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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim

Tioga County Docket Book
Abstracts of Wills and Administration
1976 Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Nicole Parker
No. Surname First Name Death Date Probate Date Township Names
1 Kelsey Joseph   Nov. 5, 1812   Adm.- Widow- Sarah Kelsey and Daniel Kelsey. Surety to John Norris, Reg. of Wills - $2000. Wit. - David Llindsay, Isaac Fuller, John Marthers and Willliam Hill
2 Adams Rufus   Jan.18,1813   Adm.- Widow- Mary Adams and Jacob Prutsman. Wit.- David Linsay, Israel Greenleaf.
3 Short  John   July 21,1813   Adm.- David Short, son and Newberry Cloos, son/law. Wit.- Stephen Cheney and Israel Greenleaf.
4 Bacon Alvan   Oct. 12,1813   Adm.- Ebenezer Bacon(brother), Daniel Bacon and William Kaseby. Wit.- Eben Bacon, Daniel Bacon and Wm. Rode.
5 Coats Frederick   Dec. 6,1813   Adm.- Luke Scott. Surety - Alpheus Cheney and Ebenezer Hill. Wit.- Wm. Bache, Mary H. Jackson, Stephen Cheney
6 Van Campen James   Dec. 5,1814   Of the south branch of Tioga River, Tioga County, And Tioga Township. Adm. - Benjamin Van Campen, Isaac Van Campen. Surety - Jacob Prutsman, David Lindsay. Appraisal - Timothy Ives, Jacob Prutsman. Wit. - Wm. Bache, Ebenezer Jackson, David Lindsay. 
7 Babb Sampson Oct. 28,1815 Dec. 21,1814 Morris Will- May 10, 1814 " I wish to be buried in the northeast corner of my yard and the plot, walled in." Land in Delmar Twp. lying in forks of Pine Creek, and a saw mill to sons William and Sampson, they to care for my dear wife, Ann. Sons - John, Sampson, Caleb, Jacob and Sampson Babb. Dau. - Mary Bird. Granddau. - Melinda Babb, Dau. of son Jacob. Samuel W. Fisher - 50 acres. Exec. - Sons - William and Sampson Babb. Wit. - Wm. Bache, David Lindsay, Beulah Norris, Mary H. Jackson, Wm. Babb, Sampson Babb.
8 Marthers John   April 27,1815 Delmar Adm. - Mary Marthers and Daniel Kelsey. Surety - Justus Dartt & Rosswell Bottford. Wit.- Mary H. Jackson and Beulah Norris.
9 Miller Dorrick June 16,1815 Mar.26,1817 Covington Beloved wife, not named. Sons - Richard, John, Jacob, David, Jeremiah Miller. Dau. - Saphiah, Elizabeth, Polly, Christiana Miller. Exec. - Elijah Putnam, Esq. Wit. - 6-16-1815 - Ebenezer Burley, Hannah Stratton & Wit. at Prob. - Henry Campbell.
10 Van Campen Thomas   Dec.17,1817 Tioga Adm. - Levi Vail. Wit.- Charles Blanchard & Levi Vail
11 Slosson Enos   Dec.16, 1822 Lawerence Will made September 22, 1819 Adm. - Rebecca Slosson, Ira Kilburn, Anson Beebe, with John Ryon, Hiram Beebe and Jacob Prutsman to render accounts. Cash for services to Aaron Beebe, Ira Kilburn and Baskin Jones. Reg. of Wills - Uriah Spencer.
12 Patton William   Dec. 5, 1823   Adm. - Pliney Power. Surety - Pliney Power and Larentis Jackson.
13 Inscho Obediah   Nov. 3, 1820   Adm. - Judith Inscho and Moses Insco. Surety - Simeon Power. Reg. of Wills - Uriah Spencer
14 Lapham Jesse   Nov. 12,1823   Adm. - Eddy Howland, Esq. and Porter Lapham. Surety - Emmer Bowen and Larentis Jackson. Reg of Wills - Uriah Spencer
15 Kelsey Sarsh   Nov. 12,1819 Delmar Adm. - Sameul W. Morris. Surety - Henry Willard
16 Mudge Ira 1822 age 44 Feb.17,1823   Adm. Aaron Mudge and David Fellows. Surety - John Becher and Wm. Patton.
17 Thompson Alanson   July 24,1820 Delmar Adm. - Catherine Thompson, John Norris and Wm. Patton. Bonds - Oliver Willard
17 Cline John   Jan. 17,1822   Adm. - Ebenezer Taylor & Samuel Mc Dougal. Sureties - Daniel Lindsay, John Becher.
18 Morris Mary Nov. 16,1819 Dec. 7,1821 Wellsboro Will made July 20, 1814 A deed of trust, by Benjamin W. Morris and his wife Mary, to be convayed to Gideon H. Wells and his wife, Rachel H. Wells, to be held by them at the daeth of my husband Benj. W. Morris. At the death of Gideon Hill Wells and his wife, Rachel H. and the death of my husband, Benj.W. Morris, deed to land to be delivered to my daughter, Rebeeca Ellis, wife of William C. Ellis. Son - Samuel W. Morris to pay $150. to Sarah Waln, wife of Jacob Waln. Exec. - Jacob L. Waln, Samuel W. Morris, Wm. C. Ellis. Wit. - Daniel Kelsey, Jeremiah Brown, Rachel H. Wells, and Jane Mathers
19 Dartt G.   April 5,1824 Charleston Adm. Mary Dartt Bonds - Justus Dartt and David Lindsay Wit. - Chauncey Alford.
20 Wilson Thomas   Mar. 8, 1825 Tioga Adm. - John Wilson Bonds - Daniel Mather 
21 Rathbone Elder David   Sept. 19,1824 Lawerence Adm. - Nancy Rathbone Adm. named after Dec. 19,1826 - John Stewart
22 Sindlinger Michael   Aug. 15,1825   Adm. - Abraham Aderhold Bond - Peter Moyer
23 Smith Michael   Sept. 12,1825   Adm. - Isaac Adams Bonds - Leander Westbrook & Jacob Hymes.
24 Shuman Gideon   April 21,1826 Jackson Adm. - William Rose Bonds - Lorenty Jackson and Roswell Bottford Widow, Elixabeth Shuman, requested John Brown for Adm. - Dec. 19,1827 Auditors - Wm. D. Bacon, Benj. Lawrence, James Husted.
25 Putnam Elijah 1825 age 61 Oct. 8, 1825 Covington Adm. - Ephraim B. Gerould
26 Sweet John   Sept. 16,1825   Adm. - Achusha Sweet and Henry Eaton
27 Prutzman Nicholas   April 3,1826   Adm. - Jacob Prutsman
28 Johnson Moses   Dec. 28,1826 Delmar Adm. - Betsey Johnson
29 Rathbone Nancy   Jan. 29, 1827   Will July 1825 In my desire to arrange support for my youngest and unfortunate son, Elijah Wales Rathbone and for my youngest daughter, as long as she is single, my home on the west side of Tioga River, in Steuben County, N.Y., to my eldest daughter, Phila W. Crowley and her husband, Calvin, that they support Elijah W. and Mary Ann. Eldest son - Anson Rathbone, second son, Justus J. Rathbone and son, Claredon Rathbone, second daughter - Nancy Rathbone. Exec. - Justus Rathbone. Probated by Job Geer, Joseph Miller John Barnes. 
30 Duryea Garrett   July 22, 1827   Adm. - John Beecher and Daniel Kelsey Sureties - Benj. B. Smith, Wm. Beecher. Wit. - Chauncey Alford.
31 Faulkner John   Sept. 22, 1827   Adm. - Joseph Faulkner, Brother Bonds - John Knox, Lansford Coats
32 Ellis Richard   Oct. 6,1827   Adm. - David Ellis and Chauncey Alford Bonds- Reuben Harrington, James Kimball 
33 Shenell Jacob Frederick   Oct. 11,1827   Adm. - John Sheffer Bonds - John Norris, Lorentes Jackson
34 Shenell Charles   Nov. 28,1827 Liberty Adm. - Joseph Haughenbaugh Bonds - Casper Moyer and David Lindsay
35 Bulkley Israel    Feb. 18,1828   Adm. - George Bulkley, Aaron Alba Bonds - Robert Tubbs , George Parker
36 Booher Margaret   Aug. 1,1827 Tioga Sons - Jacob Booher, George Booher. Daughters - Sarah Searle, Eleanor Spencer, Jemima Searle. Six children mentioned, five named as heirs. Exec. - Elijah DePuy, Uriah Spencer of Delmar. Wit. - Matthew Winkoop, Hannah Ames.
37 Roe Samuel   Nov. 8, 1828   Adm. Oliver T. Bundy Smith Cornell and Lyice Parrish to advertise.
38 Lindsay David   Jan. 19,1829   Adm. Oliver T. Bundy, James Lowrey, Benj. B. Smith Bonds - Lorentes Jackson, Amos Coolidge
39 White Thomas H.   May 19,1829   Adm. - Thomas Overton Bonds - Samuel McDougal, Joseph McCormick
40 Cornell Harvey   July 28,1829   Adm. - Elizabeth Cornell Bonds - Smith Cornell, Benjamin Kelsey.
41 Baker  Isaac   June 3,1828 Sullivan Wife - Margaret Baker Sons - Hiram and Isaac Baker Daughters - Ananias, Phila, Philemone, Maria Baker Mentioned - Richard Comfort. Wit.- Ira Mudge
42 Bowen Ezra   March 15,1830 Deerfield Eldest son - Samuel Bowen Second son - Emor Bowen; Youngest son - Zadock Bowen. Eldest daughter - Lavis Stone, Second Daughter - Abegail Stone. Lands of Glocester Twp. Providence, Rhode Island Exec.- Zadock Bowen Wit. - Uriah Spencer, Anne Anson
43 Reep Jacob 1829 age 65 Feb. 17,1830   Adm. - Jacob Reep and Peter Reep Lawrenceville. Bonds - John Beecher, Jonathon Webster.
44 Niles Nathan Mar. 3,1830 age 69 April 1830 Charleston Adm. - Benjamin Gitchell Bonds - John Beecher, Jonathon Webster
45 McVay, McVoy Arthur   Aug. 2,1830   Adm. - Joseph Haughenbaugh. Sureties - Jonathon Sebring Joseph Haughenbaugh released. Adm. named James McVay May 24,1831. Bonds - Ephraim B. Gould, John Gray 
46 Holden Daniel 1830 age46 Sept.10,1830 Prospect Cem. Adm. - Lydia Holden, Daughter, Ephraim Gerould and James Gray. Bonds - James Kimball and Benj. B. Smith. Motions by A.V. Parsons and E. Lewis, creditors in New York. Motion by H.Williston on accounts. Wit. - Aaron Bloss and Thomas Dyer.
47 Faulkner William   Feb. 21,1831   Adm. - Joseph Faulkner, John Goodspeed, Reuben Close. Bonds - Archibald Knox and George Bulkley.
48 Beebe Anson   Feb. 31,1831   Adm. - Lucy Beebe and Job Geer. Bonds - Hiram Beebe and Peter Reep.
50 Brown John H.   Sept. 6,1832   Adm. - Ebenezer W. Brown. Bonds - Lorentes Jackson, John Beecher.
51 Baldwin Ebenezer   Sept. 6, 1832 Lawrence Wife - Betsey Baldwin Oldest son - Buel Baldwin, Second son - Stephen Baldwin, Third son - thomas Lewis Baldwin. Daughter - Eunice Baldwin. Wife, Betsey to be guargian until children age 14. Lands purchased from Jacob Reep, sawmill and lands in Westfield Township, from Ira Kilburn. Wit. - Stephen Fowler, T.McDougal, S. McDougal & John A. Kemp. Exec. - John A. Camp. Reg. of Wills - Jonah Brewster. 
52 McLean Alexander   Nov.16,1831   Adm. - Lucius Barlow Bonds - David Henry and Francis Hill Wit. - Elexander T. Brewster, Lucius Barlow.
Register Docket A            
1 Shumway Peter   Aug. 4, 1832 Charleston Will made July 9,1828, Buried Shumway Hill * Revolution Soldier . Wife - Deceased. Son - Sleeman Shumway. Daughters - Lydia Wilson, Jersusha Palmer, Lucretia Thompson, Clary Palmer, Zilpha Johnson. Exec. - Luther Johnson and James Adams. Wit. - Benj. B. Smith, Luther johnson, Chas. Coolidge
2 Harman John, Yeoman   Sept. 18,1832   Adm. - John Shaffer, Esq. of Liberty Township. Bail - Isaac Herman and William Herman
3 Billings Daniel   Sept.18,1832   Adm. - John F. Donaldson, Josiah Emery. Bail - Russell Hewitt, James Kimball
4 Calvin Joseph   Oct. 22,1832   Adm. - Stephen Calvin, ruth Calvin, Joshua Calvin, Thomas Calvin, and Joseph Calvin.
5 Murphy John B.   July 9, 1838 Wellsborough Adm. - John Norris, Wm. Bache. Bail - Mordecai Jackson, Wm. Norris
6 Wheeler Isaac   March 8, 1833   Adm. - Bethena Wheeler, Moses wheeler, Oliver Elliott. Bail - Norman Rockwell, Levi Elliott.
7 Hart George   March 8,1833   Adm. - John F. Hart of Liberty Township.
8 Rowley Nathan b.1759 d.1833 Sept. 24,1833   Canoe Camp Cemetery Adm. Ichabod Rowley of Covington, Township. Bail - John Marvin and Wright Lounsberry.
9 Phelps John   Sept. 24,1833 Liberty Adm. - Jared Phelps, John Cochran Bail - Ephraim Gerould
10 Maneval Jeremie   Dec. 23,1833 Liberty Wife - Susanna Maneval. Sons - John P. Maneval, Lewis Maneval, John Maneval. Daughters - Susanna M. Cleckler, Catherine Sechrist, Mattena Maneval, Charolette Moyer. Exec. - Lewis Maneval and Peter Moyer. Wit. - John Sheffer, Jr., John Sheffer, Sr., and Jacob Sheffer. Reg. of Wills - Benj. B. Smith.
11 Lapham Porter   Feb. 26, 1834 Westfield Mother - Sarah Lapham Mortgage on farm, in favor of John Campbell of Elkland Twp. Brother in law - Zacheus Mallory, married to siter, Lucy. Mentioned Ener Bowen,Sr. of Deerfield. Exec. - Zacheus Mallory, Emer Bowen. Wit. - H.B. Trowbridge, Wm. D. Weeks
12 Keeney Jesse 1834 age 35 July 21,1834 Tioga Adm. - Abraham L.Keeney Bail - Thomas Keeney and Benjamin Gitchell.
13 Reap Jacob, Jr.   Aug. 7,1834   Adm. Peter Reap, Wm. Updegraff, Harvey Root Widow, not named.
14 Gaylor Jacob, Sr.   Sept. 22, 1834  Liberty Adm. - Jacob Gaylor of Liberty. Bail - Johnn Beecher, John sheffer, Harvey Root.
15 Dewey Joseph   Sept.25,1834 Sullivan Adm. - Josiah S. Dewy, David Hazard. Bail - Wm. B. Mann, Sylvester Bailey 2nd. Widow, not named.
16 Wilson Sumner 1834 Oct. 9,1834 Covington Born - March 26, 1779 Buried - Peters Camp, Covington, Twp. Adm. - Pliny Burr and George Knox Widow and children - not named. Bail - John Beecher & Josiah Emery.
17 Crist Henry   Oct. 21, 1834   Adm. - Agustus Leib. Widow, not named, renounced right to Adm. Bail - Philip T. Kohler, Conrad Kohler.
18 Lyon Agustus Aug.26, 1834   Middlebury Wife - not named. Daughters - Lois and Eliza Miria Lyon. Son - Joseph E. Lyon. Has burial plot in Veteran Twp., Tioga Co., NY. Provisions made in codicil for Eleta M. Daily. Exec. - Son - Joseph E. Lyon. Reg. - Benj. B. Smith
19 Hill Francis   Nov. 27,1834 Wellsborough Wife - Caroline Hill. Son - Johnn Quincy Hill. Brother of wife - James Lindsley. Exec. - Chauncey Alford, Daniel Kelsey, Jonah Brewster. Wit. - James Lowery, J. F. Donaldson. 
20 Jacobs Elnathan   Dec. 1, 1834   Adm. - Sally Jacobs and John Youngs. Bail - David Hart and Peletiah P. Story.
21 Whitlock Jonathon C.   Feb. 6,1835 Jackson Adm. - Erastus Kellogg, Hiram B. Roberts. Bail - Joshua C. Spencer, Wm. Updike
22 Bennett Joseph   May 7,1835 Covington Adm. - Aaron Bloss and John gray. Bail - Chauncey Alford & Eli Gitchell
23 Slott John May 8,1835   Liberty Bail - Daniel Rate and John Slott. Adm. - not named
24 Daggett Rufus Jan. 31,1835   Jackson Buried Old Daggert Cemetery. Adm. - Seth Daggett, Hannah Daggett. Bail - Benj. Lawrence and Norman Wells.
25 Burlingame Stephen Mar. 3,1835 Feb. 23, 1835 Deerfield Buried Smith Cemetery. Sons - Maxey W., Mount Veron Burlingame. Son - Stephen B., dec'd. Daughters - Mereback Mc Kinney, Rhonda Hunter, Tabitha Winsor, Nabby Smith, Morrila Swann. Dughter - in -Law - Hannah Burlingame. Grandchilren - Henry W., Luhtre R., Willam, and Emma Suasn Burlingame. Abigail, Sarah, Juman, and Morilla McKinney. Ezra Smith. Lands in Westfield Twp. Purchased from Thomas Cummings. Exec. - Son - Maxey W. Burlingame. ( now in Rhode Island) Wit.- Aaron Alba, Inman J.B. McKinney, Wm. Riley Mann. Sureties - Aaron Alba and Ebeazer Seeley. 
26 Hamblin Ira     Brookfield Adm. - Truman Hmablin. Bail - Luman seeley and Stepehn Potter. Inventory - June 25, 1835
27 Luddington William, Sr.   Sept. 28,1835   Adm. - John and William Luddington of Sullivan twp. Bail - Amariah Robbins, David Burman.
28 Wilson Siah   Oct. 3,1835 Charleston Exec. - Irene Wilson. Bequest to Polly Jane Dartt & Benj. Shipman Dartt. If thee die, property goes to Philander Parkhurst. Wit - Dexter Parkhurst and Daniel W. Clason.
29 Hart Daniel   Dec. 28, 1835 Lawrence Adm. - John L. Brown. Bail - Buel Baldwin and Danel Holliday.
30 Cornell Smith   June 25,1836 Chatham Wife - Rebecca Cornell. Sons - Nathan, Hamilton, Smith, Socrates Cornell. Wit. - Asa short, Abel Cloos, Lavinia Ann Worster. Exec. - - - - - - - Reg. of Wills - Luman Wilson
31 Bowen Hezekiah Aug. 1836 Aug. 15,1836 Wellsboro Adm. Galusha Bowen. Bail - Chester Robinson and John L. Robinson
32 Weeks Samuel   Sept. 14,1836 Covington Adm. - James Weeks and Ephraim B. Gerould. Bail - Job Geer and Israel Merrick. 
33 Ridge John, Jr.   Nov. 8,1836 Liberty Adm. - Joseph Undegraff Bail - George W. Ridge and Wm. Miller.
34 Miller Benjamin   Jan. 5,1837 Jackson Adm. Samuel Miller Bail - Benj. Lawrence and Manniz W. Stull.
35 Mc Dougall John   Jan. 18,1837  Lawrenceville Brother - Nathaniel McDougall. Brothers now dec'd. - Andrew & Robert McDougall Sister in Law - Polly McDougall. Exec. - Buel Baldwin and James Ford. Wit. - Milton R. Orton, Mary L. Orton, Susan E. Ford
36 Allen  John S.   Jan. 19,1837 Tioga Adm. - Margaret Allen & Benj. Bentley Bail - Thomas B. DePui, Butler Smith, Thomas J. Berry
37 Costerison Claudius Feb. 24,1837 March 16,1837 Liberty Born - October 1, 1775 Adm. - Felix Costerison Bail - Johnathon Sebring, Xaurie Miller
38 Nickerson Darius   May 20,1837 Charleston Adm. - Ruth Nickerson, David Smith, David Hart. Bail - Archibald Nichols, J.F. Donaldson. ( Darius died May 21,1836 age 63. Old Charleston Cemetery )
39 Tuttle Ayres   Sept. 30,1837 Westfield Exec. - Sheldon Tuttle - Son. Wife - Jerusha Tuttle Daughters - Leonora, wife of Uriah Mann, Lumanda, wife of Ebenezer Brown, Rebbeca Tuttle. Grand daughter - Charolette Brown, Daughter of George S. Brown, son of my wife by a former marrige. Will made - Dec. 22,1834 Wit. - Godfrey Bowman, Johnathon Bonney, John Waklee, Jr.
40 Faulkner Joseph   Dec. 14,1837 Deerfield Adm. - William and Levi Faulkner. Bail - Peter Greer and Stephen Piny
41 Kinner Nathaniel 1838 age 64 March 12,1838 Jackson Wife -Sally Adm. - David M. Kinner Bail - Samuel and George Miller ( Millerton Cemetery )
42 Mansfield Amos 1838 age 63 June 11,1838 Rutland Adm. - Amos Mansfield Bail - John W. Frost and Peter Backer. ( died 1838 age 63, Roseville )
43 Turner James C.   June 12,1838 Westfield Bail - Jacob Price and Jacob Everitt Exec. - none named
44 Murphy J. B.       Late of Wellsboro See #5 
45 Dartt Justus 1838 July 13,1838 Charleston Revolution Soldier Wife - Hannah Dartt Sons - Justus, Jr. and Cyrus Dartt Exec. - Cyrus Dartt, son. Will made Dec. 9,1834, proven July 19, 1838 
46 Bullock Stephen   Sept. 15,1838 Sullivan Adm. - James Bullock Bail - Lyman Robinson and James Lock
47 Lane  Allen   Oct. 17,1838 Sullivan Wife - Susanna Lane Sons - Caleb and Lemuel Lane Dec'd. Daughter - Triphena Westcott Daughter - in - law - Hannah, wife of Allen, Dec'd. Gransons - John Lane and Moses Lane. Exec. - George Diven - David Fellows renounced right. Wit. - Roswell Webster and Alonzo D. Mudge.
48 Bartlett Eli   Oct. 30,1838 Rutland Adm. - Hannah Barlett and Ira Day Bail - Josiah Graves and Timothy Coats.
49 Giddings Chester W. 1838 Nov. 17,1838 Brookfield Adm. - Titus J. Giddings Bail - John Wakler & F. Wetherbee.
50 Rexford Thomas   Nov. 19,1838 Sullivan Adm. - Thomas Rexford. Bail - Henry Bailey & Roswell W. Bailey
51 Isbell Loren   Feb. 20, 1839 Sullivan Adm. - Henry Bailey, Sylvester Bailey Bail - 
52 Reep Peter 2nd 1829 age 65 March 12,1839 Lawrence Adm. - Abram Walker Bail - Samuel H. Baker & Moses S. Baldwin
53 Gee William   June 12,1839 Farmington Adm. - Mary Gee and Thomas Gee Bail - Sameul Buckbee and Daniel Holliday, Jr. 
54 Welch Nathaniel 1839 age 68 June 12,1839 Sullivan Wife - Nancy Welch Sons - James, Josiah, David, Amos, Daniel Welch Daughters - Sally, Anna, Lucretia, Nancy Jane Welch Exec. - James Welch Wit. - Elijah Welch & Uriah D. Welch. Reg. of Wills - George Knox, Esq. per Luman Wilson
55 Hart  Adam     Richmond Will made Jan. 18, 1839 Wife - Ann Hart Daughters - Elizabeth Hart, Catherine Clark, Judy A. Brown Exec. - Justus B. Clark, son in law. Wit. - Isaac Drake, Charles Evans.
56 Wetmore Andrew   June 29, 1839   Adm. - Lyman Wetmore Bail - Elmer Bacon, Hiram Brooks
57 Cook David   July 10,1839   Adm. - Hiram Cook and Hiram D. Cook. Bail - Samuel Westbrook, Abram Walker.
58 Wood Ezra 1840 age 62 Oct. 21,1839 Rutland Wife - Rachel Wood. Daughters - Sally Benson, Druzilla Updike, Hannah Marrick, Charity Matilda Wood. Grandson - Ezra Updike Exec. - Stephen H. Wood and Hiram B. Roberts Wit. - Nathan Alford, Jr., Rena L. Whitlock.
59 Frost Samuel W.   Oct. 22,1839 Covington Adm. - Maria Frost, Lyman Frost. Bail - Thomas Dryer, Lyman Frost.
60 Hammond Amariah   Oct. 23,1839 Elkland Adm. - John M. Hammond Bail - Sylvester Kelly, Lemuel Cleaveland
61 Hartman William   Nov. 11,1839 Wellsborough Adm. - Benj. B. Smith Bail - Sylvester Kelly, Lemuel Cleaveland.
62 Wilson Joseph   March 9,1840 Lawrenceville Adm. - Lydia Wilson, Curtis Parthurst Bail - Luther Johnson, Clark Slosson
63 Craig Daniel S.   March 9,1840 Tioga Adm. - Thomas Hollis Bail B.C. Weekham, Butler Smith
64 Cornell Smith   March 12,1840 Chatham Adm. - Nathan Cornell Bail - James Knox, Eldridge Rathbone 
65 Hazlett Samuel   April 9, 1840 Elkland Adm. - Sally Hazlett, Archibald Hazlett Bail - John Hazlett, Richard Ellison
66 Finch Samuel 1839 age 82 April 18,1840 Lawrenceville Adm. - Daniel K. Finch Bail - Clarendon Rathbone, S.P. Williston
67 Keeney Thomas Jan.10,1840 April 25,1840 Tioga Died Jan. 10,1840 age 88 Revolution Soldier, buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung Co., NY. Wife - Mercy Keeney Daughters - Mercy Keeney, Ruby Mithcell, Susannah Parcial, Betsey Patton. Sons - Thomas Keeney, Jr., Jesse Keeney. Exec. - Thomas Keeney and Benj. Bently Wit. - H.B. Graves, Joseph Aiken, Wm. Garrettson, Elisha T. Bentley.
68 Adams William   Oct. 3,1840 Charleston Adm. - Sarah Adams, Edward McInroy, Wm. Denison. Bail - John Waklee, J. F. Donaldson
69 Bailey  Royal Oct. 24,1840 Nov. 14, 1840 Charleston Adm. - Julia Ann Bailey, Roswell W. Bailey, and Benjamin Bailey. Bail - Robert B. Bailey, Clark W. Bailey, Robert White.
70 Tuttle Ebenzer   Feb. 19,1841   Sons - Hiram, Levi and Loyal Tuttle Daughters -Eunice, Pheby, Maria, Elizabeth Ann and Philoma Tuttle. Exec. - Wife, Lucy Tuttle, Ebenezer B.Tuttle, and E.G. Tuttle. Wit. - Norman Wells, Warren Wells

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/20/2002
By Joyce M. Tice