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Bradford County PA
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Docket B Part Three

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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim

Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.336 Price Phineas   Sept. 15,1862  No town Adm. - I.M. Edgcomb Bail - H.R. Balch, Ethan Taft Wit. - H.S. Archer.
p.336 McCallum John   Sept. 19,1862 Farmington Wife - Sally McCallum Son - Joseph McCallum Daughters - Jane and Betsey McCallum Other children to get division after wife dies. Exec.- H.W. Lugg, John C. Robb, Joseph M. White Wit. - J.C. Cobb
p.337 Etz Charles O.   Sept. 25,1862 No town Adm. - Sarah M. Etz Bail - Thomas S. Baldwin, Orlando B. Lowell
p.337 Place Carpenter H.   Oct. 07, 1862 No town Adm. - Climena Place Bail - Lyman Smith, Thos. Baldwin.
p.338 Larison Henry S.   Oct. 10,1862 No town Adm. - Susan E. Larrison
p.338 Newell Joshua   Oct. 11,1862 No town Adm. - Mary Ann Newell. Bail - Squire C. Watkins, Asa P. Roberts
p.339 Smith G. Dewight   Nov. 10, 1862 No town ( Died in battle of South Mountain Sept. 14, 1862.) Adm. - John L. Robinson Bail - Chester and J.F. Robinson.
p.339 Boom John   Nov. 26,1862 No town Adm. - John Wass Bail - E. D. Dingman
p.340 Smith Levi L.   Nov. 26,1862 No town Adm. - Arad Smith, Nancy E. Smith Bail - Henry C. Card, Thos. W. Ames.
  Root James Harvey   Nov. 28,1862 No town Adm. - Nancy C. Root Bail - C.W. Lockwood, D.W. Canfield.
p.341 Bird Gates M. 1861 Dec. 13,1862 Jackson ( born 1822 died 1861 Jobs Corner ) Adm. - Harriet ( Faringer) Bird. Bail - O.B. Wells, Wm. H. Smith
p.341 Bixby Amos 1861 Dec. 13, 1862 No town ( born 1803 died 1862 Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield) Adm. - Lydia G. Bixby, Wm. C. Ripley Bail - Llyod Gillett, L. Butts 
p.364 Van Dusen John Nov. 27,1862 Dec. 26,1862 No town ( died Nov. 27,1862 Farmington) Adm. - Andrew Van Dusen, Robert Casbeer Bail - Wm. Van Dusen, Walter Van Dusen.
p.364 Welch Elijah   Jan. 03,1863 No town Adm. - Thomas Reynolds Bail - Eleazer Orvis, Henry King.
p.365 Burdick Justus L.   Jan. 08,1863 Chatham Adm. - Daniel S. Shone or Shove Bail - Jas. E. Andrews.
p.364 Frazer George T. Aug. 01,1862 Jan. 21,1863 Brookfield (died August 01,1862 Austinburg) Wife - Elizabeth Frazer Exec. - Elizabeth Frzer Wit. - S.D. Seely, S.H. Murdock
p.365 Miller Lewis   Jan. 22,1863 Delmar Wife - Mary R. Miller Sons - Eugene A. and Ellis S. Miller, Delos V. and Cloas S. Miller Exec. - Israel Stone Wit. - Hector Norton, W.L. Miller
p.346 Pierce Cornelius Jan. 26,1863 Feb. 03,1863 No town  (died January 26, 1863 Farmington) Adm. - Geo. M. Hall, Noah Corwin Bail - Edgar A. Fish, Wm. Coster Widow renounced her right to adm.
  Walker Delinas   Feb. 16,1863 No town Adm. - Catherine Walker Bail - A.S. Keeney, B.W. Clark.
p.347 Rice George W.   Feb. 26,1863 No town Adm. - Julia A. Rice
p.347 Longwell George   Feb. 26,1863 Rutland Sons - S.R. Longwell, T.S. Longwell, Wm. Longwell. Exec. - Timothy S. Longwell, John S. Longwell Wit. - Thomas and S.L. Horton.
p.347 Dickerson George W.   Feb. 27,1863 No town Adm. - E.H. Briggs Bail - Jacob Prutsman, D.H. Clark
p.349 Brannon Michael   March 2,1863 No Town Adm. - Daniel S. Aiken Bail - James Kelly, E.H. Cornell.
p.350 Austin Susannah   Mar. 16,1863 Sullivan Daughter - Abigail Rumsey Mentioned Leander D. Rumsey Exec. - Aaron Rumsey Wit. - E.A. Fish, Ellen Grandy.
p.351 Childs Samuel B.   Mar. 30,1863 No town Adm. - Richard Childs.
  Spencer Aurora   April 4,1863 Chatham Wife - Catharine A. Spencer Sons - Wm. A., Alvin A., Caleb B. Spencer Daughters - Paulina A. Spencer, Julia A. Whitney, C. Jane Avery. Exec. - Austin H. Roberts, Constant Avery, Wm. Avery
p.353 Berry Thomas T.   May 5,1863 Tioga Son - Thomas L. Berry Wife - Phebe Berry Brothers and Sisters not named. Exec. - Benj. C. Wickham, Joseph Aiken Wit. - Calvin Green.
p.354 Kelsey Daniel   May 6,1863 Delmar Wife - Dinah Kelsey Sons - John, Benjamin F. & Robert Kelsey Daughters - Letitia English, Ann Kelsey Wit. - Thos. B. Bryden, S.F. Wilson Exec. - Benj. F. Kelsey Land next to Samuel Dickinson, Addison Boyden and Wm. Eberenz.
p.355 Grover Jarvis   May 6,1863 Chatham Adm. - Sarah Grover, Elihu Bowen Bail - Cornelius VanDyke, Dolphorn Osborn
p.357 Shaw Vadis   May 19,1863 Richmond Adm. - Daniel W.Shaw, Wm. C. Ripley Bail - Daniel L. Fralick, Bial O. Clark
p.358 Jordan James V.   May 25,1863 Deerfield Adm. - Martha V. Jordan Bail - Jona. Jordan, J.W. Fitch
  Haines Nirame   May 11,1863 Tioga Adm. - Lovina Taylor Bail - Samuel S. Kinney, A.D. Cole
p.359 White John A.   June 3,1863 Jackson Adm. - Joseph Bly Bail - Reynolds Sexby, A.B. Dewitt. Agreement signed Feb. 25,1880, by Malinda White, Anna C. Green, Henry F. Beckhorn, (husband of Sally Jane Beckhorn.
p.360 Drum Olive T.   June 19,1863 Williamsport, Lycoming Co.  
p.361 Parkhurst Kasson   June 20,1863 Elkland (Born 1832 D.1863 Lawrenceville Cem. ) Adm. - J.H. Parkhurst
p.361 Willcox John H.   June 29, 1863 Covington Exec. - Benejah Willcox Bail - C.H. Willcox, W.H. Smith.
  Harrower Benjamin   July 1,1863 Steuben County, N.Y.  
p.363 Jentzsch John George   July 3,1863 Tioga Adm. - Henry E. Smith.
p.363 Monroe John B.   July 6,1863 Sullivan Adm. - Henry B. Card, Daniel Bradford Bail - Andrew Crowl, Bateman Monroe.
p.364 Richmond Thomas   1863 Lawrence Sons - Charles and William Richardson Daughters - Jane, wife of A.W. Benson, Ann, wife of M.H. Brooks, Sally, wife of Daniel Campbell. Exec. - Pardon Damon Wit. - N.B. Keeney, Wallace P.Ryan.
p.365 Gibson Otis S. July 31,1863 Aug.14,1863 Wellsboro Wife - Emeline B. Gibson to use estate for best interest of our children. Exec. - Emeline B. Gibson.
  Sofield Alfred J.   Aug. 12,1863 Wellsborough Adm. - Helen Sofield
p.370 Bullin Asa   Aug. 18,1863 Osceola Father - Zebulon Bullin Sister - Amanda E. Bullin Exec. - Benson tubbs and A.K. Bosard.
p.370 Stilwell Herman C.   Sept. 9,1863 Jackson Adm. - Clark Stilwell Bail - E.B. Garrison, S.B. Sheive
p.371 Ford James   Sept. 17,1863 Lawrenceville Adm. - Frederick E.Smith, C.H.L. Ford and Milton P. Orson
p.377 Cady Ebenezer   Dec. 1,1863 Brookfield Adm. - Ralzy Steadman Bail - James King, E.G. Hill
p.378 Leonard Eliza   Dec. 4,1863 Troupsburgh, N.Y. Late of Wellsboro, Pa. Daughter - Cordelia Leonard Brother - William Hillyer Exec. - Stephen E. Leonard. Wit. - D.W. Noble
p.371 Dartt Chauncey Sept. 09,1863 Sept. 28,1863 Charleston ( died Sept. 9,1863 Whitneyville) Adm. - Harriet Dartt, George W. Mott
p.369 Smith Saloma   Aug. 20, 1863 Jackson Wife - Chestena to be Exec. Wit. - Nathaniel Smith, James M. Carley
p.374 Marvin George C.   Oct. 30, 1863 Charleston Adm. - Maria Marvin, James K. Kelley Bail - Calvin B. Kelley, D.P. Roberts
p.374 Bernauner Morris Sept. 01,1863 Nov. 2, 1863 Westfield Adm. - Lucy A. Bernauer, Ambrose Close. 
p.375 Cooper Jason Oct. 05,1863 Nov. 17,1863 Chatham Adm. - Maria Cooper, Erastus Cooper Wit. - Wm. Freeman, Daniel S. Shore
p.376 Miller Ellis A.   Nov. 26,1863 Delmar Wife - Juliett Miller Father - Lewis Miller Exec. - Israel Stone.
p.379 Beauge Francis   Dec. 05,1863 Charleston ( died Aug. 06,1862 age 75, from France ) Wife - Mary Beauge Sons - Politus and Eugene, under 21 Exec. - Joseph Riberolle Wit. - S.F. Wilson, S.R. Smith
p.380 Davis Horace   Dec. 14, 1863 No town Widow - not named Adm. - Andrew J. Ross
p.380 Graves A.J.   Dec. 10,1863 No town Adm. - George G. Graves Bail - Josiah Graves, Sr. Thomas Graves
p.380 Geomans Sarah   Jan. 04, 1864 No town Note - This name is unfamiliar and writing was bad. I could find no record of Geomans, could be Youmans. ADm. - John Geomans
p.381 Geomans John   Jan. 04,1864 No town Adm. - John Geomans
p.382 Davis Ezra Jr.   Jan. 14,1864 No town Adm. - Margaret W. Davis, W.W. Baynes Bail - Warren S. Davis, Martha S. Case.
p.382 Leach Harvey   Jan. 20,1864 No town Adm. - Eliza Leach Bail - Augustus Andrews, Philo Griffin
p.383 Royce Ithiel   Jan. 29,1864 No town Adm. - Melissa Royce, Edwin H. Hastings Bail - George Hastings, W.H. Smith
p.382 Bullard Mortimer   Feb. 05,1864 No town Adm. - O.Bullard Bail - M. Bullard, B.T. Van Horn
p.382 Goodenough Thomas B.   March 01,1864 No town Adm. - Butler Smith Bail - I.W. Bailey, Nelson Whitney
p.385 Dort George July 05,1865 March 05,1866 Charleston Heir - Sister, Barbry E. Dort Exec. -James G. Dartt Wit. - Holman Morgan, Nathan Lester.
p.386 Mann Isaac   March 11,1866 No town Adm. - Mary E. Mann Bail - Perez S. Tuttle, T.S. Baldwin.
p.386 Mack Samuel A. Oct. 23,1863 March 24,1864 Wellsborough Adm. - Daniel Mack
p.387 Francis Norman   April 16,1864 Delmar Adm. - Isaac M. Bodine
p.387 Westbrook Horace F.   April 18,1864 Middlebury Adm. - Rachel M. Westbrook Bail - Abram Prutsman, S. B. Hathaway.
p.388 Lewis Mary Ann   May 04,1864 Westfield Husband - Beri Lewis Father - William C. Moody Sister - Frances Cole Exec. - Horace S. Beebe Wit. - Theodore Rood and Lucy A. Rood. Request to friend - Horace S. Beche, Harrison Twp., Potter County, Pa.
p.389 Taylor David   June 01,1864 No town Adm. - James Tubbs Bail - David Coates, Emmer Bowen
p.380 Tubbs Benson   June 01,1864 No town Adm. - James Tubbs Widow mentioned - no name
p.390 Baker Philander   June 14,1864 Sullivan ( died April 13,1864 Grays Valley) Wife - Rebecca Baker Sons - Reuben L. Baker, R.F. Baker Daughters - Hannah, wife of Thomas Card, Lydia F. Baker. Exec. - Henry B. Card Wit. - Almeda Blackmer, Henry B. Card 
  Marvin Tilly   June 16,1866 Covington Sons - Noah ( youngest), others not mentioned. Daughter - Martha Hagenbuch Others - Robert, James, Eliza, and George Sampson. Exec. - Richard Videan, Edwin Dyer. Wit. - John H. Wilson, john C. Bennett. Added at the end - " my fifteen children. He could be buried in Covington with 4 wives.
p.392 Warriner Amos   July 07,1866 No town Adm. - Patience Warriner, Widow.
p.392 Soree James M.   July 20, 1864 Tioga Adm.- Margaret E. Soree.
p.393 Cushing John, Jr.   July 27,1864 No town Adm. - Alexander H. Gaylord Lucius Cushing renounced right to adm.
  Morgan William   Aug. 30, 1864  No town Adm. - Samuel Morgan Bail -Hiram M. Kimball, C. Coolidge
p.394 Chase William H.   Apt. 17,1864 Middlebury Adm. - Watson Dunham Bail - Josiah Rees and James L. Reese
p.395 Baker Thomas   Aug. 23,1864 Westfield Widow - Sarah Jane Baker Son - Hollister Baker to be Exec.-
p.396 Parkhurst Joel C.   Aug. 27,1864 Elkland Adm. - Daniel D. Parkhurst.
p.397 Sears Edwin L.   Aug. 30,1964 No Town Widow - Ellen Sears Wit. - Ellen Sears and Hannah F. Sears. Bail - Charles W. Sears, George W. Sears.
p.395 Lunn Jesse   Sept. 1, 1964 Ward Adm. - Abram Kniffen Widow - Susan Lunn renounced rights.
p.399 Goodspeed John   Sept. 21,1964 Merchant form Knoxville Wife - Not named Sons - Francis Goodspeed and his children - James and Charles Goodspeed Daughter - Emily Goodspeed Sisters - Abigail and Netty Abbott Exec. - John and Charles Goodspeed Wit. - Allen Frasee, E.D. Rutherford, Jn. Matteson.
p.401 Place Ambrose   Oct. 03,1964 Farmington Widow - not named Adm. - J.G. McCullum, Thomas Gee Bail - John M. McMullom, Julius Sherwood
p.401 Close David   Oct. 04,1964   Adm. - Eleazer S. Seely Maria Close, Ambrose Close, and N.P. Close all renounced right to adm.
p.402 Rumsey S.D. or L.D.   Oct. 10,1864 Sullivan Mentioned first wife - Sarah Rumsey Niece - Sarah C. wife of Orlando S. Rumsey Exec. - Amanda Rumsey Wit. - E.A. Fish, S.A. Ayres
p.403 Belknap Josiah B.   Nov.18,1866 No Town Adm. - Daniel Mack
p.403 Blanchard H.B.   Nov. 28,1866 No Town Adm. - Oliver H. Blachard Bail - Rhodes W. Hall, Wm. Campbell.
p.404 Butts Erastus   Nov. 29,1864 Lawrenceville Adm. - Robert Casbeer Susan Butts and Eunice B. Shoemaker renounced.
p.404 Taylor Zachary   Dec. 28,1864 No Town Adm. - Robert S. Lugg Bail - C. Lugg and A.W. Lugg
p.405 Palmer Griffin   Jan. 09,1865 No Town Widow - Amy Palmer Adm. - Richard Brown
p.405 Bosard Malchia D.   Jan. 19,1865 Farmington Adm. - William Campbell Bail - Joseph D. Campbell, V.C. Phelps Widow - Eleanor Bostard renounced rights to adm.
p.406 Johnson James E.   Jan. 28,1865 Delmar Adm. - Russel Lawton Widow - Elizabeth Johnson.
p.406 Avery Hiram   Jan. 30,1865 Charleston Adm. - George W. Avery Widow - Martha J. Avery Bail - Hiram Brooks, Ephraim Hart.
p.407 Cady James B.   Jan. 13,1865 Nelson Adm. - Alice Cady and S. H. Brewster.
p.407 Dalton Frederick O.   Jan. 30,1865 Farmington Widow - not named Adm. - Peter Dalton Bail - Joseph McCollum, Wm. R. March
p.408 Dickens Alva   Jan. 30,1865 Clymer Adm. - Myron H. Boyd Widow - Minerva Dickens.
p.408 Mack  Harrison   Feb. 01,1865 Westfield Widow - Lucina Mack Adm. - Daniel S. Shove
p.409 Walker Joseph   Feb. 20,1865 Richmond Adm. - W.W. Baynes, Nelson S. Walker Widow - not named
p.409 Campbell James   Feb. 20,1865 No Town Adm. - E.B. Campbell Bail - Robert Campbell and Thomas Allen.
p.410 Wheeler James H.   Feb. 21,1865 Jackson Adm. - Widow - Hannah Wheeler Bail - Elisha Ames, Tunis Bush.
p.410 Snyder Daniel   March 08,1865 Jackson Joanna Snyder, Phebe Cooper and Nancy Brown, renounced rights to adm. Adm. - John I. Mitchell
p.411 Webster Edward W.   April 23,1865 Middlebury Father - Gillet A. Webster Adm. - M.H. Cobb
p.411 Orton Milton P. Feb. 02,1864 May 01,1865 Lawrenceville ( died Feb. 2,1865 - Lindsey Cemetery, NY.) Adm. - Widow - Lydia H. Orton Bail - E.D. Wells, Sidney Mills.
p.411 Butler Josiah S.   May 15,1865 Delmar Adm.- Calvin F. Butler, Father Bail - Jerome B. Niles, C.B. Kelley
p.411 Bryant Isaac   May 30,1865 No Town Adm. - Widow - Mary A. Bryant.
p.413 Chamberlain     May 29,1865 Clymer Wife - Carrie Chamberlain Adm. - Carrie Chamberlain Isaac was in U.S. Service - Co.F. 45th Reg. Pa. Vol.
p.414 Rumsey Isaac S.   May 29, 1865 No Town Adm. - Widow - Thankful A. Rumsey Bail - Wm. Roberts, J. S. Calkin.
p.414 Seelye Micajah   May 30, 1865 No Town Adm. - Sarah E. Seelye Bail -John L. Warner, Joel Parkhurst
p.415 Dann Philip   May 30,1865 Union Wife - Mary Ann Dann Daughter - Lucy Ann Dann Exec. - Mary Ann Dann, Peter B. Herrington
p.416 Strait James   May 30,1865 No Town Adm. - John B. Hardy Bail - Eleazer Seagers, Vine Seagers.
p.416 Burgess John   June 02,1865 Sullivan Widow - Matilda Burgess Adm. - Wm. Braine
p.420 Fulkerson Sarah   Aug. 09,1865 No Town Adm. - William Fulkerson
p.420 Van Hoosen Samuel   Aug. 11,1865 Gaines Adm. - Polly Van Hoosen Bail - Henry Crofut, H. C. Vermilyea
p.417 Buckbee Daniel S.   June 08,1865 Farmington Widow and Exec. - Catherine Buckbee. Wit. - Geo. W. Stanton, S. I. Powers.
p.418 Waters Thomas   June 06,1865 Richmond Petition of Lewis Crittendon, a citation sent to Widow, Sarah Waters and son - Samuel Waters
p.418 Hart Lyman   July 05,1865 No Town Widow - not named Adm. - J. L. Kingsbury Bail - C. W. Sears, David Bellinger.
p.419 Dann Alpheus E.   July 20,1865 Union Adm. - Widow - Margaret Dann.
p.419 Christian Philip T.   July 31,1865 Shippen Adm. - Catherine Christian Bail - Warren P. Christian, John T. Purvis
p.421 Scwerzenbach Michael   Aug. 21,1865 Wellsborough Widow and Exec. - Christiana Swerzenbach Wit. - A. S. Brewster, Charles Yahn.
p.422 Swimelar James   July 31,1865 No Town Petition of Marvil Swimelar, citation sent to Sylvia Dutcher, former widow of James Swimelar, August 28, 1865 Adm. - Sylvia Dutcher and Warren Dutcher Bail - Christopher Swimelar, Theodore Tremain.
p.422 Mack  George W.   Aug. 26,1865 No Town Adm. - Nancy A. Mack and James King Bail - Marvel Swimelar, Wm. Howland.
p.423 Tubbs Robert   Aug. 29,1865 Osceola Son - Robert H. Tubbs Daughters - Ann, wife of William Baker, Elizabeth Tubbs, Phebe tubbs, Polly, widow of son, Benson Tbbs Exec. - Hoyt Tubbs and John Tubbs Lands bounded by Silas O. Taylor, A. H. Bozard, Henry Seely, Robert Tubbs, Philip Taylor to New York line on north.
p.426 Belknap Justin C. June 27,1865 Aug. 30,1865 Jackson (died June 27, 1865 Millerton Cemetery) Wife - Catherine Belknap Sons - Solomon and Justin Belknap Wit. - O. D. Bly, C. Tillinghast, Jr.
p.427 Brewster Benjamin W.   Sept. 01,1865 Charleston Wife - Phebe Brewster to be Exec. Only Daughter - Mary J. Brewster Wit. - Waldo May, Jefferson Harrison
p.428 Warren Thomas   Aug. 28,1865 Deerfield Exec. - H.E. Potter, G.W. Ingham Wit. - Angela D. Potter, J.E. White
p.429 Hubbell Gilbert   Sept. 06,1865 No Town Adm. - Stepehn S. Packard Bail - John Geomans, A.M. Spencer
p.429 Dan Israel M   Sept. 07,1865 No Town Adm. - Peter V. Vanness Widow - not named.
p.430 Fowler Albert   Sept. 08,1865 Nelson Widow - Sally Fowler Exec. - Philetus Crandall Money to brothers and sisters, unnamed.
p.431 Palmer Abram   Oct. 13,1865 No Town Adm. - Mary Ann Palmer.
p.432 Christenat James Albert Feb. 08,1865 Oct. 14,1865 Salisbury, N. Caroline Died Feb. 08, 1865 Wellsboro Wife Emily Christenat Mother - Adeline Christenat Brother - William Christenat Wit. - D.F. Bacon, A.C. Ellsworth.
p.433 Roblyer Rhoda   Oct. 28,1865 No Town Adm. - Contine Connelly Bail - M. Connelly, M.F. Ellsworth.
p.433 Rogers Samuel, Sr.   Nov. 03, 1865 Covington Wife - Ann Rogers Sons - Samuel, Ellis, And Phineas Rogers Daughters - Phebe, Sarah, Annis Rogers. To be buries in Charleston Welsh Cemetery. Wit. - Thomas E. and William R. Jones
p.435 Rose Royal   Nov. 13,1865 Rutland Adm. - Widow - M.A. Rose and E. I. Stevens Bail - D.G. Stevens, S. B. Furman
p.435 Austin  Nelson   Nov. 16, 1865 No Town Adm. - Nathan Austin and Hiram Brooks.
p.436 Dewey Gideon   Nov. 17,1868 No Town Adm. - Hugh McInroy Bail - M. Borst, James L. Reese.
p.436 Redington Patrick   Nov. 22,1865 Delmar Adm. - Widow - Jane Redington Bail - Wm. Riley, Thos. Harden.
p.437 Mickle Willis J.   Nov. 24, 1865   Adm. - Fanny Mickle.
p.437 Garrison Caleb D.   Nov. 28, 1865 Rutland Adm. - E.B. Garrison
p.438 Rathbone Amos   Nov. 28,1865 No Town Adm. - D.S. Peters Bail - Joel Rose, R.G. Shelton.
p.439 Skinner Nathaniel   Dec. 05,1865 Clymer Wife - Anna Skinner Daughter - Louise V. Skinner Exec. - Alonzo E. Skinner, Louisa V. Skinner Wit. - L. Lovel, Frances Strang.
p.440 Shipman Jacob   Dec. 21,1865 Farmington Wife - Lydia Shipman Sons - George H., John P., Rollin M, and William M. (youngest, under 16) Daughter - Amelia Shipman Other heirs - Mary S. Birean Exec. - Lydia Shipman, Oliver Blanchard. Wit. - Daniel P. Birean, Clark Fowler. 
p.442 Campbell George   Nov. 02,1865 Wellsborough Petition from Morgan Sherwood for widow to settle accounts. She - never named. Adm. - Thos. P. Wingate.
p.442 Everitt William V.   Jan. 25,1866   Adm. - Persis M. Everitt Bail - Andrrew C. Jewell, Jn. F. Cleaveland.
p.444 Knapp Morris   Jan. 30,1866 Lawrence Adm. - Alvin Knapp
p.443 Davis David S.   Jan. 29,1866 Covington Wife - Mary Davis Sons - Thomas and David T. Davis. Daughters - Jane S. and Aleanor M. Davis. Exec. - Mary Davis and David G. Edwards Wit. - John M. Haverly
p.446 Potter Franklin   Jan. 30,1866 Westfield Adm. - H.N. Aldrich Bail - Halsey Aldrich, Morris Pritchard
p.444 Tabor Frederick   Jan. 30,1866 Jackson Wife - Martha, step mother to my son. Only son - Soam Tabor Daughters - Elizabeth Ann, wife of Andrew J. Miller, Samantha Melvina, wife of Horace Barker of Roseville. Grace Evans, wife of Tartulis Garrison. Exec. - O.B. Wells and Simon Harr Wit. - Lewis Daggett, Seth O. Daggett, H.F. Garretson ( To be buried by Rev. Samuel Grinnell.)
p.446 Mowrey Peter Jan. 29,1866 Feb. 02,1866 Farmington ( died Jan. 29,1866 - Mowrey Cemetery ) Adm. - Henry and Daniel Mowrey Bail - C.H. house and R.W. House.
p.447 Dailey Vincent   Feb. 05,1866 No Town Adm. - Perry Dailey Bail - R.T. Wood and J.G. Parkhurst
p.447 Swan Merit C.   Feb. 10,1866 Covington Widow - Julia Swan to be Exec. Shoe manufactuing to go to Louis B. Smith and my wife, Julia. My father's estate, now in the hands of adm. Adms. - William S. Swan and Abner Towland, Jr. His farm in Wisconson. Wit. - Lewis B. Smith, H. Bennett, Asa P. Roberts 
p.449 Guernsey Margaret M.   Feb. 11, 1866 Wellsboro Husband - H.A. Guernsey Son - William, under 16 Daughter - Mary Others - Mary ann and Julia Anna Eberenz, daughters of brother Charles. To brother Charles Eberenz, all my Delmar land. Wit. - S.H. Landis and Jno. N. Bache
p.450 Hamlin John   March 20,1866 Mansfield from Elmira, N.Y. Widow - Lydia T. Hamlin Exec. - J. Davis and Wm. T. Post Wit. - Erastus P. Hart and Erastus P. Benn, both of Elmira, N.Y.
p.453 Soule William S.   March 20,1866 Farmington Adm. - John C. Robb Bail - Elisha Soule, G.W. Bowen.
p.453 Schneider John   March 21,1866 Liberty Widow - Catherine Schneider Adm. - Daniel and George Schneider Bail - Isaac Reed, Samuel Loudenslager
p.454 Crippen Asa   April 26, 1866 Rutland Wife - Betsey Crippen Son - William H. Crippen Four Heirs - George Crippen, Julia Ann Squire, Seth Crippen, William H. Crippen Exec. - Betsey Crippen, George Crippen, Geo. Tanner Wit. - Hiram Hodges, Northrop Smith.
p.455 Herrick Albert G.   May 05,1866 Lawrenceville Adm. - Joseph Guile Bail - J.W. Bailey, B.B. Holliday
p.456 Pride Horace   May 07, 1866 Westfield Adm. - Polly A. Pride.
p.457 Fulkerson James W.   May 16,1866 Liberty Adm. - Mary C. Kelse and Chas. Stockwell.
p.457 Whitcomb Charles   May 26, 1866 Union Wife - Marinda Whitcomb Sons - James M. and Charles T. Whitcomb Daughter - Martha Ann Herrington Niece - Elvira Bennett Exec. - James M. Whitcomb, Chas. T. Whitcomb and Marinda Whitcomb. Wit. - J. E. Cleveland, Edmund Rice, Marinda Bennett
p.459 Gillan Joseph   May 28,1866 Farmington Wife - Catherine Gillan Son - Wm. W. Gillan Daughter - Mary E. Gillan Exec. - Catherine Gillan Wit. - Gilbert Owlet, G.W. Forsythe.
p.460 Stull Samuel   May 28,1866 Union Adm. - Mary Stull Bail - Cornelius Stull, John Irvin
p.460 Anderson John   May 29,1866 Liberty Adm. - Jeremiah Alexander Bail - Wm. Narber, John Anderson
p.461 Prutsman Jacob   May 30,1866 No Town Adm. - John I. Mitchell Bail - T.B. Mitchell, Richard I. Inscho
p.461 Morris Samuel W.   May 31,1866 No Town Adm. - John W. Guernsey
p.463 Trowbridge Watson   June 07,1866 Clymer Wife - Mary Trowbridge Sons - Onan, (youngest) and Asher Trowbridge Exec. - Mary and Asher Trowbridge Wit. - John Lovel, S.J. Lovel of Clymer Twp. and A.T. works of Hector, Potter County.
p.462 Daggett Rufus   June 01,1866 Jackson Adm. - Thomas J. Bradbury Widow - Rachel Daggett renounced right to adm.
p.462 Rose Arnot   June 04,1866 Rutland Adm. - William Adams Widow - Elizabeth J. Rose
p.464 Webster Philander   June 11,1866 No Town Widow - Sarah A. Webster Adm. - Henry B. Card Bail - Edmund A. Fish, Lafayette Gray, Philip Ripley
p.464 Knapp George   July 13,1866 No Town Adm. - Amos Knapp
p.465 Miller William   Aug. 15,1866 Liberty Wife - Elizabeth Miller Heirs - Jane McCracken, wife of Asa Osa Courtright, Wm. Miller Beard, son of George Beard of N.J., Wm. Miller Moirris, son of Joseph Morris, Alonzo Miller, Elizabeth Merrell, Rachel Bannen and her daughter Jane of New York. Exec. - Elizabeth Miller, C.F. Veil, J.J. Werline. Wit. - Wm. Kimble, Warren M. Marvin.
p.467 Mitchell Isaac   Aug. 15,1866 No Town Adm. - Sarah Mitchell Bail - J. Emery, Isaac Sears.
p.467 Woodfield Daniel   Aug. 24.1866 No Town Adm. - Fred E. Smith, B.W. Clark Widow mentioned, not named.
p.468 Huyler Phebe   Aug. 28,1866 Westfield Sons - Morgan, Llyod R., Frederick M., and John Huyler. Daughters - Electa, wife of Amasa Robbins, Deborah, wife of Ezra Jennings, and Rozanna Huyler. Exec. - Hollister Baker Wit. - Augustus Streeter, Octavia E. streeter.
p.469 Warren Freelove   Aug. 22,1866 Chatham Sons - Cyrus P., William and Elihu Warren Other heirs - Children of William Bowen - Alma, now Alma Bradford, Anna, now Anna Sears, James, Ezra Bowen, now Gilkey, Cyrus P. Bowen, Elihu Bowen, Mary Bowen, now Mary Snell. Exec. - Cyrus P. Bowen, Elihu Bowen. Wit. - Orrin M. Allen of Deerfield, Abigail Kizer, Sylvester C. Doan & Henry Kizer, all of Chatham Twp.
p.471 Cooper Martha Jane   Oct. 02,1866 No town Adm. - Nathaniel E. Hastins Bail - Sidney Beach, H.C. Bailey
p.471 Swimelar Joseph   Sept. 25,1866 Westfield Widow mentioned, not named. Adm. - Samuel Swimelar
p.472 Borst Matthew   Oct. 15,1866 Wellsborough Adm. - Mary A. Borst Bail - A.S. Bodine, Wm. H. Smith.
p.472 Querin Napoleon E.   Oct. 25,1866 Polk County, Tenn. Heir - Miss Rosina M. Parmenter of Brooklyn, N.Y. Exec. - Edward Bayer and Rosina M. Parmenter Wit. - August Rolker, Sr. and Jr., of 47 Sand St., Brooklyn, N.Y. C.H. Seymour, Atty. of Brooklyn and David Barnett, a Tioga County, PA. Commissioner.
p.475 Parkhurst Dexter   Oct. 20,1866 Sullivan Wife - Mariam Parkhurst Sons - 3 oldest - Porter D., Philemon P., Baldwin Parkhurst. Youngest - Frank Parkhusrt, under 21. Daughter - Sarah Marie Maine Wit. - Edw. A. Fish, Francis Kilpatrick.
p.477 Forer Ulrich   Oct. 22,1866 Liberty Wife - Annah Forer Sons - Daniel, Israel, Jacob Forer. Daughters - Clarrah Miller, Susannah Maneval Exec. - Daniel Forer, Samuel Miller. Wit. - R.C. Cox, G.R. Sheffer To be interred at Moyer Church.
p.478 Garrison Caleb D.   Nov. 03,1866 Jackson Adm. - Orrin B. Wells Bail - Reuben Updike, Caroline E. Garrison
p.479 Garrison Edmund B.   Nov. 03,1866 Jackson Adm. - Caroline Garrison, Widow.
p.479 Southworth Chauncey   Nov. 05,1866 Clymer Adm. - Nancy M. Southworth Bail - John W. burnsides, Emily Cummings
p.480 Seely Nathaniel Oct. 15,1866 Nov. 16,1866 Elkland (died October 15, 1866 - Knoxville Quaker Cemetery) Sons - Morgan and Allen Seely Heirs named - Jonas B. Seely, George G. Seely, Henry Seely, Jane E. Crandall, wife of Russel Crandall, Ann R., wife of Anthony Lugg. To be interred in burying ground, west of house of Samuel Tubbs, Elkland where my children are buried. Exec. - Benson Tubbs, Timothy Coats, Jonas B. Seely. Wit. - Philetus Crandall, James R. Tubbs.
p.482 Groo William J.   Nov. 26,1866 Westfield Wife - Betsey Ann Groo Exec. - Francis Strang, Leander Jackson Lovell. Wit. - G.W. Crippen, P. D. Farrell.
p.483 Welty Frederick 1866 Nov. 26,1866 Liberty ( died 1866 age 65 - Salem Cemetery) Adm. - Mary ann Welty, Philip J. Welty.
p.485 Wheeler Chester   Nov. 26,1866 No Town Widow - not named Adm. - Jacob R. Miller Bail - O.D. Bly, J.R. Friends.
p.484 Treat Silvester   Nov. 26,1866 Chatham Wife - Lucinda Treat Sons - Rufus (oldest) & Silvester, second and youngest. Daughter - Farther Lois Amelia ( youngest). Exec. - Lucinda Treat Wit. - Robert and Susan H. Casbeer.
p.485 Butler Alvin B.   Nov. 27,1866 No Twp. Adm. - Hollister Baker, Andotha Butler. Bail - Salmon Rowland, Simon V. Butler.
p.486 Young Archibald   Nov.28,1866 No Twp. Adm. - S.R. Scallin Widow mentioned, but not named
p.486 Saxton Hiram   Dec. 10,1866 No Twp. Adm. - John I. Mitchell Bail - W.A. Nichols, Fred E. Smith.
p.487 Bodine Charles B.   Dec. 26,1866 No Twp. Adm. - Frederick Bodine.
p.487 Doan Eli   Dec. 28,1866 No Twp. Adm. - Joseph J. Doan, Rebecca Doan Bail - Benj. Doan, Jerome B. Niles.
p.488 Seely Elanson   Jan. 10,1867 Deerfield Wife - not named Sons - Elanson Jr., Ebenezer, David, B.F., Malvin H., Eddy Seely Children of John Seely, dec'd. Daughters - Hulda Sutton, Phoebe Taff, Lois Carpeneter. Exec. - Elanson Seely, Jr. Wit. Eddy Howland, John Husted.
  Deane Darius L.   Reg. of Wills    

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