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No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
p.113 Cady Porter W.   Feb. 06,1871 Middlebury Adm. - Widow - Sarah C. Cady and Darius Andrews.
p.117 Goodall Abner G.   Feb. 07,1871 Lawrence Adm. - Joseph Guile Bail - J.B. Potter, Geo. McLean.
p.117 Clark Mark Vanbusen   Feb. 14,1871 Richmond Wife - Lydia E. Clark Sons - Oscar, youngest when 21 & Milan Clark. Daughter - Frankie L. Clark Other - James W. Clark Exec. - Wm. E. Clark, Rosel Gile. Wit. - W.C. Ripley, Wm. H. Clark. 
p.118 Alford Stephen C.   Feb. 21,1871 Tioga Widow and Exec. - Ruth Alford.
p.120 Rauscher John   Feb. 23,1871 Union Wife - Anna Barbara Rauscher. Exec. - wife, Anna Barbara, Henry Krise and George Keefer. Wit. - Joseph Sheffer.
p.122 Tice Philip   Feb. 23,1871 Rutland Wife - Amanda E. Tice Son - Salmon Tice. Daughter - Catherine Tice. Exec. - Philander W. Rockwell. Wit - Myron Rockwell, Drusilla Updike.
p.123 Hull Richard R.   March 14,1871 Tioga Exec. - widow, Mary S. Hull. Bail - Stephen Warters, David Heart.
p.123 Watts William   March 16,1871 Canton Twp, Bradford Co., Pa. Adm. - H.N. Williams, Atty.
p.123 Goodwin Bejamin   March 18,1871 Middlebury Wife - Roxanna Goodwin Others - Luarana and Sally - no last name or kinship. Exec. - Jeremiah Whitney Wit - Charles Goodwin and M.C. Potter.
p.124 Whiting Judge H.   March 21,1871 Sullivan Adm. - Nathan S. Whiting, father. Bail - Isaac N. Whiting, E.A. Fish.
p.125 Phelps Charles H.   March 22,1871 Mansfield Wife - Sarah A. Phelps Adm. - Charles H. Seymour, Sarah A. Phelps. Bail - W.P. Shumway, H.W. Caulking.
p.126 Bernauer John J.   April 04,1871 Gaines Exec. - Sister, Huldah A. Bernauer. Wit. - J.H. Ruggles, O. A. Smith
p.127 Dickinson Nathan   April 06,1871 No Twp. Wife and Exec. - Amanda Dickinson. Wit. - H.H. Borden, J.L. Blatchley.
p.128 ? Kemp Samuel   April 10,1871 Jackson Widow - not named. Adm. - G. W. Hudson.
p.129 Allen Lilburn   April 19,1871 Richmond Adm. - Zimri Allen, oldest son.
p.129 Soule Elisha   April 25,1871 Farmington Exec. - widow, Polly Soule. Bail - A.J. Cole, Joseph McCallum. 
p.129 Doud Lafayette   April 26,1871 Sullivan Widow - not named. Adm. - Lorenzo Doud, Elvin W. Jaquish. Bail - Caleb H. Dewitt, S.E. Robbins.
p.130 Catlin John W.   May 06,1871 Delmar Wife - Caroline Catlin Sons - Levi I. and James E. Catlin. Daughetrs - Elva Ann Butler, Laura Adelia Webb and Triphena Webb. Exec. - Israel Stone. Wit. - Hector Horton, Amanda S. Stone.
p.131 Root Harvey   May 09,1871 Liberty Adm. - Jacob M. Love, George Root. Widow renounced right to adm. Bail - C.M. Comstock, Ira Root.
p.132 Atherton George M.    May 15, 1871 Charleston Adm. - Mary Atherson, wife and Dexter G. Atherton, son.
p.132 Niles Erasmus W.   May 22, 1871 Middlebury Exe. - Widow - Catherine Niles. Bail - Solomon Day, Erastus Niles.
p.133 Austin Simeon   May 20,1871 Union Ad. - Widow - Amy Austin Baail - A.A. Griswold, S.A. Randall.
p.133 Buck Samuel A.   May 20,1871 Westfield ( died February 08,1871 - Potter Brook Cemetery) Request to be buried near Stephen Potter Wife- Orilla Buck Son - oldest - Eugene A. Buck Other children not named. Exec. - Eugene A. Buck, Horatio W. Aldrich. Wit. - Francis Strang, T.R. Leonard, Chas. Gilbert.
p.136 Lichtenhaler Jacob   June 05,1871 Lawrence Wife - Mary Lichtenthaler. Daughter - Effie Ann, wife of George McLean and Elizabeth Lichenthaler. Granddaughter - Effie , infant daughter of my daughter, Kasia. Exec. - Priscilla Hurd, John Elliammee. Wit. - Pardon Damon, James Kinsey.
p.138 Wilson  Luther   June 14, 1871 Middlebury Exec. - Widow - Roxana A. Wilson Bail - Theron Hotelling, W. H. Wood. 
p.138 Foote William   July 10, 1871 Delmar Widow - Mary B. Foote to adm. Bail - Oscar F. Foote, James S. Coles.
p.139 Hunt George W.   July 19, 1871 Brookfield Widow - not named Adm. - Morris Kizer, A.J. Simmons.
p.139 Wilson Zeriah   Aug. 24, 1871 Wellsboro Daughters - Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, Harriet Louise Van Valkenburg. Brother - James Sayre Land in Chraleston, two partically owned by Henry Van Valkenburg. Exec. - Alexander S. Brewster, Jerome B. Niles. Wit. - A.S. Brewster, J.F. Donaldson.
p.141 Woodfield James   Aug. 29,1871 Farmington Widow - Eliza Woodfield Sons - George P. and Joseph Woodfield Daughters - Harriet P. Jones, Mary Babcock Exec. - James R. Jones, Anthony Lugg. Wit. - I.C. Price, Edgar A. fish.
p.141 Hertel Charles H.   Sept. 09,1871 Richmond Exec. - Widow - Margaret Hertel Bail - Lewis Kohler, J.A. Thompson.
p.143 Andrews James E.   Oct. 09,1871 Middlebury Sons - Denis Andrews, oldest. Widow - unable to adm. Bail - Abram Day, Isaac Sears.
p.144 Morris David   Oct. 09,1871 Charleston Wife - Hannah Morris Son - Reese Morris Saughters - Mary Bowen, Elizabeth A. Warren. Adm. - A.P. Cone Wit. - George W. Messick, A.P. Cone
p.145 Holden Dewitt C.   Oct. 10,1871 Elmira, NY Widow - Sarah Holden Adm. - Widow and Charles H. Seymour Bail - Jno. I. Mitchell, A.M. Spencer, S.F. Wilson.
p.145 Rathbun Henry   Oct. 27,1871 Nelson Adm. - Widow - Mariana Rathbun Bail - Job Rathbun, Eliza Dailey.
p.147 Black James   Nov. 04,1871 Wellsborough Daughter - Adrian Black Grandson - William Black, son of Elijah Black. Exec. - and friend - William Bache Wit. - Jno. N. Bache, R.M. Pratt.
p.147 Doan James   Nov. 06,1871 Chatham Adm. - Daniel L. Doan, eldest son. Bail - Daniel Garner, John Mead.
p.147 Soule C.J., Sarah F., Julia F., Mary A., Susannah E., and William L. , minor   Nov. 27,1871   Children of William L. Soule, late of Farmington Twp. Final accounts of Susannah E. Soule, guardian.
p.147 Whitlock Adelia   Nov. 11,1871   Minor child of --------- Whitlock, late of Troupsburg, NY. Guardian - E.R. Maine Accounts - Nov. 11,1871
p.148 Parce Cromwell   Nov. 28, 1871 Farmington Wife - Philetta Parce Exec. - James Dailey, son of Philetta and myself. Wit. - Robert Casbeer, Catherine LaPorte, J.E. Peters.
p.148 Hudson George W.   Nov. 28,1871   Guardian of Charles Satterly, minor child of Charles Stterly, late of Jackson Twp.
p.149 Main Samuel   Dec. 33,1871 Chatham Adm. - Widow - Catherine Main and her brother, Norman Ashton. Bail - Austin D. Rice, David Short.
p.148 Marvin Martin G.       Minor son of George C. Marvin, late of Charleston Twp. Guardian's accounts by M.V. Bailey.
p.149 Bosworth H.C.   Dec. 07,1871   Guardian od Amasa Dailey, Vincent Dailey and Anna Dailey, minor children of Vincent Dailey, late of Osceola Twp.
p.149 Bernauer Joseph   Dec. 23,1871 Delmar Wife - Mary Bernauer Sons - Joseph, oldest and Samuel Bernauer Daughters - Rebecca Updike, Dianna Sturmer, Mary Ann Bowen, Margaret Dockstader, Saloma Lamphear, Frances Pearson, Corniela Fishler. Exec. - Israel Stone. Wit. - Henry E. Grosjean, Edward Grosjean.
p.150 Harrer Frederick   Jan. 03,1872 Blossburg Sons - Daniel, George and John F. Harrer. Daughters - Rosanna Kieffer, Catherine Krise. Exec. - John F. and George Harrer. Wit. - E. Musselman, Morris Tuck. 
p.151 Hart David   Jan. 11,1872 Charleston Wife - Mary Hart Sons - David Albert Hart, oldest and son, Frank by former wife, Christiana J. Hart. Daughters - Mary Elizabeth, Ida Melissa Hart. Exec. - Ephraim Hart, Beona Short Wit. - D.D. Buck, Charles Austin.
p.153 Chamberlain John   Jan. 30,1872 Lawrence Exec. - Son - J.W. Chamberlain Bail - James H. Webb, Marshall Bullock
p.153 Everitt William   Feb. 06,1872 Jackson Wife - Laurey Everitt Amoung all of my children - not named Children of son, William V., dec'd. Exec. - Wife - Laury and Richard J. Stilwell Wit. - Nathaniel Smith and Charles B. Vanhart
p.155 Wilson James R.   Feb. 06,1872 an Atty. of Philadelphia Wife - Maragret S. Wilson Exec. - wife - Margaret S. Wilson Wit. - JamesH. Gulick, Isaac Potts
p.156 Ide William H.H.   Feb. 08,1872 Mansfield Beloved wife, Dolly Ide to bring up children. Oldest son - Oliver Oldest daughter - George Ann Murdock Exec. - Lyman Beach Wit. - P.J. Sweet, Salmon Sweet.
p.157 Wells Ezra   Feb. 08,1872 Covington Adm. - O. Pliny Ames and oldst son - not named. Bail - Edwin Dyer, W.C. Ripley
p.157 Combs John   Feb. 09,1872 Jackson Widow - not named Adm. - George W. Friends Bail - Daniel Friends and S.R. Friends.
p.158 Gates F.B.   Feb. 10,1872 Jackson Wife - Sally ann Gates. Son - James D. Gates. Daughters - Sally Maria and Hellene Maude Gates. Exec. - James D. Gates and Sally Ann Gates. Wit. - S.E. Kirkendall, Richard Gustin.
p.160 Lunn     Feb. 12,1872   Minor children of Wilder Lunn - viz - Charlotte E. Alvina, James M., Susan A., Sylvia P. Lunn Accounts of guardian, H.N. Williams
  Porter     Feb. 1872   Minor children of Abel Porter - Angeline, Mary Jane, and Margaret Porter.Charleston Twp. Guardian accounts - Bertrand Dumaux - Feb. 1872
  Bentley Florence A. and James T.   Feb. 28,1872   Children of Isaac W. Bentley of Tioga County. Accounts of guardian - W.W. Bentley
p.161 Stevens David   Feb. 28,1872 Nelson Adm. - Edgar Stevens, Byron Shaw. Bail - Z.A. Cass and George W. Phelps.
p.161 Musselman Edward   March 04,1872 Blossburg Adm. - James L. Belden. Bail - O.F. Taylor and John A. Martin.
p.162 Thompson Alden   March 16,1872 Charleston Wife - Lucretia Thompson Sons - Darwin and Charles K. Thompson Exec. - Darwin Thompson Wit. - Walter Sherwood, C.W. Sears.
p.163 Everitt Sarah K.   April 05,1872 Blossburg Husband - J.H. Everitt Son - Edward Everitt, born July 06, 1856 Insurance from Nathaniel Bostwick of Onandago, NY before moving to PA. Exec. - John Van Order Wit. - Edmund Thomas Gamble, Mrs. C.A. Goldsmith, Mrs. E.T. Gamble.
p.165 Barnes William   April 11,1872 Jackson Wife - Susan Barnes Sons - Jno. E. Barnes, Merritt Barnes Daughters - Emma, wife of Charles Orcutt and Martha, wife of David Cady. Exec. - Jno. Barnes, son.
p.166 Hodge Sally   April 13,1872 Sullivan Adm. - son - Hiram Hodge and Henry B. Card.
p.167 Childs Richard   April 15,1872 Morris Adm. - John H. Childs and Augustus G. Seaman.
p.167 Babcock Stephen   April 16,1872 Gaines Heirs - Almeron Chaffee and Stephen F. Wilson. Children of Andrew S. Babcock of Iowa. Jane Naomi Scott ( Babcock), wife of H. Scott, Iowa. Elvira Babcock, daughter of Sophia Smith who moved to Bath, N.Y. to Allegheny, N.Y. and her children when they are found. Exec. - Jerome B. Nnile.s
p.169 Mead John N.   April 23,1872 Chatham Widow - not named. Adm. - John N. Mead - son Bail - William B. Mead, Homer C. Hawley and Alfed Short.
p.169 Bostwick Erving   April 25,1872 Lawrence Adm. - Horace Roff.
p.170 Hammond Noah   April 27,1872 Charleston Adm. - Widow - Elizabeth Hammond.
p.170 Sheddon Robert   May 02,1872 Union Widow - not named. Adm. - Monor T. Porter Bail - M. F. Elliott and Chas. F. Randall.
p.171 Butler Laugher   May 06,1872 Delmar Adm. - Hartford Butler, Father.
p.171 Fisher Franklin   May 07,1872 Delmar Exec. - Wife - Margaret Fisher Lands adjoining Vining Baldwin, Almon Brooks and David Fisher in Delmar. Wit. - E.J. Brown, Alfred Wivell and C.S. Field.
p.173 Van Gorder Sarah   May 07,1872 Lawrence Widow of Samuel Van Gorder. Heir - Sarah Jane, daughter of Elizabeth Van gorder, who is now the wife of Eli Harris. Exec. - Eli Harris. Wit. - G.H. Parkhurst, T.H. Rusling and James R. Mills.
p.175 Fish Jerome H.   May 30,1872 Brookfield Exec. - Wife - Parmelia Fish. Wit. - S.H. Murdock and George McClure.
p.176 Cook Hiram   June 03,1872 Tioga Wife - Lucinda Cook. Daughter - Georgiana Benson. Son - G.J. Cook, Exec. Wit. - Daniel Watson and John M. Barden. 
p.177 Short Lovel   June 03,1872 Chatham Wife - Julia Short, land I bought from John Short and to keep children she had by me. Sons - Ely and Alfred Short. Daughters - Aurilla Davis and Mary Davis. Exec. - Wife, Julia A. and Benona Short. Wit. - same as Exec. 
p.178 Bush Isaac   June 08,1872 Wellsboro Adm. - Wife - Catherine Bush.
p.179 Wetherbee Edmund   June 21,1872 Clymer Wife - Nancy and her heirs. Exec. - Brother - Ira Wetherbee and Wife, Nancy. Wit. - V.R. Gee and Ira Wetherbee.
p.178 Shepherd E.D.   June 20,1872 Rutland Adm. - Wife - Angeline Shepherd.
p.181 Parkhurst Curtis   August 01,1872 Lawrence Exec. - Wife - Jane A. Parkhurst. Wit. - J.F. Parkhurst of Bath, NY. and G.H. Parkhurst of Lawrenceville.
p.182 Lamb E.R.   August 21,1872 Richmond Widow - not named. Adm. - Daniel Fralick. Bail - Henry Fralic and Albert Sherwood.
p.182 Jones Thomas   Sept. 11,1872 Tioga County Has no widow or children. Adm. - David Cameron. Mother and oldest brother renounced right to adm.
p.183 Crandall Stanton   August 26,1872 Osceola Exec. - Wife - Jane Crandall Wit. - Russel Crandall and A.K. Bosard.
p.184 Burnham Gaylord, Yeoman   August 27,1872 Richmond Son - Charles B. Gaylord Daughters - Harriet M. Brown and Jane Gaylord. Adm. - F.W. Clark and Edward R. Webster. Wit. - Frank W. Clark, Burr R. Bailey, Henry Allen and Enoch Blackwell.
p.186 Parker C.F.   Sept. 23,1872 Brookfield Exec. - Widow - Huldah A. Parker and George A. Holt.
p.186 Barber Thomas   Sept. 26,1872 Clymer Wife - Nancy to be Exec. Son - Myron Marber. Daughters - Devillo, Elnora and Florence Barber. Wit. - Burdette Beach, Rufus Scott and D.M. Naughton. 
p.188 Cone Albert P.   Oct. 01,1872 Wellsboro Adm. - Louesa Cone and Jefferson Harrison. Surety - S.X. Billings and M.F. Elliott.
p.189 King John H.   Oct. 02,1872 Clymer Son - Alfred King Daughter - Robie L. King Wit. - J.M. Swimelar and Lettie Murdock.
p.191 Miller Cloys L.   Oct. 04,1872 Delmar Exec. - Wife - Mary M. Miller. Wit. - Sylvester Houghton, Thomas Houghton and J.L. Houghton.
p.192 Heron James   Oct. 14,1872 Fallbrook Widow not named. Adm. - Samuel Heron.
p.193 Sherman Charles J.   Oct. 15,1872 Chatham Adm. - Orange Conley. Bail - Charles A. Carpenter and Artemus Crippen.
p.193 Lefler Charles H.   Oct.15,1872 Jackson Chilren - Mark L., Diantha E. Lefler, Mina E. Lefler and Ida M. Oakley. Exec. David B. Lain. Wit. - L.B. Sheive and Myron Rockwell.
p.195 McCarty Patrick   Oct. 15,1872 Blossburg Exec. - Wife - Mary McCarty. Heirs at death of wife - Margaret Evans, William McCarty, Thomas Llewellyn and Julia Stevens. Wit. - L.B. Smith and T.J. Hall.
p.196 Graves Elias   Oct. 26,1872 Chatham Exec. - Wife - Lomina or Lomira Graves. Sons - Charles, George, and Joseph Graves. Daughter - Birth Deneson. Wit. - James Lewis, Charles S. Beach and Mary E. Beach. 
p.197 Archer William   Nov. 01,1872 Middleburg No widow or children. Adm. - Orren West.
p.197 Ladd William   Nov. 02,1872 Westfield Exec. - Widow - Elizabeth S. Ladd.
p.198 Boyes Harlow C.   Nov. 06,1872 Chatham Wife - Maria Boyes. Sons - John O., Edwin and Milton Boyes. Exec. - ------- and Louise Gee. Wit. - D.S. Shove and Ira E. Sweet. 
p.199 George William   Nov. 26,1872 Brookfield Wife - Selina George. Heirs - Benjamin A. Seely all lands and to help my wife. Wit. - S.H. Murdock, Goerge Mc Clure and Clark Husted.
p.201 Stickley Jacob J.   Nov. 29,1872 Middlebury Wife - Dora Stickley. Exec. - Son - Willie Arvine Stickley. Wit. - John Dimm and George Brown.
p.202 Davis George W.   Dec. 02,1872 Brookfield Wife - Lurinda Ann Davis Sons - George J. and Gilbert H. Davis. Daughters - Hepzibah Jane willcox and Eliza B. Hildrich. Exec. - Gilbert Davis. Wit. - W.H. Clark and John G. Holmes.
p.204 Hackett Russell   Dec. 04,1872 Clymer Wife - Nancy to care for our children. Exec. - Nancy Hackett, Elmer Hackett and Henry Wedge.
p.205 Morris David   Dec. 11,1872 Charleston Eldest son and daughter renounced right to Adm. Adm. - George W. Merrick. Bail - Reese Morris and Elijah Warren ( A David Morris buried Welsh Settlement 1871 age 77, wife Hannah died 1870.)
p.206 Gates Levi   Dec. 16,1872 Sullivan Sisters - Aner Keeler and Lydia Wood. Brother Lyman Gates. Exec. - Joseph W. Holly.
p.207 Russell L.L.   Dec. 18,1872 Delmar Wife - Ann Eliza Russell. Sons - William O. Russell and his wife, Maria. John M., George M., and L.L. Russell. Exec. - Thomas Allen and Robert R. Austin. Wit. - A.G. Smith and H.W. Statts.
p.209 Kingsley George W.   Dec. 18,1872 No Twp. No wife or children. Adm. - D.C. Kingsley.
p.209 Everetts Jonathon   Dec. 19,1872 Richmond Widow - not named. Adm. - Samuel Morgan, Sr.
p.210 Kolb Edward G.   Jan. 16,1873 Lawrenceville Widow not named. Adm. - Edward G. Kolb and Judson C. Beeman. Surety - Joseph Phippen and James Stewrat.
p.210 Parker George   Jan. 22,1873 Wellsboro Wife - Arvilla Parker. Exec. - Wife, Arvilla and Charles W. Sears. Wit. A.S. Brewster.
p.212 Taber Louisa A.   Jan. 30,1873 Late of Tioga County, Pa. Died Tioga County, Pa.; from Thompkins County, NY. Husband - Barnard Taber of Tioga County, Pa. Brothers and sisters - Mary J. Daniel, John W. Steele and Melissa Hooker of Ithaca, NY., and Caroline McDougal, sister of Ithaca, N.Y.. Louise B.Mix, Florence Mix, Frank Mix children of my sister of Binghamton, N.Y. Adopted son - William E. Taber. Brothers - Wm. M. Steele and John M. Steele of Ithaca. Exec. - John W. Steele. Wit. - P.G. Ellsworth, M. Van Valkenburg, Surrogate Court of N.Y., Mary J.O. Daniels and Charlotte E. Steele. 
p.216 Slosson Adeline   Feb. 03,1873 Lawrenceville No husband and children renounced right to adm. Adm. - Horace B. Packer.
  Hotchkiss S.L.   Feb. 03,1873   Guardian for minor child of James B. Cady. Child C.F. Cady.
p.217 Knight Slly   Feb. 03,1873 Tioga Adm. - Daughter - E.A. Smead. Bonds - Philo Tuller and T.L. Baldwin.

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