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Will of Cyrus Cook
In the name of God,Amen. I,Cyrus Cook of Orwell in the county of Bradford and State ofPa.,farmer,being in usual health of body and sound and disposing mind and memory do make and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following,that is to say,that all myjust debts,funeral expenses and charges of proving this my will be in the first place fully paidand satisfied and after payment thereof and every part thereof , I give and bequeath to my beloved
wife C.A. Cook all my household goods absolute also the use of whatever monies or debts that may be done to me during her natural life, also the house,lot,and the land west of itas far west as N.W. Morgan east line running from the road leading past the house a westerlycourse along I. W. Corbin line to David Morgan’s corner as referred to thence north along the line of the Abel Darling property to said highway, thence south east along said highway to said
Corbin line on the west side of said highway contaning five acres more or less also what priviledge she needs for herself and company in the barn also what wood she wants to use of the farm. Also my horse and buggy and harness also cutter,also one third of the income of said farm which she is to have and hold during her natural life.
Secondly, I give to A.C. Cook my oldest son, in trust for my son Oliver E. Cook my farm upon which I now live that is to say said O.E. Cook he and his family are to have thier living and support off said farm during their minority, Oliver and Sarah his wife, during their natural life and then said farm is to go to Cyrus D. Cook, O.E. Cook son providing he remains with and helps to support the family and takes care of his father and mother during their natural lives said Oliver is to work said farm and his family are to have the entire profits of said farm provided
Cyrus D. Cook should die or refuse to comply with the above condidtions then and in that case it shall go to O.E. Cook family equally share and share alike after the death of O.E. Cook is to remain he and his family in full possession of the house in which they now live during life if they wish to occupy but not to sell said loose property together with the farming tools are to remain on said farm for the benefit of O.E. Cook and family and to carie on said farm with and to be kept goods and at the death of O.E. Cook to be equally divided between his
then living children,excepting C.D. Cook son of O.E. Cook.
Thirdly, I give and bequeth to my son R.P. Cook $1,000. One Thousand Dollars after the death of his mother the residue and remainder of all my goods, not provided for I give and bequeath to A.C. Cook,J.D.Cook,Em.A. Cook equally, share and share alike after deducting three hundred dollars from the share of E.A. Cook Stocking for her pianos, A.C. Cook is to have control of said lose property on said farm which is to be used for the benefit of O.E. Cook and family.
I appoint Avery C. Cook executor of this my will.
Signed,sealed and executed this 26”day of July 1876 in presence of ,

W.L. Frisbie
G.C. Corbin
Cyrus Cook

June 13,1892 Codisil.
I wish my home farm to all be included according to in the above will as writ my hand.

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