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Docket A Part Two

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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
Pg. & No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.112 71 Woods Willam  Aug. 7,1837 April 24,1841 Bath, Ny Son - David Woods Daughters - Elizabeth, Mary, and Pamela Woods, when married. Guardians for children - Moses H. Lyon Exec. - Wife - Mary B. Woods, David Rumsey, and Ten Eyck Gansevoort. Wit. - L.A. Leland, Wm. S. Hubbell, bothof Bath, NY.
page 119           Bond of Executors, dec'd August 23,1837 - John C. Knox, George G. White April 24,1841 - Robert V. Valkenburgh, L. Wilson.
p.121 72 Bowen Emmer 1841 age 71 May 14,1841 Brookfield Wife - Huldah Bowen Youngest son - Emmer Bowen, Jr., 2nd son - Otis bowen, 3ird son - Benj. Bowen, Oldest son - Samuel Bowen. Daughters in oder of ages - Orpah Costley, Lois Trane, Cynthia, wife of Abraham Pease, Miram, wife of Ashbel Monroe, Huldah, wife of Oliver Pease, Susannah, wife of Diodoma Doty, Patience, wife of Leonard Daniels. Lois was wife of Elisha Trane. Exec.- Wife - Huldah Bowen, Benj. Bowen, Emmer Bowen,Jr. Wit. - George Champlin, James Lowrey. ( died 1841 age 71 Knoxville Quaker Cemetery)
p.124 73 Dickinson Daniel B.R.   August 2,1841 Wellsborough Will made Dec. 12,1836 Exec. - Samuel and Peter Dickinsons ( brothers ) Wit. - J.L. Robinson, R.G. White, O.L. Gibson
p.126 74 Abbott Eli D. July 4,1841 August 24,1841 Brookfield Sons - John and Eli D. Abbott, Daughters - mentioned but not named, Exec. - Abigail Abbott, John Abbott Wit. - Charles Card.
75 King  Stephen   Jan. 27,1842 Brookfield Adm. - Mary King, Abram W. King, Charles Toles Bail - Robert Tubbs, Joseph Weaver
p.131 76 Niles Augustas Oct. 27,1841 Jan. 17,1842 Tioga Adm. - Augusta E. Niles, John F. Donaldson Bail - John Dailey, Alanson E. Niles
p.132 77 Bailey Constant   March 15,1842 Rutland Adm. - Moses Crawford Bail - Silvester Bailey, Erastus Rose.
p.133 78 Finch Samuel 1839 age 82 March 19,1842 Lawrenceville Adm. - Benj. B. Smith Bail - Claredon Rathbone
p.134 79 Boyd John G.   March 9,1842 Covington Widow - Catherine S. Boyd. Exec. - R.G. White and C.L. Boyd
p.135 80 Roberts Hiram B.   April 14,1842 Jackson Adm. - Phebe Roberts, Ferras Roberts, Edward D. Roberts, David Griswold, Jr. Bail - William Daggett, Joseph Crediford
p.137 81 Bickel John   June 6,1842 Liberty Exec. - Wife - Elizabeth Veronica Bickel My children - not named John B., my wife's son. Wit. - Henry Keagle, Charles Veil
p.139 82 Lee Daniel   June 13,1842   Sons - Moses, James, Seneca, Hosea, Milo, and Willard Lee. Daughters - Nancy, Jerusha, Mary Lee. Exec. - Wife - Hannah Lee, Son - Moses Lee. Wit. - Allen Frazer, Jr., James Scott, Alton Smith.
p.141 83 Brown David   June 14,1842 Deerfield Son - Leroy Brown Daughter - Rosetta Brown Exec. - Wife - Polly Brown. Wit. - Burdick Hill, Eddy Howland, John Howland
p.143 84 Raker Jacob June 27,1842 July 15,1842 Liberty Adm. - George Levegood, John Reed Bail - Joseph Reed, Charles Klumpf.
p.144 85 Boyd John G.   August 22,1842 Covington Adm. - Eprhaim B. Gerould Bail - Pliney Burr, Otis L. Gibson
p.145 86 Rumsey Jeremiah 1842 Sept.19,1842 Sullivan B.1763 D. 1842 Rumsey Doud Cemetery Revolution Soldier Wife - Asenath Rumsey Daughters - Amanda Ford, Asenath Spencer, Alamay More, Ameriam Rumsey. Sons mentioned,but not named. Adm. - Lyman Spencer Wit. - Philemon Doud, Carlonus Spencer Bail - Seth L. Rumsey, James Pitz. 
p.147 87 Hall Joel   Sept. 28,1842 Sullivan Adm. - Joel Hall Bail - James Gray, Jr., Arad Smith
88 Vaughn Miller June 21,1842 Oct. 29,1842 Jackson Old Daggett Cemetery Adm. - John I. Vaughn Bail - George Daggett, Dean Sutton
p.149 89 Levy Simon Meyer   Nov. 19,1842 Delmar Adm. - William Eberenz Bail - Samuel Dickinson, Wm. Harrison. Will previously issued in Berks County, Pa. 
90 Aikin John   Nov. 28,1842 Tioga Adm. - James Goodrich Bail - Alexander L. Brewster, J.F. Donaldson
p.151 91 Ellison Richard   Dec. 20,1842 Elkland Adm. - Jane Ellison, Samuel Rathbone. Bail - Geo. L. Phelps, Ira Bulkley
92 Gidding Chester W.   Dec. 20,1842 Brookfield Adm. - Isabel Gidding Bail - Titus Ives, Ambrose Ives.
93 Short David Dec. 20,1842 Dec. 20,1842 Deerfield Sons - David ( dec'd), Reuben, and Caleb Short Daughter - Sally Currin Granddaughters - Larana & Larany, Children of daughter Jane. Exec. - Sally Short, Caleb Short, Allen Fraser Wit. - Eldridge Rathbone, Allen Fraser.
p.154 94 Frost John U.   Jan. 31,1843 Rutland Adm. - Thomas E. Arnell, Joseph Hubbell Bail - Henry P. Van Ness, Nehemiah Hodges.
p.157 95 Brewster Sarah   March 3,1843 Wellsboro Adm. - Joseph W. Guernsey Bail - John W. Guernsey, James Goodrich
p.158 96 Wright Alpha   March 3,1843 Liberty Adm. - Josiah Wright. Bail - James Kimball, Peter Backer
p.159 98 Mersereau John L.   June 15,1841 Covington Daughters - Sohia A, wife of Josiah Wright and Fanny C. Kelsey Exec. - Henry D. Mersereau, Josih Wright. Wit. - Benjamin Kree, Ephraim B. Gerould. Bail - James G. Mersereau, H.S. Archer, Thomas Baldwin
p.161 99 Landon Samuel   July 11,1843 Liberty Heirs - John Landon, Mariana Kehler, Rebecca Mirion, Elizabeth Thomas, Ellen Clendennen Exec. - oldest son - William Landon, Charles Veil
p.163 100 Whitlock Jonathon C.   August 10,1843 Jackson Adm. - Benj. B. Smith Bail - John W. Guernsey, John L. Robinson
p.164 101 Webster Jonathon Aug. 15,1843 Sept.13,1843 Delmar Academy Hill Cemetery Adm. - Milly Webster, James Jackson Bail - Mordecai Jackson, John F. Donaldson
p.165 102 Houghton Simeon Oct. 2,1843 Nov. 16,1843 Delmar Stony Fork Cemetery Wife - Rachel Houghton Eldest son - Pharez Houghton Exec. - Israel Stone Wit. - Chauncey Austin, Elisha B. McCarter
p.167 103 Jordon Daniel   Feb. 20,1844 Deerfield Wife - Susannah Jordan Eldest son - Samuel Jordan Sons - Jonathon, William and Nathan Jordan. Daughters - Zeruah warner, Betsey Gardner, Phebe Gardner Exec. - Wife - Susannah Jordan Wit. - Asa G. Abbott, Byram Hunt, John Abbott
p.169 104 Gleason Paul   Feb. 20,1844 Elkland Adm. - Joel Chamberlin Bail - Nelson Gleason, John C. Knox
p.170 105 Green Benjamite   March 1,1844 Sullivan Wife - Piercy Green Sons - Philo W., Philander D., Calvin C. Green Daughters - Sabrina Green, Samantha Bush, Betsey Ives, Polly M. Ives. Exec. - Philo W. Green, John Fox Wit. - Albert R. Carmer, Philemon Doud
p.173 106 Farrand James H.   May 21,1844   Adm. -George Kress Bail - Joshua G. Spencer, John Dailey
p.173 107 Sheive Amelia   June 1,1844 Jackson Adm. - John Sheive Bail - Levi B. Sheive, James P. Magill
p.174 108 Handy Sarah   July 25,1844 Rutland Adm. - Harlin Baker Bail - Thomas W. Horton, H.B. Graves
p.175 109 Nichols Enos A.   Aug. 25,1844 Wellsboro Adm. - Betsey Nichols Bail - Levo B. Nichols, Willaim Bates, Jr.
p.176 110 Palmer Samuel   Sept. 2,1844 Delmar Adm. - Joseph Palmer, Jr. Bail - Leonard Palmer, Wm. A. Warriner.
111 Smith Lambert M.   Sept. 7,1844 Richmond Adm. - James J. Jackson Bail - Daniel Kelsey, J. F. Donaldson
p.177 112 King James   Dec. 16,1844 Westfield Sons - Stephen King, Prince King, Allen King, John H. King, Ozial King, Eddy King, James King, Willard H. King. Daughters - Sarah, wife of Christoher Sales, Keziah, wife of Joel Crandall, Hannah, wife of Stephen Partelo, Roby, wife of Hiam Clkins. Exec. - Adriel King, Almon King Wit. - Sheldon Tuttle, Cyrus Tuttle, Zacheus Mallory.
p.180 113 Jackson Asa   April 15,1845 Sullivan Adm. - Welch Ashley Bail - Ethen A. Ashley, Bama Jackson
114 Gerould Ephraim B.   April 29,1845 Covington Adm. - Christina P.Gerould, James Gerould, and Thomas Putnam. Bail - Edwin Dryer, Darius Bullock.
p.182 115 Mann Chandler   May 5,1845 Richmond Adm. - Polly Mann, Benj. Gitchell Bail - Henry Gallantin, Alexr. Brewster
p.183 116 Gaupp Daniel   May 7, 1845 Liberty Sons - Ludwio ( Oldest son - Daniel Gaupp) Daughters - Elizabeth Gaupp Exec. - John Levegood Wit. - Isaac Weirline, Daniel Gaupp
p.185 117 Clark Josephus   May 28,1845 Rutland Adm. - Orrinda Clark Bail - Sidney L. Hibbard, John Benson
p.186 118 Elliott Nathaniel   June 6,1845 Charleston Adm. - Levi and Oliver Elliott Wit. - Luther Johnson, John F. Donaldson
p.186 119 Costley James Jr.   June 20,1845 Deerfield Adm. - James King Bail - Joseph Weaver, Victor Case
120 Chapin Heman   1845   Records of Will in Canandaigua, Ontario County, NY. He lived in East Bloomfield, NY., died in Tioga County, Pa. where he was living at death. Wife - Electa Chapin Daughters - Olivia Collins, Mary A. Chapin, Caroline E. Chapin. Son - Charles H. Chapin Wit. - Lafayette Collins, Erastus Humphrey and Oliver C. Chapin of E. Bloomfield, NY. Surrogat Court, NY - Orson Benjamin. Bail - George Bulkley, John C. Knox, Tioga Co. Pa. 
121 Landers Joseph   Aug. 25, 1845 Wellsborough Adm. - Philena Landers. Bail - Wm. Bache, Jr., J.F. Donaldson
p.195 122 Updike Foster   Nov. 5,1845 Jackson Adm. - Chester Updike, Warren Wells Bail - Orrin Wells, Theodorus Updike
p.196 123 Sharp Andrew   Nov. 11,1845 Rutland Adm. - Hannah Daggett Bail - George Daggett, H. Lefler
p.197 124 Boyd John G.   Dec. 23,1845 Covington Adm. - Thomas Putnam Bail - Robert G. White, James Gerould. Oct. 22,1849 - Pliny Bun asked for citation for settlement.
125 Evans William   Feb. 23,1846 Lawrenceville Beloved wife - Lucy Evans Sons - Curtis, Micajah and Allison Evans Daughters - Maria Brown and Martha Evans. Adm. - Allison Evans, Curtis Parkhurst Wit. - Martha R. Evans, Pardon Damon, Samuel Ryon.
p.220 126 Sarle Roberts   Feb. 27,1846 Richmond Wife - Freelove Sarle Heirs - Richard Sarle and Henry Sarle, to pay sums of money to Sabra Ann Davenport, Sarah F. rose and William Russell, and to support my wife. Wit. - T.C. Gerould, Benj. T. Kress
p.202 127 Howland Rueben   March 5,1846 Deerfield Adm. - Arra Howland Bail - John E. White, Joseph Weaver.
p.203 128 Lee Thomas D.   April 25,1846 Chatham Adm. - Phila Lee and Eddy Howland. Bail - Benj. Van Dusen, James R. Lee
p.204 129 Lewis Thomas   May 20,1846 Sullivan Adm. - Decius Lewis and Hannah B. Lewis Bail - Benj. Gitchell, Elijah Welch
p.204 129 1/2 Bly Polly   May 20,1846   Widow of Benj. H. Bly Citations against Polly Bly, Alonzo Bly and Wm. Bly to Adm. Also Charles Jacob Miller and his wife, Ruth (Bly). Venue returned. Not to be found.
p.205 130 Moyer Frederick   July 7,1846 Delmar Adm. - Daniel Focht, Philip Kohler Bail - Conrad Kohler , Abel Strait
p.206 131 Blair James R.   July 14, 1846 Delmar Adm. - Alexander L. Brewster Bail - Joseph W. Guernsey, Horace L. Cook.
p.207 132 Bache William July 9,1845 July 27,1846 Wellsboro Wife and Exec. - Anna Bache Sons - William Bache, Jr., Saugher Bache, John Bache Daughters - Harriet, Sarah, and Anne Bache. To my beloved relatives and sisters, I bequeath only my deepest heart felt love. Wit. - John Copeland, Beriah Crandall, Josiah Emery, Wesley Cochran
133 Lefler Richard D. 1846 age 28 July 27,1846 Jobs Corners Exec. - none named Bail - Henry Sherwood, R.G. White Wit. - Luman Wilson, Reg. of Wills
p.211 134 Clark Josephus   Sept. 21,1846 Rutland Adm. - Anson McClure, Erastus Rose. Bail - Sidney L. Hubbard, William Rose, Jr.
p212 135 Frederick John W. Aug. 19,1846 Sept. 22,1846 Liberty Salem Cemetery - B. 1797 Adm. - Benj. Brion, George Levegood Bail - James Merrell, Isaac R. Moore.
p.213 136 Close Reuben Nov. 11,1846 Dec. 18,1846 Chatham Adm. - Harriett Close and George Close Bail - Armon Close, Redding Macumber.
p.214 137 Root Adonijah   Feb. 6,1847 Delamr Adm. - Elijah Grinnell Bail - Samuel Dickinson
p.215 138 Reinwald John F.   Feb. 16,1847 Liberty Adm. - Henry Reinwald, Isaac Weirline Bail - Conrad Kohler, Philip I. Kohler.
p.216 139 Lee Seneca   Feb. 22,1847 Chatham Heirs - Mercy Seely, My intended wife, daughter of Elanson E. Seely. Brothers - Moses Lee, James Lee. Exec. - Aaron Alba of Deerfield. Wit. Allen Fraser, Jr., Sylvia Lee, Mercy Seely. Sept. 20,1847 Aaron Alba, havind died, moses Lee was appt. Exec. Bail - James R. Lee, Theodorus Doty.
p.218 140 Bacon Elmer   May 3,1847 Charleston Wife - Mary Bacon Sons- Hiram, Morgan L., David & Levi Bacon. Son, George I gave his land to. Daughters - Mary Shuway, Rebbeca Bacon, Mary Bacon, Sally Ann Bacon. Exec. - Mary Bacon And Waldo May. Wit. - L. Emery, Seth Clark
p.220 141 Alba Aaron April 21,1847 May 15,1847 Deerfield Knoxville Quaker Cemetery Wife - Fanny Alba Exec. - Edwin A. Alba Lands from Zadock Brown and his wife, Betsey and farm of Levi Faulkner. Wit. - John Goodspeed and Hiram Gilbert.
p.223 142 Pritchard Calvin   May 24,1847 Lawrence Sons - James, Uriah, william, Amzi, Hiram and Charles Pritchard. Daughter - Mary Jane Pritchard. Exec. - James and William Pritchard. Wit. - Samuel McDonald, Daniel M. Nelson.
p. 143 Morris Samuel W. May 25,1847 June 7,1847 Wellsboro Wife - Anna Morris Wit. - Jonathon Webster, Merrick Moore
p.229 144 Greenleaf Israel June 6,1848 June 21, 1847 Wellsboro Revolution War. Wife - Mary Greenleaf. Son - David Greenleaf. Daughters - Sarah Austin, Betsey, wife of Henry Sligh Grandson - David C. Sligh Exec. - Israel Merrick Trustees - Levi J. Nichols, William Bache, John F. Donaldson Wit. - S.B. Kendall and S.B. Kelsey
146 Lefler Sally Jane   Aug. 10,1847 Jackson Adm. - Levi B. Sheive.
p.233 147 Hubbell John G.   Aug. 11,1847   Late of Knox County, Ohio. Adm. - Benjamin B. Smith
p.236 148 Stevens Abram   Sept. 21,1847 Middlesburg Adm. - Henry A. Stevens, Joseph Aikin Bail - A.C. Cole, Vine De Pui
p.237 149 Rathbone Samuel   Sept. 22,1847 Elkland Adm. -Jane Rathbone, Henry Rathbone
p.238 150 Spencer Jushua G.   Sept.22,1847 Jackson Wife - not named to be supported by son, Abram. Sons - Abram, Isaac, Wm. G. Spencer Daughter - Sofia Garrison Lands in Hornby, Steuben County, NY. Exec. - Abram and Isaac Spencer Wit. - I.H. Cole, Elizabeth Hall, Sarah Newcomb.
p.239 151 Loper Uriah   Sept. 23,1847 Union Adm. - Mariah Loper and Charles O. Spencer. Bail - E.W Rutty, B.F. Robinson.
152 Webster John M.   Sept. 25,1847   Late of Syracuse, Onandago County, NY. Widow - Maria Webster Adm. - Pardon Damon, John C. Knox.
p.241 153 Morsman Darius   Sept. 23,1847 Charleston Adm. - Sarah Morsman, David D. Kelsey died Aug.30,1847 - Academy Hill Cemetery. Bail - J.F. Donaldson, Joseph Willard.
p.242 154 Rutty Samuel 1847 age77 Oct. 15, 1847 Union Adm. - Ezra W. Rutty, L.N. Ruuty Bail - Chas. O. Spencer, B.F. Robinson
155 Ponds  Phineas   Oct. 21, 1847   Late of Smithville, Chenango County, N.Y. Heirs - Orrel Pond, Hiram Pond, Alva Pond, Lydia Golden, Rhoda Hawes, Malinda Morfet. Adm. - Alvah Pond, John Pond. John Pond havind died, Phineas Pond appointed Wit. - Charles B. miller, Mary Miller, Carrie W. Carruth, Margaret Meeriam. * There is a Phineas Pond in Satate Road Baptist Cemetery Revolution Soldier. d.1816, could be 1846, age87.
p.245 156 Price Jacob   Jan. 15,1848 Westfield Wife - Abigail Price Sons - Samuel B. Price to be guardian for my sons - William and Joseph T. Price. Daughters - Phebe C., wife of William O. More, Eliza J., wife of Wm. H. Olmstead, Elmina, wife of Mathias Marlott, susannah Price, Rosette Price, and Julia Price. Brother, William Price of Orange, Steuben County, N.Y., My mother in Westfield, Essex county, N.J. to have my land in New Jersey from Jacob Clark. Exec. - Samuel Price, Marthias Marlott of N.Y. State Wit. - Thomas Warren, Chester R. Price, Lemuel Pease.
p.248 157 Boachus Joseph   Jan. 20,1848 Charleston Son, Joseph to support his mother and sister, Catherine. Beloved wife - Susan Boachus. Exec. - Joseph Boachus Wit. - George Boachus, Andrew Ritter, Benj. B. Smith
158 Faulkner Edward   Feb. 14,1848 Richmond Wife - Abigail D. Faulkner Sons - Lyman, John, and Charles Faulkner. Daughter - Olive Faulkner. Mentions wife's brother, Lyman Beach Lands in Brookfield Twp. and in Madison County, N.Y.
159 Taylor William L.   March 23,1848 Wellsborough Wife - Nancy Taylor and her heirs. Exec. - Nancy, my wife. Wit. - Wesley Cochran, Daniel Kelsey, Erastus Fellows.
p.252 160 Bare John   May 12,1848 Charleston Adm. - John Youngs Bail - Wm. B. Smith, John Dumaux.
p.256 161 Allen William L.   May 17, 1848 Tioga Adm. - Mother, Margaret Allen Sister - Louise, wife of Thomas E. Hance. Wit. - David Wright, John W. Guernsey.
p.258 162 Lowell William   May 17, 1848 Tioga Adm. - Wife, Rebecca Lowell Two children, not named. Wit. - John W. Guernsey and Suan Guernsey
163 Moyer Jonathon   June 8, 1848 Delmar Adm. - Rosena Moyer Bail - William Eberenz and Josiah Emery.
p.261 164 Meek George March 24,1848 Sept. 12,1848 Wellsborough Adm. - David Heise Bail - Wm. Bache, Chester Robinson
p.262 165 Ritz Joseph   Sept. 13,1848 Liberty Adm. - John Shaffer, Isaac Werline Bail - James Kimball. Widow mentioned, but not named.
p.263 166 Meek William   1848 Delmar Father - Leonard Meek Mother - Mary Meek Brother - John Meek Sister - Catharine, wife of Wm. Harrison. Exec. - Wm Harrison Wit. - S.F. Wilson, Samuel A. Mack Wm. Meek died Nov.21,1848
167 Schaffer Sarah   Feb. 19, 1848 Liberty Adm. - George R. Shaffer Bail - John R. Scheffer, George Levegood
p.266 168 Wheeler Betsey   Dec. 27,1848 Charleston Adm. - Noah Wheeler Bail - Isaac Wheeler, Alanson Wheeler ans Allan Wheeler.
p.267 169 Inscho Moses Oct. 1,1848 Jan. 4,1849 Deerfield Adm. -Mary Inscho, Hiram Inscho Bail - Daniel R. Seely, Micajah Seely
p.268 170 Wood Joseph Dec. 9,1848 Jan. 11,1849 Westfield Potterbrook Cemetery Adm. - Joseph Wood Bail - James Leonard, William C. Webb.
p.269 171 Sheffer John Aug. 5,1841 Feb. 13,1849 Liberty B. Lancaster 1779 Wife - Susannah Sheffer Twelve Children Sons - John, William, Samuel, Jacob Sheffer, Joseph, Michael, and George Sheffer Daughters - Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Herman, Catharine wife of Peter Lutz, Susan,wife of Daniel Miller, Julyan and Sarah Sheffer. Wit. - Wm. Sheffer, Samuel Sheffer, Peter Lutz.
p.273 172 Rexford Thomas E. 1849 age 36 Feb. 20,1849 Sullivan Wood Cemetery Adm. - Northrop Smith Widow, not named Bail - Rufus Smith, Peter Backer.
p.274 173 House Benjamin W.   Feb. 21,1849   Heirs - Mother and Sister, Saphronia House. Wit. - James Hurlburt, James Taggart.
p.276 174 Lang John   March 13,1849 Richmond Wife - Isabella Lang. Sons - John Lang, son Alexander - dec'd. Daughters - Catharine, wife of Lambert Clark, Jane Spachman, Isabella Whiteman Exec. - John Thompson, Lambert Clark Wit. - Wm. W. McDougal, Jacob Beers, Morton Morton, George Clinton.
175 Medaugh Cornelius   Feb. 12, 1849 Lawrence Adm. - William B. Medaugh Wit. Moses Baldwin, John S. Warner
p.285 176 Evans Thomas   Feb. 29,1849 Charleston Exec. - Wife - Ann Evans Children under 21, not named. Wit. - Wm. Davis, Daniel Morgan, Davis G. Edwards.
177 Norris John Feb.10,1849 March 13,1849 Delmar Wife - Beulah Norris Heirs - Lucy Kelsey, Former lucy Lucy Moopre of Pine Creek, now in Oakland County, Mich. to be paid by Hezekiah Stowell. Elizabeth Siles of Delmar, under care of John Dickinson. Mary (Jackson), wife of Robert H. Archer. Brother - in -law and his wihe, Hannah, wife of Mordecai Jackson. Sons and daughters of William Bache. Exec. - John N. Bache.
p.293 178 Kopp John   April 2, 1849 Liberty Widow and eldest son, not named. Adm. -Conrad Kohler, Peter Maneval Peter Maneval replaced by C.F. Veil Oct. 11,1849 Bail - Benj. Gitchell, J.F. Donaldson
p.294 179 Hazlett John   April 2, 1849 Elkland Wife - Mahala Hazlett Sons - Samuel and John Hazlett Daughters - Rachel, Mary, Sally, Jane, Eliza Ann and Maria Hazlett. Dear Kinsman - Joseph and James Campbell. Exec. - Cahrles Blanchard, Elijah D. Wells, Samuel Hazlett, John Hazlett. Wit. - James Campbell, Enoch Blackwell, E.D. Wells
p.298 180 Hewitt Dudley   April 7, 1849 Gains Adm. -Wheten Hewitt Bail - L. I. Nichols, Hartford Butler.
p.299 181 Hill Caroline   April 17,1849 Wellsborough Adm. -Joseph Sofield
p.300 182 Dimmick Maria   April 17,1849 Deerfield Husband - William A. Dimmick Father - Aaron Alba - dec'd Wit - Joseph Weaver, L.B. Reynolds
p.302 183 Ripley Ebenezer   May 14,1849 Richmond Wife - Sofiah Ripley - Exec. Son - Charles Ripley Daughter - Sarah Ripley. Wit. - H.E. Cooper, Henry George Smith
p.305 184 Gerould Theodore C. 1848 May 28, 1849 Covington Peters Camp Cemetery Wife - Mary E. Estate from my Father, Ephraim Gerould Exec. - Henry George Smith, Jospeh Hubbell
p.307 185 Ives Jesse June 5,1849 June 26,1849 Middlebury Fairview Cemetery Adm. - David Smith Wit. - Edsell Mitchell, Savit Smith, Alonzo Mitchell
186 Goodman Owen B.   July 14,1849 Wellsborough Wife - Susan M. Goodman Exec. - Chester Robinson, James Barber
p.313 187 Locke Jesse   Aug. 22,1849 Shippen Adm. - David Ellis, Benj. B. Smith Bail - R.G. White, B.S. Sayre. Reg. of Wills - F.P. Magill
188 Guernsey Joseph W.   Sept. 11,1849 Toga Adm. - Anna B. Guernsey, Alexander Brewster Bail - John W. and Peter B. Guernsey.
p.315 189 Wilson Luman   Sept. 13,1849 Wellsboro Mother - Sarah Sisters - Hannah and Fanny Wilson Brother - Isaiah, land in Dartt Settlement. Daughters -Harriet Louise & Sarah Elizabeth, under 18. Exec. - Isaiah Wilson, Zeriah Wilson Wit. - B.B. Smith, S.A. Mack, Samuel Cleaveland, S.F. Wilson, O.S. Wilson. 
190 Drake Isaac   Sept. 20,1849 Richmond Adm. - John B. Drake, Daniel Sherwood. Bail - A.S. Brewster.
p.319 191 Rexford William   Sept. 24,1849 Gains Adm. - Betsey Rexford, Albert P. Cone Bail - Job Rexford
192 Johnson Luther   Dec. 1, 1849 Delmar Adm. - Zilpha Johnson, Alanson E. Niles Bail - Hartford Butler, J.I. Jackson.
p.321 193 Hudson Dean   Dec. 25,1849 Jackson Widow - not named, renounced right to Adm. Adm. -Joel E. Hudson Bail - Andrew Murdaugh, John W. Stowell
194 Baum Michael   Jan. 17, 1850 Liberty Adm. - Isaac Weirline. Widow renounced right. Bail - Geo. Levegood, James Kimball. Isaac Weirline dec'd. I.I. Weirline appointed.
p.322 195 Reese David W.   Feb. 26,1850 Charleston Adm. - Mary Reese and Daniel Morgan Bail - Joel Culver, David Norris
196 Lang John   April 11,1850   Adm. - Ann E. Lang John Lang died 1850 age 48 - Peters Camp, Covington. Bail Lambert Clark, George Mc Cloud
197 Sprague Patrick   April 26,1850 Delmar Adm. - Eri Wakeman. Widow renounced right. Bail - J.F. Donaldson, L. Emery
p.326 198 Lee James R.   April 29,1850 Chatham Mother - Hannah Lee Sisters - Jerusha, wife of Benj. V. Van Dusen, Mary, wife of Joseph Walling Brother - Moses Lee Nephew - Thomas D. Lee, son of Thomas D. (dec'd.) Exec. - Moses Lee and Benj. Van Dusen Wit. - Joseph Sinsey, Joseph and James Walling, all of Oneonta, New York
p.329 199 Daggett George   May 1, 1850   Adm. - Lewis Daggett, Samuel B. Pettingill Bail - Seth Daggett, B.B. Smith.

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