Black, John H., insurance, Church, h do

Black, Niram A., boro councilman, farmer 2, h Pleasant cor High

Bosworth, Charles H., (C. H. B. & Son) physician and surgeon and farmer 200 in Woodhull, NY

Bosworth, C. H. & Son, ( Charles H. and Ford E.) Edward E. Bosworth mgr, dealers in hay and straw, Main

Bosworth, Edward E., mgr E. H. Bosworth & Son, hay dealers, Main, h r 52 ½ in township

Bosworth, Ford E., (C. H. Bosworth & Son) h State

Bowman, G. Horton, laborer, bds Main

Bowman, Seena N. Mrs., boarding house, Main

Bowman, W. Harvey, emp. planning mill, h Main

Briggs, Lois E., widow William G., h Main

Brown, Harriet, widow Mason A., interest in farm 130, bds Third

Brown, Harriet J., dressmaker, interest in farm 152, h Third

Brown, Helen Mrs., h Prospect

Brown, Ira, A., in charge J. W. Brown’s livery, farm 130 in township

Brown, J. Miles, painter, h First

Brown, J. Morgan, propr Wyalusing Hotel and livery, also propr Brown’s opera house, farm 80 on r 41, Main See adv page 680

Brown, Mehitable, widow Daniel K., bds Front

Brown’s Opera House, J. Morgan Brown propr, Main

Brown, Oscar F., clerk Smith & Waldo, h East cor Pleasant

Bump, Edwood C., laborer, bds Main

Bump, Harriet A., widow Albert, nurse, h Main

Bump, Inez V., compositor, bds Main

Burkley, George, blacksmith, Gaylord, bds Wyalusing Hotel

Burrows & Co., (F. A. and A. B. B. of Pike and George Burroughs of New York) general merchants, Main

Burrows, Arthur B., (Burrows & Co.) res in Pike

Burrows, Fay A., (B & Co.) com trav., res in Pike

Byrne, William, telegraph operator at depot, bds Sullivan

Callahan, Joseph P., section hand L. V. R. R., b Gaylord

Camp, Emma E., school teacher, bds Senate

Canfield, Helen I., widow Frank, h Church

Chamberlain, Jabez E., farm 70 in township, bds Wyalusing House

Chamberlain, Jennie E., h Taylor ave.

Chamberlain, John W., physician and surgeon, farm 200 on r 50, Main cor Church, h Taylor ave

Chamberlain, Susan, widow John Fl., bds Taylor ave

Champney, Isabella M., widow Van Ransselaer, h Church

Champney, Loren R., Episcopal candidate for orders, h East

Chapman, Edmund D., lamplighter, h First

Colt, Carrie V., (Colt Sisters) h Taylor ave

Colt, Josephine L., (Colt Sisters) h Taylor ave

Colt Sisters, ( Mrs Harriet E. C. Wagner, Carrie V. Colt and Josephine Colt) dressmakers Taylor ave, h do

Cook, Rev. Ambrose J., pastor M E Church, h State

Corbin, Oscar W., h Church

Corbin, John A., h Church

Corfield, John A., h Church

Cornell, Harry, telegrapher, bds foot of Main

Cox, Cornelius, bds Gaylord

Cox, Elmer, boro councilman and treasurer and barber Main, h do

Coyle, John E., cattle dealer, farm 57 in township, h Main

Cummiskey and Wyalusing Stage Lines, tri-weekly, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Hugh McHugh propr, leaves Wyalusing 1 pm

David, Earl, clerk Hotel Middendorf, bds do

Decker, Marion C., pastor Baptist Church, also of Baptist Church at Terrytown, h Gaylord

Deegan, Peter, hostler Hotel Middendorf, bds do

Dodd, Orlie M., milliner Main, h do

Dodge, Bruce, (Dodge Bros of township) h Front

Dull, Ida M., dressmaker, bds Main

Dunklee, Elanson, insurance agent, h Church

Dunklee, Emry J., student, h Church

Dyer, A. Liberty, bookkeeper for O.L. Main, h do

Dyer, Oscar L., groceries and notions Main, h do

Elliott, Clarence W., carpenter and builder, removed to Wysox

Elliott, Jennie, (Nan & Jennie Elliott ) h Taylor ave

Elliott, Nancy A., (Nan & Jennie Elliott ) h Taylor ave

Elliot Nan & Jennie, ( Nancy A. & Jennie ) dressmakers, Taylor ave

Ellsworth, J. Burton, emp N H Allis, h John cor Prospect

Ellsworth, John, carpenter and builder, h First

Ely, Frank J., blacksmith, h Stowell cor Gaylord

Farr, Vaughan, painter, removed to Sayre

Farr, William O. mason, h Pleasant

Fletcher, Nellie M., dressmaker Church, h do

Fletcher, Merrit, farm laborer, h Church

Frank, LaVerne B., compositer, h First

Fuller, Israel C., planing mill etc in township, h Front

Gay, James B., watchmaker for H. J. Hallock, h First

Gaylord, Anna M., widow John L., interest in his estate, h State

Gaylord, Asa, administrator and farmer estate of John L., about 100, h State

Gaylord, Burt A., clerk Henry B., bds Taylor ave

Gaylord, E. Mott, clerk, bds Taylor ave

Gaylord, Harlan P., assessor and mason, h Marsh

Gaylord, Henry B., dry goods and groceries, breeder light Brahma fowls, farmer 50 Taylor Ave., h do

Gaylord, M. Olive, dressmaker State, h do

Gaylord, N. Judd, pres. school and board of health, farmer, h Taylor ave

Gaylord, Wallace W., emp planing mill, h Taylor ave

Gibbs, Burt A., painter, bds Taylor ave

Graham, Mary A., widow Joseph, seamstress, h Gaylord

Hall, Henry S., section hand L. V. R. R., h Third

Hallock, Henry J., watchmaker, jeweler and optician, also dealer in bicycles, sec school board, Main cor Church, h front

Harris, Arthur H., emp planing mill, h Taylor ave, removed to Mahoopany

Hillis, David A., farmer and laborer, h Third

Hines, Lucretia T., widow Theodore, h Taylor ave

Hines, Martha A., nurse, h Taylor ave

Hoag, Andrew, dealer in live stock, farmer 106 in Rush, Susquehanna Co., h Church

Hoag, Isaac K., electrical agent, h Pearl

Hoag, Mary T., school teacher, bds Church

Hoffman, Alice E., school teacher, bds Taylor ave

Hoffman, Subinah, widow Charles M., h Taylor ave

Hollenback, Chester B., h First

Homet, Jessie, music teacher and clerk, h March cor Gaylord

Homet, Milton, general merchant Main, h outside boro, died Nov. 14, 1899

Homet, Volney, physician and surgeon March cor Gaylord, h do

Hopkins, Essy, music teacher, bds Senate

Hopkins, George Payne, Episcopal clergyman, bds Senate

Hopkins, Julia E., bds Senate

Hotel Middendorf, Joseph Middendorf prop, Marsh cor Church

Howard, Samuel, (Wells & Howard) farmer 175, h Church cor Senate

Howell, Aaron, mason, h John

Howell, Edmond H., bds John

Howell, Judson S., mason, h Canal

Howell, Lucy M. Mrs., carpet weaver, John, h do

Howell, Rosa M., school teacher, bds John

Howell, William T., mason, h Third

Hunt, Anson P., harnessmaker, h Gaylord

Hutchinson, J. Herbert, emp N. H. Allis, bds Church

Ingham, Charles U., (The G. T. Ingham Co.) restaurant and bakery, Main, bds Second

Ingham, Ernest J., bookkeeper, bds Second

Ingham, George T., sec Merchants Mutual Ins Co of Penna, surveyor and school director, Main, h second, County register and recorder, Court House, Towanda

Ingham George T. Co., (The), (Mrs. G. T. and C. U.) druggists and dealers in buckwheat flour, &c

Ingham, Harry T., clerk, bds Second

Jones, Grace M., clerk, bds Second

Keeler Brothers & Co. (V Day, John V and John G Keeler) publishers Wyalusing Rocket, book and job printers, cor Taylor ave and Gaylord.

Keeler, John G., (Keeler Bros & Co) h Front

Keeler, John V., (Keeler Bros & Co.) h at LeRaysville

Keeler, V. Day, (Keeler Bros & Co.) editor, h Senate cor Second

Kinne, Asa J., teamster, h Gaylord

Kinne, William H., laborer, bds Gaylord

Kintner, Lotta J., postmaster, Main, bds Front

Kintner, Oliver G., widow William H., h Front

Kram, Frank H., station agent L. V. R. R., h Front

Landback, William H., tinner, Smith & Strong, h Second

Lantz, Lester R., physician and surgeon, Main, h Marsh

Larkin, Michael J. Jr., boro councilman, boots, shoes and repairing, Taylor ave, h Taylor ave cor Gaylord

Lathrop, William B., carpenter and surgeon, Main, h Marsh

Lee, Joseph P., (J. P. Lee & Son) h Marsh

Lee, J. P & Son, (Joseph and William H.) machinists and general blacksmiths, foot of Main

Lee, William H., (J. P. Lee & Son) h Marsh

Lewis, Abial B., (J. B. Lewis & Co) h Taylor ave

Lewis, Edgar D., representative in legislature for eastern district of Bradford Co., h Front

Lewis, G. Mortimer, lawyer, bds Front

Lewis, J. B. & Co., (J. Burt and Abial B. Lewis) harness and hardware, Main

Lewis, J. Burt (J. B. Lewis & Co.) tax collector, h over store, Main

Lewis, Josephine L., widow Homer A., boarding house, Senate

Lewis, Sarah I., widow Augustus, farm 150, interest in estate Augustus, h Front

Lewis, Una E., music teacher, bds Senate

Lloyd, Caroline, widow Alphonso J., h Church

Lloyd, Hamlin J., photographer, photo engraver and crayon artist, Church, h do

Lowe, Daniel C., janitor boro school building, h State cor John

MacDonald, Charles, clerk Smith & Waldo, bds Church

Marr, Hanna A., widow James, h Senate cor Second

Marsh, Hattie L., music teacher, Marsh, bds do

Marsh, Joseph H., farmer 7, h Marsh, died June 30th, 1899

Mazure, Bernard H., clothing, hats and gents furnishings, Main, bds Wyalusing Hotel

Merchants Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Pennsylvania, E. A. Strong pres., G. T. Ingham sec, home office Main

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. A. J. Cook pastor, Church

Middendorf, Joseph, propr Hotel Middendorf, farm 97 in Cherry, Sullivan Co., Church cor Marsh

Miller, John, shoemaker, bds Hotel Middendorf

Moger, Frederick A., laborer, h First

Morrow, Frank, clerk Main cor Front, bds r 52 ½ in township

Mulligan, Hugh, carriage and wagon maker, foot of Main, h Third

Mullison, Rhoda, tailoress, Odd Fellows blk, Church, h do

Myer, Erskin R., com trav., h Church

Neskey, Jacob F., laborer, h and lot Third

Nichols, Charles I., canvasser, h State

Niedeck, Charles A., dry goods and cloaks, Main cor Front, h Second

Niedeck, Harrold E., (Schallowitz & Niedeck) h Main cor Front

Orwell and Wyalusing Stage Line, daily, leaves Wyalusing at 2 pm

Overbeck, George, carpenter, h pleasant

Palmer, William H., blacksmith, bds Wyalusing Hotel

Passage, Edith C. Mrs., laundress, h Pearl

Passage, William H., section hand L. V. R. R., h Pearl

Pitcher, James B., carpenter, h State

Porter, Amelia R., widow Asahel B., h Pearl cor East

Porter, Evangeline, school teacher, bds Pearl cor East

Porter, Sabra L, school teacher, bds Pearl cor East

Presbyterian Church of Wyalusing, Rev. T. S. Armentrout pastor, Church

Quick, Rebecca E., widow Paul A., nurse, h Stowell, cor Gaylord

Riley, Mary S., widow James, bds Sullivan

Riley, Stephen E., school teacher, bds Sullivan

Roberts, George A., dealer in bee keepers supplies, State

Rogers, Nan, widow Daniel, millinery, fancy goods, and dressmaking, Main, h do

Ruff, Alfred, member board of health, dealer in hay and grain, First cor Senate

Ruff, Clinton B., clerk, boards Senate cor First

Ruff, George F., laborer, h Pearl

Ruff, Godfrey, drayman, h Senate cor First

Rushville and Wyalusing Stage Line, daily, Clarence L. Verbyke propr, via Camptown, etc., leaves Wyalusing 5 pm

Rutan, J. Lewis, emp C. H. Bosworth & Son, h Gaylord

Sands, Horace A., laborer, h foot of Main

Sands, Joseph E., brakeman L. V. R. R., bds foot of Main

Savage, Albert W., blacksmith and taxidermist Church, h do

Schallowitz and Niedeck (C. E. S. & H. E. N.) jewelry and sporting goods, Main

Seward, Fred H., principal Wyalusing graded and high school, h Front

Shumway, Alfred V., night telegraph operator L. V. R. R., removed to Laceyville

Sigler, Lincoln W., clerk Wyalusing House, h over G. T. Ingham’s store, Main

Sinsabaugh, Alfred H., dentist, Main cor Church, h Gaylord

Sinsabaugh, Egbert, retired carpenter, h Pearl

Slocum, Frances L., widow Harry, h Taylor ave

Smith, Alice, chief clerk posfoffice, bds Front

Smith, Edward, justice of the peace, mgr Smith & Strong, hardware, Taylor ave, h Gaylord

Smith, Fred G., (Smith & Waldo) h Second

Smith, Hattie J., widow Henry F., h Taylor ave

Smith, James, bds Church

Smith & Strong, (Henry F. Smith, deceased, & E. A. Strong) Edward Smith, mgr, hardware, stoves &c, Taylor ave

Smith & Waldo (Fred G. S. & Edward A. W.) dealers in dry goods, carpets, house furnishings, clothing, boots and shoes, groceries and millinery, Main and Church

Snover, Polly E., widow John F., nurse, h East

Snover, Victor T., blacksmith, bds Taylor ave

Stack, Anna, school teacher, h Sullivan

Stack, Michael, section foreman L. V. R. R., h Sullivan

Stalford, Maynard L., clerk Bank of Wyalusing, bds outside boro

Stevens, Charles F., carpenter and builder State, h do

Stevens, Flora M., dressmaker State, bds do

Stone, Charles R., burgess, clerk Burrows & Co., bds Dr. V. Homet’s, Marsh cor Gaylord

Stone, T. Benton, farmer 90, h Gaylord

Stone, William, clerk, bds Gaylord

Stowell, Calvin A., real estate agent and bookkeeper, h Front

Strong, Edwin A., (Smith & Strong) cashier Bank of Wyalusing, pres Merchants Mut Fire Ins Co of Pa and lawyer, Taylor ave, h do

Strong, Uzilla B., widow James E., h Gaylord

Strong, Lydia L., h Gaylord

Stroud, Wilson F., justice of the peace, wool, hide and leather dealer, farmer 80, h Third

Sturdevant, A. Delia Mrs., dressmaker, First, h do

Sturdevant, Burton E., emp M. H. & G. H. Welles, h First

Sturdevant, Elizabeth A., widow Judson W., farm in Tuscarora 50, h First

Sullivan, Michael, h Sullivan

Taylor, D. L., barber and laundry agent, Main, h do

Taylor, J. Edson, section hand L. V. R. R., h Taylor ave

Taylor, Joseph H., barber, Main, h Pearl

Taylor, Justus V., boro councilman, school director, dairy 5 cows, farmer 250, h Taylor ave

Terry, George H. B., physician and surgeon, Howard block, Main h do

Terry, Guy C., jeweler, removed to Camptown

Thomas, Harriet A., bds Senate

Thomas, Thomas R., retired, farm 103 in Middletown, Susquehanna Co., h Senate

Thompson, William H., attorney and counselor at law, bds Taylor ave

Turrell, Lucretia G., bds East

Turrell, Mary A., widow, h East

VanAuken, Amzi, clerk for Martha, Main, h do

VanAuken, Jacob H., dealer in nursery stock, h Taylor ave

VanAuken, Martha, bakery and restaurant, Main, h do

VanDyke, Cortlin, carpenter and builder, Taylor ave, h do

VanDyke, Frank E., bds Taylor ave

VanNess, Ida L., widow Frank G., laundress, h Gaylord

Vaughan, William, laborer, h Pleasant

Wagner, Harriet P. C. Mrs., (Colt Sisters) h Taylor ave

Waldo, Edward A., (Smith & Waldo) h Church

Waldo, Ernest E., clerk Smith & Waldo, bds Church

Waldo, H. Eugene, h Canal

Waldo, Lucius J., clerk Smith & Waldo, h Taylor ave

Wells, George L., musical instruments, merchandise and sewing machines, Taylor ave, h East

Wells & Howard, (William B. W. and Samuel H.) furniture dealers, Main

Wells, William B., (Wells & Howard) undertaker Main, h Taylor ave

Welles, Nelson A., supt M. H & G. H. Welles, lumber, mfrs and dealers in Wyalusing township, farm about 60 in Terry, h Church cor State

Wiggins, Linus E., traveling butcher and local meat market foot of Main, h do

Wilson Bros., (William P and George W.) meat and fish market, Main

Wilson, George W., (Wilson Bros.) h State cor Canal

Wilson, William, emp planing mill, h John

Wilson, William P., (Wilson Bros.) boro auditor, h John

Wyalusing Boro graded and high school, F. H. Seward principal, Church cor Church alley

Wyalusing Hotel, J. Morgan Brown propr, Main

Wyalusing Rocket, Keeler Bros & Co., publishers, Taylor ave cor Gaylord

Wyalusing Water Company, Edward Smith supt, office Taylor ave

1900 Wyalusing Street Directory

Canal-from State opp Church southwest
Church-from State opp Canal northeast to Main
Church Alley-from Church southeast to Front
East-from Pearl northeast
First-from March southwest
Front-from State northeast to Main
Gaylord-from junction of March and Taylor Ave. north to boro limits
High-from Pearl east to Pleasant
John-from State southwest
Main-from Taylor Ave. and Church southwesterly
Marsh-from junction of Church and Gaylord northwesterly
Pearl-from Taylor Ave. northwesterly
Pleasant-from East North to boro limits
Prospect-from Canal northwest to John
Second-from Senate northeast to March
Senate-from Church northwest to Second
State-from Main near River west and northwest
Taylor Ave.-from junction of Church and Main northeast
Third-from Gaylord west

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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