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Docket B Part Four

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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim

Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.489 Phelps Volcut C.   Jan. 24,1867 Osceola Wife - Diantha C. Phelps Exec. - Geo. W. Phelps, Russel Crandall Wit. - A.K. Bosard, Eunice Atherton
p.490 Hammond David   Feb. 04,1867 Elkland Wife - Mary Hammond Son - John A. Hammond Daughters - Matilda, Cynthia, Susan, Fanny, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Elcy Hammond Exec. - John A. Hammond Wit. - S. H. Hammond, John Hawe
p.492 Zinck Charles   Feb. 07,1867 Liberty Wife - Mary Zinck Son - Charles William Zinck Daughters - Wilhelmina, wife of Robert Brown & Catherine, wife of John Bellman The children are by my first wife. Clause Franke to sell farm on Briar Hill. Exec. - John and Catherine Bellman. Wit. - Lewis Zentlinger, Soloman Blank.
p.494 Horton Thomas   Feb. 09,1867 Delmar Widow - Anna Horton Sons - Hiram, oldest. Thomas C., 3ird son and Hector, 4th son. Daughters - Betsey Kimball, oldest., Hannah Slosson,2nd., Samantha Hastings. Other heirs - Children of son, Ezra Horton. Exec. - Israel Stone Wit. - Lewis Miller, Marietta Horton, Permilia Horton and Eugene H. Stone.
p.497 Hart John   Feb. 09,1867 Charleston Wife - Eliza Hart Sons - Melville and Hiram (oldest) Hart Daughters - Palina and Ida Hart Exec. - Hiram Hart Wit. - David Hart, Reuben Hart
  Hoig P.C.       Guardian of Malissa, Rhoda, Hannah and William C. , children of Sheldon Hoig, dec'd. March 01,1867 
p.499 Dockstader Henry P.   March 20,1867 Charleston Wife - Clementina L. Dockstader Son - Otis Adelbert Dockstader Daughter - Ella Elizabeth Dockstader Anticipated heir to be born yet. Exec. - Jeremiah Dockstader, Holman Morgan Wit. - Barbara A. Venton.
p.501 Miller Charles   April 01,1867 Jackson Adm. - Warren S. Miller
p.501 Ludington William   April 10,1867 Sullivan Wife - Phoebe Ludington Sons - Amander, James Riley & Enos D. Ludington. Daughters - Angeline Irene, Anna Eunice & Phebe V. Ludington. Exec. - Phoebe Ludington, Amander Ludington. Wit. - Joel H. Austin, John H. Packard.
p.503 McMahon James   April 26,1867 No Twp. Adm. - Michael McMahon
p.504 Lamb Daniel   May 03,1867 Richmond Adm. - W.F. Lamb, John W. Guernsey Bail - Michael Fralick, Daniel Holiday
p.502 Seacord James   May 14,1867 Westfield Wife - Kate A. Seacord Son - Jay S. Seacord Father Gilbert S. Seacord Exec. - Kate Seacord, Richard Krusen Wit. - B.B. Strang, S.B. Lewis.
p.508 Strang Samuel B.   May 15, 1867 Late of Elmira, N.Y. Adm. - F.E. Smith
p.508 Manley Joseph   May 20,1867 Wellsboro Adm. - Adaline Manley
p.509 Wood Hezekiah   May 20,1867 Blossburg Adm. - Stephen H. Wood, Abram Hart Wit. - J.W. Bailey
p.509 Stearns John O.   May 20, 1867 Late of New Jersey Adm. - Amos C. Stearns.
p.510 Seely Daniel R.   May 28.1867 Knoxville Adm. - Joseph Guile
p.510 Butler Selden M.    May 19,1867 Chatham Adm. - Lucy Butler Bail - Abijah Kizer, A.Van Dusen
p.511 Taylor Philip   May 28,1867 Osceola  Adm. - C.R. Taylor, Sarah Taylor
p.511 Sawyer A.J.   May 29,1867 Farmington Adm. - John I. Mitchell Bail - Wm. A. Nichols, Leroy Tabor.
p.512 Jaquish Joseph   June 03,1867 Covington Sons - Welcome, Horace L., Charles, John W., Joseph Bloomfield Jaquish. Daughters - Phebe Strong, Desire Beardsley, Elizabeth Lewis. Exec. - Joseph Jaquish Wit. - Porter Gaylord, Henry Allen
p.513 Babb William   June 04,1867 No Twp. Exec. - Son - William W. Babb. ( see p. 517 )
p.513 Kniffen Phillip S.   June 05,1867 Sullivan Son - Philip Edmund Kniffen Daughters - 3 -Esther, wife of James Gafford, Lovina, wife of Geo. W. Smith, Mary Jane, wife of Merrie Taylor. Exec. - P.B. Smith, O.F. Richards. Mentioned grandson - Merit Edward Kniffen. Wit. - W.B. Hall, C.L.F. Howe.
p.515 Hebard Adriel   June 12,1867 Richmond Heirs - Brother - Henry J. Hebard. Daughters - ? (not stated), Mary, wife of Elder M. Rockwell, Rachel, wife of Perry Newell, Jane S., wife of Ulrich S. Snover. Money due to Ichabod R. Spencer. Exec. - A.M. Spencer, I.R. Spencer, Irad Wilson, Abel Rockwell. Wit. - Lovinia Spencer, S.B. Elliott.
p.517 Babb William   June 19,1867 Morris Adm. - William W. Babb Bail - Richard English, George Crist.
p.518 Spencer Benjamin F.   June 25,1867 Chatham Wife - Sharlotte Spencer Sons - Chancy and Jesse Spencer Exec. - Sharlotte Spencer Wit. - J.W. Taylor, Lucretia Fuller, Allen Mosher
p.519 Clark Albert   June 25,1867 Chatham Adm. - Reuben Morse Widow - not named.
p.520 Shelton Thomas   July 20,1867 Delmar Adm. - George Shelton, father.
p.520 Brown Alpheus   Aug. 02,1867 Late of Berdett, Schuyler County, N.Y. Adm. - A.S. Brewster Brother - E.J. Brown as creditor and wit.
p.521 Barker William   Aug. 16,1867 Osceola Wife - Ann Barker Exec. - Son, George Barker & Henry C. Bosworth. Wit. - A.K. Bosard, C.B. hoyt, J.R. Tubbs.
p.525 Parshall Benjamin   Aug. 24,1867 Sullivan Wife - Roena Parshall Lands from Appolos and Phebe Pitts in1837 Exec. - Roena Parshall, Robert Emmett Spencer Wit. - S.H. Hill, R.R. Phelps
p.525 Wood Samuel T.   Aug. 27,1867 Covington Adm. - Widow - Mary E. Wood
p.525 Warren Rufus   Aug. 28,1867 Late of N.Y. Adm. - George Dorrance Bail - R.T. Wood, Henry Sherwood.
p.526 Gifford Henry   Sept. 21,1867 Delmar Adm. - Mary Gifford
p.526 Griffins Philo   Oct. 04,1867 Middlebury Adm. - Jane Griffin, Roswell Ackley.
p.527 Van Dyke Cornelius   Oct. 09,1867 Chatham Sons - Henry and Arthur Lee Van Dyke Daughter - Emma Van Dyke Exec. - Ezra Allen Wit. - E.R. Van Horne, Victor Case
p.528 Calkins Joel   Oct. 31,1867 Westfield Wife - Clarissa Calkins Sons - Aden, Lyman, Horace, & Frederick Calkins Daughters - Laura Ann Ward, Lucy Mintonye Grandchildren - Florence and Floyd, children of my son, Percey. Alvah Mintonye. Wit. - Augustus Streeter, Octavia Streeter.
p.532 Smith Jerome   Oct. 31,1867 Wellsboro Widow mentioned, but not named. Adm. - A.S. Brewster, Esq.
p.533 Vandusen John   Nov. 25,1867 No Twp. Adm. - Andrew Vandusen Bail - Milo Vandusen.
p.533 Labar William   Nov. 26,1867 Clymer Wife - Frances Labar Exec. - Benjamin Labar, Nathan Labar. Wit. - A.A. Amsbury, Wm. A. Louglass.
p.535 Rose Maryette A.   Nov. 27,1867 Rutland Adm. - Harriet Stevens, Helen Furman.
p.535 Taylor Jonas   Dec. 03,1867 Liberty Adm. - Chas. F. Veil Bail - E.Hart, Job Rexford.
p.356 Diehr Michael   Dec. 03,1867 Liberty Wife - Christina Diefr Son - Michael Diehr Daughters - Magdelena Anderson, Elizabeth Schanbacher, Williamine Love, Catherine Focht, Christina Roop, Ernestine King. Exec. - Michael Diehr, Jr. Wit. - Chas. F. Veil, Lewis Zentlinger.
p.537 Bulkley George   Dec. 13,1867 Deerfield Wife - Laura P.Bulkley Sons - Ralph, when 21, Edwin B. Bulkley Daughters - Lucy M. Alby, Hannah A. Warner Children of my late daughter Olivia C.Seely, wife of Juliua Seely., Sarah F., wife of J.D. Hotchkiss, Lucy, wife of Augustus Alby. Farm Adj. Enoch Steer, Newton Bulkley, and Ira Bulkley. Exec. - Son - Ralph Bulkley Wit - Charles Bulkley, George M. Bulkley. 
p.543 Briggs Samuel   Dec. 14,1867 Clymer Wife - Clarissa Briggs Sons - Martin L., Edmund F., Albert P. and Cassius Briggs. Daughter - Rosa Briggs Exec. - Clarissa Briggs, Abraham Smith Wit. - J.B. Benn, David Case, Peter Vanness.
p.545 Bennett Cromwell   Dec. 06,1867 Chatham Wife - Sally Bennett Daughters - 2 - Susannah Calista Clark, Lois Lusin Bennett Children of my dec'd son ( not named ) viz - Henry Ralph Bennett, Eva A. Bennett. Exec. - Leonard Clark Wit. - Reuben Morse, Benjamin Morse.
p.547 Stickley Henry   Dec. 11,1867 Delmar Wife - Lydia Stickley Sons - Henry, the oldest - others not named. Daughters - Louise and Lydia Stickley Exec. - Wife - Lydia Stickley Wit. - Thomas Wands, Lewis C. Pendleton, Henry Sherwood.
p.548 Baldwin Moses S.   Dec. 27,1867 Lawrence Wife - Milicent H. Baldwin Adm. - Milicent Baldwin and Thos. L. Baldwin.
p.549 Hymes Jacob Dec. 14,1868 Jan. 08,1868 Middlebury Wife - Nabby Hymes Son - George W. Hymes Daughters - Martha, wife of Volentine Lewis, Lucretia Hymes. Grandson - Howard Beckwith, when he is 21. Exec. - Chas. H. Seymour Wit. - D,G. Stevens, E.J. Stevens, L.A. Seymour.
p.551 Conley Jacob   Jan. 11,1868 Middlebury Adm. - widow - Martha Conley and Orange Conley Bail - Chas. J. Sherman, Chas. William.
p.551 Seamans Jonathon   Jan. 11,1868 Westfield Wife - Rebecca Seamans Sons - Israel A., Eli B., Alonzo, John M., Milo P. and Loren B. Seamans. Daughters - Polly Scott, Eliza Morris, Lorana Cowles, Hannah Streeter, Chloe Potter. Exec. - John M. Seamans Wit. - Mulbry Seamans, Frances Seamans.
p.553 Black Elijah   Jan. 17,1868 Wellsboro Adm. - A.S. Brewster.
p.553 Essick Christian   Jan. 25,1868 Liberty Wife - Anna M., dec'd. Son - Jacob Essick Others mentioned - John Grassly, Leah Wigant, Polly Dieffenbacher. Wit. - Thomas Skelley, J.J. Werline.
p.555 Ocorr John T.   Jan. 27,1868 Gaines Adm. - Sheldon Ocorr.
p.555 Gardner Jesse   Jan. 31,1868 Late of Independence, Alleghany County, N.Y. Wife - Ann Gardner Sons - David Gardner and his wife Mary A. and her daughter - Jesse Gardener. George P. Gardner. Sarah, wife of George P. Gardner and her daughter, Jes. Grandson - Frank B. Gardner, Jesse, son of Benjamin Gardner. Exec. - David T. Gardner, George P. Gardner, and Anna Gardner. Wit. - Peter W. Tallman & A.G. Chase of Independence, N.Y. and Augustus Streeter.
p.558 Barnes Stephen B.   Feb. 22,1868 Gaines Adm. - Joshua T. Jackson
p.560 Nims Sarah A.   March 20,1868 Farmington Husband, dec'd. Children all minors, not named. Adm. - John L. Mitchell Guardian for Children - John W. Guernsey.
p.558 Canfield Moses   1868- no month or day Rutland Sons - Oliver, Hiram, Daniel Canfield Daughters - Ann, Louisa, Polly Canfield. Exec. - Daniel Canfield, John Benedict, Esq. Wit. - J.W. Crippen, E.D. Benedict, John Benedict.
  Pierce Stephen   March 26,1868 No Twp. Wife - Mary, the mother of my children. Daughter - Emma J. Pierce Exec. - Mary Pierce, widow. Wit. - M. F. Elliott, Thoas. Harden.
p.562 Kissinger Jacob   March 30,1868 Liberty Wife - Leah Kissinger Son - Levi Kissinger Daughters - Sarah, Rosannah, and Catherine Kissinger Exec. - Joseph Morris, John Sheffer. Wit. - J.G. Albeck, Samuel Hartman. 
p.562 Pearsall Eliza M.   March 28,1868 Chatham Widow - Eliza M. Pearsall Exec. - Eliza M. and Squire Southworth Bail - Roswell Ackley, James King
p.564 French William, Jr.   April 01,1868 Middlebury Adm. - Widow - Annette French Bail - N.T. West, H.F. Shaff
p.564 Elliott Levi   April 15,1868 Charleston Widow - not named Adm. - John W. Elliott.
p.565 Gaige Oliver B.   April 15,1868 Jackson Adm. - David Everitt Bail - Mary E. Gaige, L.B. Sheive
p.565 Brown Almon   April 20,1868 Middlebury Adm. - Daniel Holiday Widow - not named Bail - B.B. Holiday, John W. Guernsey
p.566 Smith David H.   May 01,1868 Wellsboro Adm. - Josiah Emery Bail - E.N. Smith, Alpheus Williams.
p.566 Butler Simeon   May 05,1868 Delamr Adm. and heir - Simeon V. Butler Bail - Austin A. Butler, Richard Campbell.
` Brewer Mary E.       Minor Child of Charles M. Brewer dec'd. Guardian - Hathaway Losey May 04,1868
p.567 Stokes Jonathon May 20,1868 June 01,1868 Farmington Wife - Lucy Ann Stokes Daughters - Jannie Arunia Stokes, Mary Ette Beebe, wife of James of James Beebe. Exec. - Isaac C. Price, Noah Corwin. Wit. - Noah Corwin, J.B. Redfield. To be interred in Cemetery near Joseph Peters.
p.569 Brown Calvin P.   June 19,1868 Lawrenceville Widow - not named. Adm. - John H. Brown Bail - Samuel Chapman, A.P. Radeker.
p.569 Black Thomas W.   June 23,1868 No Twp. Adm. - Widow - Mary Ann Black.
p.570 Jennings Elijah F.   July 10,1868 Charleston Adm. - Darwin Thompson Widow - not named Bail - Henry Sherwood, C. W. Sears.
p.570 Lewis Lewis May 27,1868 July 13,1868 Charleston ( died May 27, 1868 Welsh Settlement ) Sons - John, Even, Benjamin, and David of Blossburg. Daughters - Catherine and Elizabeth Lewis. Exec. - David E. Edwards and son - Evan Lewis. Wit. - Rees Morris, Evan Evans.
p.572 Wells O.B.   July 21,1868 Jackson Widow - not named Adm. - Benjamin Wells, John W. Guernsey Bail - Mrs. P.A. Wells, Wm. Garrison
p.572 Smead David   July 27,1868 No Twp. Widow - Abigail Smead. Children - S.D. Smead, C.W. Smead, F.W.Smead, James Smead. Adm. - Abigail Smead.
p.573 Tarn Thomas   July 29,1868 Blossburg Adm. - Widow, Elizabeth Tarn.
p.573 Kirkland Henry   Aug. 12,1868 Blossburg Wife - Jane Ann Kirkland Sons - William and Henry Kirkland Wife's son - James H. Denton Hers and my children - George Frederick, Harriet Amanda, Lorenso and Frankie Grant Kirkland. Parents - Thomas and Mary Kirkland of Attica, N.Y. to use my house on Tracy St. Exec. - Jane Ann Kirkland 
p.575 Green Peter   Aug. 25,1868 Wellsboro Wife - Agnes Green Sons - George and William Green Daughters - Margaret Smith, Mary Green Exec. - Agnes Green, George Green Wit. - W.W. Webb, J.B. Niles, C.C. Bailey. 
p.577 Martin Robert   Aug. 31,1868 Delmar Mother - Sarah Martin Adm. - John English Bail - Chas. A. Mosier, Elijah Dunn
p.577 Martin Thomas   Aug. 31,1868 Delamr Adm. - John English.
p.578 Larison Theodore   Aug. 31,1868 Jackson Adm. - S.B. Warriner Bail - John Larison, P.W. Rockwell
p.578 Strawn Sarah   Sept. 01,1868 Chatham Sons - Allan Strawn, Samuel M. Strawn Exec. - John Wass Wit - John Kimball, John Wass.
p.581 Phillips Richard Aug. 25,1868 Sept. 01,1868 Westfield Sons - Samuel Phillips, Charlton Phillips Daughters - Permilia, wife of Henry Broughton, Julia Ann, wife of Calvin Spofford, Delano, wife of Oliver Babcock, Dorliska, wife of Hollister Baker, Melissa, wife of John Goodspeed, Jr. Children of Philinda, wife of Jacob Everutt, viz. - Phebe, wife of Lewis Hackett, Richard Everitt, Thankful D. Everitt, wife of George Mc Intyre, Dorliska Everitt, wife of Thomas Shoonover, Elias Everitt, Rhoda Everitt, wife of Gaylord Mattison. Exec. - Francis Strang. Wit. - J.C. Strang, A.A. Amsboy. 
p.582 Vanbariger Sarah G.   Sept. 01,1868 Rutland Husband - R.W. Van Bariger. Heirs - Francis Emma Van Bariger, under 21. Exec. - husband - R.W. Van Bariger Wit. - Daniel Watson, H.A. Sherman.
p.583 Black Thomas W.   Sept. 01,1868 Liberty Adm. - Mary Ann Black and F.M. Black. Bail - Charles Fulkerson, Ferinand Thomas.
p.584 Seely Henry   Sept. 02,1868 No Twp. Widow - Abigail Seely Exec. - son - Marcian Seely.
p.584 Rose Joel   Sept. 22,1868 Late of Michigan Adm. - Daniel G. Stevens
p.585 Stevens Ezra J.   Sept. 22,1868 Middleburg Adm. - Daniel G. Stevens, Harriet M. Stevens Bail - Jno. N. Bache, Laugher Bache.
p.585 Smead S.D.   Sept. 26,1868 Lycoming County, Pa. Adm. - C.W. Smead Bail - Josiah Coolidge, G.W. Coolidge
p.586 Hunt Byram   Oct. 07,1868 Brookfield Wife - Mehetable Hunt Sons - Daniel W., David B., Edwin J. Hunt Daughters - Maria T. Hunt, Huldah Hunt, Amanda M. Seely, Mercy A. Abbott, Eliza A. Rifle. Exec. - Jonathon Jordan Wit. - Martin Wilson
p.587 Hallman Cornelius   Oct. 15,1868 Union Brother - Dennis Hallman Sister - Peggy Caughlin Neice - Bridget Hallman, alias Brown. exec. - Patrick Hallman Wit. - A.A. Griswold, Michael Brown. 
p.589 Spaulding William   Oct. 24,1868 No Twp. Widow - not named Estate of Wm. Bingham Exec. - not named.
p.589 Seely Henry   Oct. 26,1868 Knoxville Widow - not named Exec. - Marcian Seely, eldest son. Bail - L. Case, Victor Case.
p.590 Kelts John   Nov. 03,1868 Knoxville Adm. - widow - Hannah Kelts. Bail - Francis M. Kelts, Julius G. Seely.
p.590 Soper Thomas J.   Nov. 09,1868 Rutland Wife - Ruth Soper Sons - D. Wilmot, Albert and Frank Soper. Daughters - Marian, Sarah, and Annette Soper, Mary Sherman. House to go to Flora Mase Notes held against J.M. Hall, J.D. Vedder, Elmer Backer, Wm. Benson and C.W. Soper. Exec. - Daniel Watson, Henry Oldrotd. Wit. - George W. Soper, Heman Soper
p.592 Nichols Levi I. Nov. 15,1868 1868 Wellsboro Wife - Sarah Jane Nichols Daughters - Mary, Sarah, Anna, and Catherine Nichols Exec.- Henry W. Williams - son in law, resigned Leonard Harrison, appointed. Wit. - Stephen Pierce, W.H. Smith.
p.594 Spaulding William   Nov. 28,1868 Chatham Adm. - John I. Mitchell Bail - M. C. Cobb, P.C. Van Gelder.
p.595 Scott Lysander   Nov. 28,1868 Charleston Adm. - widow - Zilphah Scott Bail - John Scott, John W. Bailey.
p.595 Sawyer Albert   Nov. 30,1868 Gaines Adm. - widow - Minerva Sawyer. Bail - George Harvey and Job Rexford.
p.596 Chapman Harvey   Dec. 01,1868 Late of Balston Spa., N.Y. Adm. - Pardon Damon Bail - Peter Reep, B.B. Holiday.
p.597 Magee John April 21,1868 Dec. 14,1868 Late of Dix Twp., Schuyler County, N.Y.  Sons - Duncan S., George J., John Jr. Magee Daughters - Hebe Parke (Magee) Ellsworth, Catherine E., wife of son Duncan S. Magee. Granddaughters - Arabella Stwart, d/o Duncan S. Magee Helen G., daughter of Dunacn S. Other heirs - Horatio Seymour and Daniel C. Howell of Bath, N.Y. Thirteen pages of business holdins - Fallbrook Coal Co., of Steuben & Schuyler counties, N.Y. Railroads of Corning, Blossburg, Wellsboro, and Lawrenceville. Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo, N.Y. Real Estate in Wisconsin. Very large legacies to American Bible Society and others. Exec. - George J. Magee, Daniel C. Cowell, John Lang, and W. Scobey. Wit. - Orville Patterson & Benj. W. Scobey of Walkins, N.Y., Ambrose S. Howell of Bath, N.Y., Larison C. Woodruff of Buffalo, N.Y., Benj. W. Woodward of Surrogate Court, N.Y. 
p.611 Searles Isaac   Dec. 08,1868 Jackson Adm. - widow - Ellen Searles and son - Aaron Searles. Bail - Chas. Vorhees, Nathaniel Smith note - Ellen Searles was a Vorchees.
p.612 Benjamin Minor   Dec. 11,1868 Delmar Adm. - widow - Sarah H. Benjamin.
p.612 Colony Ann   Dec. 28,1868 Clymer Son - Horace Colony Daughters - Hellen Marie, Lucy A. Moore, Sarah Jane Ackley. Lands adj. - John Elding, Aaron Yale, Orris Stevens. Exec. - J.W. Burnsides Wit. - Edward Chamberlain, V.R. Gee.
p.613 Gee Joseph   Dec. 28,1868 Middlebury Adm. - widow - Lavina Gee Bail - Clark W. Barner, Thomas E. Roe.

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