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Hoose Military Papers
Submitted by Carol HOOSE Brotzman
Photo of HORSE and HOOSE submitted by Carol
Forgive me, Carol, I could not help it. Joyce
 Date:  6/10/2002 4:09:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Brotzmans)
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The photo post card is of Charles Hoose taken about 1925 on the Alley Hoot Road Athens Township, Pa.

Civil war papers of Frederick Hoose,

He was also known as Charles H Hoose  (November 25, 1839 – February 12, 1927, buried in the Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA with only a concrete pillar monument, no name). He records his birth date differently at various times just like his name. He was born Charles H Hoose, the son of George and Kathern Wandell Hoose in Athens Township, but did not report to serve when he was called under that name so he enlisted under Frederick C Hoose. My father was named Charles Frederick Hoose (born 1908) and his older brother Frederick Charles Hoose (born 1905) in honor of their grandfather’s usage of the name Frederick.

This family has resided in East Smithfield and Athens townships. All the children were born in East Smithfield.
The spelling is as recorded

Cer no 720650

Frederick Hoose

Co K 141st PA Infant


       BUREAU OFPENSIONS                                                               Washington DC July 3, 1918

                                              Very respectfully yours,

                                      Signed by the commissioner G M Saltzgaber?

 Mr Frederick Hoose

RD#23 Athens, PA

Date and place of birth, November 25, 1840 Athens, PA Athens twp Bradford County, PA

He served in CO K 141st PA Infantry.

His post office at enlistment was Athens, PA

His present wife’s maiden name was Sarah Rebecca Gavett

They were married September 28, 1868 in Elmira, New York by Henry Smith, J.P.

The certificate burned in a house fire

His wife is now deceased as the date of this application July 5, 1918

Their children were as follows:

William G Hoose April 14, 1870

Sarah Hoose November 6, 1871

Betsey R Hoose October 28, 1873

Sally A Hoose March 18, 1876

Ephraim L Hoose April 20, 1878

James G Hoose April 18, 1880

Franklin E Hoose June 22, 1882

Benjamin B Hoose August 23, 1884

Dated July 23, 1918                                                                        signature Frederick Hoose

                                                                                                        His mark X, (I don’t believe he could write)

Seal says US Pension July 24, 1918

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State of Pennsylvania, county of Bradford, in the matter of Frederick Hoose increase Cat No 574228

Late private in CO K 141st PA Vol Infantry

On this 17th day of January AD 1899, personally appeared before me Justice of the Peace in for the aforesaid County duly authorized to administer on this L Elsbree age 60 years, a resident of Athens, in the county of Bradford and the state of Pennsylvania well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declared in relation to aforesaid case as follows:

That I have been well acquainted with Frederick Hoose for 40 years, That to who just of my own knowledge his disabilities is chronic diarrhea and Piles were not caused by vising ? habits as he is a man of temperate habits.

Post office Athens, Bradford County, PA dated June 10, 1899 signed by J L Elsbree

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State of Pennsylvania

County of Bradford

On this 24th day of March AD one thousand eight hundred and eighty six personally appeared before me, prolhing(looks like) court of the common pleas, a court of record with in the county and state of Frederick Hoose, aged 44 years a resident of Athens, county of Bradford, state of Pennsylvania, who duly sworn accounting to law, declares that he is the identical Frederick C Hoose, who was ENROLLED on the 5th day of August, 1864 in Company K of the 141st regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers commanded by Captain B B Gerould, and was honorably DIISCHARGED at Arlington, Virginia in the state of Virginia on the first day of June 1865. That his personal description is as follows: 44 years old, 5 feet 7 inches: complexion, darkly, hair, dark, eyes hazel, That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of his duty at Petersburg, Virginia, in the state of Virginia on or about the 15th day of September, 1864 he was afflicted with the diarrhea, which has continued to this time and which has become chronic diarrhea.

He had no hospitalization for this ailment while in the service.

He states he has not been employee by the military or naval services since.

That since leaving the service he has resided in the township of Athens, in the state of Pennsylvania, and his occupation has been a farmer. That prior to his entry into the service the above named he was a man of good, sound physical health, being when enrolled.

That he is now “invalid” disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor by reason of injuries above received in the service of the United States; and he therefore makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the invalids pensioned roll of the United States.

He hereby appoints Henry T Bird of Athens, State of Pennsylvania his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim. That he has never received nor applied for a pension. That his Post Office is Athens, County of Bradford, state of Pennsylvania.

Claimant’s signature Frederick Hoose (his mark X)

Attests District Justice

Wallace Scott

I have the whole file if anyone is interested just contact me at I would love to share Hoose family data.  There are several pages of affidavits from local folks pertaining to how Charles Hoose suffered from chronic diarrhea after the war and was prone to have to drop his pants just about anywhere in a hurry!.