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1907/08 Bradford County Directory
Wyalusing Borough

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty Shumway

1907 Wyalusing Borough Directory

[Incorporated February 1887.]

Fred R. Mitten, Assistant.

Postoffice Wyalusing.

[For explanation, etc, see page 15.]

Ackley, Byron A., h Front, winter res. (See Tuscarora twp.)

Adams, A. H., h Pleasant, teamster

Adams, Sarah C., h Senate, librarian Wyalusing pub library

Allis, Irving M., h Taylor Ave., druggist Main, notary public

Allis, Ned H., h Church, farmer 25 Wyalusing twp., veterinarian, prop livery and boarding stable, agt Lansing wagons

Allis, Paul M., Church, bds Ned H., student

Allis, Scoville, h Taylor Ave., bds Irwin M. Allis, druggist

Baker, W. F., h Gaylord, painter

Baldwin, W. H., h Second, veteran

Ball, Livingston, h Taylor Ave., carpenter

Bank, First National of Wyalusing, C. J. Lewis, cashier

Bank of Wyalusing, E. A. Strong, cashier

Barker, Rev. E. E., h Church, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church

Bartlett, H. Arthur, h Front, bds H. J. Hallock, jeweler

Black, John H., h Church, veteran

Black, N. A., h Pleasant, veteran

Bosworth, C. H., h Main, physician and surgeon, merchant, (C. H. Bosworth & Son)

Bosworth, C. H. & Son, (C. H. & F. E. B.) general merchandise, Main

Bosworth, F. E., h State, merchant, (C. H. Bosworth & Son) sch dir

Brown, C. B., h State, laborer

Brown, Clyde W., h Pleasant, rfd carrier 38

Brown, Mrs. C. M., h Second

Brown, G. H., h Gaylord, laborer

Brown, G. Hartley, h Gaylord, teamster, emp Smith & Waldo

Brown, Mrs. Helen A., h Church

Brown, Ira A., h Taylor Ave, carpenter

Brown, J. Miles, h Taylor Ave., painter, assessor

Brown, J. Morgan, h Main, prop Wyalusing Hotel

Brown, Oscar F., h State, clerk Smith & Waldo

Brown, Volney H., h Church, carpenter

Bruster’s drug store, Main, George C. Bruster, prop.

Bruster, George C., h State, pharmacist, prop Bruster’s drug store

Bruster, Ralph, State, bds George C., student

Bump, Mrs. Albert, h Church, dressmaker

Bump, E. H., Church, laborer, bds Mrs. Albert

Burchard, Harvey, h First, laborer

Burkley, George F., h Second, blacksmith

Byrne, W. J., Second, bds W. T. Morris, telegraph operator

Calahan, Joseph, h Gaylord, laborer

Camp, D. Webster, h Main, watchmaker and optician

Camp, L. Cecil, Main, bds D. Webster, jeweler

Canfield, Helen, h Church, dressmaker

Chamberlain, Abbie, Gaylord, clerk postoffice, bds Mrs. Jane

Chamberlain, Mrs. Jane, h Gaylord

Chamberlain, J. E., bds Wyalusing Hotel, retired

Chamberlain, J. W., h Church, physician and surgeon, postmaster

Chapman, Edward, h First, veteran

Church, Methodist Episcopal, Rev. E. E. Barker, pastor

Church, Presbyterian, Rev. H. C. Snitcher, pastor

Colt, Carrie, h Second, dressmaker

Cox, Mrs. Alice, h Main

Coyle, John E., h Gaylord, dealer in live stock, farmer 35 in twp.

Davis, I. N., h Taylor Ave., manufacturer counter novelties

Davis, Jennie, Senate, bds Mrs. Josephine L. Lewis

Dodge, Herbert, State, bds Mrs. Ida Vanness, clerk

Dunklee, E. L., h Church, retired

Durling, Samuel, Main, barber, bds D. L. Taylor

Ellsworth, Guy, h Taylor Ave., dealer (Wyalusing Hay Co.)

Ellsworth, J. Bert, h Church, laborer

Ellsworth, William, h Taylor Ave., dealer, (Wyalusing Hay Co.)

Farr, Virginia, First, bds E. E. Smith, clerk

Finney, C. L., h First, carpenter

Finney, R. A., Second, bds Walter T. Morris, carpenter

Finney, Newton, First, bds C. L., carpenter

Fisk, Elijah, h Church, farmer 69 in Wilmot twp.

Franklin, F. M., h Pearl, laborer

Freedman, J. E., bds Wyalusing Hotel, clothier Main

Fuller, Israel C., h Front, lumber dealer, prop planing mill, promoter noiseless striking bag

Furman, Charles, h Church, laborer

G. A. R., Madill Post No 72, John H. Black, commander

Garey, Daniel A., h Marsh, laborer

Galyord, Anna, widow J. L., h State, farmer 69

Gaylord, Asa, State, farmer, bds Mrs. Anna

Gaylord, Harry E., h Church, turner I. C. Fuller planing mill, bds W. W.Gaylord

Gaylord, Henry B., h Marsh, coal dealer Taylor Ave., 15 acres, justice of the peace

Gaylord, H. P., h. Marsh cor Second, mason

Gaylord, Laura, Church, bds W. W., dressmaker

Gaylord, Martha, h Taylor Ave., bds N. J.

Gaylord, N. J., h Taylor Ave., veteran, 7 acres

Gaylord, Olive M., h State, dressmaker

Gaylord, W. W., h Church, mgr. I. C. Fuller planing mill

Hall, Henry, h Third, laborer

Hall, James, Third, bds Henry, laborer

Hallock, H. J., h Front, jeweler and optician, Main cor of Church

Harps, Levi, h Pleasant, laborer

Harps, Morris A., h Second, carpenter, mason, contractor

Harps, Nettie, Second, bds Morris A.

Harvey, Henry G., Gaylord, bds Mrs. J. J. Harvey, electrician

Harvey, Mrs. J. J., h Gaylord

Hawley, Fred A., Front, laborer

Hayman, George W., h Main, harnessmaker Bridge

Hayman, Mildred, Main, bds George W., teacher

Heath, William P., h Marsh, invalid, veteran

Hibbard, Arthur, h Senate, painter

Hill, Samuel, h State, laborer

Hillis, D. A., h Third, milk dealer

Hillis, Grace, Third, bds D. A.

Hillis, Jennie, Third, bds D. A., teacher

Hines, Lizzie, Taylor Ave., bds Mrs. Lucretia, milliner

Hines, Mrs. Lucretia, widow Theodore, h Taylor Ave.

Hoffman, Allie, Taylor Ave., bds Mrs. Sabina, teacher

Hoffman, Sabina, widow Charles M., h Taylor Ave.

Hollenback, Arthur, h Third, farmer 23, Wyalusing twp.

Hollenback, C. B., bds Middendorf Hotel, laborer

Homet, Jessie, h Marsh

Hopkins, Essie, First, bds Julia, music teacher

Hopkins, Julia, h First

Hotel Middendorf, Church cor Marsh, Joseph Middendorf, prop

Hotel Wyalusing, Main, J. Morgan Brown, prop, all modern conveniences, hacks to and from all trains

Howard, Raymond, Church, bds Samuel, laborer

Howard, Samuel, h Church, farmer 339 Wyalusing twp., dealer, Wells & Homet

Howe, C. Leslie, h Church, laborer

Howell, William, h Third, mason

Huling, E. D., h Main, electrician

Hull, Fred M., h Second, retired

I. O. O. F., White Lily Lodge, No. 808, H. J. Hallock, sec.

Johnson, Edward B., Senate, bds Mrs. Josephine L. Lewis, carpenter

Jones, Nellie, Second, bds Carrie Colt, clerk Smith & Waldo

Keeler Bros. & Co., (V. D. K., J. G. K., J. V. K.) publishers Wyalusing Rocket, Main

Keeler, J. G., h Front, retired

Keeler, V. Day, h Second cor Senate, editor Wyalusing Rocket, sch dir

Kinne, Burr R., h First, rfd carrier No 40

Kinne, J. H., First, bds Burr R., retired

Kinney, Claude, Church, bds Jacob, laborer

Kinney, Jacob, h Church, laborer

Kinney, Susie, Church, bds Jacob, emp Wyalusing Embry Co.

Kintner, Olive G., widow Wm. H., h Second

Knights, Charles, h Gaylord, emp J. Morg Brown

Kram, Frank H., h Church, station agent L. V. R. R., sch dir

Kram, Gertrude, Church, bds Frank H., student

Lacey, Harvey A., h Gaylord, clerk Benjamin H. Mazure

Landback, William H., h Second, plumber E. D. Lewis & Co.

Lantz, Lester R., h Main, physician and surgeon Main, burgess

Larkin, Edward, Main, bds M. J. Larkin Jr., student

Larkin, M. J. Jr., h Main, dealer and repairer boots and shoes, Taylor Ave. cor Gaylord

Lathrop, William B., h Third, carpenter

Lee, J. P. & Son, (Joseph P. and Wm. H.) machinists and general blacksmiths, Main

Lee, Joseph P., Main, bds Mrs. Hannah Marr, machinist, (J. P. Lee & Son)

Lee & Snover, (W. H. L. and Victor S.) liverymen, Main

Lee, William H., h Prospect, machinist, (J. P. Lee & Son) liverymen, (Lee & Snover)

Lewis, A. B., h Main, harness maker, dealer, (J. B. Lewis & Co.)

Lewis, Charles, Front, bds E. D. Lewis, student

Lewis, C. J., h Front, cashier First National Bank

Lewis, Hon. E. D., Front, merchant, (E. D. Lewis & Co.) sch dir

Lewis, E. D., (E. D. and W. E.), hardware, farm implements, plumbing, paints, Taylor Av

Lewis, G. Mortimer, h Front, attorney-at-law

Lewis, J. Burton, h Gaylord, merchant, (J. B. Lewis & Co.), sch dir

Lewis, J. B. & Co., (J. B. and A. B. Lewis) hardware, harness, carriages, farm implements, Main, ind ‘phone No. 39

Lewis, Josephine L., widow Homer, boarding house Senate

Lewis, W. E., h Taylor Ave., merchant, (E. D. Lewis Co.)

Lloyd, Caroline, widow A. L., Church, bds H. J. Lloyd

Lloyd, H. J., h and studio Church, everything new in photography, instantaneous photos of children a specialty

Lowe, D. C., h State, janitor

Mann, E. M., h Gaylord, drayman

Mann, Frank, h John, laborer

Mann, Thomas J., h Gaylord, laborer

Marr, Hannah, widow James, h Second cor Senate

Marsh, L. H., bds Middendorf Hotel, farmer 203 Pike twp., county commissioner

Masonic, Wyalusing Lodge F. & A. M. No. 618, V. Day Keeler, secy

Matson, Lorin, h Gaylord, laborer

Mazure, Benjamin H., bds Middendorf Hotel, clothier Main

MaCain, Millie, First, bds Mrs. N. B. Overton, milliner Smith & Waldo

McCord, Clinton P., bds Middendorf Hotel, principal public schools

Merchants Mutual Fire Ins. Co., E. A. Strong, pres; George T. Ingham, Towanda, secy

Middendorf, Edward, bds Middendorf Hotel, traveling salesman

Middendorf, Henry, h Marsh, bartender Middendorf Hotel

Middendorf, Joseph, prop Middendorf Hotel, Main cor Church

Middendorf, Mary, bds Middendorf Hotel

Moger, Fred, h First, veteran

Montgomery, Amos, h Taylor Ave., laborer

Morris, Walter T., h Marsh cor Second, carpenter and builder

Mulligan, Hugh, h Third, wagon maker, prop grocery and restaurant, Main

Mulligan, Mary, Third, bds Hugh Mulligan, student

National Protective Legion

Neskey, Jacob, h Third, laborer

Newman, Charles W., h Marsh, farmer, Wyalusing twp 52, prop Wyalusing Creamery

Nurss, Bela A., h Main, restaurant do

Oliver, Earl, h First, retired

Overpeck, George, h Church, carpenter

Overpeck, Henry B., Church, bds George Overpeck, truck gardener

Overton, Mrs. N. B., h First, dressmaker

Passage, Edith, widow William, h Pearl

Peat, Lester, h Prospect, painter

Phillips, Mrs. T. E., h Marsh

Pickett, F. Marion, h First, laborer

Pitcher, J. B., h State, carpenter, veteran

Porter, Amelia R., widow A. B., Pearl

Porter, Sabra, bds Mrs. Amelia R., Pearl, teacher

Prentice, Martin S., h Pearl, retired

Reidmiller, George, bds Middendorf Hotel, barber, Church, cor Marsh

Reiper, Otto, h Church, supt Wyalusing Embry Co.

Riley, Mary, widow James, h State, caterer

Riley, Stephen E., h State, emp Lee & Snover

Rogers, John B., h Marsh, farmer 64’ Wilmot twp

Ronan, Nellie, State, bds Michael Stack, dressmaker

Ruff, Albert, h First, cor Senate

Ruff, Anna, First, cor Senate, bds Albert, nurse

Ruff, Catherine, widow Godfrey, h First, cor Senate

Ruff, Emma, First, cor Senate, bds Albert, student

Ruff, George, h Church, laborer

Rutan, J. L., h Gaylord, clerk Wyalusing Hay Co., tax collector

Sands, Carrie, h Main, clerk Smith & Co.

Sands, Horace A., h Main, laborer

Savage, Albert W., h Church, retired

Seward, Fred H., h Front, bookkeeper

Shaffer, Frank B., h Taylor Ave., laborer

Shaffer, William M., h Taylor Ave., laborer

Shepard, Erastus, h First, laborer

Shepard, Ira, First, bds Erastus, laborer

Sigler, Lincoln W., h Marsh, clerk J. Morg. Brown

Sinsabaugh, A. H., h Taylor Ave., dentist, opp Bank of Wyalusing

Slocum, Mrs. Frances, Taylor Ave., bds Mrs. Lucretia Hines

Smith, Benjamin, h Taylor Ave., laborer

Smith, Clarence C., bds Wyalusing Hotel, merchant, (Smith & Co.)

Smith & Co., (Clarence C. Smith, prop), general merchandise, Independent ‘phone

Smith, Edith, Senate, bds Mrs. Catherine Ruff

Smith, Edward, h Gaylord, justice of the peace, Main, underwriter of best insurance companies, collector of accounts

Smith, Edward E., h Front, bookkeeper Smith & Co.

Smith, F. G., h Front, merchant, (Smith & Waldo)

Smith, James, Gaylord, bds Edward Smith, retired

Smith, O. C., h State, clerk E. D. Lewis Co.

Smith & Waldo, (F. G. S. and E. A. W.), general merchandise, Main, Independent ‘phone

Snitcher, Rev. H. C., h First, pastor Presbyterian church

Snover, Capitola, Pleasant, bds Mrs. Polly E., dressmaker

Snover, Polly E., widow John F., h Pleasant

Snover, Victor, h State, blacksmith, liveryman

Stack, Alice, State, bds Michael, clerk, Smith & Waldo

Stack, John, State, bds Michael Stack, timekeeper L. V. R. R.

Stack, Michael, h State, foreman L. V. R. R.

Stack, Nano, State, bds Michael Stack

Stack, Tressa, State, bds Michael Stack, student

Stalford, Cecil, First, bds C. Minor, clerk Smith & Waldo

Stalford, C. Minor, h First, bookkeeper M. H. & G. H. Welles Lumber Co.

Stalford, Martin S., res Wyalusing twp., clerk for Bank of Wyalusing

Stevens, C. F., h Church, carpenter and builder

Stevens, Flora, h Church, bds C. F.

Stevens, Ray W., Hotel Middendorf, bar tender

Stone, E. B., Front, bds F. H. Seward, retired

Stone, T. B., h Pleasant, mason

Stone, William, Pleasant, bds T. B., laborer

Stowell, Calvin A., h Front, dealer real estate

Stowell, Clara, Front, bds C. A.

Strong, Hon. Edward A., h Taylor Ave., cashier Bank of Wyalusing

Strong, Elizabeth, Taylor Ave., bds Edward A., student

Stroud, Bessie, Third, bds W. F., student

Stroud, W. F., h Third, farmer, dealer in hides, etc.

Stuckgold, John, h Gaylord, laborer

Stussi, Arthur, h Taylor Ave.

Taylor, Bascom, Taylor Ave., bds J.V., student

Taylor, D. L., h Main, barber do, agent Sayre Star Laundry

Taylor, J. Edward, h Taylor Ave., foreman L. V. R. R.

Taylor, J. H., h Taylor Ave., laborer, veteran

Taylor, Justus V., h Taylor Ave., farmer 123, pres. First Nat. Bank

Taylor, Justus V. Jr., Taylor Ave., bds J. V., farmer, shipper country produce

Taylor, Lewis, Taylor Ave., bds J. V., student

Teeter, George W., h Front, laborer

Terry, E. N., h Gaylord, farmer

Terry, Fred W., Marsh, bds Mrs. L. M., laborer

Terry, George H. B., h Taylor Ave., physician and surgeon

Terry, H. L., h Pearl, retired

Terry, L. M., widow Uriah, h Marsh

Thomas, Hattie, h Senate

Thompson, William M., h Main, teamster

Tinney, Arthur, h Taylor Ave., emp Ned H. Allis

Tinney, R.W., h Main, confectioner and grocer, do

Tyler, H. W., optician, Brown’s Hotel, 2d Tuesday each month

Vanderpool, John H., h Taylor Ave., laborer

Van Dyke, Coburn I., Taylor Ave., bds Corland, dentist

Van Dyke, Cortland, h Taylor Ave., carpenter

Vanness, Mrs. Ida, h State

Vannest, Cornelius, h Church, farmer 32, with Jesse W., "Hickory Ridge Farm," Herrick twp.

Vaughan, William E., h Pearl, laborer

Vawapherger, August, Church, emp Wyalusing Emb. Co.

Wagner, Iona, Front, bds J. G. Keeler, teacher

Wagner, Harriet, widow Charles P., h Second, dressmaker

Waldo, E. A., h State cor Church, merchant, (Smith & Waldo)

Warner, Anna, First, bds Mrs. N. B. Overton, milliner Smith & Waldo

Welles & Howard, (W. B. W. and Samuel H.), furniture, undertaking, etc.

Welles, Mary, State cor Church, bds N. A. Welles, student

Welles, Nelson A., h State cor Church, supt M. H. & G. H. Welles Lumber Co.

Welles, Sayne, State cor Church, bds N. A. Welles, student

Welles,William B., h Second, undertaker, dealer, (Welles & Howard)

White, George C., h Third, florist

Wicks, William, John, bds Frank Mann, retired

Wiggins, L. E., h Main, prop meat market

Willson Bros., (George W., and William P.), meats, etc.

Willson, George W., h Second, dealer (Willson Bros.)

Willson, William, h John, fireman, emp I. C. Fuller

Willson, William P., h John, dealer, (Willson Bros.)

Winslow, H. I., h Pleasant, dealer in live stock

Wyalusing Embroidery Co., State, Otto Reiper, supt

Wyalusing Fair Association, George H. Lyon, sec.

Wyalusing Hay Co., William Ellsworth, pres, dealer in coal, hay, grain, etc., Main

Wyalusing Improvement Co., C. C. Smith, sec

Wyalusing Hotel, J. Morg. Brown, prop

Wyalusing Park Association, G. C. Bruster, sec.

Wyalusing Public Library, Dr. G. H. B. Terry, pres; Mrs. E. D. Lewis, vice-pres., Mrs. N. A. Welles, sec; Sarah C. Adams, librarian

Wyalusing Public Schools, Clinton P. McCord, prin

Wyalusing Rocket, (weekly), Keeler Bros. & Co., pubs

Wyalusing Water Co., Edward Smith, supt

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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