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Docket B Part One

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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim

Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.1 200 Morgan James E.   May 9,1850   Adm. - Margaret A. Morgan, Edward H. Fish Bail - William Young.
201 Dewey Seth B.   May 25,1850   Adm. -Corilla Dewey Bail - Decius Lewis, Alonzo S. Chapel.
p.2 202 Berry Rachel   June 10,1850 Tioga Sons - Thomas I. Berry, John Delos Berry Daughters - Judith Berry, Rachel Sly Son - in- Law - Samuel Westbrook to be supported Grandchildren - Samuel and Thomas Westbrook, Lucind Cooke, John Mortimer Robinson. Exec. - Thos. J. Berry, Benj. C. Wickham Wit. - John W. Guernsey, C.H. Seymour
p.5 203 Watson Temperance   June 18,1850   Adm. - Ambrose Millard Bail - Wm. B. Keyes, John Mosher. See #215
204 Douglass John   July 2,1850 Westfield Sons - Charles and William to care for my wife. Wit. - Elijah Hancock, Horace P. Hill
p.7 205 Greenleaf Mary   July 8,1850 Middlebury Adm. - Joseph E. Lyon, son Granddaughter - Mary Lyon. Wit - Archibald Haselett, Abraham M. Compton
p.9 206 Wilson Isaiah July 7,1850 June 7,1850 Charleston Dartt Settlement Wife - Margaret Wilson Sons - George Potter Wilson, Daniel Moses Wilson Daughter - Sarah Emeline Sisters - Fanny I. Young, Hannah A. Wilson Two daughters of Luman Wilson. Money in trust with James H. Smith till children are of age. Exec. - Margaret Wilson, Jeremiah Hart
207 Dyer Thomas 1850 July 26,1850 Covington Buried Peters Camp, Covington. Adm. - Edwin Dryer.
p.14 208 Cady John Aug. 23,1850 Sept. 28,1850 Lawrence Lawrenceville Cemetery Requests to be buried where Alfred Finney and his wife, Cynthia are. Sons - Samuel and his wife, Dianthy; Frederick Cady and George I. Cady Daughters - Ann and her husband, Robert W. Steward, Sally, wife of Barna W. Alden, Betsey, now dec'd., was wife of Gordon Woodruff, Cynthia, wife of Alfred Finny, Lucinda, wife of Ethel Harris ( this is as in the book), Emily, wife of thomas Copp, F. Cady - minor. Exec. - Cous white, Robert W. Steward, Dr. Lewis Darling, to pay debt to James Foux, Samuel Satterly and Samuel Chapman. Wit. Lewis Darling, Pardon Damon.
209 Allen John S.   Oct. 1,1850 Tioga Exec. - Mother - Margaret Allen Wit. - Calvin C. Green, Ira Baker, F.E. Smith.
210 Osborn Linus   Oct. 1,1850 Delmar Adm. - Adeline S. Osborn, Joseph Palmer. Bail - B.M. Bailey, Sidney Hibbard.
211 Gregory S.M   Oct. 2,1850   Adm. - Albinus Hunt Wit. - B.M. Bailey, Sidney Hibbard.
212 Seely Julius   Nov. 11,1850 Deerfield Sons - Henry Seely, Charles Seely Daughters - Chloe and Caroline Seely, Eunice Grantiers, Osial Marlott, Phila Lee, Elizabeth Beaver and Joan ----. Wit. - Eddy howland and Eddy Seely.
p.22 213 Taylor Ebenezer   Nov. 14,1850 Elkland Exec. - Son - Philip Taylor Daughters - Permilia, wife of Samuel Tubbs, Polly, wife of Benjamin Tubbs, Margaret, wife of Abel Cloos, Lavinia, wife of William Weeks, Esther, wife of Nelson Gleason, Elvira, wife of David Van Zile, Sally, wife of John Mascho ( she now dec'd), Catherine, wife of Asahel Morey whose first wife was Polly, dau. of Reuben Cook.
p.25 214 Lewis Thomas Mar. 17,1850 Jan. 29,1851 Charleston Adm. - John W. Bailey Bail - Joel Culver and Silas Johnson.
p.26 215 Watson Temperance   March 19,1850   Cayuga county, NY. All estate to my exec. - William Millard. Onandago, N.Y. Surrogate records. Wit. - Willoby Millard of Pomfrey, NY., Elias Woodworth and Diedama Woodworth. 
p.29 216 Wilson Sarah   Mar. 29,1851 Charleston Daughters - Fanny young and Hannah A. Wilson Lands my son, Luman Wilson left me. Exec. - No name Wit. - B. Smith and Ira A. Foote
p.31 217 Miller Samuel   May 31,1851 Jackson Son - Robert Miller Daughters - Dolly Harrnah, Wealthy Miller, Mary and Harriet Miller, Patience, Fanny, Elvira Miller. Heirs of Benjamin Miller, dec'd. viz- Mildred, Nancy, Rachel and Andrew Miller. Exec. - Nephews - William and Samuel Miller.
218 Edwards David   Jan. 18,1851 Charleston To be buried at the Welch Meeting House. Wife - Mary edwards Son - David G. Edwards Daughters - Jane, Eliza and Anne Edwards Wit. - John Gibson, Buckley Thompson, Geo. Thompson.
p.35 219 Culver Asahel   June 17, 1851 Charleston Adm. - Philemon Culver, James J. Jackson Bail - Silas S. Johnson, Joseph Rouse.
220 Baldwin Alan T.   July 11,1851   Adm. - C.H. Seymour Bail - H.H. Borden, Isaac Mann
221 Bird  John   July 26,1851 Liberty Adm. - Thomas B. McCarter Bail - Phileas Bird, Jeremiah Black
p.36 222 Mann George W.C.   Dec. 6,1851   Adm. - David L. Mann Bail - Thomas F. Mann, Isaac Mann.
223 Bailey Sylvester   Dec. 22,1851 Rutland Adm. - Moses Crawford, later others appointed - Wm. A., Clark W., Benj. W. Bailey. 
224 Bowman Godfrey   Dec. 24,1851 Brookfield Adm. - Joseph Bowman, Milton G. Bowman. Bail - George W. Bacon, Samuel C. Walker.
p.38 225 Miller Erastus   Jan. 21,1852 Wellsboro Adm. - Matthew Miller Bail - Levi Chubbuck, Jackson D. Wood
226 Hill Elihu   Jan. 30,1852 Deerfield Exec. - Wife - Henrietta Hill Nephew - Edwin Hill, Neice - Henrietta Thorp. Wit. - I.C. Whitaker, Clark Kimball
227 Bailey Sylvester       Accounts of Sylvester Bailey # 223
228 Mather Thomas   March 1,1852 Richmond Exec. - Daughter - Elizabeth Mather Wit. - John Kelly, E. D. Wells
p.44 229 Pierce Jonathon   March 3,1852 Westfield Wife, mentioned, not named. Son - Samuel Pierce Daughters - Cynthia, Patty, Harriet & Lucinda Pierce Exec. - Francis Strang, Amos N. Mallory of Troupsburg, N.Y. Wit. - Zacheaus Mallory, Stephen Potter and Thomas Baker, all of Tioga County, PA.
p.44 230 Temple Herman   May 24, 1852 Knoxville Adm. - Nancy C. Temple, David T. Billings Bail - Nancy C. Taylor, David Cloos, David Billings.
p.48 231 Rose William May 10,1852 June 9,1852 Rutland Wife - Phebe Rose Sons - Royal, William, Lanson, Elmer rose Daughter - Celestia Rose Heirs - Josephus Clark Gradchildren - Lucinda Watson, William Backer, John Allen Rose. Exec. - Erastus Rose, John W. Guernsey Wit. - Harris Loper, Heman Loper.
p.51 232 Adams John   July 9, 1852 Charleston Wife - Susan Adams Ann Jane Adams Brother - Robert C. Adams Exec. - Robert Adams Wit. - S.J. Holliday, Elisha Keeney
223 Jackson Hubbard   July 17,1852 Jackson Exec. - Hiram Cook.
234 Lowell Rebecca   July 20,1852   Sons - Willaim Allen and Orlando Lowell, minors. Exec. - Thomas L. Baldwin Wit. - L.B. and James G. Wellington.
p.56 235 Preston Abigail D.   July 20,1852 Tioga Heirs - Mrs. Polly Johnson, consort of Jacob. Relatives - Orlando B. Lowell, Wm. A. Lowell Neice - Mrs. Rebecca Lowell ( dec'd) My Pastor - Rev. L.J. McCullough Exec. - Thomas L. Baldwin Wit. Ira Baker, T.C. Smith
p.59 236 Dunham Josiah   Sept. 5,1852 Middlebury Sons - Watson Dunham nad his wife Mahala; Oscar, Marvin, and Edwin Dunham. Son - in - Law -Daniel G. Stevens No Exec. named
237 Chapman Andrew   Sept. 13,1852 Clymer Wife - Margaret Chapman Sons - Eli, Jerome and Prince Albert Chapman Daughters - Betsey and Fannett Chapman Exec. -William Ladd and Frederick Swimelar. Wit. - F.W. Calkins Reg. of Wills - J.P. Magill
238 Jordan Nathan   Sept. 22,1852 Deerfield Adm. - Marinda Jordan Bail - James Owens
p.63 239 Horsley Charles   Oct. 15,1852 Elkland Adm. - Leander Smith, Henry Rathbone. Bonds - Joseph Campbell, joseph Gee
240 Carpenter James   Oct. 23,1852 Middlebury Adm. - Elizabeth Carpenter. Bail - Truman Carpenter, Henry I. Wedge
p.64 241 Peters Lester 1852 Oct. 26,1852 Rutland Born - April 17, 1812 D. 1852 Rutland Adm. - Freeman B. Gates Bail - William Allen, John Benson
242 Weirline Isaac   Nov. 1, 1852 Liberty Adm. - J.J. Weirline, Samuel Hartman, Jr.
243 Guernsey Peter B. 1852 Nov. 30,1852 Tioga Adm. - Emeline L. Guernsey, John W. Guernsey Peter B. born Aug. 20, 1812 d.1852, Dailey Cemetery
p.66 244 Hazard Evans   Dec. 7,1852 Richmond Wife - Catherine Hazard Sons - Chester, Stewart, and Elisha Hazard Exec. - Chester Hazard Wit. - John Hughes, C.M. Green, Fred F. Fairman
p.68 245 Brown Thomas B.   Dec. 8,1852 Sullivan Adm. - Phineas M. Clark Bail - Justus Clark, John Fox.
p.68 246 Giddings Isabel   Dec. 8,1852 Deerfield Adm. - George W. Bacon Bail - Charles Ryon, Milton G. Bowman.
p.71 247 Cornwell Gideon 1852 age 59 Dec. 16,1852 Jackson Wife - Barbary Cornwell Sons - Jacob, Alva, Flagler, Daniel, Henry, Levi, and Nathan Cornwell Daughters - Eliza, Sall, Phebe, Catherine Cornwell Exec. - William Kyes, Levi L. Cornwell Wit. - H.D. Rozell, Wm. W. Stilwell Gideon Cornwell d.1852 age 59 - Jobs Corner.
p.71 248 Hayes Edward   Dec. 30,1852 Bloss Adm. - Nancy Armstrong Bail - Patrick McCarty, Wm. Curley
249 Brysack John   Jan. 8,1853 Deerfield Adm. - John Howland Bail - Eddy Howland, Eleazer S. Seely
p.72 250 Reynolds Hiram A.   Jan. 15,1853 Westfield Adm. - Martha How, Roswell Ackley Bail - William Ladd, Frederick Swimler
p.73 251 Austin Caleb 1853 Feb. 2, 1853 Charleston Born - 1777 D. 1853 Old Charleston Cemetery Sons - Benjamin, Charles, Nathan, & Nelson Austin Daughhters - Adaline Christenat, Emeline Fenton, Angeline Niles, Ruth Dumaux. My wife's son - Hiram Brooks Exec. - Clarissa Austin Wit. - B.B.Smith, Samuel R. Smith
252 Updike John, minor       Guardian, John Brownell filed Feb. 9, 1853
253 Fellows John Feb. 11,1853 Feb. 15,1853 Delmar Sons - Edwin, Horace and John Merrit Fellows Daughters - Edna Eliza Fellows, Huldah Ann Heise. Exec. - Horace Fellows Wit. - S. J. Nichols, G.D. Smith
p.79 254 Cummings Mary   Feb. 19,1853 Rutland Adm. - Levi Osgood Bail - A. Harris, J.F. Donaldson
255 Stewart Sylvester A.   March 1,1853 Jackson Adm. - Nathan Stewart
256 Shaw Daniel   April 1,1853 Elkland Adm. - Harriet Shaw, John S. Davenport.
p.81 257 DePuy Elijah 1853 age 80 April 4,1853 Tioga Evergreen Cemetery Son - Vine De Puy Daughters - Eliza Bush, Jerusha B. Baldwin, Ency A. Campbell, Almira Maynard Grandsons - Wm. Henry Wisner, Charles De Puy Granddaughters - Josephine and Mary DePuy, Almira Willard Exec. - Thos. L. Baldwin, B.C. Wickham Guardian for Almira till she is 18 - Wm. Willard
258 Hiltbold Frederick   April 18,1853 Delmar Adm. - Jacob Hiltbold Bail - Richard English, Orrin Blair.
259 Parkhurst Philander 1851 age 24 May 2, 1853 Sullivan Adm. - Philemon Parkhurst Bail - Henry Vanness, Isaac Squire Philander died 1851 age 24 - Mainesburg. 
260 Hancock Ezra B.   May 10,1853 Clymer Adm. - Hiram Tubbs Bail- Francis Strang, Almon King
p.85 261 Loper Heman   May 15,1853 Rutland Adm. - Erastus Rose Bail - Abner Bulkley, Stephen H. Hood
p.86 262 West John   May 16,1853 Middleburg Adm. - Nathan West Wife - Polly West Daughter- Polly West Sons - Philander A. and Nathan T. West Wit. - L.V. Beeman, Laura Beeman, Henry H. Potter
263 Cloos Newberry 1853 age 80 May 21,1853 Deerfield Adm. - Abel Cloos and Newberry Cloos.
264 Gerould Theodore G.   May 26,1853 Covington Adm. - Henry M. Gerould Bail - Thomas Putnam, C.L. Wilcox
p.89 265 Thomas John Baptiste   May 25,1853 Charleston Exec. - Sons - G. Francis and John B. Thomas Another Son - Joseph Riberolle Thomas Daughter - Virginia, wife of Bertrand Dumaux Other Heirs - Francis Porter, Angeline Porter, Peter Porter, Irwin Porter, Mary J. Porter. Mary, wife of Abel R. Porter. One unnamed infant. 
p.91 266 Hodges Nehemiah   June 3, 1853 Sullivan Wife - Sally Hodges Sons - Hiram, Peter, Sidney L. Hodges Dughters - Kiturah Smith and Anna Crippen Exec. - Sally Hodges, John Fox, Henry B. Card Land between Gideon Hodges and Andrew Robele.
p.93 267 Brown Henry   Sept. 5,1853 Westfield Wife - Sally M. Brown Exec. - Wife, Sally and Charles Phillips To George H. Niles - a colt. Wit. - Gilbert I. Seacord, John Goodspeed, Jr.
268 Pierce Charles   Dec. 7,1853 Sullivan Adm. - James Gray
p.94 269 Keeney Thomas   Sept. 12,1853 Middlebury Adm. - Israel P. Keeney and Thomas Keeney, Jr. Bail - Elisha Keeney, Philander Niles.
270 Lincoln Asa S.   Sept. 15,1853 Gaines Adm. - Alonzo Smith Bail - David Smith, Lewis Smith
271 Ely Seldon   Sept. 21,1853 Charleston Adm. - Harriet Ely, Jeremiah Hart Bail - Rockwell Baily, Silas S. Johnson
272 Crane James C.   Sept. 9,1853   Late of Newark, New Jersey Adm. - James C. Mersereau Bail - H.G. Harrower, Geo. W. Stanton
273 Taylor John W.   Sept. 26,1853   Late of New York City Adm. - James G. Mersereau
p.97 274 Burr Aaron June 28,1853 Sept. 27,1853 Chatham Bentley Cemetery, Rutland Township Wife mentioned, but not named. Sons - David Burr and Aaron Burr. Exec. - Lewis Seely Wit. - Joseph Whitney, Thomas S. Hill
p.98 275 Reynolds James   Oct. 1,1853 Clymer Widow - not named Adm. - Truman Kilburn, David Kilburn. Bail - Amos Coolidge, George Coolidge.
276 Nolan Edward   Oct. 14,1853 Tioga Adm. - John W. Guernsey
277 Warren Anson   Oct. 18,1853 Gaines Adm. - Benjamin V. Ogden Bail - John Blue, John B. Benn
278 Foot Ira A.   Sept. 25,1853 Wellsboro Adm. - Hiram W. Dartt Bail - John Alexander, Wm. Harrison
p.100 279 Jones John, Sr.   Sept. 6, 1853 Charleston Sons - William, Daniel, and Jeremiah Jones, under 21. Daughters -Martha Rees, Mary Jones Exec. - Daniel and William Jones.
p.102 280 Robbins Amariah Nov. 21,1853 Dec. 8,1853 Sullivan Ames Hill Cemetery Wife - Polly Robbins Sons - Dexter, Joseph and William Robbins Other Heirs - Emily Elia Stowell, Jeremiah Jackson Exec. - William Robbins Wit. - Ahaz robbins, I.L. Rumsey
281 Smith Philemon   Jan. 3,1854 Chatham Adm. - Guy C. SMith, Lockwood Smith
p.105 282  McVoy James 1854 age 75 Feb. 6,1854 Liberty Wife mentioned, but not named. Sons - Daniel, William, and James McVoy. Daughters - Mary DeCorsey, Ann Jane Landon, Sarah Mase. Granddaughter - Sarah Elizabeth Exec. - James McVoy, Isaac Weiline Wit. - Chas.F. Veil, James Merrill, Geo. Hammond.
283 Wellington Samuel B. 1854 age 48 Mar. 13,1854 Tioga Evergreen Cemetery Adm. - Amelia Wellington Sons - Quincy and Turney Wellington Bail - Charles O. Etz, Thomas L. Baldwin.
p.108 284 McConnell Sally   Mar. 18,1854 Sullivan Sons - Eli, Henry, Charles, Justus, James McConnell. Daughters - Hannah, Angelina, Mahala, Rachel McConnell Exec. - James McConnell Wit. - Joseph S. Aldric, W.C. Ripley
285 Brooks Roswell   April 12,1854 Lawrence Three children not named Exec. - Wife, Aletha Brooks, Dr. Clark C. Johnson Wit. - E.D. Wells, Benj. Harrower of Lindley, N.Y.
p.111 286 Kelsey Almira   April 15,1854 Middlebury Exec. - Husband, Benjamin Kelsey. Daughter - Mary Emeline Kelsey. Wit. - Alonzo and Edsell Mithcell, Norris Kelsey.
287 Kelsey Benjamin   April 15,1854 Middlebury Adm. - Morris Kelsey
p.112 288 Graves Robert C.   April 26,1854 Wellsboro Adm. - Edward Maynard Reg. of Wills - J.P. Magill 
289 Gee Polly   June 5, 1854 Middlebury Adm. - Daniel Holliday Bail - Henry Sherwood, Alanson N. Donaldson
290 Weist Conrad   June 19,1854 Liberty Adm. - William Miller, Joseph Morris Bail - George Heby, John Bellman
p.114 291 Cummings Alva   July 6, 1854 Westfield Adm. - Daniel Angell Bail - J.S. Cady, L.B. Reynolds
292 Seely Horace   July 26,1854 Brookfield Adm. - W.R. Seely, C.G. Seely Bail - A.L. Sofield, Julius Sherwood.
293 Baldwin William W.   Aug. 7,1854   Late of Steuben County, N.Y. Estate in Tioga County, PA. Adm. - not named Bail - A.P. Cone, P.B. Thompson
294 Nickerson Charles   Aug. 9, 1854 Delmar Adm. - Simon H. Landis Mary Eliza Nickerson named - relation not stated Bail - Andrew Crowl, J.F. Donaldson
295 Wilcox Charles N.   Aug. 22,1854 Middlebury Adm. - Ruby Wilcox, Richard Keeney
p.117 296 Maneval Peter   Aug. 25,1854 Liberty Wife - Anna Marie Maneval Exec. - Anna Marie and Peter Maneval. Children mentioned, but not named.
297 Westbrook Elias   Sept. 5,1854 Lawrence Wife - Polly Westbrook Daughters - Sophia, wife of Soloman Inscho, Elvira, wife of Elias Snell, Jane, wife of Wm. Rose and Rachel Westbrook. Exec. - Pardon Damon.
p.122 298 Walker Daniel   Sept. 6, 1854 Lawrence Wife - Jerusha Walker Exec. - Jerusha Walker, wife and Abram Walker, son. Children of daughter Amy, (now dec'd) not named.
299 Warren Mathew   Sept. 13,1854 Jackson Children mentioned, but not named. Exec. - James Kelly Wit. - Henry Bailey, Betsey Bailey
p.124 300 Burley Robert Sept. 11,1854 Sept. 28,1854 Charleston Academy Hill Cemetery Adm. - Mary Burley Bail - O.B. Wells, A. Haswell.
301 King Benjamin   Sept. 30,1854 Middlebury Adm. - George W. King.
302 Kopp John       Continued from Docket A p.293 Adm. - Charles Veil named Adm. as Peter Maneval now dec'd. Oct.11,1854.
303 Culver Timothy Oct. 10,1854 Oct. 11,1854 Charleston Sons - Joel and Philemon Culver Adm. - Robert R. Brundage Wit. - H.R. Carpenter
p.129 304 Aimes Sylvanus   Oct. 16,1854 Middlebury Adm. - Joseph Guiles Widow - not named, renounced rights to Adm.
306 Nicholas Daniel 1853 age 47 Oct. 24,1854 Union Ogdensburg Cemetery Adm. - Mary Elizabeth Nicholas, John James Bail - Alfred Jackson, Wm. Gilmour.
307 Miller     Sept.13,1854   Matilda, Andrew, and Rachel Miller, all minors. Guardian - John Brownell
308 Blanchard Charles       Guardian for heirs of R. Ellison, Accts. Oct. 24,1854.
309 Pierce Samuel (minor)   9-25-1854   Guardian - Zacheus Mallory, his accounts
p.132 310 Plank Lovel   1854 Brookfield Wife - Mehatable Plank Sons - Sylvester L., Daniel L., Isaac L., Charles H., L.L. George Plank Daughter - Olive L. Robinson. Wit. - Isaac H. Metcalf, W.G. Raymond, William Simmons, Mary Ann Simmons.
311 Baldwin Walter H.   Feb. 3,1855   Late of Addison, Steuben County, N.Y. Exec. - Henry Baldwin Mother -no name - All lands. Brothers - Henry and James Baldwin Sisters - Sarah and Pamelia Baldwin Wit. - Calvin Wilcox of Addison, N.Y. Surrogate Courts, N.Y. August 23,1854 - Geo. Farnham. Wit. - Daniel McMasters of Surrogate Court.
312 Black Jeremiah 1855 age 58 Feb. 7,1855 Liberty Salem Cemetery Wife - Jane Black Sons - John S. and Jeremiah Black Daughters - Mary Bird, Hannah Balck, Sarah and Jane Black, Louisa and Catherine Black Guardians for daughters - Catherine, Jane, Louisa - George Levegood. Exec. - Joel H. Woodruff, I.T. Weirline Wit. - Samuel Sykes, Henry Sarle, Isaac C. Storrs.
313 Baum Michael     Liberty Accounts of estate continued from page 322 of Docket A.
p.138 314 English James   Feb. 10,1855 Morris Widow - not named, renounced rights to Adm. Adm. - William D. English and Hiram Campbell Bail - John F. Harrison, W.W. Babb
p.139 315 Rockwell Laban L.   Feb. 23,1855 Rutland Exec. - Wife, Nancy Rockwell and S.F. Wilson Sons - Philander and Henry Rockwell Daughters - Clarinda, Lovina, Mary, Sarah Rockwell, Catharine, Rebecca, Hetta & Elmira Rockwell Wit. - Wm. Updike, Joel Rose.
p.140 316 Harrison John F. Feb. 21,1855 Mar. 2,1855 Morris Adm. - Prscilla Harrison, John Duffy Reg. of Wills - W.D. Bailey
317 Maynard Edward   March 6,1855 Wellsboro Adm. - Samuel R. Smith Bail - Wm. F. Robinson
318 Campbell John   Mar. 20, 1855 Elkland Exec. - E. Blackwell ( stepson ), Samuel Hazlett Joseph Campbell to pay money to S. Hazlett Wit. - Elijah Smith, John A. Smith, Daniel P. Knapp.
p.143 319 Merrick Israel   Mar. 20,1855 Delmar Wife - Julia Merrick Sons - Cahrles Merrick, Israel Ellis Merrick, George Merrick, Charles Merrick Daughters - Maria Herrington, Sarah, Mary, Anna, and Ellen Merrick. Lands that were left to Horace W. Merrick from Samuel Merrick. Exec. - James J. Jackson Wit. - James Lowery, R.J. Moore.
320 Smith Jno. P.   May 4, 1855 Charleston Adm. - Elenore Ingerick Bail - Alonzo Whitney.
321 Chappel William   May 4, 1855 Chatham Exec. - Wife, Elizabeth Chappel and John Wakely Sons - John C., William W., George W. Chappel Wit. - A.J. Clark, Wm. Wass, Jesse Rock, Wm. Clark, Jr. 
322 Thomas Ephraim   June 5,1855 Lawrence Son - William, renounced right to Adm. Adm. - Hiram Merit Bail - Thomas Gee and Pardon Damon.
p.148 323 Taylor Silas O.   June 11,1855 Deerfield Heirs of son, Charles H. Taylor - 11 - James E., George, Elizabeth, Silas, Sarah, Ruth, Cynthia, Comfort, Emmett and Catherine. Daughter - Catherine, now dec'd. Exec. - Philip S. Taylor, Henry C. Bosworth Wit. - James Work, Mark Morris, A.R. Bossard.
324 Clark Julius   June 11,1855 Rutland Adm. - Saterly Strait, A. Humphrey.
325 Seely Barnabas   June 27,1855 Brookfield Adm. - Wm. G. Seely and John W. Seely
326 Green Phio W.   June 28,1855 Sullivan Adm. - Rebecca Green
327 Wilcox D.B.   July 14, 1855 Delmar Adm. - Abigail Wilcox, Isaac F. Field Bail - Job Wilcox, Chester Robinson.
328 Hill Burdick Aug. 6,1855 Aug. 9,1855 Chatham Adm. - Daniel Hill Bail - Rensler Toles, Hamilton Cornell, Jere. Boucher.
329 Fellows Elijah   Aug. 14,1855 Delmar Adm. - John N. Black
330 Johnson Albert A.   Aug. 18,1855 Delmar Adm. - Emily Johnson, Wm. Garrison.
331 Curran Henry Oct. 6,1855 Nov. 22,1855 Chatham Adm. - Eddy Howland, Elias Curran, Sally Curran
332 Dan James   Dec. 4, 1855 Rutland Widow - Almena Dan Adm. - Charles Sherman.
p.154 333 Slocomb Persis   Dec. 4, 1855 Tioga Daughter - Harriet G. Steele Granddaughter - Ellen B. Steele Exec. - Calvin N. Slocomb, Husband Wit. - Hannah M. Black, C.H. Seymour
334 Merritt Wheaton   Dec. 5, 1855 Gaines Adm. - Thomas Allen
335 Meek Leonard Dec. 13,1855 Dec. 15,1855 Wellsborough Son - John Meek to be Exec. Daughter - Catharine, wife of Wm. Harrison Wit. - Jefferson Harrison, S.F. Wilson
336 Buckbee Samuel P.   Jan. 3, 1856 Farmington Adm. - Prudence Tremain, John Crippen Bail - Daniel Buckbee, Hiram Merit.
p.157 337 Cooper Salmon M.   Jan. 21,1856 Chatham Adm. - Urania J. Cooper, W.D. Kelly Bail - Harrison Mack, Daniel Angell
p.158 338 Kilburn Ira   Feb. 4, 1856 Lawrenceville Wife - Sally Kilburn Son and Exec. - Charles L. Kilburn Daughter - Harriet R. Mann Grandson - Ira, son of Ralph Kilburn Lands next to E.B. Benedict and Charles Beebe Wit. - Pardon Damon, John W. Ryan
p.160 339 Quackenbush John T. April 18,1851 Feb. 4,1856    

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