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1907/08 Bradford County Directory
Athens Borough

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty Shumway

Fungi Photo by Joyce M. Tice 10 August 2000

1907 Athens Borough Directory

[Incorporated March, 1831]

James L. Sawyer, George H. Northrop, J.F. McKean, John Lyons, Assistants

Postoffice, Athens


Directory is arranged as follows: 1st. name of individual or firm; 2nd, post office address in parenthesis, if different from the name of the town; 3rd, the figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work; where no road number is given, the party is supposed to reside in the village; 4th, business or occupation; 5th, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased.

Abbreviations: Adv., advertisement; asst., assistant; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bldg, building; cor., corner; Co., company; do., ditto; E., east; h., house; ins., insurance; pres., president; R. R., railroad; Ry., railway; S., south; W., west; com. trav., commercial traveler; emp., employee.

Ackler, John B., 215 Chestnut, contractor

Ackley, Arthur, bds 409 Wells Ave. fireman

Ackley, Edward, 234 South, laborer

Ackley, Frank J., 129 Elm, mason

Ackley, Fred M., 118 Pennsylvania Ave.

Ackley, Rebecca, 316 S. Main

Adams, Mrs. C., bds 504 Elmira

Adams, Robert, 511 Desmond, laborer

Adams, Samuel, 205 Satterlee

Ahbe, Frederick, 615 S. Main, student

Aiken, Daniel, 106 W. Cooper, machinist

Albro, Mrs. Irene, 310 Pennsylvania Ave.

Albro, John F., 310 Pennsylvania Ave.

Alderson, Mrs. Mary E., 608 Wells Ave.

Allen, Ambrose, 704 Wells Ave., laborer

Allen, D.W., 104 Chestnut, laborer

Allen, Eugene, 620 S. Main, painter

Allen, Fred L., 112 Center, pastor Baptist Church

Allen, Mrs. M.J., 105 Elm, laundress

Allen, W. Howard, 722 S. Main, notary public

Allis, Clayton, 709 Church

Allis, Miles, 709 Church, laborer

Ameigh, John K., 206 Center, machinist

Ammerman, Elizabeth, 121 Spruce

Amrhein, Henry, 115 Chestnut, cigar maker

Andrews, H.B., bds 103 Walnut, laborer

Andrews, William A., 312 Main, carpenter

Andrews, W.W., 501 Elmira

Ansell, Ernest, 320 Pine, laborer

Anthony, Charles, 206 North, apprentice

Anthony, Fred, 206 North, boiler maker

Armstrong, Edward, bds 501 Wells Ave., piano tuner

Armstrong, F.A., 501 Wells Ave, dealer in pianos

Armstrong, Ralph, bds 501 Wells Ave., student

Armstrong, Ruth, bds 626 S. Main

Armstrong, Will H., 201 E. Pine, agent for F.A. Armstrong

Arnold, A.C., 109 North, farmer in Litchfield

Arnold, E.B., 201 Bridge, merchant, Guiles & Arnold

Aspinleiter, Fred, bds 503 N. Main

Athens Bottling Works, A.B. Crayton, mgr.

Athens Evening News, G.S. Curtis, publisher

Athens Furniture Co.

Athens Gazette, Frank H. Cook, mgr., cor. Elmira and Chestnut

Athens Gold Cure Sanitarium, 225 S. Main, W.W. Brown & Son, mgrs.

Athens Lumber Co., M.A. Foley, mgr.

Athens National Bank, S. Main, S.F. Robinson, cashier

Atkins, Harry G., 134 Elmira, laborer

Atwood, George L., 305 W. Pine, carpenter

Atwood, William, 208 W. Pine, laborer

Babcock, Fred, bds 116 Cherry, agent

Babcock, Isaac, 703 First, veteran

Babcock, William, 125 Spruce, teamster

Badger, Samuel W., 125 S. Main, physician and surgeon

Bagler, Carrie, bds 740 S. Main

Bagler, T.S., 740 S. Main, drayman

Bagley, Emery J., 118 Elm, weaver

Bagley, Charles, 109 Chemung, engineer

Bailey, J.A., 219 Chestnut, fireman

Bailer, Joseph, 104 N. Main, merchant tailor, 311 S. Main

Baker, Anna F., 119 Maple, bookkeeper

Baker, Mrs. Carrie, 103 Walnut

Baker, Damon, bds 103 Walnut, laborer

Baker, Fanny, bds 103 Walnut

Baker, George H., 119 Maple, machinist

Baker, John H., 802 Wells Ave., blacksmith

Baker, Matilda J., bds 103 Edward

Balcom, John, 118 Susquehanna, laborer

Baldwin, Asa, 205 Ann, laborer

Baldwin, F.L., 205 Ann, painter

Ball, E.W., 109 Cherry, laborer

Bank Athens National, S.F. Robinson, cashier

Bank Farmers National, O.L. Haverly, cashier

Barber, Ann, 103 Short

Barber, Ellen, 221 Chestnut

Barber, William, bds 221 Chestnut, fireman

Barnes, Merritt, 215 Cove, mason

Barnhart, Edith L., bds 114 Spruce

Barnhart, Harrison, bds 114 Spruce, laborer

Barnhart, Mary, bds 114 Spruce, weaver

Barnhart, Millie H., bds 114 Spruce, weaver

Barnhart, W.J., 114 Spruce, laborer

Barton, George, 227 Bridge, laborer

Barton, Minnie, bds 227 Bridge, clerk

Barton, William E., 237 North, fireman

Barton, William L., 212 North, laborer

Bates, Charles, 116 Longway, laborer

Battle, Smith, bds 711 S. Main, gardener

Baxter, Fred, 208 North, machinist helper

Baxter, Mrs. Pearl, bds 132 Willow, bookkeeper

Bazette, A.J., 228 Chestnut, carpenter

Beach, Merton L., 510 First, apprentice

Beaman, Joseph W., 10 Locust, attorney at law, notary public

Bean, C.V., 112 Elm, laborer

Bean, C.V. Jr., bds 112 Elm, laborer

Bean, D.B., 117 Elm, laborer

Beers, Lyman, 221 North, laborer

Beidleman, F.E., 224 South, barber

Bellis, Samuel J., bds 222 North, stock dealer

Benjamin, Arthur, bds 223 Tyler, office clerk

Benjamin, David, 214 Maple, crane operator

Benjamin, D.T., 223 Tyler, carpenter

Benjamin, Harrison, bds 223 Tyler, machinist helper

Benjamin, I.L., 119 Herrick, painter

Benjamin, W.H., 108 New, carpenter

Bennett, Chester F., 104 W. Pine, laborer

Bennett, Joel, bds 104 W. Pine, veteran

Bennett, S.L., 507 Church, laborer

Benson, R.H., Longway, laborer

Betrand, J.L., 211 Tyler, laborer

Bidlack, Frank E., 602 N. Main, insurance agent

Biener, J.A., 109 Willow, laborer

Biener, Lenora, bds 109 Willow, student

Biener, Lewis, bds 109 Willow, laborer

Biener, Theodore, bds 109 Willow, laborer

Bird, William, 207 Pine, blacksmith

Birney, Mrs. Adeline, bds 508 Desmond

Birney, Frank, bds 110 Public, laborer

Birney, Frank, 508 Desmond, fireman

Bixby, G.S., bds 202 ½ Wheelock Ave., laborer

Blackwell, J. Carson, rooms Farmers National Bank, clerk

Blanchard, A.S., 212 Willow, gardener

Boardman, E.U., 222 Maple, laborer

Bonham, Ziba, 115 E. Frederick, carpenter

Bonney, C.G., 107 S. Main, proprietor Campbell House

Bonney, Irene, bds 107 S. Main

Bonney, May, bds 107 S. Main

Booth, B.B., 107 Walnut, laborer

Borton, Emma, 225 Willow, teacher

Bostwick, George, bds 605 Desmond, apprentice

Bostwick, James, 208 Spruce, laborer

Bostwick, L.M., 605 Desmond, conductor

Bourne, Fannie M., 220 North, music teacher

Bowman, Belle, bds 511 N. Main, milliner

Bowman, James O., 511 N. main, engineer

Bowman, W.C., 801 Wells Ave., laborer

Boyle, Guy E., 228 South, operator

Bradford, C.O., 304 Main, carpenter

Bradley, F.A., 204 Pine, insurance agent

Bradley, George E., 709 Wells Ave. painter

Bradley, J.A., 107 Cherry, laborer, veteran

Bradley, John L., 222 North, salesman

Bradley, Leslie L., bds 222 North, laborer

Bragan, Mike, bds 104 Elm, laborer

Brainard, C.F., 224 Wheelock Ave., blacksmith

Brennan, T.A., 208 Bridge, laborer

Bressler, A.E., 116 Herrick, stationer

Bressler, E.C., 210 Bridge, mechanic

Bressler, Huston B., 118 Maple, machinist

Briggs, E.W., 113 Center, machinist

Briggs, John, 109 Longway, laborer

Briggs, Julius, 226 Hugh, laborer

Brigham, Howard, 103 Herrick, laborer

Brillhart, J.W., bds 501 Desmond, flagman

Brink, Will, bds 115 Elmer, laborer

Bristol, Clara, 110 S. Main, dressmaker

Bristol, Elizabeth, 110 S. Main, proof reader

Brock, Elmer, 120 S. River, wood worker

Brooks, J.B., 112 Walnut, laborer

Brooks, J.J., bds 142 Spruce, conductor

Brott, N.T., bds 110 Spruce, laborer

Brown, A.M., 794 S. Main, laborer

Brown, Arthur, 220 South, laborer

Brown, Arthur J., 225 S. Main, sec’y. & treas. Athens Gold Cure Sanitarium

Brown, Bessie, bds 105 Ferry, student

Brown, C.G., 225 South, salesman

Brown, Clarence P., 116 E. Frederick, brakeman

Brown, C.S., 304 W. Pine, laborer

Brown, Eben, 103 Ferry, machinist

Brown, Eben, bds 794 S. Main

Brown, E.H., 729 S. main, broker

Brown, Harry H., 201 N. River, machinist

Brown, James P., bds 202 S. Elmira, boiler maker

Brown, John J., bds 202 S. Elmira, mason

Brown, Juniatta, 105 Ferry, widow F.W.

Brown, Maggie, 202 S. Elmira, widow Michael

Brown, Mary, bds 202 S. Elmira

Brown, Montgomery B., bds 794 S. Main

Brown, William W., 225 S. Main, mgr. Athens Gold Cure Sanitarium

Buckley, A.S., 201 Ferry, bookkeeper, tool works

Bull, Cidney, bds 720 S. Main

Bullock, M.D., 109 Pike, laborer

Bump, Daniel, 206 South, laborer

Bump, Lottie, bds 206 South, laundress

Bump, W.H., 305 Pennsylvania Ave, wagon maker

Bush, Joseph H., 219 S. Main, engineer

Burns, Burton, bds 125 Paine, student

Burns, Elizabeth, bds 106 New, teacher

Burns, Fred, 125 Paine, dealer

Burns, Mary, 106 New, widow Michael

Burns, Theresa, bds 106 New, teacher

Bustin, Dennis, 208 Cherry, laborer

Bustin, J.

Butler, George A., 103 Willow, laborer

Byrnes, John, 304 Elmer, foreman bridge shops

Calisher, Maurice, 219 Center, machinist

Callear, Lena, bds 227 South

Callear, Mary, bds 227 South

Callear, Richard, 227 South, railroad employee

Campbell, A.B., 408 Desmond, laborer

Campbell, C.D., 505 First, laborer

Campbell, Mrs. Emma C., bds 610 Desmond

Campbell, E.C., 106 W. Pine, agent

Campbell, Floyd, 122 Main, operator

Campbell, Floyd D., 610 Desmond

Campbell, Glenn J., 120 Pennsylvania Ave., deliveryman

Campbell, George J., 120 Spruce, laborer

Campbell, Mrs. J.L., 302 Public

Campbell, Mrs. John, bds 424 S. Main

Campbell, Mary L., bds 302 Public

Campbell, Norman, bds 120 Pennsylvania Ave, templet maker

Campbell, Pearl, 318 Pine, brakeman

Campbell, William A., bds 505 First, laborer

Campbell, House, main, C.G. Bonney, Prop.

Campion, Frank, 120 Maple, deliveryman

Cangley, Anna J., bds 117 Maple

Cangley, Bessie, bds 117 Maple

Cangley, Mary, bds 117 Maple

Carey, B.F., 105 Hopkins, accountant

Carlisle, George, 406 Elmira, blacksmith

Carlton, John J., bds 210 S. River, laborer

Carlton, Timothy, 210 S. River, laborer

Carman, Daniel, 402 First, carpenter

Carman, Mae, bds 402 First

Carner, E.B., 714 S. Main, merchant, Karner’s department store. See adv.

Carner, Henry W., 223 Willow, laborer, veteran

Carner, J.C., 508 Elmira, clerk

Carner, Mrs. Julia, bds 624 S. Main

Carner, Mary F., 506 Elmira, boarding house

Carpenter, Charles E., bds 110 S. Elmira, blacksmith

Carpenter, Lloyd H., bds 110 S. Elmira, machinist

Carpenter, Orse, 144 Susquehanna, laborer

Carpenter, William, 110 S. Elmira, laborer

Carter, Frank E., 209 S. Elmira, barber 322 S. Main

Carter, William, 110 S. Elmira, laborer

Case, Aaron G., 119 Paine, helper

Case, James, 507 Desmond, fireman

Case, Mrs. Valeria, 806 N. Main

Casper, Charles H., 205 Willow, laborer

Casper, George, 212 Hugh, teamster

Cass, William, 203 Walnut, machinist

Catlin, A.E., 602 N. Main, veteran

Catlin, Clarence, 216 Willow, grocery, 438 S. Main

Catlin & Co., 438 S. Main, grocers

Catlin, William S., bds 110 Center

Chaffee, Ferris E., bds 226 Main, (boots and shoes, 412 S. Main)

Chaffee, Ina, bds 226 S. Main

Chaffee, Noah P., 226 S. Main, clerk

Chamberlain, Justin, bds 218 S. River, laborer

Champion, Edmond, 806 N. Main, machinist

Champion, James, 201 E. Frederick, laborer

Chandler, Guy, Longway, bds R.E. Chandler

Chandler, R.C., 403 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Chandler, R.E., Longway, laborer

Chapman, Charles, 109 Hopkins, laborer

Chapman, Thomas, 106 Spruce, laborer

Cheney, Frank, 301 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Childs, Grace K., bds 424 N. Main, student

Childs, Jesse L., bds 424 N. Main

Childs, J.H., 424 N. Main, salesman

Childs, Reuben, 119 Elm, carpenter

Chilson, Elsie, bds Tioga Point, student

Chilson, Margaret, Tioga Point

Chilson, Masie, bds Tioga Point

Chilson, Walter, Tioga Point, farmer

Chilson, Wilson, 210 Chestnut, laborer

Chubbuck, Alanson, 106 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Chubbuck William, 106 Walnut, laborer

Church First Baptist, Rev. Fred L. Allen, pastor

Church Catholic, St. Joseph’s, Rev. M.F. O’Rourke, priest

Church Episcopal Trinity, Rev. W.E. Daw, rector

Church Methodist Episcopal, Bethel, Rev. W.G. Simpson, pastor

Church Presbyterian, Rev. A.F. VonTobel, pastor

Church Universalist, Rev. Will A. Kelley, pastor

Claflin, Burton, bds 218 Chestnut, gluer

Claflin, Orrin O., 218 Chestnut, painter

Clapp, Mrs. Charles, 9 Locust

Clapper, Estella, bds 229 Willow, weaver

Clapper, Mrs. Estella, 229 Willow

Clapper, Nina, bds 229 Willow, weaver

Clark, Charles, 102 Willow, laborer

Clark, Fred, bds 409 Wells Ave., laborer

Clements, Gertrude M., D.O., 403 S. Main, osteopath

Clements, Kilby J., D.O., 403 S. Main, osteopath

Clizbe, Clarence W., 112 E. Frederick, printer

Clohessy, James, bds 224 Center

Close, Charles, 212 Satterlee, laborer

Coats, Charles, bds 722 S. Main, laborer

Coffin, Calvin T., bds 114 S. River, laborer

Coffin, Mrs. Harriet C., 114 S. River

Cole, Claude F., bds 113 Maple, foreman tool works

Cole, Edward A., 113 Maple, car repairer

Cole, E.M., 109 Center, laborer

Cole, Frank L., 711 Desmond, brakeman

Cole, Fred G., 218 Hugh, laborer

Cole, William, 110 S. River, laborer

Coleman, Mary E., bds 763 S. Main

Coleman, Thomas, bds 763 S. Main, fireman

Coleman, Mrs. William, 763 S. Main

Coleman, William, bds 763 S. Main, laborer

Colgrove, Lester, 126 Frederick, fireman

Collins, Catherine, bds 733 S. Main, dressmaker

Collins, E.J., bds 733 S. main, tailor

Collins, I.W., 140 Elmira, laborer

Collins, Mrs. Jerry, 733 S. Main

Colgrove, Leslie, 506 First, fireman

Compton, Mrs. Electa, 230 Chestnut

Congdon, Walter N., 116 North, teamster

Conrad, Leslie, 506 First, laborer

Conway, Mrs. Martha, bds 212 Chestnut

Cook, Bert, bds 207 North, fireman

Cook, Frank, 302 S. Elmira, mgr. Athens Gazette

Cook, J.E., 505 N. Main, stone cutter

Cook, Lena, 207 North

Cook, Leon, 307 Main, laborer

Cook, Mrs. Margaret, 207 North, widow E.H.

Cook, Thomas, bds 207 North, linotype operator

Cook, Willard, bds 123 S. Main

Coon, John J., 304 Vanderbilt, laborer

Cooper, A.A., 403 Pennsylvania Ave., teamster

Cooper, Mason, bds 104 Paine, machinist

Corbin, Horace, 506 Elmira, laborer

Corbin, Ida W., 202 S. Main, musician

Corbin, Julius T., bds 202 S. Main, attorney at law

Corbin, Mary A., 202 S. Main, widow John L.

Corby, A.W., 116 Spruce, laborer

Corby, Fred, 128 North, carpenter

Corneby, B.L., 303 Pennsylvania Ave., butter maker

Corneby, Herman F., 510 E. Frederick, laborer

Corner, William, 209 Hugh, laborer

Cornish, William B., 106 E. Frederick, laborer

Cortright, Kate, bds 210 Pine, weaver

Cortright, Nina, bds 507 Desmond, weaver

Cortright, P.B., 101 Willow, laborer

Cortright, P.C., bds 101 Willow, motorman

Coughlin, E.G., 415 S. Main, physician

Cove Planing Mill, Wm. A. Ervay, Prop.

Cowell, Edward M., 221 S. Main, physician and surgeon

Cowell, P. W., 113 Pennsylvania Ave., insurance agent

Cox, Mortimer, bds 203 N. River, laborer

Cox, Perry, 203 N. River, laborer

Crain, Eugene, 128 Elm, laborer

Crain, Harry, bds 128 Elm, student

Cramer, A.J., 219 Bridge, mechanic

Cramer, Blanche, bds 219 Bridge

Crandall, Harry, bds 722 S. Main, student

Crandall, Horace, bds Stimson House

Crandall, Leslie, 107 Pike, laborer

Crandall, Vine, 722 S. Main, Pres. Athens Nat. Bank

Cranmer, Mahlon C., 210 South, clerk

Crans, Charles W., 301 S. Elmira, machinist

Crawford, A. Ridgeway, 113 S. Main, tinner

Crawford, Dollie, bds 210 S. Elmira, bookkeeper

Crawford, George P., 104 Center, furniture finisher

Crawford, Eli M., 303 S. Elmira, veterinary surgeon

Crawford, William H., 210 S. Elmira, shoemaker

Crayton, A.B., 404 Elmira, bottler

Crayton, H.E., 603 First, carpenter

Crayton, Mrs. Lucy, 211 Center

Crodivant, Samuel, 202 Satterlee, laborer

Croll, Mrs. Jennie, 216 Chestnut

Croll, William E., 230 Maple, bar tender

Crowl, C.W., 222 Bridge, carpenter

Crowl, Gertrude, bds 222 Bridge, laundress

Crowl, Will C., 504 Elmira, clerk

Cuddebach, Mrs, Hannah J., 208 Chestnut

Cuddeback, Pearl, 117 North, machinist

Cullen, Charles, 209 E. Pine

Dalton, Thomas, 509 Elmira, laborer

Darrow, E.P., 111 Cherry, machinist

Daskam, Alonzo, 233 North, barber

Davies, Nancy, 219 S. Main

Davidson, Arthur, 413 Church, laborer

Davis, Anna, bds 227 Tyler

Davis, George E., 120 Paine, supt. Athens plant American Bridge Company

Davis, John R., 227 Tyler, laborer, veteran

Davis, Louis H., 238 Chestnut, laborer

Daw, Beatrice, bds 727 S. main, student

Daw, Emily, bds 727 S. Main, teacher

Daw, Rev. W.E., 727 S. main, clergyman

Dean, Orrin F., 121 Spruce

Decker, Charles J., 204 Satterlee, laborer

Decker, Edwin W., 109 S. Main, wood worker

Decker, Frank I., 204 Satterlee, inspector

Decker, Mrs. Jane, 110 Public

Decker, John, 104 Elm

Decker, Minor, 223 Hugh, laborer

Decker, Paul, 224 Hugh, laborer

Decker, P.E., 305 S. Main, insurance agent, real estate, 30 S. Main

Decker, S.O., 110 W. Cooper

DeGroff, Charles, bds 112 S. Elmira, machinist

DeGroff, E.W., 122 Pennsylvania Ave., machinist

DeGroff, George C., 112 S. Elmira, machinist

DeGroff, J.L., 206 Tyler, machinist

DeGroff, LaVerne, bds 122 Pennsylvania Ave.

DeGroff, Minor, bds 122 S. Elmira

Dieffenbach, T.C., 507 N. Main, brakeman

Delaney, L.E., 221 Tyler, laborer

Dennis, W.H., 213 South, upholsterer

Deninson, Roy E., 110 Frederick, machinist

Denton, Benjamin, 130 Paine

Denton, M.C., 107 Elm, blacksmith

Denton, Oscar, 130 Paine, mason

Denton, Rae, bds 107 Elm, apprentice

Depew, Leslie, bds 501 Church, fireman

Dettra, Harry, 103 Cooper, laborer

Devine, Francis, 221 North

DeWitt, Charles, 148 Susquehanna, laborer

Dibble, Edgar, 207 Chestnut, car repairer

Dibble, Robert C., 601 Second, tinsmith

Digman, Patrick, 728 S. Main

Dill, Frank, 122 S. Main, woodworker

Dimon, J.H., bds 401 Desmond, jeweler, 404 S. Main. See adv.

Dinsmore, Mary, 230 S. Main, dressmaker

Doane, Fred D., 403 Desmond, foreman American Bridge Co.

Dodd, Helen, bds 111 S. Main

Dodd, Julius, 111 S. Main, physician and surgeon

Dohm, George, 124 E. Frederick, carpenter

Donovan, Daniel, bds 216 Bridge, mechanic

Donovan, James, 109 S. River, blacksmith

Donovan, Louise, bds 216 Bridge

Donovan, Timothy, 216 Bridge, laborer

Doran, Michael, 110 Willow, blacksmith

Doran, Nellie, bds 110 Willow

Dorn, Avery, 201 Walnut, laborer

Dorn, Havil, 204 W. Pine, laborer, veteran

Dorn, H.J., 406 First, laborer

Dorn, Mrs. M.D., 219 Willow, dressmaker

Doud, Mrs., 502 Elmira, nurse

Douglass, O.R., 106 Orchard, carpenter

Dove, George H., 210 Tyler, laborer

Drake, B. Frank, 305 S. Elmira, plumber

Drake, C.H., 760 S. Main, blacksmith

Drake, C.H., 104 Longway, laborer

Drake, Charles M., 214 Ann, laborer

Drake, Charles S., 109 Paine, blacksmith

Drake, Clara, bds 203 Center

Drake, Clyde, 112 S. Elmira, machinist

Drake, Mrs. Eliza, 203 Center

Drake, E.K., 105 Edward, clerk

Drake, H.B., bds 203 Center

Drake, Howard, bds 305 S. Elmira, clerk

Drake, Hylan L., 406 Wells Ave., carpenter

Drake, Miss L.B., bds 203 Center

Drake, Laura, bds 109 Paine, bookkeeper

Drew, Charles C., 203 South, laborer

Drew, Edward M., 407 First, painter

Drew, James E., 220 Center, painter

Dubois, Sherman, 142 Spruce, laborer

Duel, Churchill, bds 110 Public, laborer

Dunbar, Amasa, W. Pine, laborer

Dunbar, Clarence, 226 Chestnut, clerk

Duncan, A.L., 112 S. River, blacksmith

Dunfee, George, J., 135 Spruce, laborer

Dunham, E.W., 218 Ann, laborer

Dunlap, Jessie, 121 S. Main

Durrant, Chas. B., 204 Center, time keeper

Durrant, William, 228 South

Dyer, Edna L., bds 113 Paine, teacher

Dyer, E. Josephine, bds 113 Paine, student

Dyer, Harry, bds 113 Paine, surveyor

Dyer, James., 113 Paine, emp. U.S. Government

Eddy, Charles W., bds 203 Ferry, brakeman

Eddy, J. Elwood, 203 Ferry, helper

Eighmey, L.W., 614 S. Main, vice-president Athens Nat. Bank

Eiklor, B.M., 105 Herrick, feed stable

Ellis, Alice, 115 Elm, laundress

Ellis, Cora, bds 115 Elm

Elsbree, Anna, bds 301 S. Main

Elsbree, Ellen, 121 Elmira, widow N.P.

Elsbree, Mrs. Eunice, 202 Pennsylvania Ave.

Elsbree, J.L., 301 S. Main, dealer

Elsbree, John, bds 301 S. Main, emp. Elmira

Elsbree, Lou, bds 202 Pennsylvania Ave., weaver

Elsbree, M.F., 209 Tyler, laborer

Ely, Joseph M., 127 S. Main, clerk, notary

English, West, 146 Susquehanna, laborer

Engbers, Benj., 212 Chestnut, laborer

Epley, Cora, bds 610 Wells Ave., laundress

Ercanbrack, Cidney, 720 S. main, widow G.T.

Erk, William, 114 Maple, Racket Store, 310 S. Main

Ervay, William E., 405 Cooper, lumber and building supplies, cor. Orchard and River

Essenwine, F.A., 107 New, blacksmith

Essenwine, W.H., 206 Ferry, machinist

Estell, Louise, bds 110 Herrick, student

Estell, Mary, 110 Herrick, dressmaker

Everhart, Vernie, bds 605 Church, dressmaker

Everhart, William, 605 Church, laborer

Evans, Mrs. M.P., 209 Willow, widow Oliver

Evans, S.K., 204 Spruce, laborer

Farley, Martin, 125 Susquehanna, laborer

Farr, William, Church, brakeman

Ferguson, Weller & Marvin

Ferguson, Walter, 110 North, brakeman

Fice, Dana E., bds 122 Elmira, laborer

Fice, George A., 603 N. Main, constable

Fice, John D., 122 Elmira, laborer

Finch, Brothers, 407 S. Main, hardware, heating and plumbing

Finch, Charles E., 116 Paine, plumber

Finch, Madge I., bds 114 Paine

Finch, Miles, 114 Paine, Finch Bros. Hardware, 407 S. Main

Finch, Philo, 211 North, laborer

Finch, Robert U., 118 Paine, Finch Bros. Hardware, 407 S. Main

Fish, D.C., 129 Spruce, carpenter

Fisher, D.T., 141 Elmira, tinsmith

Fisk, John, 209 Cove, laborer

Fitch, E.G., 709 S. Main

Fitch, Eunice, bds 709 S. Main, teacher

Fitzgerald, Birdie, bds 205 S. Main

Fitzgerald, Charles, 205 S. Main, liveryman

Flannigan, Dennis, 228 Center, laborer

Flannigan, James, 222 Center, furniture finisher

Flannigan, Mrs. Jennie, bds 228 Center

Flannigan, M.M., 216 Wheelock Ave., carpenter

Fleming, William L., 707 Wells Ave., laborer

Flickinger, George, 214 Chestnut, machinist

Flood, Catherine, bds 122 Paine, telephone operator

Flood, John D., 127 Elmira, laborer

Flood, John F., bds 122 Paine, laborer

Flood, John C., 511 First, carpenter

Flood, Margaret, bds 122 Paine

Flood, Peter, 122 Paine, laborer

Foran, Patrick, 205 S. Elmira, tinsmith

Foley, M.P., 103 Pine, carpenter

Forbes, Bertha, bds 107 Harris, maid

Forrest, House, S. Main, John Heavener prop’r

Foster, Mrs. M.L., 505 First

Fox, Bessie, bds 136 Elmira

Fox, Clarence, bds 136 Elmira, clerk

Fox, Isaac, 136 Elmira, carpenter

Fraley, Charles, 411 N. Main, dealer

Francke, E.O., 102 Tioga, druggist, S. Main

Francke, R.R., clerk Athens Nat. Bank, notary

Fredenburg, Floyd, bds 105 Maple, student

Fredenburg, George, 120 Willow, laborer

Fredenburg, John, 105 Maple, templet maker

French, Charles, 109 Center, laborer

French, Clarence, 112 Longway, watchman

French, Elmer, bds 205 Cherry, laborer

French, Mrs. Emma, bds 205 Cherry, foreman silk mill

French, Mrs. Harriet, 205 Cherry

French, Merton, bds 205 Cherry

French, Oscar, 115 Elmira, laborer

French, Willis, 231 North, laborer

Frisbie, U.G., 108 Cherry, laborer

Frost, Clayton W., 126 Maple, druggist

Frost, Mrs. Sally, 221 Bridge, widow Mercur

Fuller, G.L., 113 Susquehanna, clerk

G.A.R., Perkins Post No. 202, Artemus Weller commander

Gable, Henry S., 607 Church, laborer

Gable, Isola, bds 607 Church, milliner

Gable, John F., 608 Church, laborer

Gardner, Clarence, 120 E. Frederick, brakeman

Garrison, Robert, 120 North, machinist

Gavett, E.B., 124 North, laborer

Gernell, Harry, bds 227 Center, laborer

Gerould, Mrs. A.O., bds 502 N. Main

Gerould, Flora, bds 502 N. Main, artist

Gerould, Grace O., 502 N. Main, music teacher

Gerould, Lee, bds 114 Harris, delivery man

Gerould, Martin, 502 N. Main, laborer

Gerould, T.W., 116 Willow, mail carrier

Getz, Harry, bds 227 Center, laborer

Gilbertson, Haken, 206 Pine, finisher

Gilbert, Georgia, bds 214 S. Main, maid

Gillette, F.A., 616 S. Main, Supt. gas works

Gillette, Justin E., 103 Edward

Goodrich, Mrs. Ella, 211 North

Gore, M. Louis, 122 North, decorator and fresco artist

Gore, W.H.H., 403 Wells Ave., veteran

Goetchus, Earl, 123 Herrick, cigar maker

Gohl, Mary B., 119 S. Main, widow Fred

Gohl, Phemia M., bds 119 S. Main, music teacher

Gould, Harry, bds 523 S. Main, laborer

Gould, J.A., 523 S. Main, painter

Graham, Catherine, bds 726 S. Main

Granger, Harry, 104 E. Frederick, machinist

Granger, J.E., 212 Tyler

Grant, Clark, 115 Willow, bridge erector

Grant, Edgar, bds 115 Willow, clerk

Grant, Hallie, bds 115 Walnut

Gray, D.C., 712 N. Main, laborer, veteran

Gray, Lottie, bds 712 N. Main, clerk

Green, Harriett G., 116 Maple, widow J.F.

Green, Marian, bds 116 Maple, dressmaker

Greeney, James, 705 Desmond, engineer

Greening, George, bds 405 First, traveling salesman

Greening, Minor E., 405 First, laborer

Gregory, Asa F., 109 E. Frederick, laborer

Gregory, Benjamin F., 108 North

Gregory, Charles R., 602 Desmond, laborer

Gregory, Lester A., 103 Vanderbilt, brakeman

Gregory, Volney, 107 Maple

Grey, Harry T., 111 Vanderbilt, painter

Griggs, E.Z., 711 S. Main

Griffin, John D., 121 Paine, laborer

Griffith, Elizabeth B., bds 201 Pine, dressmaker

Grippen, J.I., 111 Elm, laborer

Grippen, J.J., 123 Elm, laborer

Grippen, John, 116 Harris, laborer

Grippen, Milton, bds Elm, laborer

Grippen, Phillip, bds 123 Elm, laborer

Griswold, J.F., 104 Willow, electrician

Griswold, Ralph, bds 104 Willow, student

Groat, Abram, 109 Susquehanna, Prop. Athens Steam Laundry

Groat, Frank, bds 109 Susquehanna Ave., laundryman

Groat, Lee S., bds 109 Susquehanna Ave., laundryman

Grooms, George, 406 Wells Ave., laborer

Guiles & Arnold, 420 S. Main, grocers

Guiles, A.E., 307 S. Elmira, Guiles & Arnold, grocers

Gunderman, John, 403 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Gustin, Fred, 220 Center, laborer

Hager, Hoyt E., bds 211 S. Main, clerk postoffice

Haight, Edward, 217 Chestnut, carpenter

Haight, F.L., 204 Cherry, laborer

Haight, Frank L., bds 102 E. Cooper, laborer

Haight, Phoebe, bds 217 Chestnut, widow R.C.

Haight, R.E., 102 E. Cooper, laborer

Haines, Catherine, bds 202 Willow, teacher

Haines, Eliza N., bds 204 Satterlee, dressmaker

Haines, J. Harry, 217 Tyler, laborer

Hair, Daniel E., 108 Walnut, laborer

Hair, Harry, 103 Pine, gas maker

Haire, Mrs. Anna, bds 415 S. Main

Hakes, Fred R., 302 Frederick, carpenter

Halbert, Nellie, bds 214 S. River, laundress

Haley, Patrick, 503 S. Main, porter Stimson House

Hallock, E.T., bds 506 Elmira, engineer

Hall, Mrs. Mary, 401 Desmond

Hall, Mayme, bds 401 Desmond, stenographer

Hammond, Charles, 108 Harris, laborer

Hancock, Emma, 115 S. Main

Hancock, Mary J., 115 S. Main

Hand, Harold, 125 Elm, laborer

Haney, Raymond, 115 Elmira, teamster

Hanlon, Mike, bds 506 Elmira, laborer

Hapeman, Mert, bds 101 Walnut, laborer

Hapeman, William, 125 Willow, laborer

Harden, Geo. S., 216 Tyler, laborer

Hardrick, J.W., 106 Public, carpenter

Harding, William, bds 712 Desmond

Harper, W.H., 106 Chestnut, laborer

Harrigan, Michael, 109 Chestnut, bridge builder

Harrington, John, bds 119 Elmira, laborer

Harris, Bigler, 217 Center, emp. railroad

Harris, F. Kirby, 409 N. Main, Sec’y Athens Furniture Co.

Harris, Kate, bds 617 S. Main

Harris, Mark M., bds 211 Center, laborer

Harris, N.C., 617 S. Main, dealer

Harris, Persons, 104 Spruce, laborer

Hart, William, 122 E. Frederick, laborer

Hartwell, C.B., 116 Elmira, barber

Haskins, Harry, 212 Maple, laborer

Hatch, Henry, 217 North, laborer

Hause, J.J., Main and Pine, machinist

Havens, Deshia, bds 508 N. Main, musician

Havens, D.M., 508 N. Main, laborer, veteran

Haverly, Julia, bds 630 S. Main, student

Haverly, O.L., 630 S. Main, cashier Farmers Nat. Bank

Hawkins, Calvin, 224 Chestnut

Hawkins, Seth, 224 Chestnut, fireman

Haynes, C.A., 410 First, carpenter

Hayes, H.C., 408 Elmira, machinist

Heath, Bertie, 207 Ferry, widow M.R.

Heath, Elfa, bds 207 Ferry, telephone operator

Heath, Mrs. Frank, 116 Elm

Heavener, Clara, bds 706 N. Main, musician

Heavener, Frank L., 706 N. Main, moulder

Heavener, George, bds 706 N. Main, apprentice

Heavener, John, 503 S. Main, prop. Forrest House

Heavener, Paul, bds 706 N. Main, apprentice

Heeman, Sherman, 705 N. River, laborer

Henning, Samuel A., 213 Center, laborer

Henry, Donald, bds 218 South, teacher

Henry, James, 218 South, Henry & Waters dealers

Henry, Lena, bds 218 South, clerk

Henry, Paul, 214 South, butcher

Henry & Waters, S. Main, dealers in wagons and agricultural implements

Herrick, F.E., 113 Herrick

Herrick, George E., bds 113 Herrick, laborer

Heverly, John H., 601 First, clerk

Heylmun, Mrs. Esther, bds 101 Cherry

Hibler, Carrie, N. River

Hicks, G.W., 233 Bridge, laborer

Hildebrant, A.M., 203 Tyler, conductor

Hildebrant, Frank, 203 Cherry, laborer

Hill, Frank H., 105 Cooper, laborer

Hill, George R., 740 S. Main, dealer

Hill, Mrs. Kalista B., 106 Paine, teacher

Hills, E.J., 201 Cherry, carpenter

Hines, Arthur T., 510 N. Main, laborer

Hines, G.W., 106 Longway, painter

Hines, J.L., 106 Longway, painter

Hines, Joseph, 322 S. Main, drugs and stationery, 326 S. Main, notary public

Hines, L.R., 138 Spruce, laborer

Hiney, Mrs. Lida, bds 507 Desmond, weaver

Hinton, Charles, 750 S. Main, editor Athens Gazette

Hitchcock, J.S., 401 N. River, laborer

Hobson, A.R., 124 Susquehanna, laborer

Hoffman, J.H., 701 Desmond, carpenter

Hoffman, J.M., 116 Cherry, brakeman

Holcomb, Carl, bds 207 S. Main, student

Holcomb, John T., 207 S. Main, physician and surgeon

Holcomb, K.J., 201 W. Vanderbilt, pattern maker

Holt, Thomas, 311 Main, laborer

Hood, Mrs. C.E., bds 741 S. Main

Hood, W.A., 741 S. Main, supt. bridge works

Horey, John, 360 River, laborer

Horey, Jennie, bds 360 River

Horey, Thomas, bds 360 River, laborer

Horton, L.C., 204 Cherry, brakeman

Horton, Sarah, bds 728 S. Main

Hosmer, Charles, 114 Elm, painter

Hosmer, Fred, 229 South, painter

Hosmer, Ray E., bds 114 Elm, musician

Hotel Campbell, S. Main, C.G. Bonney prop.

Hotel Forrest, S. Main, John Heavener, prop.

Hotel Stimson, S. Main, Geo. H. Stimson, prop.

House, Fred, 111 Maple, belt repairer

Howe, Mrs. Minnie, 113 Herrick, maid

Howe, Mrs., 722 S. Main

Howland, William, 742 S. Main, mechanic

Hoyt, L.T., 211 S. Main, postmaster, attorney-at-law

Hoyt, (L.T.) and Schrier (W.G.), attorneys-at-law

Hubbard, Floy, bds 710 Church, dressmaker

Hudson, Alta, bds 130 North, student

Hudson, Lena M., bds 130 North

Hudson, Thomas L., 130 North, blacksmith

Huff, Emma, 107 Paine, widow Henry

Huff, Frank C., bds 107 Paine, painter

Huff, George H., bds 107 Paine, machinist

Huff, Henry J., 108 Maple, foreman

Hughes, Henry, bds 505 Elmira

Hulett, G.E., 107 Center, salesman

Hull, Charles T., 106 Ferry, pension and insurance agent, notary

Hull, Fanny, bds 106 Ferry

Hunsicker, Cornelius, 728 S. Main

Hunsicker, Mary, bds 728 S. Main

Hunsinger, Edward G., 119 Paine, laborer

Hunsinger, L.M. 103 E. Orchard, carpenter

Hunt, Isaac, 106 Short, laborer

Huntington, Lydia D., bds 221 S. Main, widow Charles O.

Huntley, Mrs. Alma, bds 511 Wells Ave.

Huntley, Mrs. Minnie, 511 Wells Ave., weaver

Ingham, William, bds 503 S. Main, salesman

I.O.O.F., Athens Lodge No 165, George H. Northrop Sec’y

Irwin, John, 119 Elmira, laborer

Jackson, Fred, 232 Chestnut, clerk

Jackson, George, 606 Wells Ave., engineer

Jackson, John H., 301 Walnut, laborer

Jackson, Ray S., 123 Elm, laborer

Jackson, William, 213 Cove, laborer

Jakeway, Coleman, bds 205 South, laborer

Jakeway, Olive, 205 South

Jayne, D.D., bds 216 South, salesman

Jane, Mrs. Margaret, bds 505 N. Main

Joachim, Edward, 102 Hopkins, dentist

Johnson, Mrs. Bertha, bds 216 Chestnut

Johnson, Elizabeth, 313 N. River

Johnson, E.S., 217 South, mail carrier

Johnson, F.J., 216 Ann, carpenter

Johnson, Frances, 311 N. River

Johnson, H.C., 220 Ann, painter

Johnson, Henry, 102 Pike, laborer

Johnson, H.F., 111 S. Elmira, attorney-at-law, justice of the peace

Johnson, Oscar F., bds. 111 S. Elmira

Johnson, P.W., bds 220 Ann, laborer

Johnston, Elwin, bds 105 Pennsylvania Ave.

Johnston, George M., 105 Pennsylvania Ave., wagon maker

Johnston, Truman, 105 Pennsylvania Ave., carpenter

Johonnis, Mary, bds 134 Spruce, weaver

Johonnis, Mrs. Mary, 134 Spruce

Jones, Mrs. Dell K., bds 231 Center, maid

Jones, John T., 117 S. Main, clerk

Jones, Louis, 217 S. Main, baker

Jones, O.E., 103 Pike, laborer

Jones, Orrin Dae, 231 Center, laborer

Jones, Walter R., 113 E. Vanderbilt, laborer

Jones, William, 230 Center, laborer

Jordan, Charles S., 122 S. Main, clerk

Jordan, Elsie L., bds 223 S. Main

Jordan, Orrin O., 223 S. Main, insurance agent

Jordan, W.G., 104 S. Main, printer 514 S. Elmira, cor. Main

Kamperman, Fred, 420 N. Main, foreman silk mill

Karner’s Department Store. (See adv.)

Kasson, A.F., 110 E. Frederick, laborer

Kaufman, Barney, 734 S. Main, merchant

Kaufman, David, bds 734 S. Main, clerk

Kaufman, Hannah, bds 734 S. Main, milliner

Kaufman, Isaac, bds 734 S. Main, student

Keech, Mabel, bds 112 Herrick, clerk

Keech, W.T., 112 Herrick, mason

Keefe, Alexander, 101 Public

Keefe, Anna, 115 North, teacher

Keefe, Amelia, bds 101 Public

Keefe, David A., 115 North, bridge inspector

Keiss, Jacob, 121 Herrick, wagon maker

Kelley, Catherine, 761 S. Main

Kelley, Celie, 761 S. Main

Kelley, Clara B., bds 109 Harris

Kelley, L.W., 109 Harris, laborer

Kelley, Patrick, 111 Elmira, foreman

Kelley, Theressa, bds 111 Elmira, teacher

Kelley, Thomas, bds 111 Elmira, clerk

Kelley, Rev. Will A., 117 Paine, pastor Universalist Church

Keller, F.D., 301 N. River, brakeman

Kellogg, Charles, 104 Chemung, manufacturer

Kellogg, Charles F., bds 104 Chemung, clerk

Kellum, Mrs. Ida L., 107 Pine

Kendall, Katie, 116 Pennsylvania Ave., widow E.J.

Kendall, Letitia, bds 205 E. Pine, musician

Kendall, O.C., 132 Willow, furniture maker

Kearns, Robert, 118 Main, laborer

Kenyon, John, 707 N. Main

Kepner, George, bds Tioga Point Farm

Keystone Guard, Supreme President J.W. Beaman, Supreme Vice-President Vine Crandall, Supreme Secretary C.F. Stanton, Supreme Treasurer O.L. Haverly, Supreme Attorney L.T. Hoyt, Supreme Medical Examiner E.M. Cowell M.D.

Kiff & Stacey, 418 S. Main, dry goods etc.

Kiff, Mrs. Ella, 505 Elmira

Kiff, Francis, 203 Bridge

Kiff, Sigel, 737 S. Main, merchant, Kiff & Stacey

Kimble, John J., 215 S. Main

Kingsley, J.F., 111 Walnut, machinist

Kingsley, L.W., bds 208 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Kinner, C.E., 130 Spruce, laborer

Kinner, D.C., 201 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Kinner, F.L., bds 130 Spruce, laborer

Kinner, Lillie, 705 Church

Kinney, Clarence, 105 Public, bridge builder

Kinney, Geo. A., 216 S. Main

Kinney, O.D., 615 S. Main, banker

Kittell, Mrs. A.O., 121 Elm

Kittell, Frank, bds 121 Elm, clerk

Kittell, Leon, bds 121 Elm, laborer

Knapp, Clayton F., 424 Church, agt. emp. F.A. Armstrong

Knaresboro, Elsie, bds 205 Main, stenographer

Knaresboro, John, 305 Main, clerk

Knaresboro, Nellie, bds 205 Main, music teacher

Knaresboro, N.J., 305 Main, laborer

Knettles, S.B., 108 Pennsylvania Ave., carpenter

Kramer, Bert, bds 609 S. Main, inspector

Kramer, John M., bds 609 S. Main, liquor dealer

Kramer, John N., 108 W. Cooper, laborer

Kramer, John T., 609 S. Main, clerk

Kuhnle, Mrs. Florence, 120 Willow

Kunes, Porter W., E. Pine, carpenter

Kunes, Samuel O., 106 Vanderbilt, brakeman

Lacey, C.I., 103 Ferry, traveling salesman

Lacey, Sarah B., bds 103 Ferry

Lahey, John, 507 S. Main, restaurant

Lake, Frank, 407 Wells Ave., conductor

Lamberson, Daniel O., 416 N. Main, air-brake inspector

Lamberson, Isaac O., 104 Short, teamster

Lamberson, Mabel, bds 416 N. Main, nurse at Willard Asylum

Lamberson, Mrs. N.A., bds 416 N. Main

Lamberson, Willis J., bds 416 N. Main, helper

Lambert, James, 609 Desmond, laborer

Lamkin, Geo. A., 618 S. Main, merchant

Lamkin & Co., S. Main, shoes

Lancaster, Chas., bds 104 Paine, teacher

Landmesser, Fred, 230 South, mechanic

Lane, Noel, 205 Pine, carpenter

Langford, G.M., 223 Chestnut, carpenter

Langland, O.J., 106 Elmira, foreman

Lateer, C.C., 209 Satterlee, machinist helper

Lauer, B.F., 604 S. Main, shoemaker

Laughlin, Chas., 312 Pine, laborer

Lavers, Earl R., bds 201 Maple, Asst. Principal Athens High School

Lawlor, A.P., bds 115 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Lawlor, Clair, bds 115 Pennsylvania Ave.

Lawlor, Harry, bds 115 Pennsylvania Ave.

Lawlor, Mrs. James, 115 Pennsylvania Ave.

Lawlor, John, bds 110 Pennsylvania Ave. laborer

Lawlor, Thomas, 110 Pennsylvania Ave., bridge worker

Lawrence, Chas. R., 100 Spruce, laborer, veteran

Lawrence, F.R., 210 Willow, laborer

Layman, Edgar W., 607 N. Main, brakeman

Layton, Samuel F., 220 Willow, laborer, veteran

Leahy, Edward W., bds 216 Center, machinist

Leahy, James, 216 Center, laborer

Leary, Catherine, bds 208 Center

Leary, Geo. T., bds 208 Center, laborer

Leary, Hannah, bds 208 Center, bookkeeper

Leary, James, 208 Center, laborer

Leary, Margaret, bds 208 Center

Leary, Thomas, 226 Bridge, laborer

Lees, James P., 607 Wells, carpenter

Leighton, W.H., 108 Elmira, watchman

Lenox, Catherine, 409 Church

Lenox, C.W., 411 Church, fireman

Lenox, Daniel L., 106 Maple, templet maker

Lenox, Genevieve, bds 106 Maple

Lenox, Susie, bds 106 Maple

Leonard, Arthur, 302 Main, laborer

Leonard, Charles W., 106 North, clerk L. V. R. R. Sayre

Leonard, Charlotte, bds 106 North, student

Leonard, Frank, 104 Walnut, carpenter

Leonard, Herman, 205 Pine, laborer

Leonard, Jesse, bds 104 Walnut, laborer

Leonard, Raymond, 210 Ann, laborer

Leston, Wm. D., 111 Frederick, inspector

Levering, Harry, 507 First, brakeman

Leverton, Samuel, 225 Bridge, cabinet maker

Lewis, Leroy, 205 Center, L. V. R. R. emp.

Lewis, Volney C., bds 203 E. Pine, machinist

Lewis & Green, meat market

Lilley, Lotta L., bds 217 S. Main, bookkeeper

Lilley, Thomas M., 207 South, carpenter

Lindsay, Grant, 511 S. Main, cigar maker

Linehan, Frank, bds 213 North, fireman

Linehan, Henry, 213 North, laborer

Linehan, Katherine, bds 213 North, dressmaker

Linehan, John, bds 213 North, brakeman

Little, Frank, 504 Elmira, moulder

Lockerby, Walter A., 302 E. Orchard, brakeman

Loomis, Agnes, bds 410 N. Main, bookkeeper

Loomis, Eugene J., 410 N. Main, laborer

Loomis, Frank, Church, machinist

Loomis, Mrs. Jennie, 128 Spruce

Loomis, M.B., 308 Main, coal dealer

Lord, Judson, 236 South, laborer

Lovell, Mrs. O.E., 106 Paine, dressmaker

Lowden, J.W., bds 211 Bridge, teacher of music

Lowe, Fred, 206 S. River, carpenter

Lowe, Polly, 206 South

Lowman, James G., 205 Tyler, laborer

Luckey, Frank E., 205 Maple, dry goods merchant, 402 S. Main, See ad

Luckey, Gertrude, bds 205 Maple, student

Luckey, Howard, bds 205 Maple, clerk

Lull, Mrs. Emma, 507 Church

Lundie, Gertrude, bds 131 Elmira

Lundie, John, 131 Elmira, laborer

Lunger, E.O., 307 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Lunn, Frank, 202 ½ Wheelock Ave., laborer

Lurcock, Purley, 225 Center, laborer

Lurcock, Ellery, 223 Center, laborer

Lurcock, Leslie, 223 Center

Lurcock, S.M., 213 Bridge, fireman

Lynch, John D., 306 Main, bookkeeper

Lynch, John P., 604 N. Main, laborer

Lynch, P.C., 218 Tyler, laborer

Lyon, George, 108 Chestnut, laborer

Lyons, Elizabeth, bds 105 E. Orchard

Lyons, John, 105 E. Orchard, assessor, veteran

Macafee Concrete Company (D.J. & S.B. Macafee)

Macafee, Mrs. Anna, 203 Main

Macafee, Dana J., 756 S. Main, contractor and builder

Macafee, George F., 105 Paine, foreman

Macafee, John, 105 Ferry, laborer

Macafee, Reid D., bds 756 S. Main, student

Macafee, Stuart B., bds 756 S. Main, contractor

Mace, Mrs. Laura, 307 Main, dressmaker

Mack, Hugh, 215 Center, laborer

Mahaney, Mrs. Ellen, 405 N. Main

Mahaney, Julia, bds 405 N. Main, dressmaker

Mahaney, Lucy, bds 405 N. Main, teacher

Mahaney, Mary, bds 405 N. Main, teacher

Mahaney, Matthew, bds 405 N. Main, carver

Mahaney, Nellie, bds 405 N. Main, student

Mahaney, Nora, bds 405 N. Main, teacher

Maines, J.L., 209 Hugh, laborer

Mallory, Fred, 117 Willow, laborer

Maloney, Anna, bds 109 S. Elmira, clerk

Maloney, James, 109 S. Elmira, laborer

Maloney, Minnie, bds 109 S. Elmira, clerk

Manahan, Goodrich, 127 Elm, laborer

Maney, Elizabeth, bds 201 S. Main

Maney, James B., 201 S. Main, clothier 409-411 S. Main (Maney & Page)

Maney, Mary, bds 201 S. Main, student

Maney & Page, clothing and men’s furnishings, S. Main

Mapes, Harvey, 504 First, laborer

Marsh, Nettie, bds 415 N. Main

Marsh, Nathan F., 415 N. Main, conductor, veteran

Martin, C.H., 124 Spruce, laborer

Martin, Theodore, 111 S. River, laborer

Martin, Lulu, bds 124 Spruce, weaver

Marvin, F.R., 602 Church, agent Prudential Ins. Co.

Marvin, Herman A., 201 Satterlee, laborer

Marvin, Louis, 207 Bridge, merchant S. Main, (Ferguson, Weller & Marvin)

Mason, Wm. H., bds 612 Desmond, laborer

Masonic, Rual Amity Lodge No. 70 F. & A. M., F.T. Page Sec’y

Matteson, Sidney R., 105 New, cabinet maker

Maurice, Archie, bds 723 S. Main, clerk

Maurice, Chas. S., 723 S. Main, manufacturer

Maurice, Emily, bds 723 S. Main

Maurice, Margaret, bds 723 S. Main

May, Harry, 107 Harris, watchman

May, Thomas S., 419 S. Main, fireman

Mahood, Eliza, bds 121 Willow, cigar maker

Mahood, Leonard, bds 121 Willow, cigar maker

Mahood, Mary, widow Samuel, 121 Willow

Maynard, H.F., 109 Main, Maynard & Maynard, attorneys-at-law

Maynard, J.M., 116 Main, laborer

McAsey, John, bds Forrest House, clerk

McAsey, Lizzie, widow Thomas, 113 Harris, domestic

McCarthy, Frank, 226 S. Main, news room

McCaslin, A. C., 601 S. Main, clerk

McClarty, Daniel, 603 S. Main, dentist

McClarty, Mrs. Emma, bds 223 Willow, dressmaker

McCoy, Chas. H., 711 Church, clerk

McCraney, Clinton, bds 103 E. Frederick, carpenter

McCraney, Morrell, 111 Willow, laborer

McDaniels, Eugene, 215 Maple, fireman

McDaniels, Joseph, 214 S. River, laborer

McDaniels, Walter, bds 215 Maple, laborer

McDaniels, Willis, 215 North

McDonald, Sarah, widow James, bds 122 North

McDonough, Lizzie, widow P.H., 606 S. Main

McDonough, Mary, bds 606 S. Main

McDonough, Sarah, bds 606 S. Main

McEntire, J.V.A., 118 Willow, laborer

McGovern, A.C., 112 Main, Constable

McGraw, Catherine, bds 232 Center, dressmaker

McGraw, John, 232 Center, laborer

McKean, A.A., 109 Walnut, laborer

McKean, J.F., 201 Willow, merchant 119 Pennsylvania Ave., assessor

McKean, R.J., 201 Willow, deliveryman

McKeel, Chas. E., 612 Desmond, fireman

McKibbins, C.C., 227 Center, painter

McKinney, Chester E., 122 Maple, farmer

McKinney, Miss F.H., 505 First

McLean, C.H., 132 Paine, harness maker

McMahon, Daniel E., 207 E. Pine, merchant, department store, school director

Mcmillen, H.G., 150 Elmira, laborer

McMorran, George J., 202 Center, agent Atlantic Refining Co.

McMorran, Lizzie, bds 102 W. Pine, reporter Athens Daily News

McMorran, Margaret, 201 Main

McMorran, Mary, bds 201 Main, cashier

McMorran, W.A., 102 W. Pine, laborer

McNamara, George j., 509 N. Main, clerk Lehigh division engineers

McNamara, John, 117 Cherry, painter

Mead, Frank S., 107 Chestnut, harness maker 102 Susquehanna Ave.

Meekins, Luke J., 609 First, machinist

Meisner, Andrew, bds 120 Main, laborer

Meisner, Estella, widow Samuel, 120 Main

Melville, W.H., 109 New, carpenter

Merithew, Burt A., 226 Maple, laborer

Merithew, Frank, 803 N. Main, laborer

Merrill, Bruce, 124 Willow, laborer

Merrill, L.P., 214 Willow, bridge builder

Merrill, Fidelia C., widow Eli N., 105 Chestnut

Messing, Maude, bds 110 Herrick, teacher

Messing, Medie, bds 110 Herrick

Middaugh, A.B., 211 Bridge, livery 114 Susquehanna

Middaugh, Mrs. Louisa, 402 Church
Miller, Bertha, bds 206 Bridge, clerk

Miller, Charles, 113 Elmira, laborer

Miller, Daisy, bds 206 Bridge

Miller, Edwin, 153 Elmira, laborer

Miller, George W., 203 S. Main, furniture and undertaking S. Main (Rogers & Miller)

Miller, James, bds 218 Chestnut

Miller, Jacob, bds 141 Elmira, laborer

Miller, Shirley, 201 Main, dressmaker

Miller, Mrs. Susie E., 304 E. Orchard, domestic

Miller, W.S., 206 Bridge, merchant, store S. Main

Mills, Charles E., 112 S. Main, attorney-at-law, District Attorney

Mills, James A., 205 S. Elmira

Mills, Thomas R., 114 Pennsylvania Ave., cabinet maker

Miner, George, bds 227 Center, laborer

Miner, Herman, bds 116 Elm, laborer

Mingos, C.J., 208 Pennsylvania Ave., mason

Mingos, G.W., 230 South, restaurant

Mingos, P.C., 732 S. Main, laborer

Mingos, Theodore A., bds 208 Pennsylvania Ave., brakeman

Minier, E.B., 107 Willow, laborer

Minier, Solomon, bds 205 S. Main, laborer

Mitchell, Harriet, widow, W.A., 204 S. Main

Mitchell, Maurice M., 204 S. Main, painter

Mitten, Harry, bds 217 Chestnut, tower operator

Mitten, Mrs. N.J., 201 Tyler

Mix, Fred, 114 Susquehanna Ave., laborer

Malloy, Anna, bds 786 S. Main, domestic

Malloy, Mary, bds 747 S. Main, domestic

Malloy, Patrick, 786 S. Main, laborer

Montgomery, C.A., 202 Bridge, blacksmith

Montgomery, Charles, 209 Hugh, laborer

Montgomery, Delacey, 111 Cherry, laborer

Montgomery, Edson, bds 202 Bridge, machinist

Montgomery, L.J., 110 Chestnut, deliveryman

Moody, Arthur B., 204 E. Frederick, brakeman

Moody, C.R., 172 Elmira, carpenter

Moody, Frank E., 304 Pennsylvania Ave., bicycle repairing etc.

Moon, Arthur, 115 Paine, carpenter

Moon, John, bds 115 Paine, student

Moore, Charles F., 602 Wells Ave., carpenter

Moore, Clarence, 216 South, employed R.R.

Moore, Fred N., bds 409 First, invalid

Moore, Harland, 222 Wheelock, emp. Pneumatic Tool Company

Moore, James S., 210 Center, clerk

Moore, John G., 101 Pike, laborer

Moore, J. Roy, 206 Maple, carpenter

Moore, Leonard E., bds 206 Maple

Moore, Leonard N., 409 First, laborer

Moore, Mary A., bds 101 Pike, laborer

Moore, Porter H., bds 409 First, laborer

Moorehouse, Adelbert, 316 S. Main, laborer

Morey, A.R., 423 S. Main, barber

Morley, Elmer, 410 Elmira, engineer

Morley, F.L., 403 Wells Ave., carpenter

Morley, Fred M., 213 Tyler, laborer

Morley, G.H., 114 Elmira, gardener

Morley, Harry, 225 Willow, laborer

Morley, Jessie, bds 114 Elmira, clerk

Morley, Sarah A., 117 North

Morris, Herbert, 112 Spruce, laborer

Morris, M.D., 208 Hugh, bridge carpenter

Morris, Theodore, 204 Chestnut, clerk

Morris, Wm. L., 217 Willow, laborer

Morrison, W.C., 111 Main, bookkeeper

Morse, Elizabeth, bds 105 Center, silk weaver

Morse, G.W., 129 Elmira, laborer

Morse, Mrs. Harriet M., bds 608 Church

Morse, I.V., 603 Church

Morse, Mrs. Lovina, 105 Center

Mowrer, James, 701 First, laborer

Moylan, John J., 219 Willow, laborer

Mullens, John, bds 116 S. River, printer

Mullens, Michael, 116 S. River, foreman Bridge plant

Mulligan, Chas., bds 121 Maple, student

Mulligan, Robert J., 121 Maple, Chief of Police

Munn, Frank, 215 Hugh, laborer

Munn, George, bds 215 Hugh, laborer

Munn, Guy S., 136 Spruce, laborer

Munn, H.F., 126 Elmira, laborer

Munn, Winsol, bds 136 Spruce, laborer

Murphy, Eugene, 603 Church, laborer

Murray, Louise, bds 735 S. Main, musician

Murray, M.P., 735 S. Main, dealer

Murrelle, Jos. W., 106 Center, dentist

Murrelle, Wilhelmina, bds 106 Center

Myers, C.H., 208 W. Pine, laborer

Myer, Chas. M., 626 S. Main, coal dealer

Nairne, George, bds 721 S. Main, laborer

Neama, A.W., 106 Cherry, clerk

Neiss, Jacob, 124 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Nelson, Constance, bds 615 S. Main

Nevins, A. H., 204 Pennsylvania Ave., foreman

Nevins, Bessie, bds 204 Pennsylvania Ave., weaver

Nevins, Louise, 784 S. Main, widow F.N.

Nevins, M.W., 784 S. Main, merchant

Nevins, Nellie, bds 204 Pennsylvania Ave.

Newman, A.W., 106 Cherry, clerk

Newman, George, bds 702 Vanderbilt, teamster

Newman, John, 702 Vanderbilt, teamster

Newman, T.S., 217 S. Main, plumber

Newman, Walter G., 201 Maple, dry goods merchant, store 314 S. Main

Newman, William, bds 201 Maple, clerk

Newspaper, Athens Gazette, Chas. Hinton, publisher

Newspaper, Evening News, G.S. Curtis, publisher

News Publishing Co., G.S. Curtis, pub. Evening News

Newton, E.U., Church, laborer

Nichols, John, 208 Ann, laborer

Nichols, John, Jr., bds 208 Ann, laborer

Nichols, L.L., bds Longway, laborer

Nichols, Robert, bds 208 Ann, laborer

Nichols, Sylvenous, 110 Longway, bridgeworker

Nicholson, John, 747 S. Main, laborer

Nicol, Robert, 112 Hopkins, clerk

Noble, Eliza, 736 S. Main, widow E.H.

Noble, Mrs. J.A., rooms 403 Wells Ave., nurse

Northrup, Catherine, 208 Maple

Northrup, Charles A., 123 Maple, machinist

Northrup, Elizabeth, 208 Maple

Northrup, Emma, bds 721 S. Main, domestic

Northrup, George H., 103 Chestnut, assessor

Northrup, G.H., 405 N. River, fireman

Northrup, Harry J., bds 209 N. River, laborer

Northrup, Ira, 205 Chestnut, laborer

Northrup, Isaac L., 209 S. Main, laborer

Northrup, Leah L., bds 103 Chestnut

Northrup, Mrs. Lettie, bds 110 Public, widow Samuel

Northrup, Mabel, bds 209 N. River

Northrup, Oscar, bds 202 ½ Wheelock Ave., laborer

Northrup, Mrs. Samuel, Elmira

Northrup, W.F., 209 N. River, laborer

Northrup, William, 209 Walnut, laborer

Nutt, W.H., 105 Cherry, laborer, veteran

O’Brien, Bridget, bds 222 South

O’Brien, D.J., 113 Main, policeman

O’Brien, Elizabeth, bds 207 Walnut, stenographer

O’Brien, Kate, 222 South

O’Brien, Lucy, bds 207 Walnut, dressmaker

O’Brien, Mary, bds 207 Walnut, teacher

O’Brien, Michael, bds 207 Walnut, moulder

O’Brien, Thomas, bds 205 Main, laborer

Olendorf, Frank, bds 111 North, student

Olendorf, James H., 111 North, painter

Olmstead, Fred, bds 105 Elm

Olmstead, J.H., 426 Church, bridge builder

Olmstead, Mrs. Myra, 105 Elm

O’Neill, Daniel, 424 N. Main, conductor

O’Neill, Jerry, 110 Hopkins, laborer

O’Neill, Mrs. Mary, 112 Pennsylvania Ave.

O’Neill, Stephen J., 135 Elmira, laborer bridge works

O’Rourke, Michael F., priest St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 205 Main

Osborne, Mrs. Anna, bds 502 Elmira, domestic, widow Charles

Osborne, Charles, 424 S. Main, confectioner, 424 S. Main

Osborne, Elmer, 142 Elmira, dealer farm implements, wagons, etc.

Osborne, Ira, 502 Elmira

Osborne, Lee, 210 S. Elmira, traveling salesman

Osborne, S.C., 203 Bridge, laborer

Osborne, Wm. H., 105 Main, local ticket agent L.V.R.R.

Ostrander, Chas. W., 237 North, barber, 404 S. Main

Ostrander, Mary A., 237 North

Overfield, Adelia, bds 112 Elmira, dressmaker

Overfield, Benjamin, 211 Pine, blacksmith

Overfield, B.J., 112 Elmira, blacksmith

Overton, A.L., bds 304 Pine, laborer

Overton, A.W., 304 Pine, laborer

Owen, R.L., 112 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Packard, C.L., bds 105 Willow, clerk

Packard, Mrs. Luella, 105 Willow

Page, Bertha, bds 748 S. Main

Page, E.M., 405 Pennsylvania Ave., mail carrier

Page, Mrs. Flora, 108 Cooper

Page, Foster C., 107 Orchard, carpenter

Page, Fountain T., 748 S. Main, vice pres. Farmers Nat. Bank

Page George, 310 Main, supt. tool works

Page, George J., 219 South, laborer

Page, Maud, bds 108 Cooper, dressmaker

Page, Lawrence, bds 713 S. Main, student

Page, Robert, bds 108 Cooper, laborer

Page, Robert F., 634 S. Main, cashier First Nat. Bank, Sayre

Page, Sarah, 207 Pine

Page, Walter, 713 S. Main, merchant (Maney & Page Clothing House)

Palmer, A. P., 114 Willow, carpenter

Palmer, Ruth, bds 114 Willow, dressmaker

Palmer, Mrs. S.R., bds 114 Willow, agent

Park, Howard, 117 Willow, fireman

Park, Leon, 110 Paine, fireman

Parks, Frank, 110 Bridge, laborer

Parks, Fred, 231 South, mechanic

Parks, Fred W., 202 Hugh, laborer

Parks, George, 204 Hugh, laborer

Parks, I.O., 707 S. Main, U.S. Express agent

Parks, James S., 202 Hugh, laborer, veteran

Parks, John M., bds 202 Hugh, laborer

Parks, Mrs. L.M., 624 S. Main

Parks, Rita, bds 624 S.Main, widow Bert

Parsons, Ella, bds 224 Maple

Parsons, George, 224 Maple, registrar and recorder vital statistics

Passmore, R.E., 707 Desmond, foreman

Patterson, George E., bds 612 Desmond, laborer

Patterson, James H., 503 Desmond, carpenter

Patterson, John A., 509 Church, laborer

Patterson, Wm. A., bds 509 Church, laborer

Patton, Harry L., 103 Vanderbilt, carpenter, school director

Payne, Edward, bds 636 S. Main, student

Payne, S.R., 636 S. Main, Pres. Sayre Nat. Bank

Pearl, M.W., 202 Ann, laborer

Peck, Clare W., 606 N. main, machinist Pneumatic Tool Co.

Peck, George S., 104 Maple, foreman

Peck, Grace, bds 104 Maple

Pendleton, George L., 127 S. Main

Perkins, Mrs. E.H., 721 S. Main

Perkins, Mrs. Fred, 501 Elmira

Perkins, Nellie, bds 721 S. Main

Perry, A.H., 114 North, clerk

Perry, Mrs. Jane, bds 114 North

Peters, Charles, bds 116 Paine, electric engineer

Peters, Sidney, 208 South, mechanic

Peterson, Mrs. B., 502 S. Main

Peterson, John, 502 S. Main, laborer

Phalin, P.J., 707 N. Main, laborer, caretaker Tioga Point cemetery

Phillips, Mrs. Adelia, bds 219 S. Main

Phrang, Frank L., 768 S. Main, mechanic

Pierce, C.L., 202 Willow, merchant

Pierce, Emeline F., bds 208 Center, widow W.L.

Pomeroy, Paul, 215 South, coachman

Porter, Alonzo, 117 Center, laborer

Potter, Clara, bds 112 Paine, teacher

Potter, Ernest, bds 112 Paine, student

Potter, Ezra C., 112 Paine, clerk

Potter, Frank, 114 Herrick, baker

Potter, Isaiah, bds 112 Paine

Prince, Alta, bds 710 S. Main, bookkeeper

Prince, Catherine, bds 710 S. Main, teacher

Prince, Frank, 710 S. Main, carpenter

Prince, Mrs. Sarah A., 137 Spruce

Prince, Walter, bds 710 Spruce, timekeeper

Pritchard, Mrs. Mary, bds 103 E. Orchard

Purvis, William, 218 North, mason

Queer, Henry E., 501 Desmond, conductor L.V.R.R.

Raub, Ellen, bds 712 Welles Ave., widow James

Raub, Uriah J., 712 Welles Ave., machinist

Raup, G.H., bds 708 S. Main, clerk

Raup, H.F., 708 S. Main, mail clerk

Raupers, Ludwig, 126 Susquehanna Ave., carpenter

Raupers, Mary, 126 Susquehanna Ave.

Rayner, Fred, 507 First, machinist

Rayner, John, 407 First, fireman

Reagan, Charles, 128 Willow, motorman

Reeves, William, bds 104 Elm, laborer

Reilly, Mrs. E.E., bds 209 Willow, dressmaker

Rents, Charles, 514 Elmira, carpenter

Resue, James, 109 Spruce, laborer

Reynolds, Adda E., bds 604 Church, clerk D.E. McMahan’s store

Reynolds, A.S., 108 Spruce, laborer

Reynolds, D.C., bds 125 Spruce, laborer

Reynolds, Frank, 127 Spruce, laborer

Reynolds, Frank M., 604 Church, carpenter

Reynolds, Theodore, bds 125 Spruce, laborer

Rhinwault, Wesley J., 404 N. Main, express deliveryman

Rhodes, Berton, 703 N. Main, dealer, Henry & Rhodes meat market

Rice, Fred, 305 S. Elmira, plumber

Rice, Ned J., 712 N. Main, laborer

Rich, Bert E., 414 N. Main, laborer

Richard, George B., 114 E. Frederick, laborer

Rider, Charles, 105 S. Elmira, laborer

Rikert, Bessie, bds 808 N. Main, teacher

Rikert, Ethel, bds 808 N. Main, teacher

Rikert, George, 808 N. Main, mason

Rinebold, Nathan A., 106 Hopkins, physician and surgeon, 430 S. Main

Rischell, Elias C., bds Hotel Stimson, dentist, 312 S. Main

Roach, John, bds 119 Elmira, laborer

Roberts, George L. & Co., hardware and plumbing, Sayre 216 Desmond and Athens 322 S. Main

Robinson, Benjamin, bds 214 North, woodworker

Robinson, Brazil, bds 119 Spruce, laborer

Robinson, Charles B., 225 North, blacksmith helper

Robinson, Charles G., 234 Center, woodworker

Robinson, David T., 214 North, laborer

Robinson, Edith, bds 225 North

Robinson, Jennie, bds 225 North

Robinson, Stephen F., bds Hotel Stimson, cashier Athens Nat. Bank

Rocket, Charles, 409 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Rockwell, Mrs. Florence, 228 Willow

Rockwell, James, 302 Public, laborer

Rockwell, Lena, bds 228 Willow, clerk

Rockwell, Mertie, bds 126 E. Frederick, weaver

Rockwell, Paul, 302 Pennsylvania Ave., carver

Rockwell, Mrs. Sallie, bds 784 S. Main, domestic

Rockwell, W.G., bds 119 Maple, clerk

Rogers, Chas. F., 308 S. Elmira, (Rogers & Miller, furniture and undertaking, rooms 227-229-231 S. Main

Rogers, George E., 108 W. Pine, supt. of schools, Athens borough

Rogers & Miller, 227-229-231 S. Main, furniture and undertaking

Rogers, Ward, 107 Public, laborer

Rolls, E.S., 204 Tyler, laborer, veteran

Ross, Charles H., 213 S. Main, billiards and pool, 503 S. Main

Ross, Mrs. Della E., 107 Spruce

Ross, Edward, bds 107 Spruce, laborer

Rothloff, Harry, bds 133 Spruce, laborer

Rothloff, John B., bds 133 Spruce, laborer

Rothloff, Mary, bds 133 Spruce, weaver

Rothloff, Michael, 133 Spruce, laborer

Rothloff, Rose, bds 133 Spruce, weaver

Rouse, George, 316 S. Main, blacksmith

Rowe, Bert, 418 N. Main, glazier

Rowe, James, 610 Wells Ave., fireman

Rowe, Sidney, 114 Public, butcher

Rowley, Herman, 231 Cove, laborer

Ruggles, Abby, 230 Center, widow Samuel

Ruggles, John A., 102 North, (Ruggles & Mee, clothiers, Sayre)

Rundell, Clara, bds 204 Bridge, teacher

Rundell, David, Longway, laborer

Rundell, Elthanan S., 204 Bridge, clerk

Rundell, Leonard, bds 204 Bridge, clerk

Rundell, Maude, bds 204 Bridge

Russell, F.D., 202 Wheelock Ave., brakeman

Russell, T.H., 208 Willow, laborer

Rutledge, Mary J., bds 109 Chestnut

Rutty, Charles, 210 E. Pine, laborer

Ryan, Alice M., bds 114 Chestnut, stenographer

Ryan, Michael, 114 Chestnut, riveter

Ryan, Nellie L., bds 114 Chestnut

Ryan, Thomas J., 316 Pine, brakeman

Sairs, Frank G., 107 Main, insurance

Salsbury, Ella L., 106 Paine

Salsman, Warren, 401 Wells Ave., fireman

Sanford, Arthur, 106 E. Frederick, carpenter

Sanford, John T., 738 S. Main, druggist 406 S. Main

Sanford, Leander, 105 Center, retired

Sanford, Leslie, 108 E. Frederick, machinist

Saphar, G.W., 132 Spruce, laborer

Saphar, Henry J., bds 132 Spruce, bridge worker

Satterlee, C. Hyatt, 705 S. Main, clerk

Sawyer, Angeline, 739 S. Main

Sawyer, Bertha, bds 764 S. Main

Sawyer, James L., 764 S. Main, gardener, assessor

Sawyer, W.W., 105 Harris, laborer

Sayre & Athens Real Estate Co., L.T. Hoyt secretary

Saxton, Sarah, bds 711 S. Main, domestic

Schaleitner, Chas., 701 N. Main, cabinet maker

Schaleitner, Catherine, widow Raymond, bds 701 N. Main

Schaleitner, Frank, 502 First, cutter

Schaleitner, Mae, bds 502 First, student M.S.N.S.

Scharlack, Henry, 114 Maple, cabinet maker

Schermerhorn, Lela, bds 213 Cherry

Schermerhorn, T.W., 213 Cherry, laborer

Schermerhorn, Walter, bds 213 Cherry, laborer

Schermerhorn, William A., 107 Vanderbilt, laborer

Schoonover, E.C., 114 Main, laborer

Schoonover, G.H., 105 E. Frederick, laborer

Schoonover, James A., 103 Frederick, painter

Schoonover, L.J., 209 Cherry, laborer

Schrader, George, 201 Tyler, freight agent

Schrier Brothers (Frank H. & C.E. Schrier) cigar manufacturers

Schrier, Chas. E., bds 106 Harris, cigar maker

Schrier, Frank H., 102 Willow, cigar maker

Schrier, Louis Sr., 106 Harris, cigar maker

Schrier, Louis Jr., cigar maker, bds Stimson House

Schrier, W.G., 211 South, attorney-at-law (Hoyt & Schrier)

Scott, Geo. B., 126 Spruce, laborer

Scoville, Harry, bds 123 Spruce, laborer

Scoville, Jesse M., 106 Pike, carpenter

Scoville, Wm., 123 Spruce, laborer

Scudder, Warren E., 105 S. Elmira, teamster

Sebring, Clarence, bds 704 Wells Ave., brakeman

Seeley, Chas F., bds 107 Desmond, brakeman

Seeley, Mrs. Margaret, 107 Desmond

Segar, Clarence, 202 Tyler, laborer

Segar, David O., 126 Willow, conductor

Segar, Lee, 309 Main, electrician

Segrist, Clifford, bds 116 Paine, inspector

Selleck, T.H., 105 Walnut, carpenter

Senson, H.D., 407 S. Main, photographer

Seward, Thos A., 710 Church, laborer

Seymour, E.C., bds 201 Maple

Sexton, Milo, 217 Hugh, laborer

Shafer, Howard, bds 510 N. Main

Shannon, Jos. A., 209 Chestnut, machinist

Shannon, P.J., 115 Center, Clerk

Shaw, Chas. S., cor. Cooper and Church, laborer

Shaw, Lyman F., 105 North, clerk

Shaw, Mrs. W.W., 103 Herrick

Shear, Luke, bds 233 Bridge, laborer

Sheeler, John, 114 Harris, tinsmith

Sheldon, H.C., 114 Elmira, carpenter

Shepard, Lee, 506 Desmond, machinist

Shepard, Sarah J., bds 102 North, widow Dayton

Sherman, Andrew, 210 Cherry, laborer

Sherman, Fred, 124 Elm, constable

Sherman, Lee, bds 114 Susquehanna, laborer

Sherman, Thomas, 101 Longway, laborer

Sherman, Fred, 124 Elm, constable

Sherman, Lee, bds 114 Susquehanna, laborer

Sherman, Thomas, 101 Longway, laborer

Shores, Robert A., bds 804 Wells Ave., apprentice machinist

Shultz, Lillian M., 304 Cooper

Sickler, Fred F., 401 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Sickler, J.D., bds 222 South, laborer

Sickler, Mrs. R.B., 222 South

Sickler, W.H., bds 222 South, painter

Simmons, Elta, bds 228 Willow

Simmons, J. Frank, 228 Willow, laborer

Simpson, Wm. G., 116 S. Main, Pastor M.E. Church

Singer Sewing Machine Co., machines 305 S. Main

Shipman, Harry, 132 North, machinist

Shores, Charles, 712 Desmond, laborer

Shores, Miles K., 804 Wells Ave., laborer

Sinsabaugh, A.M., 232 South, laborer

Sitgraves, T.R., 14 Locust, clerk

Skinner, Geo., 601 Church, timekeeper

Slocum, Andrew, 108 Paine

Slocum, Mary A., 302 Public

Smith, Adelbert, bds 138 Elmira, laborer

Smith, Alfred E., 116 E. Frederick, brakeman

Smith, Blakeslee, 712 Church, machinist

Smith, Mrs. C.H., 138 Elmira

Smith, Effie, bds 705 Church

Smith, Mrs. Eleanor, bds 711 Desmond

Smith, Emerson, 108 Longway, mason

Smith, Ernest E., 401 First, fireman

Smith, F.L., clerk, bds Forrest House

Smith, Fred, 705 Church, laborer

Smith, Fred H., bds 752 S. Main, printer

Smith, F.D., 402 Desmond, engineer

Smith, Grover, 214 Tyler, laborer

Smith, H.C., 752 S. Main, laborer

Smith, H.C., bds 113 Susquehanna, laborer

Smith, Harvey H., 207 Satterlee, laborer

Smith, Henry E., 111 Chestnut, car inspector

Smith, J.B., 103 Spruce, laborer

Smith, John C., 113 Willow, machine operator

Smith, J.R., 107 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Smith, J.W., 218 Wheelock Ave., Tioga Dairy Co., (Smith & Moyer)

Smith, Laura E., bds 612 Desmond, domestic

Smith, Lloyd E., 112 E. Frederick, blacksmith

Smith, Millard M., bds 752 S. Main, laborer

Smith, M.L., 178 Elmira, laborer

Smith, Winogene, bds 415 N. Main, stenographer

Snell, Anna, 731 S. Main

Snell, Charlotte, 731 S. Main

Snell, Isaac, bds 706 N. Main, retired

Snyder, Chas., 101 Cherry, laundryman

Snyder, Chas. E., 607 Wells Ave., carpenter

Snyder, Richard, 110 Elmira, laborer

Spaulding Library The, S. Main

Spaulding, W.W., 140 Spruce, laborer

Spear, Chas. A., 210 North, laborer

Spear, Leo A., bds 210 North, laborer

Spear, Ross, 709 First, laborer

Spellman, Augusta, bds 102 Cooper, stenographer

Spellman, Gertrude G., bds 102 Cooper, bookkeeper

Spellman, Mary K., 102 Cooper, nurse Philadelphia

Spellman, Thomas, 102 Cooper, laborer

Spencer, Franca, 209 Cove, bds John Fish

Spiers, J.F., 215 Willow, laborer

Splann, Elizabeth, bds 306 S. Elmira, proof reader

Splann, Julia, bds 306 S. Elmira, bookkeeper

Splann, Michael, 306 S. Elmira, bridgeman

Springer, Bertha, bds 222 Chestnut, laundress

Springer, Clarence, bds 222 Chestnut, deliveryman

Springer, John, 222 Chestnut, laborer

Stacey, Edna, bds 212 Center

Stacey, Fred W., merchant, Kiff & Stacey 418 S. Main

Stacey, Leon S., 212 Center, drayman

Stalford, J.T., 622 Main, jeweler 405 S. Main

Stanton, Geo., F., 110 S. Main, sec’y Keystone Guard

Stecker, Emma M., 204 Center, widow William

Stephens, Alice, bds 501 N. Main, student

Stephens, Carrie, 601 Wells Ave., stenographer Elmira

Stephens, Chas., 601 Wells Ave., carpenter, veteran

Stephens, Clara A., bds 501 N. Main, bookkeeper

Stephens, Dana R., 501 N. Main (D.R. Stevens Creamery Co.)

Stevens, C.J., Cherry, machinist

Stevens, Cyrus L., 114 S. Main, physician and surgeon

Stevens, Lora, bds 218 South, clerk

Stevens, Romain, 504 N. Main, grocer & baker, store 504 N. Main

Stickles, Mrs. E.H., 109 Susquehanna

Stickles, Ettie, bds 109 Susquehanna

Stickles, Harry, 103 Chestnut, fireman

Stickles, Jacob, 206 Satterlee, laborer

Stiles, Celestia, bds 717 S. Main

Stiles, Margaret, bds 717 S. Main, student

Stiles, M.D., 717 S. Main, salesman

Stimson, Geo. H., Main, Proprietor Stimson House

Stimson, Grace, bds Stimson House, student

Stimson, Hugh, bds Stimson House, clerk

Stocum, Purdy B., 216 North, machinist helper

Stone, Benj., bds 105 Spruce, painter

Stone, Bert E., 107 E. Frederick, laborer

Stone, Jas. S., 105 Spruce, mason

Stone, Manford, bds 107 Pine, carpenter

Stone, Peter J., 754 S. Main, carpet cleaner

Stonier, Harry, 702 N. Main, templet maker

Storms, Lewis, bds 221 S. Main, laborer

Stranger, Benj., 209 Walnut, laborer

Stranger, Robert, 209 Walnut, laborer

Streeter, William E., 115 E. Frederick, carpenter

Stroud, Bertha, bds 233 Center, weaver (silk)

Stroud, Ellen R., 233 Center

Stroud, George, 203 E. Pine, engineer

Stroud, Irwin, 203 E. Pine, traveling

Stroud, J.C., bds 233 Center, mechanic

Stroud, Nellie E., bds 203 E. Pine, teacher

Stroud, Walter, 231 Chestnut, laborer

Stulen, Henri, 702 S. Main

Stulen, Louise G., bds 702 S. Main, clerk post office

Stulen, Martha, bds 702 S. Main, teacher

Sullivan, Catherine, 227 Chestnut

Sullivan, Lawrence, bds 227 Chestnut, laborer

Sullivan, Patrick, bds 227 Chestnut, laborer

Sullivan, Timothy, bds 227 Chestnut, laborer

Sutton, Charlotte, bds 508 Elmira, clerk

Sutton, F.M., 201 Pine, wagon maker

Swan, Elmer, 214 S. River, painter

Swan, Geo. G.,610 N. Main, retired carpenter

Swartwood, John, bds 106 Chestnut, laborer

Swyers, Herbert E., bds 203 Maple, machinist

Swyers, Joseph H., 203 Maple, heater Sayre shops

Tabor, Estella, bds 702 Desmond

Tabor, Geo. M., 702 Desmond, moulder

Tabor, Helen, bds 702 Desmond, Tabor & Lambert Art parlors Sayre

Talbert, Manley, bds 224 North, student

Talbert, Seward, 224 North, blacksmith

Talada, Carl R., bds 409 Wells Ave., laborer

Talada, George T., 409 Wells Ave., flue cutter

Taylor, Griffin, 225 Hugh, machine operator

Taylor, Herman J., 221 Hugh, painter

Taylor, Orson, 228 North, blacksmith

Taylor, R.S., 216 Hugh, teamster

Taylor, W.H., 209 South, mechanic

Thompson, Arthur, bds 207 Cherry, deliveryman

Thompson, Gertrude, bds 207 Cherry, clerk

Thompson, William, bds 207 Cherry, deliveryman

Thompson, W.J., 207 Cherry, mason

Thorp, Adelbert, 108 Herrick, clerk

Thurston, Curtis F., 124 Maple, clerk Farmers National Bank, notary public

Thurston, Frank, 792 S. Main, blacksmith helper

Thurston, Mrs. Mary, 217 S. Main

Tidd, C.W., 612 S. Main, insurance, secy. Athens Building and Loan Assn.

Tioga Point Cemetery Assn., M.P. Murray, Pres., J.C. Corbin, Sec.

Tioga Point Dairy Co., J.W. Smith proprietor

Tiffany, Leslie G., 228 S. Main, dealer in pianos, sewing machines

Tompkins, J.M., 307 Pine, laborer

Touhey, Daniel, 704 Church, blacksmith helper

Towner, Mrs. Emma, 203 Main

Tozer, E.H., 301 Main, machinist

Tozer, Guy M., 301 Main, laborer

Tozer, Ralph, bds 301 Main, Justice of Peace

Tremaine, Arthur B., bds 113 Cherry, insurance

Tremaine, Lee, 103 Elm, boiler maker helper

Tremaine, S.E., 113 Cherry, insurance

Trenchard, John, bds 217 Cherry, laborer

Trevett, James, 212 South, carver

Tripp, D.W., 402 Wells Ave., carpenter, veteran

Tucker, B.T., 611 First, sawyer

Tucker, Emory, bds 611 first, student

Turk, Charles, 503 N. Main, conductor

Turner, James, 207 Tyler, watchman

Tuttle, Henry H., 206 Ann, laborer

Tyler, Martin, 208 S. River, laborer

Tyrrell, Curtis B., bds 413 First, apprentice

Tyrrell, Fred L., 413 First, machinist inspector

Union Bottling Works, Edw. Dealy Prop’r, 101 Bridge

Union Carriage Works, Keiss & Wheeler Prop’rs, 107 Herrick

Vail, George E., 117 S. Main, clothier, store 320 S. Main

VanBuskirk, Mrs. Flora, bds 304 E. Orchard, clerk

VanBuskirk, J.H., 124 Elmira, laborer

Vandermark, Catherine, bds 203 Satterlee

VanDemark, Frank N., 109 Elm, laborer

VanDemark, John, 203 Satterlee, laborer

VanDemark, Mrs. M., bds 222 South

VanDuzer, Fred H., 122 Main, laborer

Vangorder, Herbert, 501 Church, fireman

Vangorder, John, bds 108 Center, laborer

VanHeckel, Ina R., bds 101 Chemung, clerk

VanHeckel, Mary, bds 101 Chemung, dressmaker

VanHeckel, Mrs. Sidney, 101 Chemung

VanHorn, C.A., bds 745 S. Main, farmer

VanHorn, L.E., 745 S. Main, farmer 30

VanLoan, Daniel, 120 North, farmer

Vann, James, 204 South, laborer

Vanness, Merton J., 101 New, laborer

Vanorstrand, Wm. E., 228 Maple, laborer

VanScouten, Effie, bds 104 Paine, teacher

VanScouten, Geo. L., 104 Paine, real estate dealer

VanScouten, Mrs. Harriet, widow A.H., bds 107 Orchard

VanScouten, Roy L., bds 104 Paine, student

VanShaick, L.G., Bridge, laborer

Vansice, A.M., bds 207 Ann, carpenter

Vansice, Andrew Y., 207 Ann, veteran

VanSyckle, Chas. W., 710 Church, meat market 801 Church

VanWoert, Nellie, bds 107 E. Cooper, clerk Kiff & Stacey’s store

Vargason, Marcellus, bds 103 Longway, laborer

Vargason, Morris B., 314 Pennsylvania Ave., bridge worker

Vargason, Omet, 103 Longway, laborer

VonTobel, A.F., 107 Chemung, pastor Presbyterian Church

Voorhis, Emmitt E., bds 107 Edward, telephone operator

Voorhis, George, bds 107 Edward, clerk

Voorhis, Harry, bds 107 Edward, student

Voorhis, Wilson F., 107 Edward, commercial traveler

Vosburg, Jay, 212 Ann, emp. L.V.R.R. shops

Walker, C.F., 217 North, laborer

Walker, Henry E., 505 Church, brakeman

Walker, Otto, 108 S. River, cabinet maker

Walline, Swan, 208 Tyler, wood finisher

Walters, Lena, bds 207 Hugh

Walters, W.R. 222 Willow, printer

Walton, Charles W., 13 Locust, newspaper

Ward, Catherine, 227 Willow, widow Michael

Ward, Chas. A., 18 Locust, conductor

Ward, Kate, bds 227 Willow

Ward, Michael, 704 Church, laborer

Warner, Harry, bds 106 Elm, laborer

Warner, Irene, bds 106 Elm, teacher

Warner, Mrs. Jennie, 106 Elm

Warner, Mary E., bds 106 Elm, teacher

Warner, Stephen, 215 Tyler, laborer

Waters, Leon, bds 113 North, student

Waters, Mrs. Rebecca, widow Thomas, bds 216 Bridge

Waters, W.F., 113 North, Henry & Waters dealers S. Main, Treasurer Bradford County

Watkins, Charles, 101 Elm, laborer

Watkins, Fred, 606 Church, brakeman

Watkins, Guy, 503 Elmira, telegraph operator

Watkins, Lee, bds 606 Church, brakeman

Watson, Charles, 436 S. Main, barber

Watson, Frank J., 220 Bridge, boiler maker

Watson, James, 515 S. Main, merchant tailor

Watson, James Jr., 213 Satterlee, laborer

Weaver, A.V., 412 N. Main, conductor

Weaver, Eleanor, bds 412 N. Main, nurse

Weaver, Harriet, bds 412 N. Main

Webb, Eben, 203 Main, laborer

Webb, George, bds 114 Pennsylvania Ave., laborer

Webb, Mrs. Harriet, 114 Pennsylvania Ave.

Weed, George, 209 Pine, machinist

Weed, Floyd, bds 123 Willow, laborer

Weed, Mrs. Mary, 123 Willow

Weller, Artemus, 118 Elmira, laborer

Weller, Clinton A., 212 Bridge, laborer

Weller, Fenton, 224 Tyler, clerk

Weller, Frank E., 424 N. Main, carpenter

Weller, George H., bds 503 S. Main, deliveryman

Weller, Jacob E., bds 123 S. Main

Weller, John J., 123 S. Main, flour and feed store, 510 S. Elmira

Weller, Melissa J., widow J.A., bds 105 Harris

Weller, Nathan V., 610 S. Main, dealer

Weller, William A., 116 Chestnut, merchant, Ferguson, Weller & Marvin

Weller, Z.C., 214 Hugh, bridge carpenter

Wells, A.L., Spruce, laborer

Wells, Archie, bds Spruce, laborer

Wells, Harry B., 108 E. Orchard, piano salesman, agent M.C. Wells Towanda

Wells, Otis, 215 Bridge, laborer

West, Wm. E., 705 N. Main, machinist Pneumatic Tool Co.

Westbrook, Edwin C., 801 Desmond, conductor L.V.R.R.

Westbrook, Henry, 411 First, gardener

Westbrook, Lola, bds 801 Desmond, bookkeeper

Westbrook, Maud, bds 801 Desmond, student

Wetmore, Geo. H., 102 Center, blacksmith

Wheatley, William, 409 First, mason

Wheaton, William, 413 Church, laborer

Wheeler, John, bds 222 South, laborer

Wheeler, O.L., 212 Wheelock, laborer

Wheeler, R.W., 113 Walnut, laborer

Wheeler, Sheridan P., 212 Wheelock, blacksmith

Wheeler, Sylvester, 744 S. Main, laborer

Whitaker, Mrs. Anna, 415 N. Main, owner and prop’r Perfection Laundry

White, Chas. E., 127 Paine, lineman

White, J. Alanson, 108 S. Elmira, motorman

White, Jerome, 718 S. Main, milkman

White, Patrick, 204 Wheelock Ave., watchman L.V.R.R.

White, Russell, 107 S. Elmira, laborer

Wickwire, Jerusha O., 203 S. Elmira, house cleaner

Wiggins, Alonzo, 707 N. River, car repairer

Wiggins, Frank, 102 Short, laborer

Wiggins, Glenn, bds 707 N. River, laborer

Wright, Mrs. Levinia, widow Joseph N., 202 Cherry

Wilcox, Daniel D., 104 S. River, laborer

Wilcox, George, 104 S. River, laborer

Wilcox, William, 122 Spruce, laborer

Wiles, Caleb A., 128 North, laborer

Wilkinson, W.W., 602 Second, car repairer

Williams, Bruce, 115 Maple, laborer

Williams, E.O., bds 116 Elm, laborer

Williams, Frank B., bds 126 Elm, laborer

Williams, George H., 101 Walnut, carpenter

Williams, Mrs. Laurilla, 109 Cherry, widow Ambrose

Wilson, Geo. B., 214 Tyler, painter and paper hanger

Wilson, James, bds Forrest House, finisher

Wilson, Lewis, 125 Elmira, laborer

Wilson, M.C., 205 Frederick, painter

Winans, Edith, bds 234 S. Main

Winans, Mrs. Harriet E., 234 S. Main

Winans, Luella, bds 234 S. Main, weaver silk mill

Winters, Allen, 362 South, brakeman

Winters, Clarence B., 211 Chestnut, laborer

Winters, Eugene, 110 Susquehanna, restaurant

Winters, Floyd L., 512 N. Main, meat market 102 E. Orchard

Winters, Harrison, bds 362 South, painter

Winters, Thos. J., 362 South, laborer

Winters, William, 120 North, bartender

Wisner, Hammond, 754 S. Main, motorman

Wolcott, Mrs. Countess, widow S.K., bds 602 Second

Wolcott, Earl, bds 602 Second, plumber apprentice

Wolcott, Harry L., 103 North, merchant (T.D. Wolcott & Son)

Wolcott, Mrs. Prentice, bds 602 Second

Wolcott, Theron D., 115 Center, merchant

Wolcott, T.D. & Son, groceries 232-236 S. Main

Wood, Frank S., 201 Wells Ave., laborer

Wood, Frederick, 209 Bridge, telegraph operator

Wood, Geo. N., 106 Willow, cabinet maker

Wood, Geo W., River, laborer

Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth, 106 Willow

Woodburn, John, 218 S. River, oiler Sayre shops

Woodruff, Wesley, 104 E. Vanderbilt, laborer

Woodruff, William E., 103 E. Orchard, carpenter

Woodward, Harry, bds 223 South, baggage master

Woodward, L.H., bds 223 South, conductor

Woodward, L.H. Jr., 223 South, clerk

Wright, Alfred C., 226 S. Main, confectionery and news stand

Wright, Geo. A., 203 Ann, laborer

Wurtenburg, George, 111 Chestnut, laborer

Yontz, Lillian B., bds 705 Wells Ave., teacher at Sayre

Yontz, Norman, bds 705 Wells Ave., brakeman

Yontz, Pearl, bds 705 Wells Ave., telephone operator

Yontz, William, 705 Wells Ave., invalid veteran

Young, Catherine E., bds 112 Chestnut, printer

Young, Elva S., bds 112 Chestnut, student

Young, Horace N., bds 112 Chestnut, machinist

Young, John F., 112 Chestnut, laborer

Young, Linnie M., bds 112 Chestnut

Youngcourt, Edward F., 16 Edward, storekeeper for L.V.R.R.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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