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Postcard from Janet PETERS Ordway Collection
1907 Bradford County Directory
Mercantile Directory

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

Alba Borough  
Becker and Packard General Merchandise
Cosper and McWilliams Coal
Fitch, D. D. Meats
Loughhead, S. J. Groceries
Packard, Martin L. Groceries
Wilson and Reynolds General Merchandise
Young, Lovina A. Groceries
Albany Township  
Allen, George E., rfd 46 New Albany General Merchandise
Chapman, Mrs. A. B., rfd 44 New Albany Groceries
Fawcett, O. W., New Albany Flour and Feed
Waltman, Alvin A., rfd 44 New Albany Groceries
Armenia Township  
Cleveland, R. D., rfd 1 Mainsburg, Tioga County Groceries
Green, Charles L., rfd 65 Troy Groceries
Asylum Township  
Crimmins, M., rfd 40 Wyalusing Groceries
Kerrick, G. L., rfd 9 Towanda General Merchandise
Moody, N. P., rfd 9 Towanda General Merchandise
Athens Borough  
Armstrong, F. A. Musical Instruments
Athens Lumber Company Lumber
Bressler, A. E. Stationery
Burns and Squires General Merchandise
Catlin and Co. Groceries
Chaffee, Ferris E. Shoes
Cheney, Mrs. Frank Groceries
Crayton, A. B. Liquors
Dimon, J. H. Jewelry
Dunlap, J. H. Household Goods
Erk, William Groceries
Ferguson, Weller and Marvin Groceries
Finch Brothers Hardware
Francke, E. O. Drugs
Gavet, E. B. Flour, Feed, Hay
Gould, Mrs. J. A. Millinery
Guiles and Arnold Groceries
Henry and Rhoades Meats
Henry and Waters Wagons, Etc.
Hines, Joseph Drugs
Karner's Department Store General Merchandise
Kaufman, Barney Clothing
Kaufman, Hannah Millinery
Kiff and Stacy Dry Goods
Kramer, J. M. Liquors
Lamkin and Co. Shoes
Leighton, William H. Coal
Loomis, M. B. Coal
Luckey, F. E. Dry Goods
Macafee, D. J.  Coal and Feed
Maney and Page Clothing
McKean, J. F. Groceries
McMahon, D. E. General Merchandise
Mead, F. S. Harness
Messner's Drug Store Drugs
Miller, W. S. Groceries
Myer, C. M.  Coal
Newman, W. G. General Merchandise
Osborne, C. L.  Confectionary
Page, F. T. Clothing
Pierce, C. L. Groceries
Roberts, George L. and Co. Hardware
Rogers and Miller Furniture
Sanford, John T. Drugs
Schrier, L. G. Cigars
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Sewing Machines
Stalford, J. T. Jewelry
Stevens, R. Groceries
Tiffany, Leslie G. Pianos
Tioga Dairy Company Milk
Vail, George E. Clothing
VanSyckle, C. W. Meats
Winters, F. L. Meats
Wolcott, T. D. and Son Groceries
Wright, A. C. Groceries
Athens Township  
Beidleman, J. B., Wilawana Groceries
Brainard, A. J., rfd 25 Athens Groceries
Brigham, C. E., rfd 23 Athens Milk
Dickerson, D. O., rfd 22 Milan General Merchandise
Jacklin, M. N., Wilawana Coal
Middaugh, F. K., rfd 23 Athens Milk
Morley, S. J., Athens Flour
Ruger, John, rfd 25 Athens Feed, Etc.
Shaff, E. W., Wilawana Meat
Smith, W. H., Wilawana Groceries
Barclay Township  
Beinlich, F. C., Barclay Groceries
Duggan, T. J., Long Valley Groceries
Laquin Lumber Company, Laquin General Merchandise
Burlington Borough  
Campbell, J. H. General Merchandise
Every, M. S. Harness, Etc.
Waldon, E. W. Meats
Weldy, A. P. General Merchandise
Burlington Township  
Luther, F. L., rfd 2 Towanda General Merchandise
Wheeler, E. W., rfd 2 Towanda General Merchandise
Canton Borough  
Bacon, Ronan and Co. General Merchandise
Barrow, M. L. Jewelry
Brann, John F. Meats
Brann, J. H. Groceries
Bull, George S. Bakery
Bullock, H. C. Jewelry
Burk, T. and Co. General Merchandise
Canton Shoe Store Shoes
Clayton, W. H. Tinware
Collins and Stull Furniture
Coons, G. M. Lumber
Crawford, H. and Son Lumber, Feed
Davidson, B. J. Drugs
Dunbar, R. J. Wagons
Fitzpatrick, D. N. Shoes
Foss, Mrs. E. A. Millinery
Gleckner, W. W. and Son Harness
Golsteine, J. P. Clothing
Green, T. S. Wagons
Hendleman, H. S. Clothing
Hill, T. L. Musical Instruments
Innes and Mitchell General Merchandise
Jewell, Samuel H. Coal
Lindley and Ronan Hardware
Lyon, Stanley W. Groceries
Mason, J. B. Cigars
Mix, H. W. Meats
Newman, G. E. Drugs
Pierce, Theodore Hardware
Preston Brothers General Merchandise
Rockwell, Homer Flour and Feed
Root, L. F. Wagons
Ross, Lischer Meats
Shannon, D. E. General Merchandise
Stone, L. L.  Jewelry
Tripp, W. J. and Co. Groceries
Watts, T. W. General Merchandise
Westgate's Millinery Parlor Millinery
Whitman, J. O. Drugs
Whitman, W. W. Drugs
Williams, C. B. Lime and Cement
Canton Township  
Ballard, L. S., Cedar Ledge General Merchandise
Eastgate, J. H., Grover Flour and Feed
Foster, William M., rfd 72 Canton Farm Implements
Landon, H. E., East Canton Wagons
Manley, Joel T., rfd 72 Canton Fertilizer
Newell, Charles P., rfd 70 Canton Feed
Rathbun, A. J., Grover General Merchandise
Reynolds, C. N., rfd 70 Canton Feed
Roupp, J. C., rfd 73 Canton Fertilizer
Smiley, Merton J., East Canton General Merchandise
Vermilya, S. S. and Son, Grover General Merchandise
Columbia Township  
Benson, Lewis H., Columbia X Roads Groceries
Gernert, C. H., Columbia X Roads General Merchandise
Palmer, C. B., rfd 61 Columbia X Roads General Merchandise
Rockwell, H. L., rfd 61 Columbia X Roads Coal
Snedeker, W. H. Jr., Snedekerville General Merchandise
Strong, A. J., Columbia X Roads General Merchandise
Strong, F. R., Columbia X Roads Flour and Feed
Vickery, W. J., Columbia X Roads Eggs, Poultry
Franklin Township  
Burroughs, H. B., rfd 49 Powell General Merchandise
Morse, A. T., rfd 72 Canton General Merchandise
Mott, A. C., rfd 49 Powell General Merchandise
Wiley, E. O., rfd 49 Powell Feed
Granville Township  
Anderson, I. W., rfd 69 Granville Summit General Merchandise
Bassett, F. M., Granville Center General Merchandise
Cosper and McWilliams Grain and Feed
English, Bertha General Merchandise
Heald, H. H. and Son, Granville Center Harness
Taylor, Charles T., Granville Center Musical Instruments
Webster, Thomas F., rfd 69 Granville Summit General Merchandise
Herrick Township  
Reinhart and White, Herrickville General Merchandise
LeRaysville Borough  
Bailey, E. M. and Son Hardware
Beardsley, Mrs. B. H. Millinery
Billings, F. T. and Son Drugs
Bosworth Bros. General Merchandise
Bosworth, J. P. General Merchandise
Carl, G. A. Shoes
Johnson, G. N. and Sons Furniture
Johnson, W. D. Drugs
Lyon, H. C. Seed
Rose, Fay L. Groceries
Woodruff, A. E. Hardware
LeRoy Township  
Crayton, Thomas R., rfd 72 Canton Fertilizer
Griswold, Mrs. E. W., rfd 72 Canton Groceries
Holcomb, E. A. and Son, LeRoy General Merchandise
Holcomb, Mrs. W. D., LeRoy General Merchandise
Manley, Ray B. and Co., LeRoy General Merchandise
Meeker, A. L., LeRoy Jewelry
Morse, R. K., LeRoy Feed
Mott, H. K., LeRoy Farm Implements
Litchfield Township  
Campbell, W. F., rfd 26 Athens General Merchandise
Richards, L . W., rfd 25 Athens Groceries
Monroeton Borough  
Barnes, H. P. Harness
Coolbaugh, M. M. Confectionary
Cranmer and Musselman Coal
Eureka Milling Co. Feed
Jones, H. E. Jewelry
Loetzer Valve Mfg Co. Iron Fittings
Lomax, F. F. Drugs
Minard and Green Meat
Minard, J. M. Groceries
Rockwell, John L. Hardware
Smalley, George H. Hardware
Summers, C. G. General Merchandise
Walborn, C. H. Coal
Young, William Groceries
Monroe Township  
Cranmer and Musselman, Powell Coal
Harris, J. H., rfd 48 Monroeton Groceries
Johnson, E. L. Fertilizer
Johnson, R. M., rfd 48 Monroeton Groceries
Lantz, F. O., Powell Groceries
McGinnis, Frank N., Powell General Merchandise
Northrup, Guy W., Powell Groceries
Starr, A. H., rfd 4 Towanda Groceries
Wardell, William W., rfd 4 Towanda General Merchandise
Weaver, F. F., Powell Meat
Wheeler, G. M., Powell Groceries
New Albany Borough  
Allen, J. M. Clothing
Billings and Kelder Flour and Feed
Brink, M. Groceries
Campbell, E. S. Hardware
Campbell, J. E. Hardware
Corson and Allen Hardware
Corson, M. M. General Merchandise
Cranmer, O. C. Furniture
Davis, W. P. Jewelry
Fawcett, A. L. Jewelry
Horton and Norton Coal
Keeler and Co. General Merchandise
Long, C. H. Harness, Hardware
Marcy, L. F. Clothing
Martin Brothers Groceries
Norton, H. and Son General Merchandise
Streevy, E. E. Groceries
Wilcox, Ray S. Drugs
North Towanda Township  
Drury Mfg. Co., Towanda Coal and Lumber
Gahan, John, rfd 2 Towanda Farm Implements
Myers, Claud N., rfd 1 Towanda General Merchandise
Sluyter, U. M., rfd 1 Towanda Groceries
Thompson and Prince, North Towanda General Merchandise
Orwell Township  
Cass, H. R., rfd 16 Rome Groceries
Coburn, J. P., Orwell General Merchandise
Corbin, G. G. and Son, Potterville General Merchandise
Cowles, J. P. and Son, Orwell General Merchandise
Tyrrell, L. J., rfd 16 Rome General Merchandise
Werkhiser, Charles, Potterville Feed
Wood, J. M., rfd 17 Rome General Merchandise
Overton Township  
Bleiler, William, Overton Groceries
Bower, G. L., Overton Feed
Francke, E. and Son, Overton General Merchandise
Green, E. L., Barclay Groceries
Hottenstein, Ira, Overton Fertilizers
Musselman, E. C., Overton Groceries
Osthaus, F., Overton General Merchandise
Pike Township  
Canfield, S. W., rfd 33 Stevensville Flour and Feed
Easterbrook, F. E., Stevensville Lumber
Fassett, F. E., Stevensville General Merchandise
Jones, William H., Stevensville Flour and Feed
Whitney, W. H., rfd 38 Wyalusing General Merchandise
Ridgebury Township  
Baldwin, Wilcox Mdse. Co., rfd 55 Wellsburg, NY General Merchandise
Halstead, W. S., rfd 55 Wellsburg, NY General Merchandise
Masten, Hubert S., rfd 55 Wellsburg, NY General Merchandise
Rome Borough  
Browning, L. R. General Merchandise
Cannan, Bird Dry Goods
Kinney, W. S. General Merchandise
Powers, G. D. Groceries
Rice, William Drugs
Shoemaker, George General Merchandise
Smith, Augustus Groceries
Rome Township  
Pickering and Stephens, rfd 5 Towanda General Merchandise
Sayre Borough  
Andrus, D. S. and Co. Musical Instruments
Angell, H. D. Shoes, (Racket Store)
Arthur, D. M. Groceries
Balch, Fred Cigars
Barnum and Taylor Eye-glasses
Bellis, James M. Meats
Beloud, G. F. Shoes
Bennett, Mrs. H. J. Groceries
Bennett, J. N. Feed
Bishop, J. W. Coal
Bolich Brothers Hardware
Bolton, George J. and Brothers Clothing
Bon Ton Millinery
Braveman, Samuel R. Novelties
Burlingame and Co. Dry Goods
Cocchione, B. Groceries
Caldwell Furniture Co. Furniture
Carl, E. A. Shoes
Childs, C.A. and Co. General Merchandise
Clarey, D. Coal Co. Coal
Cook, Mrs. Ella Groceries
Daly, James P. Groceries
Driggs, C. M. Drugs
Driscoll, Miss K. E. Millinery
Fice, George A. Jewelry
Fisher, Stephen E. Jewelry
Follett, Grant R. Groceries
Frankenfelt, A. F. Cigars
Gaige, Norris and Co. Milk
Globe Warehouse Dry Goods
Greek-American Confectionary Co. Confectionary
Grumme, J. W. Furniture
Haaze, Henry W. Cigars
Hart, I. S. Lumber
Hoag, A. J. Groceries
Hoag, James Meats
Holcomb, Mrs. R. A. Millinery
Jones, E. H. and Co. General Merchandise
Jump, H. D. Drugs
Kimmich Brothers Milk
King, D. D. Bakery
Kirk and Goodwin Meats
Leahy Brothers Dry Goods
Lehigh Valley R. R. Co. News Stand
Loomis, R. S. Wagons
Meixell, W. B. News Stand
Murphy and Blish Clothing
Murray, M. K. Bakery
Peer, Harry Cigars
Raymond and Haupt Confectionary
Reeser, Kessler, Wieland Co. General Merchandise
Roberts, George L. Hardware
Rockman, M. Clothing
Ruggles and Mee Clothing
Samuels, I. A. Jewelry
Samuels, Ike Jewelry
Sattler, H. Clothing
Seagar, F.E. Groceries
Shea, John L. Plumbing
Shedden, J. A. Groceries
Smith, F. E. Plumbing
Spickers, J. E. Cigars
Stafford and Hope Groceries
Talmadge, H. R. Plumbing
Teed, W. I and Son Groceries
Thompson and Prince Flour and Feed
Towner, Wayne Groceries
Valley Supply Co. Hair and Lime
Walker, W. C. Groceries
Webber, P. J. Books, Stationery
Westfall, Lewis D. Groceries
West Sayre Pharmical Co. Drugs
Wheeler, J. E. Novelties
Wilber, E. A. Liquors
Wilcox, W. W. Meats
Williams, I. A. and C. R. Groceries
Williams and Sutton Shoes
Wright, W. S. Groceries
Sheshequin Township  
Horton, U. D., rfd 7 Towanda Groceries
Litzelman, H. J., Sheshequin General Merchandise
Rogers, H. E., Sheshequin Groceries
Smithfield Township  
Adams, L. T., East Smithfield Shoes
Bird, G. N. and Son, East Smithfield General Merchandise
Blakeslee, A. E., East Smithfield General Merchandise
Chamberlain, C. T., East Smithfield Groceries
Doty, Edward, East Smithfield General Merchandise
Phelps, D. G., East Smithfield Drugs
Pierce, Walter, East Smithfield Feed
Tracy, E. P., rfd 22 Milan Feed
Usher, Mrs. Charles, East Smithfield Millinery
Voorhes, Clarence, East Smithfield General Merchandise
Yontz, S. W., East Smithfield Hardware
South Creek Township  
Dewey Brothers, Gillett General Merchandise
Drake, William, rfd 60 Columbia X Roads Groceries
Passmore and Son, Gillett General Merchandise
Pitt, M. C., Gillett Coal
Strong, G. W., Fassett General Merchandise
South Waverly Borough  
Murray, John H. Coal
Ropp, H. C. Groceries
Swain, Lester Groceries
Springfield Township  
Ballard, G. S., rfd 63 Troy Groceries
Cornell, W. G., rfd 60 Columbia X Roads Farm Implements
Daly, Frank, rfd 63 Troy Groceries
Gates, H. E., rfd 62 Columbia X Roads General Merchandise
Post, O. C. Wall Paper
Quigley, Edward Liquors
Rooker and Ruggles Dry Goods
Rosenfield, M. E. Clothing
Russell, VanHorn and Co. Milk
Sattler, H. Clothing
Sheufler, R. L. Monuments
Sellnow, A. H. Novelties
Sheehan, S. J. and Co. Liquors
Shipman, D. D. Groceries
Smith Brothers Furniture
Smith, Seymour Furniture
Spalding Hardware Co. Hardware
Spalding, I. P. Groceries
Spencer, W. L. Shoes
Stevens, E. D. Meats
Sugar Bowl, The Confectionary
Sussman, N. Dry Goods
Swingle, J. W. Dry Goods
Teeter and Moore Butter and Eggs
Thomas, George F. Groceries
Towanda Gas Company Gas Fixtures
Turner's Drug Store Drugs
Turner and Rockwell Millinery
Vargason, Mrs. J. W. Groceries
Walsh, Thomas Bakery
Wells, M. C. Musical Instruments
Welles, R. M. Farm Implements
Westbrook, K. D. Groceries
Wiggins, A. H. Meats
Yanofsky, Charles Second Hand Store
Towanda Township  
Acla, U. E., South Towanda Groceries
Hagerman, F. H., rfd 9 Towanda Flour and Feed
Thompson, Mrs. Clara, South Towanda General Merchandise
Ward, J. L., rfd 3 Towanda Feed and Phosphate
Troy Borough  
Ballard, F. L. Jewelry
Beardslee and Colony Hardware
Bliss, Willour and Price General Merchandise
Budd, R. W. Meats
Carpenter and Pierce Drugs
Cleaver and Green Dry Goods
Compton and Lilley Farm Machinery
DeWitt, Ballard and Handran General Merchandise
Dobbins, John E. Hardware
Hessinger, F. T. Furniture
Hovey, F. W. Groceries
Lamkin and Company General Merchandise
McClelland, J. H. Groceries
McGlenn, Smith and Company Clothing
Morgan, F. E. Groceries
Newell Brothers General Merchandise
Nichols, E. C. Confectionary
Oliver, L. H. Furniture
Preston Brothers Groceries
Price, O. F. and Son Shoes
Rockwell and Gallatin Hides
Rolison, H. C. Feed
Snedeker and Mitchell Coal and Feed
Spalding, H. M. and Son Coal 
Stanton, C. E. and Co. Groceries
Stuart's Drug Store Drugs
Sucese and Case Coal
Teeter, E. L. Butter and Eggs
Wood, H. W. Farm Implements
Troy Township  
Baxter, George W., rfd 67 Troy Condition Powders
Field, H. W., rfd 63 Troy General Merchandise
Jones, G. M., rfd 63 Troy Meats
Long's Roller Mills Feed
Tuscarora Township  
Clapper, H. C., rfd 35 Laceyville General Merchandise
Cogswell, W. B., rfd 35 Laceyville Groceries
Ulster Township  
Anthony, Clyde, Milan General Merchandise
Ayer, O. F., Ulster Flour and Feed
Bartholomew and Co. Millinery
Dettra, Charles, Ulster Furniture
Eiffert, J. R., Ulster Jewelry
Gould, Mrs. J. A., Ulster Millinery
Greening, J. C., rfd 20 Ulster Farm Implements
Hatch, D. G., Ulster Harness
Hemenway, William L., Ulster Shoes
Horton and Mather, Ulster General Merchandise
Lewis, George B., rfd 20 Ulster Meats
Mather, James and Son, Ulster Groceries
Morley, Judson J., Milan General Merchandise
Pierce, P. C., Ulster General Merchandise
Porter and Co., Ulster Drugs
Sherman and VanDuzer, Ulster Coal
Soper, D. E., Ulster Wagons
Watkins, B. F., Sheshequin Shingles
Watkins, G. H., Ulster Groceries
Warren Township  
Bosworth Brothers, Warren Center General Merchandise
Kinney and Sleeper, Warren Center General Merchandise
Pitcher, F. E., Warren Center Groceries
Prince, Mrs. Grace E., Cadis General Merchandise
Rogers, Joseph, rfd 29 Nichols, NY Farm Implements
Sibley, F. A., rfd 29 Nichols, NY Groceries
Whitaker, H. J., rfd 29 Nichols, NY General Merchandise
Wolcott, C. N., Cadis Groceries
Wells Township  
Brasted, S. J., Wells Fertilizers
Shepard, L. W., Wells General Merchandise
Strong, Daniel, rfd 57 Gillett Groceries
Wilcox, Asa, Wells Binding Twine
Wilson, Tracy G., rfd 58 Gillett General Merchandise
West Burlington Township  
Bourne, E. L., rfd 51 Burlington Flour and Feed
Piatt, L. M., rfd 66 Troy Farm Implements
Rockwell and Barnes, rfd 66 Troy Flour and Feed
Rockwell, Delos, rfd 66 Troy General Merchandise
Wilmot Township  
Arey, J. L., rfd 44 New Albany General Merchandise
Bahr, Lewis M., rfd 43 Sugar Run General Merchandise
Horton, G. H., Sugar Run General Merchandise
Shuman, J. A., Sugar Run Groceries
Warburton and McCarty, Sugar Run Feed
Windham Township  
Dunham, L. B., Windham General Merchandise
Grimley, John, rfd 28 Nichols, NY General Merchandise
Harford, John T., Windham Center General Merchandise
Kuykendall, S. H., rfd 29 Nichols, NY Flour and Feed
Shoemaker, Lott, Windham Center General Merchandise
Wyalusing Borough  
Allis, I. M. Drugs
Allis, N. H. Wagons
Bosworth, C. H. and Son General Merchandise
Bruster's Drug Store Drugs
Camp, D. W. Jewelry
Freedman, J. E. Clothing
Gaylord, H. B. Groceries
Hallock, H. J. Jewelry
Hayman, G. W. Harness
Larkin, M. J., Jr. Shoes
Lewis, E. D. and Co. Hardware
Lewis, J. B. and Co. Hardware
Mazure, B. H. Clothing
Nurss, B. A. Groceries
Smith and Co. General Merchandise
Smith and Waldo General Merchandise
Stroud, W. F. Hides
Tinney, R. W. Groceries
Wells and Howard Furniture
Wiggins, L. E. Meats
Wilson Brothers Meats
Wyalusing Hay Co. Coal, Hay
Wyalusing Township  
Adamy, J. E. and Son, Camptown Flour and Feed
Chaffee, W. L., Camptown Furniture
Denton, J. H., Homet's Ferry Groceries
Forrest, C. H., Homet's Ferry Coal, Poultry and Eggs
Fuller, Israel C. Lumber
Ingham, E. C., rfd 38 Wyalusing Groceries
Lafferty, C. S. and Son, Camptown General Merchandise
Smith Mdse Co., Camptown General Merchandise
Terry, G. C., Camptown Jewelry
Titus, C. C., Camptown Harness
Vaughan, E. W., Camptown Meats
West, Frank, rfd 38 Wyalusing Feed
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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