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Written by Eloise FRANTZ Wilson

Postcard from Joyce's Collection




First burgess of Athens, Pa. appointed to office on Mar. 27, 1831. He died in Troy, Pa. where he spent his last days in 1851.

He came from Portland, Maine in 1794/5 to Athens. He worked as a Clerk of the Susquehanna Co. in 1795. David was an early merchant and inn keeper of Athens.

In 1808 he was appointed Justice of the Peace by the government.

For " many years" was the Postmaster of Athens.

He married Miss Phebe Lindsley, sister of Mrs. Dr. Hopkins. When she died, he re-married to " a cultivated lady from Portland" who survives.

Mr. Paine owned several lots south of the Acadamy, where he lived the rest of his life. His brother, Enoch also died there many years ago

The house owned by Clement Paine was built by David in 1803.

Taken from " Early Times on the Susquehanna" by Mrs. George A. Perkins.


George was born Sept. 18, 1798 in Norwich, Conn., and died July 31, 1884 in Athens, Pa. He was the son of Augustus Perkins. Both he and his wife are buried in Tioga Point Cemetery.

Among other things, was burgess of Athens very early in history of town, also the first owner of a drug store in Athens.

On May 1, 1823 in Athens, Pa. George A. Perkins and Miss Julia Ann, daughter of John Shepard, both of Athens, Pa. were married by Rev. James Williamson. She became the author of " Early Times on the Susquehanna ".


Rebecca Huntington Feb. 2, 1833 - Aug. 2, 1853

Isaac Prentice Mar. 24, 1835 - Dec. 18, 1836

Lucy H. June 15, 1824 - Oct. 11, 1841

George was a merchant in Athens at the business of G.A. & E.H. Perkins in 1837, his brother, Edward joining him. ( Taken from Julia’s book and "Tioga Point People" by Eloise Frantz Wilson)


Time as burgess unknown


No informaton


I wonder if this is Castle H. Herrick 1811 - 1865 buried in Tioga Point Cemetery. If so, he was the son of Edward and Celestia (Hopkins) Herrick. His wife was Rachel.


Edward Herrick, 2nd. 1839 Athens, Pa. - Feb. 21, 1890 ( Lynn Ashton Merrill gives a birth date of 1841)

Helen H. 1847 - 1909

Helen E., wife of C.N. Shipman 1818 - 1939

Samuel, infant son 1830 ( " Tioga Point People" by Eloise Frantz Wilson )


Born in 1842, died in 1914. ( Tioga Point People, by Eloise Frantz Wilson)

F.T. was a grocer in Athens , establishing the business in 1862. In 1882 he became partners with G.A. Northrup to become Northurp and Co. He was the son of Thomas and Anna Page.

Burgess of Athens., 1879 and 1880


I can’t be sure of this one, there were 2 brothers, Abel and Aaron, both of whom were active in Athens, but Aaron moved away and A.A. is in Tioga Point cemetery, but due to lack of pre- 1920 ‘s records, they being lost in a fire, and the records being reconstructed by stone engravings, there is no name for A.A.

A.A. Oct. 15, 1820 - April 21, 1900 and Catherine, his wife Apr. 5, 1816 - Sept. 22, 1896. He is buried in a lot with Henry W. and son of Ira & Etta and an Infant son of Ira & Etta. No more is known, except Ira’s dates are; 1854 - 1927 and Etta’s are 1858 - 1935. It is possible Aaron could have been removed to here, since trains were active then, so transportation was fairly swift.

They were sons of Abel born near Manchester, N.H. Bought timber land belonging to Robert H. Rose in western part of Warren twp. and came there in 1814. Abel married Mrs .Ruth Elsbree Shaw of Albany Co., N.Y. " History of OldTioga Point and Early Athens, Penna. " by Louisa Wells Murray

Served as burgess in 1874, 1881 and 1882.

1862 E. WHITE

no information


served in 1868 AND 1869 and 1876 ( Bradsby’s History of Bradford Co.")


I find records for James.A. Bristol. born Mar. 2, 1828 Milford, Conn. - died in 1904 in Athens, Pa.

Buried in Tioga Point cemetery. His wife was Ellen Apr. 29, 1838 Milan, Pa. - died 1900 of typhoid fever, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Page. Served in 1864 as burgess.

Owned a business in Athens.

Mr. Bristol, he was apparently a burgess of Athens.


I was given a copy of a booklet from a fireman’s parade in Athens, Pa. for 1897. In that is listed a

Burgess Krom from Athens for that event. I found no information on him.


The only information on a Geo. Kinney found;

Ran for auditor feom Sheshequin in 1821 and won the seat. 1827 ran for Assembly , and was one of a committie of 30 named to welcome Gov. Joseph Ritner to Bradford County at Towanda, Pa. on Aug. 23, 1836. Ran again on the Whig ticket in 1837 and was a canidate from Sheshequin for commissioner.

No other information, if this is the right Geo. I can’t be sure.


Son of Ezra Blood of Worchester, Mass. Samuel married Ellen Angier, lived and died in the valley.

Came to Athens from Albany, N.Y. and manufactured agrcultural implements. with Raymond M. Wells..

This was a foundry, located in old Welles and Shipman foundry and laterr in back of Presbyterian Church. This is when Harris Street was opened. " History of Old Tioga Point and Early Athens " by Louisa Welles Murray.

He was a burgess in 1865 and 1866.

T.S.BARBER no information


Served as burgess in 1872, No personal information

AARON TIBBETS no information

GEORGE MAN’VILLE no information


Served as burgess in 1862. No personal information

GEORGE MERRILL no information, other than a George is buried in Tioga Point cemetery, 1857 - 1927 and his wife, Minnie M. 1867 - 1920 I can’t be sure this is the right George.

George serrved as burgess in 1863.


Henry was born July 7, 1820 in Huntington, Fairfield Co., Conn. He died Oct. 31, 1901 at his Tioga St. home in Athens, Pa. Both his maternal and paternal grandfathers fought in the Revolutionary War.

He moved to Chenango Co., N.Y. with his family when he was young and began his early education there. Later he went to Oxford, N.Y. acadamy. In 1840 he studied law with his brother Ephriam W. BEARD in Towanda, Pa. His name change occured at this time. He later wanted to change back to his rightful name, but by that time, there were so many legal briefs and papers with the new name on, it became impossible, although he did use BEARD in personal writing.

In 1842, he came to the law office of H.W. Patrick in Athens and was admitted to Bradford County court that year.

He was considered very honest and reliable in all his doings.

When the Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad came through, he handled all the paper work on gaining clearance to all land titles along the right of way.

He married Clara Burt of Elmira, N.Y. and had a daughter, Eleanor.

In the Civil War, he served in Co. H, 13th Pa. Militia., an emergency unit . He went to service Sept 1862 and fought at the battle of Antietam.

Henry was a member of the Perkins Post G.A.R.

He was the member of the Youngman, Beard, Page and Co., a finincial firm in Williamsport, Pa.

Appointed a Justice of Peace in Athens for 21 years.

Postmaster of Athens during first term of President Cleveland.

He was a tax collector for the North Branch Canal.

His funeral was in charge of Rural Amity Lodge, # 70 F.&A.M. of Athens.

( Above taken from obituary in Athens museum)


Charles ( C.T.) was buried in Tioga Point with a death date of Jan. 14, 1916. His services were held by the G.A.R. Post # 202. His obituary lists death date of Feb. 1916., having died after an illness of five months. He lived and died at 106 Ferry St. He was survived by a widow and a brother and sister.

Charles was a member of the Athens Fire Department 30 years and it’s first chief. He was elected to the office when the department was organized. He donated a " considerable sum of money to the Protection Hose Co."

Burgess of Athens in 1873.

He was in the insurance business in his later years, and also worked as a pension attorney.

He was the son of Josiah and Mercy (Jones) Hull., born in Coventry, Chenango Co., N.Y. and came to

Bradford Co. in 1847.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, he was a steel engraver. He enlisted at Athens on Aug. 16, 1862 in Co. E, 141st. Pa. Vol. , 1st. Brigade, 1st. Division, 3rd. A.C. as a Corporal. He was hospitalized with an illness, was absent on furlough 30 days and re-joined his command in 1863. He was honorably discharged at Washington, D.C.

On return to civilian life, became a clerk at Athens First National Bank until 1890, he was elected to county treasurer.

He married at Athens on April 25, 1894 to Miss Margaret Stulen.

Charles also organized many G.A.R. posts throughout Pennsylvania, including the one at Gettysburg.

( Obituary on file at Athens museum)


John was the son of William and Elizabeth Patterson Saltmarsh. He came to Athens, Pa. in 1801 from Fairfield, Conn. He was a graduate of Yale College.

In Athens, became a merchant, tavener, Justice of Peace and was a lawyer. He was known as an

" intelligent, religious, useful man" according to history books.

John built what was known as the Saltmarsh mansion.

He married Rhoda Beach of Trumbull, Conn. She died July 4, 1847 at 80 years of age.

John was burgess of Athens in 1867.

( Heverly’s " Pioneer & Patriot’s Families of Bradford County, Pa.)


Dana was born in 1830 in Sheshequin, Pa. Son of Rev. Chester Park. He died Saturday, Aug. 5, 1893.

He was in business with his father in Athens until the father retired, then took control himself in 1862.

Burgess of Athens in 1875. Dana was very acitve in affairs of the town, offices including councilman, and school director. He became a finincial agent for fighting men during the Civil War, handling their business at home, and was considered totally reliable. He did this free of charge, probably as his contribution to the war effort.

When the men were hurt, or died at the front, he made all arrangements to care for them, and to bring home the dead, so they could have a burial.

He was described as a man of strong conviction, totally honest.

Became burgess of Athens in 1875.

In later years, he became converted to the Baptist faith, and was so strong about his beliefs, he often had church services in his home..

He married # 1 Miss Catherine Ball on Oct. 22, 1855

Child; Irving K.

# 2 Miss Lydia M. Carmer on Apr. 20, 1865

His funeral services were in charge of G.A.R. post with Rev. L.E.Wheeler of Waverly, N.Y. officiating.

( Obituary on file, Athens museum)


No information found.


Served as burgess in 1877.

T.D. Woolcot

Served as burgess in 1878


Served as burgess in 1876


Dana is known as being responsible for the first hard top road built in 1903, between Milan and Athens, Pa.

He was born in Oct. 7, 1854 in Athens, Pa. and died on Oct. 2, 1942 in Athens, Pa. Son of Joel and

Sibyl Gates Morley.

He was a burgess of Athens from 1903 - 1907.

His wife is beside him in Tioga Point Cemetery, her name was Alnetta E. 1853 - 1948

( Lynn Ashton Merrill " Chronology of Bradford County" and " Tioga Point People" by Eloise F. Wilson )


According to his obituary, Evening Times Edward was born Jan. 8, 1867 Orwell township, Pa. - died Dec. 29, 1939 in Athens, Pa. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnold. Married Carrie Beers in 1890

Obituary lists " at one time Burgess " supposedly of Athens. No other mention has been found.


Born 1845 - died Mar. 22, 1924 in Athens, Pa. The family came from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1865.

He ran a hardware store known as Finch & Finch. The company was formed in partnership with his brother in 1883. It was dissolved in 1923 when Robert’s health failed. He died of " Infirmities incident to old age"

Robert was burgess of Athens . dates uncertain.

He is survived by a wife, sisters of Hamilton and 4 brothers, including Miles of Athens.

His " word was good as his bond" according to obituary in Athens museum.


Joseph was born in Germany and died Sept. 29, 1945 in Sayre, Pa. He came to the U.S. at age of 16, and became a naturalized citizen five years later. His wife was Honora " Nora" Sheehan who died June 21, 1951 at 80 years of age in Westminister, Md. They are both buried in Tioga Point Cemetery.

Joseph was burgess of Athens , date unknown

He was a tailor in Athens. ( From son’s Dr. Joseph R. Bailer, obit and Tioga Point People, by Eloise Frantz Wilson )


Cornelius was born in 1819 - died Dec. 1907 He is buried in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, Pa.

Married Mar. 3, 1852 near Skaneatles Lake, N.Y. at home to May Horton. probably her home.

Came to Athens in 1844 from Cauyga County, N.Y. Cornelius was the son of Jacob Hunsiker. Owned the home for many years next to the Spalding library, now occupied by Dr. & Mrs. King.

Mr. Hunsiker was a " Prctical lumberman" in the days of running the river with the wood. Known to be deeply interested in the town’s well- being. He was burgess in 1870 and 1871. ( Bradsby;s History of Bradford Co.)


Born Mar. 23, 1843 Bath, N.Y. - died Abt. 1905. He was in office at time of death. George occupied the office from 1888 - 1890 at a time when apparently the office gained a new burgess every year. George was son of Chester D. and Eliza M. Kinney. He fought in the Civil War.

Married Laura A. Ely in June 1876.


Served as burgess for years 1892 - 93.

No other information is found.


No information is found, other than he was burgess in 1886, and 1887 born June 1843- died Mar. 26, 1912 Buried in Tioga Point cemetery ( Tioga Point and its People, Eloise Frantz Wilson)

I am assuming these are the same man.


No informaton is found.


Burgess in 1883 - 1884

Born June 29, 1840 - died Feb. 20, 1924. Married Charlotte Holbrooke, a lady of much renoun herself.

She started the local D.A.R. unit.

Charles " Had a fine scorn for the modern motorcar" Was trained as a civil engineer.

Became president of Spalding Library at the personal request of the founder, Mr. Spalding.

Burgess in 1886, 1887.

Charles Kellogg owned the wooden bridge building business and inn 1870, Charles joined in ownership of this company, and they converted to iron bridge building, becoming only the second company in the U.S. Later became Ingersoll - Rand, Inc.

Very long obituary on file in Athens Museum. - along with much family history.

The fact he was burgess is taken from Reporter-Journal of Towanda, Pa. Dec. 4, 1884.


Mr. Frost was born Feb. 26, 1826 and died Nov. 15, 1885. He was burgess in 1885., so apparently he also died in office, assuming it was changed in January.

Owned a furniture store, undertaking parlor in Athens, Pa. in 1879, established himself in business.

His wife; Sarah Eli Apr. 18, 1827 - July 7, 1907


Joseph was born Dec. 25, 1835 in Hardwick, Vt. and died June 15, 1917 in Athens, Pa. of pneumonia.

Joseph was a druggist , stationer, etc., previously owned by Dr. H.L..Gibbs. Described in Reporter-Journal newspaper of Dec. 4, 1884. s having an " elegant store" He was burgess in 1894.


John was elected in 1917 to burgess office. He was re-elected in 1917. He had an uncompleted term in 1923, but why I haven’t been able to find out.


Arthur was nominated to fill John Ovenshire’s term on Oct. 9, 1924. Because of needed surgery, he officially took office on Dec. 1924 - Jan. 1, 1936 In 1941 served again and in 1950.he served to finish Donlon’s term.. He was appointed by council May 1941 to serve until general election in Nov. Served 21 years until 1944. ( this conflicts with Donlon dates, but it is what was in original obituary of Mr. Buckley.


Gerald was born May 11, 1911 Laceyville, Pa. Son of Ray E. and Blanche Warnock Keeney. He served in U.S. Army as a T/Sgt. in World War 2. Died July 10, 1976 Sayre, Pa.

Gerald is buried in Tioga Point Cemetery.

Gerald was an insurance agent in Athens for a number of years. He is remembered as a kind man.

Was in office in 1948 at least. On Aug. 7, 1950 he was appointed to succeed Ray Allen who resigned.

( Lynn Ashton Merrill " Chronology of Bradford County" and " Tioga Point People" Eloise F. Wilson)


Was burgess before Gerald Keeney and resigned in 1950.


Ross was born in 1875 in Virginia. He died June 26, 1950 in Detroit, Mich. His wife was Janet Thomas 1879 - 1971. Both are lying together in Tioga Point Cemetery.

He became burgess of Athens from 1946 - 1950. Dates conflict with Gerald Keeney dates, but it is what I found.


Alan was born Dec. 17, 1898 in Athens, Pa. He died in Waverly, N.Y. of a heart attack on Dec. 6, 1952.

Son of Fred W. and Minnie L. Morris Donlon. He fought in the U.S. Army, Sayre Machine Gun Div. in the incursion of Pancho Villa. He was also in the U.S. Army in World War 1, winning a Purple Heart.

Alan was burgess of Athens, sworn in on Jam. 1, 1938, and gave up the job to take over as chief of police on Jan. 3, 1939. His wife was Hazel.

( Lynn Aston Merrill, " Chronology of Bradford County" and " Tioga Point People" by Eloise Frantz Wilson. )


Tom is known as being the last burgess of Athens and the first mayor from Jan. 1, 1958 to Aug. 1, 1961.

He was born Jan. 23, 1916 in Black Mountain, S.C. and died June 29, 1995 Sayre, Pa. He had many heart problems in later years. He was the son of Charles and Beulah Knecht Simpson.

Thomas was in the U.S. Army in World War 2. In peacetime, he was in the banking business in Athens.

He was married for 49 years to Alberta


Ray was a Justice of Peace on Main St., Athens, Pa., also became Mayor

Married on Aug. 22, 1918 in Waverly, N.Y. to Lillian Brennan by Rev. G.S. Connell. Ray was born 1897 and died Jan. 13, 1966 at 68 yrs.

Their son, Loren Leigh was in the U.S. Navy on Pearl Harbor day, Dec. 7, 1941. He is buried in National Cemetery, Pearl Harbor.

Patricia Ramsey, daughter.


Shubal was mayor from 1962 to June 8, 1970 when he died. He served three terms.

He worked as a supervisor in the Ingersoll- Rand, Athens, Pa. plant.

His wife was Luella G. , dau. of Lewis and Mary Kinner Turner. She lived from Apr. 11, 1901 - June 15, 1977 when she died at the Bradford County Manor


Laurence was born Apr. 6, 1906 in Sayre, Pa. He died Apr. 17, 1992 in Sayre, Pa.. also. He was the son of Coleman and Fannie Northup Canavan.

Larry also worked at the Ingersoll-Rand plant in Athens.

His wife was Bessie L. Rice, dau. of Fred and Nellie Strope Rice., born Dec. 31, 1903 in Luther’s Mills, Pa. and died June 11, 1989 in Athens, Pa. Both are in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens.


Served as mayor from June 8, 1970 to 1973. Appointed to replace Shubal Bowman.

Born June 25, 1909 in Binghamton, N.Y. He died Oct. 11, 1986 and is buried with his wife in Forrest Home cemetery, Waverly, N.Y. in the Jewish section. Sue H.. Feb. 17, 1911 Minor Hills, Tenn and died

Feb. 18, 1994 in Kennebunkport, Me. She was the daughter of Elmo and Susie Washington Howard.

A druggist in Athens on Main Street for many years. Sold out to Frank Shaughnessy.


Served from 1978 - 1981 as mayor.


Kenneth was born Oct. 9, 1909 in Sayre, Pa. to Frank and Harriet Mead.

Married Arlene Erb on June 22, 1935.

Kenneth was mayor from 1982 - 1993. He was the only mayor to serve three terms. His best accomplishment as mayor, he feels, is to get the Lehigh Valley Railroad to straighten and smooth the crossing at Main Street as he related in a telephone call.


Served as mayor from 1974 - 1977. Aided in the recovery from Agnes flood which occured in 1972.


George became our current mayor in Jan. 1994. He also led us through the tough reconstruction period after Hurricane Agnes caused her destruction. He was fire chief at that time, and in time of tradegy, a fire chief has the authority to lead.

Compiled by:

Eloise Frantz Wilson

May 27, 1998

A Richard ___orbin was on original list, I can’t find him anywhere else. The list from Bradsby’s pretty much corresponds with the last list.