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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim
Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.1 Price Samuel B.   Jan. 21,1869 Deerfield Wife - Sophia Price Exec. - Sophia Price Wit. - Eddy Howland, John Howland, Sidney Beach, Selina S. Beach.
p.2 King Allen   Jan. 26,1869 Westfield Widow - not named Adm. - Levi Skinner Bail - I.M. Edgcomb, S.B. Lewis
p.2 Rushmore Peter   Jan. 28,1869 Westfield Wife - Amelia Rushmore Exec. - Amelia Rushmore, James Reynolds, William A. Douglass. Wit. - Elijah Hancock, Geo. Hurlburt. Money due from Silas Rushmore.
p.4 Partridge Chester   Jan. 30,1869 Charleston Adm. - John Kohler Bail - Thos. E. Mitchell, Luther Keyes.
p.4 Taber Frederick   Feb. 02,1869 Jackson Widow mentioned, not named. Adm. - L.B. Sheive Bail - D.H. McIntyre, David Everitt
p.5 Losey Artemus   Feb. 08,1869 Nelson Son - James Losey Daughter - Susan Losey Property in Potter County. Exec. - James Losey, Thomas Warren Wit. - Enoch B. Campbell, A.W. Lugg
p.6 Bowen David   Feb. 15,1869 Charleston Son - Thomas Bowen Daughters - Margaret ( eldest), Mary & Martha Bowen Exec. - Warren Miller, Daniel Rose. Wit. - H.G. Martin, Theobald Zittle.
p.8 Smith Benjamin B.   Feb. 15,1869 Wellsboro Wife - Margarette Smith Sons - George D., Samuel R. (eldest) Smith Other children mentioned, not named. Exec. - Thomas Allen, Geo. D. Smith, Samuel R. Smith Wit. - J.F. Donaldson, W. D. Bailey, now in Lycoming.
p.9 Kress Eliza   Feb. 15,1869 Wellsboro Adm. - William C. Kress, oldest son. Bail - Esther A. Kress, Wm. H. Smith.
p.9 Hall Mary A.   Feb. 16,1869 Charleston Husband - Samuel F. Hall Exec. - Samuel F. Hall.
p.10 Avery George W.   Feb. 22,1869 Charleston Adm. - widow - Martha A. Avery
p.10 Landis Philina   March 24,1869 Wellsboro Adm. - Thomas Allen, Esq. Husband, not named.
p.11 Miller Delos V.   March 24,1869 Delmar Adm. - Robert Campbell Widow - mentioned, not named. Bail - Newell Campbell, Wm. P. Campbell.
p.11 Hanwell George   March 29,1869 Blossburg Adm. - widow - Mary Hanwell Bail - James H. Gulick, John Young.
p.13 Powers Roxalana   May 04,1869 Lawrenceville Niece - Mary P. Ryon, wife of Samuel Ryon Sisters mentioned, not named. Money owed from Simeon L. Powers, Nephew. Exec. - Samuel R. Ryon, Esq. Wit. - L. Granger, Chas. L. Ford
p.12 Rice Alvin H.   April 02,1869 Chatham Adm. - Orrin D. and Austin D. Rice Bail - Myron Leach, Alex Wass.
p.12 Odell Charles L.   April 30,1869 Westfield Adm. - Mary A. Odell Bail - Asa M. Richardson, Morris P. Metcalf.
p.14 Graves Ira   May 04,1869 Covington Adm. - Caleb S. Graves. Bail - Wm. H. Smith, George W. Merrick.
p.15 Dickson John R.   May 20,1869 Charleston Sister - Clari A. Adams of Chautauqua, N.Y. Wm. J. Kirby, son of sister Jane of Otsego, N.Y. Emma Jane, daughter of sister Jane. Sons of sister Elizabeth viz. - Albert Dickson, Dwight Dickson, Campbell Dickson, Wm. H. Dickson, Clara Nichols, Mary Ann Sackett. Exec. - Wm. J. Kirby, DeAzro A. Nichols. Wit. - Geo. W. Scudder, Josiah B. Griffin.
p.16 Burr Pliny   May 21,1869 Covington Daughters - Margaret Knight, Eliza E. Eames, Caroline H. Newell, Amanda Burr. Others - John Knight, Orren Eames. Notes to be paid by Wm. A. Burr, Hammond F. Burr, and George G. Burr. Exec. - Leonard Palmer Wit. - Edwin Dyer, J.C. Bennett. 
p.19 Willcox Caroline   May 31,1869 Covington Sons - Clark L., Benejah, John B. and Paris Willcox. Daughter - Eliza Ann Willcox. Others - Marietta Johnson. Exec. - Leonard Palmer Wit. - S.S. Packard 
p.20 Neal John   May 31,1869 Liberty Wife - Elizabeth Neal Sons - Samuel and Daniel Neal Daughters - Susannah, wife of James Newell, Matilda Neal, Charlotte Neal. Son in law - Harrison Rutty Exec. - Harrison Ridge, Chas. F. Veil
p.22 Cuer Benjamin   June 01,1869 Brookfield Adm. -Benjamin Cuer Bail - Jonathon Cuer and B.B. Strang.
p.23 Warren Polly Ann   June 01,1869 Farmington Daughters - Helen M. Bailey, Mary Warren Exec. - Charles Weeks. Wit. - John H. Campbell, James J. Paul.
p.24 Eddy Ethan P. May 26,1869 June 02,1869 Brookfield Wife - Lucretia Eddy Son - A.J. Eddy Daughter - Axa Ann Eddy Grandson - Royal Eddy Champlain and Diantha's two boys - Herby and Oscar Fisk. Exec. - L.D. Seely, B.A. Seely Wit. - L.S. Fisk, John G. Holmes
p.26 Graves Ira C.   June 07,1869 Covington Widow - not named Adm. - Jefferson Harrison Bail - Henry and Walter Sherwood
p.26 Culver Leander   June 08,1869 Elkland Adm. - R.T. Wood Exec. - widow - Dolly Culver
p.27 Wyatt Osborne   June 08,1869 No Twp. Adm. - Wilson and Niles, Attys.
p.27 Newell Jared   June 15,1869 Union Adm. - William M. Newell Bail - George G. Collins, George D. Ogden.
p.28 De Pui Vine   August 30,1869 No Twp. Wife - Eliza De Pui My children, not named. Exec. - Wife, Eliza. Wit. - Robert B. Smith, C.H. Seymour.
p.29 Short Assa   Sept. 01,1869 Chatham Adm. - Perry Short Bail - Lovel Short, Newberry Short.
p.30 Clark William   Sept. 21,1869 Brookfield Wife - Ann Clark Grandson - William F. Stiles Exec. - Isaac M. Clark Wit. - G.W. Northrop of Troupsburg, N.Y. ?, Mrs. Catherine Monroe of Brooksfield, Pa.
p.31 Eldridge Thomas   Sept. 02,1869 Clymer Adm. - Salmon Rowland Sons - renounced right to adm.
p.31 Rose Maryette   Sept. 23,1869   On petition of R. Sixbee, creditor, Harriet Stevens, daughter to adm.
p.32 Hall David M.   Sept. 23,1869 Delmar Wife - Susannah to be Exec. Sons - David Green Hall and Albert Darius Hall. Daughters - Hannah J. Stevenson and Lydia L. Hall. Wit. - James L. Plumley, L.A. Knowlton, L.W. Webb
p.33 Harrington Truman   Sept. 24,1869 No Twp. Children - Anna, wife of Thomas Larrabee, Peter B. Harrington, Martin R. Harrington, Charolette Lewis, Amy Austin, apply for adm. Adm. - J.E. Cleaveland.
p.33 Schanbacher Leonard Sept. 09,1869 Oct.. 06,1869 Liberty East Point Cemetery Widow and son renounce right to adm. Adm. - Chas. F. Veil Bail - R.C. Sebring, Charles Mase.
p.34 Miller Joshua   Oct. 07,1869 Jackson Wife - Dorothy Miller Sons - Wellen S., Charles Jacob, Samuel Miller. Daughters - Eliza, Abigail, Susan, Dorothy Miller. Grandson - Lafayette, son of Susan. Exec. - Wellen S. and Samuel Miller. Wit. - A.S. Brewster and R. Christenat, now dec'd.
  Harrington Truman This is repeat of above.      
p.37 Harrington Wealthy   Oct. 15,1869 Union Wealthy, wife of Truman died 1867 Ogdensburg.
p.37 Williams C.G.   Oct. 25,1869 Wellsboro Adm. - P.R. and H.W. Williams.
p.38 Wilcox Ransom E.   Oct. 29,1869   Minor child of Charles Wilcox. Estate Settled by guardian, Abram S. King.
p.39 Plumley Cornelia   November 1869 Delmar Adm. - Benj. R. Christenat, husband of eldest daughter of decedent who is yet a minor.
p.39 Jones Thomas E.   Nov. 06,1869 Charleston Wife - Mary Jones to be Exec. Daughter - Mary Jones Brother - Jeremiah Jones Wit. - J.D. Evans, Wm. R. Jones.
p.41 Robertson William   Nov. 10,1869 Delmar Wife - Agnes Robertson Daughter - Jane Dale Exec. - Agnes Robertson Wit. - Chas. Copestick, John Karr, neighbors.
p.42 Kilbourne Hiram B.   Nov. 13,1869 Delmar Wife - Sally Ann Kilbourne Exec. - Wife - Sally Ann Kilbourne
p.42 McVoy Daniel   Nov. 19,1869 Blossburg Wife - Lydia Ann Mc Voy - Exec. Wit. - Lewis B. Smith, Rev. Morse L. Kern
p.43 Scott James   Nov.20,1869 Chatham Adm. - Moses Lee Widow renounced right to adm.
p.44 Lewis W.   Dec. 03,1869 No Twp. Adm. - Wife - Anna Lewis.
p.45 Rice John H.   Jan. 06,1870 Wellsboro Adm. - Wife - Esther R. Rice.
p.46 Spencer B.F.   Jan. 13,1870 Chatham Widow - Charlotte Spencer Adm. - Franklin Spencer, Jesse Spencer. Mentioned - Catherine Wheeler, Ann Whitnet, children and heirs. 
p.44 Streit J.T.   Dec. 16,1869 Mansfield Widow - Mattie B. Streit Son and Daughter - Henry T.W. Streit, Lorena Streit. Mother - Sarah L. Streit Exec. - Wm. J. Booth Wit. - M.D. Bailry, O.V. Elliott. Also appointed Samuel Axtell to complete adm. of estate of Rev. Lawrence Streit, which I did not complete.
p.46 Seely Eleazer   Jan. 28,1870 Deerfield Daughters - Sarah Yarnell, Marian and Mary Seely Exec. - Wife - Hannah Seely and John Howland. Wit. - Eddy Howland and Asa D. Taft.
p.48 Barber Samuel   Feb. 01,1870 Covington Wife - Sally Barber Sons - Samuel Alonzo and Sylvester Lorenzo Barber. Daughter - Sally Minerva Barber. Land from Stephen S. and Mary Packard. Wit. - J.C. Bennett, S.S. Packard. 
p.50 Erway Jonas   Feb. 01,1870 Westfield Widow - not named. Adm. - Sylvester L. Plank Bail - Augustus Streeter, Jacob Grantier.
p.50 Wood Wm. A.   Feb. 03,1870 Late of Woodford, Morris County, N.J. Adm. - Charles Stanburrough of Brookfield Twp.
p.53 Dewey Allen   Feb. 10,1870 Sullivan Adm. - sons - Lyman and Walter Dewey.
p.51 Day William   Feb. 07,1870 Richmond Wife - Perline Day Sons - Orrin, Charles, Hopkins, Wilson, And Alonzo Day. Daughter - Mary Day Exec. - Hopkins Day and Wilson Day. Wit. - James Nelson Paris and Henry Allen.
p.53 Ingham Joseph   Feb. 12,1870 Deerfield Wife - Johannah Ingham Sons - Henry H., George W., Joseph S. and James B. Daughters - Elizabeth, Cecelia, Harriet and Ruth Ingham. Grandchildren - Ida, Frederick and Anna, children of son James B. Ingham. Grandson - Eugene Landon, son of daughter, Harriet Isabella, who was wife of Joseph S. Landon. Exec. - H.H. Ingham. Wit. - M.V. Payne, Jerome B. Niles
p.55 Hoadley William   Feb. 15,1870 Delmar Children - James J. and Elizabeth B. Hoadley Exec. - Children - James J. and Elizabeth Haodley. Wit. - J.D. Houghton, Peter Walker.
p.57 Palmer Anson   Feb. 17,1870 Sullivan Wife - Mary A. Palmer Son - Stephen E. Palmer Daughter - Isabella and Jennett Palmer Exec. - Mary A. and Stephen E. Palmer. Wit. - Stephen Palmer and N. Palmer. 
p.59 Bryan Clarissa E.   March 05,1870 Jackson Husband renounced right to adm. Adm. - M. K. Retan.
p.60 Howland John   March 12,1870 Deerfield Widow mentioned, but not named. Adm. - Emmer Bowen. Bail - Moses Lee, Nelson H. Stevens.
p.60 Bullock Ira   March 14,1870 Middlebury Adm. - George D. Keeney Bail - Oliver Chappel, H.C. Bailey
p.58 Boardman Hamilton   Feb. 28,1870 Clymer Wife - Mercy Boardman Son - William Hamilton Boardman Daughters - Catherine, Eliza Ann, Anice Boardman. Exec. - none named. Wit. - J.W. Burnside, Wilbur Churchill.
p.61 Levegood John   March 14,1870 Liberty ( died February 28,1870 Frieden Cemetery) Wife - Elizabeth Levegood Exec. - son - Samuel H. Levegood and son in law , Isaac B. Werline. Wit. - Chas. F. Veil, Samuel Hartman. Our children are mentioned, but not named. 
p.62 Meek Mary   March 21,1870 Delmar Heirs - Florence Field, daughter of sister, Barbara, wife of Prescott Field. Sisters - Agnes Green, Isabella Copestick and Margaret Karr. Brothers - David Gorrie and William Gorrie. Father and mother, John and Agnes Gorrie. Children of John Gorrie. Exec. - Charles Copestick, Wm. H. Smith. Wit. - John Williamson, Gurdon Steele.
p.65 Osborn Hannah M.   April 23,1870 Wellsboro Adm. - Daniel Osborn
p.66 Van Name John B.   April 28,1870   Guardian for Grace Theo Van Name, Henry and Herbert Van Name, minor children of Charles Van Name. Final Account.
p.66 Lincoln Ruth   May 30,1870 Lawrence Brother - Isaiah Insho renounced right. Adm. - Dyer Insho and B.O. Madison.
p.68 Retan Joseph B.   June 24,1870 Jackson Widow - not named. Adm. - M.K. Retan and Edgar Skinner.
p.67 Schoonover Thomas   May 30,1870 Clymer Wife - Clarinda Schoonover Sons - Lyman, Mansel, Adelbert, Allison, and Damon Shoonover. Daughters - Harriet, Mary H., and Adelaide Schoonover. Exec. - Clarinda and Lyman M. Shoonover.
p.69 Walker Lewis   June 25,1870 Covington Wife - Isabell Walker Sons - Lewis R. and Milton R. Walker. Daughters - Elizabeth Jaquish, Emeline Noble, Martha Clemons, Olive Marvin, and Mary Wilcox. Exec. - H. Kilbourn and B. Wilcox. wit. - R.S. Marvin.
p.71 Greer Nancy J.   July 08,1870 Deerfield Husband - Joseph Potter, dec'd. Brothers - John Thompson, Thomas W., Daniel Job, and James Thompson. To be buried in Knoxville Cemetery beside my husband , Joseph Potter. Exec. - John E. White. Wit. - Linden Case, Truman Gilbert. Named at end - Laura Ett Slocum, Step daughter.
p.73 Knapp Lewis J.   July 12,1870 Lawrence Widow - not named. Adm. - Andrew M. Knapp.
p.76 Lutz John J.   July 07,1870 Liberty ( died May 15, 1870 - Frieden Cemetery) Adm. - Mary E. Lutz, widow, Michael Sheffer.
p.74 Mitchell John   July 26,1870 Jackson Wife - Elizabeth Mitchell Son - Austin (crippled) to get more than the other children. Exec. - Elizabeth Mitchell, Mather K. Retan (son in law). Wit. - S.E. Kirkendall and John Woodhouse.
p.76 Putnam Thomas   August 02,1870 Covington Wife - Zilpha Putnam Sons - Edwin, Thomas P., Philip P., and O. Putnam Daughters - Diantha P. Gray, Lucy P. Welton, Christiana P. Patchen, and Arthemissa Putnam. Exec. - widow - Zilpha Putnam. Other heirs added - Thomas B., Perley P., Royal A. - Relation not stated. Wit. - Stephen S. Packard, Leonard Palmer, and John C. Bennett.
p.80 Seely Alfred   August 08,1870 Jackson Beloved wife - not named. Son - Benjamin F. Seely. Daughters - Mahala Jane, Mary Etta, Sarah Ette Seely. Exec. - Lewis Seely. Wit. - James I. Osgood, S. B. Seargeant and Lewis Seely. 
p.81 Sampson Margaret   August 15,1870   Formerly Margaret Lemont and sister of Robert Lemont of Belfast, Ireland. (Died 1870, age 85 Peters Camp, Covington) Son - Robert Sampson Husband - Thomas Sampson Daughters - Margaret Boyle, Ellen Goodall, Eliza Hamilton, Nancy Maxwell, Sarah Hutchinson. Exec. - Clarendon Rathbone, David Maxwell Wit. - John Farrer, David Aldrich and John Boncer. 
p.83 Bernauer Conrad   August 29,1870 Gaines Son - John Bernauer. Daughter - Huldah Bernauer. Others - Ida and Clarence, heirs of Morris Bernauer. Exec. - Wm. Tate and O.A. Smith. Wit. - John H. Barnhart, Isaiah Champion.
p.85 Retan  Joseph B.   August 29,1870 Wells Twp., Bradford County Wife - Harriet Retan Sons - Wm. A., Artimus D., Matthew K, Levi C. Exec. - Wm. A. Retan, son who died before probate. Exec. - appt. - M.K. Retan and Edgar Kinner. Wit. - Lorenzo Grinnell, Harrison Grinnell. 
p.87 Cannedym Avery   Sept. 02,1870 Delmar ( January 12,1870 "age 70, Kennedy Cemetery) Wife - Achsah Cannedy Son - Hosea Cannedy Daughters - Achsah Letitia, Estella Jane, Olive Frances, and Lydia Frances Cannedy. Wit. - G.W. Kennedy, Wm. Harris Settlement February 24,1898 signed by Lydia A. Kennedy, Olive Frances Kennedy, Letitia A. Kennedy, Stella J. Ashley.
p.89 Butts Mary   Sept. 03,1870 No Twp. Mary Butts, was daughter of Erastus Butts, late of Lawrence Twp. Exec. - Lorain Butts, guardian.
p.89 Mitchell Edsell   Sept. 06,1870 Middlebury Wife - Margaret Mitchell. Sons - William A., Alonzo, Thomas E. Mitchell and Richard Mitchell in California. Daughters - Mercy, wife of Gilbert Stevens, Nancy, wife of Wm. A. Nichols, Harriet, wife of Elbert Longbottam. Children of dec'd daughter, Melissa McClure. Several pages of land holdings listed. Exec. - John I. Mitchell, Henry Williams. Wit. - Wm. Garrison in Washington, D.C. and Banjamin Aldrich.
p.96 Baird Robert   Sept. 06,1870 Blossburg Adm. - John Dunsmore.
p.96 Maynard Luke B.    Sept. 07,1870 No Twp. Wife - Philena Maynard Son - Guy W. Maynard. Daughters - Emily Jane Strait and Mary E. Maynard. Exec. - J. D. Campbell Wit. Hiram Merit.
p.98 Mitchell William K.   Sept. 19,1870 Tioga Wife - Jane E. Mitchell Adm. - Jane E. Mitchell, Charles H. Seymour. Written at bottom - September 11, 1946, George Thomas of Elmira, N.Y. claimed to be grandson of Wm. K. Mitchell who died September 19,1870, leaving two grandsons, seven granddaughters. Adm. granted to Chas. G. Webb, signed by Robert Fox and Hilda F. Husted.
p.98 Haven Royal   Oct. 03,1870 Westfield Wife - Lucinda Ann Haven Son - George W. Haven Daughters - Annetta and Mary Haven Exec. - Lucinda A. Haven Wit. - Dire Handy, S.S. Begell.
p.99 Van Dusen Benjamin   Oct. 26,1870 Late of Olean, Cattanaugus Co., N.Y. Adm. - Jerusha Van Dusen, widow. Bail - C.H. and D.L. Van Dusen
p.100 Mitchell Margaret   Nov. 01,1870 Delmar Heirs - Margaret Smith & Mary Green, daughters of Peter Green. Mrs. Agnes Green and George Green. Exec. - Wm. H. Smith, Chester Robinson Wit. - George Merrick, D.P. Roberts.
p.101 Gafford Aaron   Nov. 12,1870 Sullivan Widow - not named Adm. - John Cowan Bail - Samuel Gafford, Daniel Bixby.
p.102 King John   Nov. 08,1870 Tioga Adm. - William King
p.102 Linck Catherine   Nov. 28,1870 Morris Son - John Linck Daughters - Mary Frederica, wife of F. Heyler and Catherine, wife of John Messner. Children of son Jacob Linck who deserted them - Mary and William Linck to get their share at age. Exec. - John Linck. Wit. - Chas. F.Veil, Benjamin Maneval.
p.104 Wilson Alpheus W.    Nov. 29,1870 No Twp. Appraisal of his estate by A.M. Spencer of Richmond. Heir - Mother Martha Wilson, as he left no wife or children. Citation to Sumner Wilson, John H. Wilson, Daniel Wilson, Olive E. Bennett, Mary Packard, I.P. Lounsberry, guardian of Willie Wilson.
p.104 & 110 McIntyre Waterman   Nov. 30,1870 Jackson D.H. McInty testified that the will was made when he was of unsound mind. Adm. - Levi B. Sheive, Pendente Lite. Estate was divided between widow and other heirs.
p.105 Field P. Prescott   Dec. 19,1870 Charleston Adm. - widow - Mary Ann Fields Bail - G.D. Dennison, O.P. Jones
p.105 Bosworth Henry C.   Dec. 21,1870 No Twp. Adm. - Edward E. Bosworth.
p.105 Smith Butler   Dec. 29,1870 Covington Sons - Lyman H., John F., Aaron K. Smith. Daughters - Julia, wife of John H. Wilson and Sarah Kingsley. Exec. - John H. Wilson, James T. Frost. Son, Aaron K. renounced right, he of Waverly, N.Y.
  Guernsey Charles and Julia Ann   Dec. 31,1870 Delmar Minor children of Charles and Sarah Ann Guernsey. John Gray, guardian's account.
p.106 Wheelock Margaret R.   Jan. 25,1871 New York City Exec. - Husband, George G. Wheelock and Henry E. Howland of New York City. Wit. - Henry E. Howland, Louise M. Howland, Woolsey Johnson, Robert Hutchings of Surrogate Court, N.Y. Henry T. Lee Probate September 12,1870.
p.110 McIntyre Waterman completion of his estate, see above.     Widow - Caroline McIntyre Heirs and witnesses - D.H. McIntyre, Alva S., J. Hiram, W.S. and W.H. McIntyre. Polly M. Smith, Caroline and R.C. Mc Whorter, Emily Osborn, all signed.
p.111 Hoyt Abel   Jan. 30,1871 Elkland Wife - Esther E. Hoyt Sons - Chester B., Charkes L., and Lyman P. Hoyt. Daughters - Sylvina G. Ryon, Mary Slocum. Exec. - sons - Chester B. and Charles L. Hoyt. Wit. - E.B. Bulkley, Geo. N. Bulkey
p.114 Gee Sylvester       Minor son of Wm. R. Gee, dec'd. Guardian - John W. Guernsey appointed January 30,1871.
  Nims Edard and Emogene       Minor children of ------ Nims. John W. Guernsey appt. guardian January 30,1871 
p.113 Cady Porter W.   Feb. 06,1871 Middlebury Adm. - Widow - Sarah C. Cady and Darius Andrews.
p.117 Goodall Abner G.   Feb. 07,1871 Lawrence Adm. - Joseph Guile Bail - J.B. Potter, Geo. McLean.
p.117 Clark Mark Vanbusen   Feb. 14,1871 Richmond Wife - Lydia E. Clark Sons - Oscar, youngest when 21 & Milan Clark. Daughter - Frankie L. Clark Other - James W. Clark Exec. - Wm. E. Clark, Rosel Gile. Wit. - W.C. Ripley, Wm. H. Clark. 
p.118 Alford Stephen C.   Feb. 21,1871 Tioga Widow and Exec. - Ruth Alford.
p.120 Rauscher John   Feb. 23,1871 Union Wife - Anna Barbara Rauscher. Exec. - wife, Anna Barbara, Henry Krise and George Keefer. Wit. - Joseph Sheffer.
p.122 Tice Philip   Feb. 23,1871 Rutland Wife - Amanda E. Tice Son - Salmon Tice. Daughter - Catherine Tice. Exec. - Philander W. Rockwell. Wit - Myron Rockwell, Drusilla Updike.
p.123 Hull Richard R.   March 14,1871 Tioga Exec. - widow, Mary S. Hull. Bail - Stephen Warters, David Heart.
p.123 Watts William   March 16,1871 Canton Twp, Bradford Co., Pa. Adm. - H.N. Williams, Atty.

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