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Reuben Barber & Hannah Chaugham of Catlin
Descendants of Reuben Barber AND Hannah Chaugham

Generation No. 1

1. REUBEN2 BARBER (THOMAS1) was born Jul 16, 1755 in South East, Dutchess Cty, NY (now Putnam Co.), and died Apr 16, 1849 in Catlin, Chemung, NY. He married HANNAH CHAUGHAM Oct 31, 1784 in Barkhamsted, Litchfield Cty, CT, daughter of JAMES CHAUGHAM and MARY BARBER. She was born Bet. 1753 - 1754 in Lighthouse Village, Barkhamsted, CT, and died Abt. Jul 29, 1859 in Catlin, Chemung, NY.


His occupation was an Indian Doctor. Buried in the Barber Cemetery, Millport NY.

Census April 1824, Town of Catherine, Schuyler Co NY - one male, two females in family

Military service between Oct 1776-Apr 1777, Rev War Soldier - enlisted for 6 mo. as a Private: commanders were Capt. John Townsend & Lieut Delavan in Col. Ludington's Regiment.

Military service Aug-Nov 1777, Ridgebury, CT-enlisted for 3 mo. in company of Capt. Knowles Sears & Lieut. Stebbins in Regiment of Col. Waterbury.

Military service Apr 1778-Apr 1779, at Fredericksburgh, Dutchess Co., NY enlisted for one year; cammanded by Capt. Pierce, Lieut. Nathaniel Fitch & Ensigh Ackley in Col. Drake's Regiment.

Military service April 1781-Feb 1782, Fredericksburg, Dutchess Co., NY enlisted for nine months in company of Capt. Hunt, Lieut. Ivan Fitch; joined Col. Misenfelt in Fish Kill.

Military service in 1812 during the War of 1812.

Reubin and Hannah sold their land on Ragged Mountain in Barkhamsted to George Shepherd on October 18, 1793. Hannah had inheirited the land after her father's (James Chaugham) death. In his pension application in 1832, which was made in Tioga Co., NY, Reuben states that after the war he lived in Ridgebury, CT and then moved to New Hartford, CT and lived there until about 1796. After that he went to Greenfield, Saratoga Co., NY until about 1800 and then to Old Shesheguin, Luzerne Co., PA for about one year; then to Sugar Creek, Lycoming Co., PA until about 1810. Then he moved to Catherine (now Catlin) in Tioga Co., NY and lived there until his death. He was placed on the pension roll in October 25, 1833 at the age of 78.

"Barber cemetery; Catlin twp., Chemung Co., N.Y.

Over the other side of the mountain west of Millport. To get to the place, go up the Johnson Hollow rd. to the school house, turn right on a dirt road over 2 miles then nearly a mile through the fields.

This cemetery is very old, abandoned years ago and all grown to briers and brush. From 35 to 40 persons are buried there, very few of the graves were ever marked. It was a family plot for the Barbers, but later became a Community burial ground. This information was furnished by Mr. C. Sleeper, who has the family history written out in full, also the same was told by a resident of Milport.

Dr. Reuben Barber is buried in this cemetery. There was a marker long ago to his grave. He was a soldier of the Rev. and had 3 enlistments in the Continentel army. He was a guard and stood at the scaffold, when Maj. John Andre, a British army officer, was hanged as a spy at Tappentown Oct. 2, 1780. Dr. Barber also was a soldier in 1812. He died in 1845.

His wife was an Indian woman. Her maiden name was Hannah Chegunsands. She (next few words are crossed out). They had 3 children-Patience, James and Hannah. She is buried in this cemetery. James Barber, their son, was a soldier in 1812. His wife, Catherine called by those who knew her "Aunt Kit". She was 80 yrs. of age when she died. James Wesley Barber, a younger member of this family, hanged himself. He is buried there.

Obituary from the Elmira Gazette - ANOTHER HERO GONE!

At his residence in Catlin, April 16, 1849, Mr. Reuben Barbour, aged 99 years.

The subject of the above obituary was one of the earliest settlers in this part of the State; and probably no man in his sphere was more extensively know, than was Dr. Barbour. Strict integrity, and uprightness of principal have ever been accorded to him; and few of the heroes of our glorious Revolution, ever witnessed more of the stirring scenes of that trying period. He was among the first to espouse the cause of Liberty, and being of undaunted courage, and having an herculean frame, he was often brought into trying circumstances.

At the storming of Stony Point under Gen. Wayne, he acted a most conspicuous part. From his intimate acquaintance with Indian character, he was particularly serviceable in all the encounters with that wily foe. At the battle of Oriskany, when the Indians under the celebrated warrior Brandt, were completely overpowered by the Americans under General Herkimer, he was of most signal benefit to his commander. Indeed, it would require an extensive biography to recount all his encounters with the Indians. He was also at the Battle of Fort Stanwix under Col. Van Scoit. Thus are the heroes of the Revolution fast dwindline away. (Havana Rep.)


Various spellings found: Hannah Cregumsands, Hannah Chaugum, Hannah Sands Chaughum. Her father was an Indian.

In her widow's pension application after his death, Hannah's deposition says she was married to Reuben in Barkhamsted, County of Litchfield, Conn. by Justice of the Peace Thomas Wilder, on Oct. 31, 1784. However, in a separate affidavit when she was applying for bounty land, she states she and Reuben were married in Barkhamsted on or about Oct. 30, 1778 by Thomas Wilder, Justice of the Peace.


i. HANNAH3 BARBER, d. Millport, Chemung County, NY.


Buried in Barber Cemetery in Millport NY.

ii. THOMAS BARBER, b. Abt. 1788, CT.

2. iii. JAMES B BARBER, b. 1791, CT; d. 1865, NY.


Generation No. 2

2. JAMES B3 BARBER (REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born 1791 in CT, and died 1865 in NY. He married CATHERINE BEARDSLEY. She was born 1792 in NJ, and died Abt. 1872 in Millport, NY.


Nicknamed Long Jim Barber. He served in the war of 1812 and was wounded. Buried in Barber Cemetery Millport, NY

The 1830 Catlin Township, Tioga NY census shows James with a household of 13. He's between age 30-40, the other sons are 1 under 5, 2 between 5-10, 1 between 10-15 and one between 15-20. Females show 2 under 5, 1 between 5-10, 1 between 10-15, 1 between 15-20, one between 30-40 and one between 40-50. Reuben is a neighbor in the census - he's between 70-80, his wife is between 60-70 and there's a 15-20 year old male living with them.

The 1850 Catlin Township, Chemung NY census shows James, a farmer (60 b. CT), Catherine (62 b. NJ), John (26, b. NY), James Clarke (11 b. NY), Jane Barber (22 b. PA), and John Barber, jr. (5/12 b. NY). One would assume that meant James and Catherine lived with their son John, his wife Jane and their son John, jr. and there was a farm-hand, James Clarke, living with the family. James' mother, Hannah Barber, (96 b. CT) lives next door with Catherine Clarke (15 or 18 b. NY). Presumably James and Catherine Clarke are brother and sister, but don't know if they're related to the Barbers.

The 1860 Catlin Cenus shows:

1501 1499 Barber James 76 M Farmer 800 400 CT

Catherine 70 F NY

Washington George 11 M NY


Catherine was known as Aunt Kit. She was buried in the Barber Cemetery in Millport, NY.

1851 12-Dec D Beardsley, James d in Catharine, Chemung co., on the 4th of Dec, Mr. James Beardsley, in the 81st year of his age. Mr. Beardsley was one of the early pioneers of this county, having settled himself and family in the wilderness over 50 years ago. (As printed in the Elmira Republican).






3. v. ULYSSES GRANT BARBER, b. Abt. 1815, Chemung County, New York; d. Jul 12, 1882, Corning, Steuben County, NY.

4. vi. PATIENCE M BARBER, b. 1817.

5. vii. JAMES BARBER, JR., b. Abt. 1822, NY; d. Aft. 1880, Corning NY????.

viii. ISRAEL L BARBER, b. 1822; m. CHRISTINE A..

ix. JOHN BARBER, b. Bet. 1823 - 1825.

6. x. SAMUEL B BARBER, b. 1827, Chemung County, New York; d. Jul 21, 1895, Millport, NY.

xi. ELIZABETH BARBER, b. 1829.

7. xii. JAMES WESLEY BARBER, b. Bet. 1830 - 1833.

Generation No. 3

3. ULYSSES GRANT4 BARBER (JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1815 in Chemung County, New York, and died Jul 12, 1882 in Corning, Steuben County, NY. He married ELIZABETH CUMMINGS Abt. 1832 in NY. She was born Abt. 1814 in Chemung County, New York, and died Aft. 1880.


The 1850 Steuben County census shows the family living in the town of Caton, NY. Grant is 35 and a farmer.

The family appears in the 1860 Tioga Township, Tioga County PA census and lists Grant as a farmer, born in NY.

The 1870 Steuben County census shows the family living in Lindley. Grant is 54 and still farming.

The 1875 Lindley census also shows the couple and mentions they were both born in Chemung County.

The 1880 Census of Lindley, Steuben county, NY shows Grant and Elizabeth, both 64 and born in NY. Grant is listed as a Furniture dealer. Both of Elizabeth's parents were born in New York. Grant's father was born in New York, but his mother was born in New Jersey. Their daughter Ellen, lives directly next door with her husband Charles Brownell who is a 28 year old Furniture Maker born in NY. The Brownell's have two daughters, Gertrude, 6 and Edna 4, both born in Pennsylvania (probably Tioga County).

There is also an 1880 census record of Grant and Betsey Barber (ages 64 and 63) in Elmira living with the Fairman family and a 30 year-old Harriette Barber.

Grant is buried in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery in Corning, Steuben County, NY. The Cemetery was removed when a church and parking lot was built on the sight – but there are still a few stones in a gated area that commemorate the cemetery – there is no longer a stone for Grant Barber – but it is said that he was the last individual to be buried in the cemetery.


There is a 64 year old farmer, James Cummings (b ca 1806) listed in the Millport 1870 (Catlin, Chemung image 23 of 35) census with wife Ann (55), Thomas (20), Mary (17) and Maggie (15) but the parents were both born in Ireland and the children were all born in NY so unlikely they are related to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's maiden name is confirmed by Eli's 3rd marriage record and Harriet Goodrich's death record - but Charles Barber's death record shows his mother as Emma Carl.


8. i. HARRIET M.5 BARBER, b. Mar 17, 1833, Tioga County PA; d. Aug 20, 1921, Cook County, Illinois.

9. ii. THEODORE BARBER, b. Abt. 1835, NY; d. 1865.

10. iii. ELI BARBER, b. 1836, Steuben County, NY; d. 1912, Lawrence Township, Tioga County PA.

iv. MARY BARBER, b. Abt. 1839.

Notes for MARY BARBER:

Mary and Amanda French were listed as Dress Makers at the corner of Water and College Avenues in the 1868 Elmira General Directory.

11. v. CHARLES WILLIAM BARBER, b. Jan 31, 1846, Steuben County, NY; d. Oct 13, 1915, Posey County, Indiana.

12. vi. AMANDA BARBER, b. Mar 28, 1844, Erwin, Steuben Co, NY; d. Feb 20, 1884, Washington Heights, IL.

vii. NANCY BARBER, b. Abt. 1849.

viii. CAROLINE BARBER, b. Abt. 1850.

13. ix. ELIZABETH BARBER, b. Abt. 1854, Steuben County, NY.

14. x. ELLEN BARBER, b. Abt. 1855, Tioga County, PA.

4. PATIENCE M4 BARBER (JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born 1817. She married ISAAC BREWER. He was born Abt. 1818.


The family can be found in the 1850 Catlin, Chemung, NY Census - all four born in NY. Isaac is listed as a Lumberman.


i. ANN S5 BREWER, b. Abt. 1847.

ii. AMANDA BREWER, b. Abt. 1850.

5. JAMES4 BARBER, JR. (JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1822 in NY, and died Aft. 1880 in Corning NY????. He married NANCY CUMMINGS. She was born Abt. 1822 in NY, and died Aft. 1880.

Notes for JAMES BARBER, JR.:

The 1870 Catlin, Chemung Census lists James, Nancy and Sarah J. (aged 13). James and Nancy's ages are very difficult to read - could be both 50 (Image 2 of 35).

The 1880 Corning Stueben County Census lists James (56 b. NY), Nancy (56 b. NY), and John (16 b. NY)


i. SARAH J5 BARBER, b. Abt. 1857.

ii. JOHN BARBER, b. Abt. 1864.

6. SAMUEL B4 BARBER (JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born 1827 in Chemung County, New York, and died Jul 21, 1895 in Millport, NY. He married CATHERINE E. PERSONIUS Sep 1848 in New York. She was born Abt. 1831 in NY.


1880 Census Record:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Samuel B. BARBER Self M Male W 53 NY Works On Farm NY NY

Catharine E. BARBER Wife M Female W 49 NY Keeping House GERM NY

Samuel BARBER Son S Male W 21 NY Laborer NY NY

Sarah E. BARBER Dau S Female W 14 NY House Keeper NY NY

George BARBER Son S Male W 11 NY At Home NY NY

Hannah BARBER Dau S Female W 9 NY NY NY

Grace BARBER Dau S Female W 6 NY NY NY

Lydia B. BARBER Dau S Female W 4 NY NY NY

James MERICLE SonL M Male W 35 NY Works On Farm NY NY

Adelia MERICLE Dau M Female W 16 NY Keeping House NY NY

Source Information:

Census Place Veteran, Chemung, New York

Family History Library Film 1254817

NA Film Number T9-0817

Page Number 593B


Her father was born in Germany and her mother was born in NY.


i. SAMUEL B.5 BARBER, b. Abt. 1859.

ii. SARAH E. BARBER, b. Abt. 1866.

iii. GEORGE BARBER, b. Abt. 1869.

iv. HANNAH BARBER, b. Abt. 1871.

v. GRACE BARBER, b. Abt. 1874.

vi. LYDIA BARBER, b. Abt. 1876.

vii. ADELIA BARBER, b. Abt. 1864, NY; m. JAMES MERICLE; b. Abt. 1845, NY.

7. JAMES WESLEY4 BARBER (JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Bet. 1830 - 1833. He married CALPHERNIA YARNELL. She was born 1837 in Mass.


1880 Census:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

James W. BARBER Self M Male W 50 PA Mason PA PA

Calfornia K. BARBER Wife M Female W 43 MA Keeping House MA MA

Charles E. BARBER Son S Male W 19 NY Mason PA MA

Fred J. BARBER Son Male W 14 NY Clerk In Book Store PA MA

Sarah L. BARBER Dau S Female W 11 NY Attending School PA MA

Halley B. BARBER Son S Male W 9 NY Attending School PA MA

William B. BARBER Son S Male W 8 NY At Home PA MA

Grace E. BARBER Dau S Female W 5 NY At Home PA MA

Bart S. BARBER Son S Male W 2 NY At Home PA MA

Elizebeth YARNELL Mother W Female W 71 --- Housekeeping NY MA

Source Information:

Census Place Elmira, Chemung, New York

Family History Library Film 1254817

NA Film Number T9-0817

Page Number 316C


i. JAMES F.5 BARBER, b. Mar 1864, Elmira, NY; d. Jul 05, 1865, Elmira, NY.

ii. CHARLES E. BARBER, b. Abt. 1861.

iii. FRED J. BARBER, b. Abt. 1866.

iv. SARAH L. BARBER, b. Abt. 1869.

v. HALLEY B. BARBER, b. Abt. 1871.

vi. WILLIAM B. BARBER, b. Abt. 1872.

vii. GRACE E. BARBER, b. Abt. 1875.

viii. BART S. BARBER, b. Abt. 1878.

Generation No. 4

8. HARRIET M.5 BARBER (ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Mar 17, 1833 in Tioga County PA, and died Aug 20, 1921 in Cook County, Illinois. She married JOHN MCLEAN GOODRICH May 08, 1855 in Corning, Tioga County PA, son of JAMES GOODRICH and DEBRA A.. He was born Dec 26, 1833 in PA, and died Bef. 1875.


Marriage reported in the Tioga Eagle, married by Reverand N. Nutton. She and her two children Frank (19) and Dora (16) were found in the 1880 Chicago census - perhaps she had relocated to be near Amanda during her illness. Family lore has it that she married money and apparently visited/traveled easily.

Harriet Goodrich (86) can be found in the 1920 CENSUS, Illinois, Cook, Chicago, Ward #3 Image 6 of 31. She is with son Frank G. (55), a farmer, daughter Elizabeth (57) who must be 9 year-old Lizzie grown up and still single and they live next door to daughter Dora S. and her husband Nathanial Hurst, a surgeon.

Interestingly, she filed her pension record for husband John from Wisconsin in 1890.

Obituary from the Chicago Sunday Tribune August 21, 1921: Harriet B. Goodrich, Aug. 20, 1921, aged 88 years, at her residence, 3975 Drexel Blvd. Widow of the late John M. Goodrich, beloved mother of Mrs. Dora Hurst, Frank and Elizabeth Goodrich. Funeral services from chapel, 4227 Cottage Grove Avenue, Monday at 2 pm Interment at Oakwoods.


John R. Goodrich is listed as a merchant in the Elmira 1860 census with brother, Dwight A., both born in NY. This is probably not our John.

Our John is probably John McLean Goodrich born 1833, married Harriet Barber from Tioga Township in1855. The 1860 Tioga Township PA Census shows the family with 3 children, William (4), Emily (3), and Evelen (1), all born in PA.

John and Harriet are listed in the 1870 Tioga Township census (36 year old farmer) with children Emma (12), Nelson (11) and Frank (6). Their father James Goodrich (79) lives next door and John's sister's family, Harriet Goodrich Watts lives a couple of doors down.

In 1880, we find 47 year old John M. living alone in the Tioga census (but listed as married) and Hattie Goodrich (46 b. in PA) with two children, living in Cook County Illinois, with a missing head of household. The children are Frank, 19 and Dora, 16, both born in PA.

(5)JAMES GOODRICH (Zebulon (4), Zebulon (3), David (2), William (1),

born in Hancock, Mass., Oct 7, 1790; drafted into the service in the War of 1812 in the militia of the state of New York; was ensign in Capt. Jonathan Rowley's company, Col. Philetus Swift's regiment, Gen. George McLure's brigade; on reaching the Niagara River at Lewiston he volunteered to cross to Fort George, where he remained three months, under command of Gen. William Henry Harrison; while here he had command of a body of cavalry, with which he went as far as Stony Creek, making many captures, among whom was a British Captain in disguise, formerly a resident of Elmira, N. Y. His commission as ensign bore date April 15, 1811; of lieutenant, April 6, 1815; of captain March 4, 1817, conferred by Gov. Daniel D. Tompkins. In June 1819, he moved to Tioga, Tioga County, Penn; became possessed of a large landed property; here he kept a public-house, carried on farming and lumbering; was appointed Postmaster at Tioga in May, 1825, which office he held until 1835, after which he was Deputy-Postmaster for a period of five years; elected County Commissioner in 1825, which office he held for three years; delegate to the state convention that nominated David R. Porter for governor; died March 22, 1879; married Deborah A. McLean, June 24, 1815.


William Augustus, b. 7/31/1816; m. Unmarried

Edwin Constant b. 5/6/1818; m. Margaret --?--, on May 28, 1850

Sarah Eliza, b. 4/27/1820; m. Col. James P. Magill, on Dec. 4, 1845

James, b. 10/9/1822; m. --; Died. 5/4/1870

Henry H. b. 2/28/1825; m. Unmarried

John J. b. April 1828; Died. 11/2/1829

Harriet P. b. 2/1/1831; m. Daniel Watts, on Nov. 5, 1855

James McLean b.12/26/1833 m. Harriet Barber, on May 8, 1855

Ellen Augusta b. 6/20/1840 m. Walden C. Johnson, Jan. 1860

SOURCE: The Goodrich Family in America - A Genealogy.

Database: Civil War Service Records

Surname Given Name Middle Initial Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank - Discharge Notes Allegiance

Goodrich John M. F 11 Pennsylvania Cav. Private Private 29 Pa Vols Union

Goodrich John M. F 29 Pennsylvania Infantry. 3 Cl. Musician 3 Cl. Musician Co F 11 Pa Cav Union


i. WILLIAM6 GOODRICH, b. 1856.

15. ii. EMILY GOODRICH, b. 1858, Tioga County, PA.

iii. ELDORA S. GOODRICH, b. Abt. 1859, Tioga PA; d. Aft. 1920, Chicago, IL?; m. NATHANIEL HURST; b. 1846, Westmoreland County, PA; d. Aft. 1920, Chicago, IL?.





page 550

NATHANIEL N. HURST, M, D., was born in Westmoreland County, Penn., in 1846, and received his education at Washington and Jefferson Literary College; graduating in 1869. After this he began to read medicine at Ottawa, Ill., with Chester Hurd, M. D. A year later he attended Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; from which he graduated, after a three years' course, in 1873. The Doctor then practiced his profession at Streator, Ill. In May, 1876, he came to Chicago, and has since made his home in the town of Hyde Park. The Doctor has a large and lucrative practice; he has held the position of surgeon to the C., R. I. & P. R. R. Co. since 1876, and is also surgeon in chief of the Accident Insurance Company of -North America. He is a member of the Chicago Medical Society, and the Illinois State Medical Society.

iv. NELSON GOODRICH, b. Abt. 1859.

v. LIZZIE GOODRICH, b. 1861.

vi. FRANK G. GOODRICH, b. Abt. 1864, Tioga, PA.


In 1930, Frank, Lizzie and Dora can all be found in the Center, Marion County, Indiana Census. Frank is a building painter. Dora is listed as widowed..

9. THEODORE5 BARBER (ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1835 in NY, and died 1865. He married CLARINDA SHORT. She was born 1838 in Tioga County PA, and died Jul 08, 1912 in Rush Twp, Henderson, Shiawasse Co, MI.


Theodore (18) was living with William and Mary (23) Benson in the town of Catherine, Chemung, NY in 1850.

Theodore Barber died in 1865, Civil War with gangrene in his leg. His friend Allen Porter, promised him he would marry Clarinda and take care of her. They were married on 16 Aug, 1868.

Theodore M Barber (possibly our Theodore)

Service Record:

Enlisted as a Lieutenant 1st Class on 05 September 1864 at the age of 31

Commission in Company D, 185th Infantry Regiment New York on 12 December 1864.

Transfered on 09 January 1865 from company D to company C

Promoted to Full Captain on 09 January 1865 (As of Co. C)

Transfered on 04 February 1865 from company C to company S

Promoted to Full Lieutenant Colonel on 04 February 1865

Mustered out Company D, 185th Infantry Regiment New York on 30 May 1865 in Washington, DC

There's also a record of a Theodore Barber in Cameron, NY 1891 - where he ran a grocery store on West Steuben Rd. and his home was on Pulteny Square.


Clarinda was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Henderson, Shiawasse Co, Michigan.

In the 1880 census Clarinda has remarried to Allen Porter ,they have two sons and two daughters and Theordore's son William Barber (20 b. PA) is living with them in Rush, Shiawassee, Michigan. Clarinda's parents, Samuel (84 b. NY) and Harriet (48, stepmom) Short are living next door. Clarinda's daughter Nellie Thayer (18 b. PA), husband George (19 b. NY) and son E. Samuel (1 b. MI) are also living next door.



ii. JUDSON BARBER, b. 1856, PA.


In 1870, Judson was living with his grandparents, Grand and Elizabeth Barber, in Lindley, Steuben County NY.


iv. NELLIE BARBER, b. 1862, PA.

10. ELI5 BARBER (ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born 1836 in Steuben County, NY, and died 1912 in Lawrence Township, Tioga County PA. He married (1) ELIZA. She died Bef. 1880. He married (2) LOUISA. She was born Abt. 1829, and died 1882 in Lawrence Township, Tioga County PA. He married (3) CHRISTINA L. STONE Sep 29, 1904 in Corning, Steuben, NY. She died Aft. 1908.

Notes for ELI BARBER:

He was a 23 year-old farm laborer in the 1860 Lawrence Township, Tioga, PA census, born in NY. His wife was listed as Eliza, aged 19, born in PA. Lawrence Township Lawrencville Cemetery records show that he served in Company A, 36th PA Inf. (another record shows he was a private in the 136th PA Inf - Company A)- they also show that his wife was Louise (?), who died at age 53 in 1882.

He is also found in the 1870 Tioga, Lawrence Twp. Census, Image 9 of 24 on Ancestry

1880 Census, Tioga, Pennsylvania, Lawrence Twp.

Eli, age 39, born NY, Laborer, Father born NY, Mother born NY.

(Note: The location is right, occupation & Birth locations are right however the age is wrong. There is a different wife named "Louisa" BUT the children are consistent. There is Caroline, now 21, and Helen 16.

1900 Census, PA, Lawrence Two, Tioga County

(Eli has his married daughter & family and her father in law living in his home. The grandson is adopted). Image 10 of 20

The 1908 Lawrenceville, Tioga County PA Directory shows an Eli Barber, farmer with wife Christina L. (3rd wife). This is supported by a Corning marriage record where Eli Barber aged 64 married ? Stone on 9/29/1904 in Corning - Eli's parents were listed as Grant Barber and Betsey Cummings. Christina must be Christina L. Stone.

Children of ELI BARBER and ELIZA are:

i. CAROLINE6 BARBER, b. Abt. 1857.

ii. EMMA J. BARBER, b. Abt. 1859.

11. CHARLES WILLIAM5 BARBER (ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Jan 31, 1846 in Steuben County, NY, and died Oct 13, 1915 in Posey County, Indiana. He married (1) HARRIET BROWNELL, daughter of IRA BROWNELL and ELIZA. She was born Feb 18, 1846 in Tioga County, PA or NY, and died Oct 24, 1896 in Uniontown Ohio. He married (2) LUCINDA FELDBUSH 1904 in Posey County, Indiana.


Charles was born in Steuben County, NY, but then in childhood the family moved to Tioga County Pennsylvania for a time. It was there that he met is bride, Hattie (Harriet) Brownell, of Tioga. He was a Carpenter and a Joiner. Charles enlisted in 1862 in Company A 149th Pa., and served three months; re-enlisted in 1864, in Company A 49th NY and served to the close of the Rebellion.

Charles and Harriett are listed in the 1870 Titisville Township Ward 4, Crawford County, PA census with children Charles (4) and Hattie(2). They lived next door to Harriet's parents Ira and Eliza Brownell and her brothers family James and Elizabeth Brownell. Charles is listed as a Carpenter.

Charles, Harriet, and children Charles and Bessy can be found in the 1880 Lindley, Steuben NY census where Charles is listed as a Carpenter and Joiner. His sister's family -the James Brownell family of four is living with them. He also has his sister-in-law, Cata Brownell, aged 9, living with them. Daughter Hattie who was listed in the 1870 census is not found in the 1880 census - she would have been about 12 years-old.

Charles is on the 1900 Census in Posey County Indiana, Black Twp., with son, daughter and his sons family.

Charles W. Barber (son of Grant & Emma (Carl) Barber)

Died in Posey County Indiana on October 13, 1915.

Aged: 69

Race: W

Place of Death: City of Mount Vernon

State: Indiana

Primary Cause of Death: Cancer of the Bladder

Physician or Coroner: J. E. Doerr, MD

Place of Burial: Not Listed

Date of Burial: 0, 0

Mortuary: Paul L. Short

Book No. CH2 Page No. 120 Record was filed: 0,0


Harriet was know as Hattie. She passed away between the 1880 - 1900 census. Family story say that she was beautiful and quite striking.

She was buried in Uniontown - about 45 miles from Mt. Vernon. The inscription reads:

Harriet L. Barber

February 18, 1846

October 24, 1896

Her daughter's Daisy (Dazy) and Edith are also buried there:

Edith Barber

October 7, 1895

August 31, 1896

Dazy Barber

May 6, 1882

April 30, 1906


Charles Remarriage:

To: Lucinda Feldbush - (Her second marriage as well)

Date: November 11, 1904

Place: Mt. Vernon, Indiana

By: George D. Rowe

Charles Age at Time: 55

Lucinda's Age at Time: 28

Lucinda's Info:

Father: Howard Feldbush

Mother's Name Not Listed.

Place of Birth. Henderson, Kentucky

(Henderson is right across the Ohio River from Mt. Vernon. They are both near the river.)


i. CHARLES6 BARBER, b. Abt. 1866.

ii. HATTIE BARBER, b. Abt. 1868.



Michael Thomas was of Ohio.

iv. DAISY BARBER, b. Mar 1884; d. Apr 30, 1906, Posey County, Indiana.


Daisy died young. Died in Posey County Indiana on April 30, 1906

Aged: 24

Race: W

Place of Death: City of Mount Vernon

State: Indiana

Primary Cause of Death: Peritonitis

Physician or Coroner: R. L. Hardwick, MD

Place of Burial: Uniontown, Kentucky

Date of Burial: May 2, 1906

Mortuary: A.W. Neuman & Son

Book No. H 4 Page No. 52 Record Was Filed 0, 0

v. EDITH BARBER, b. Oct 07, 1895; d. Aug 31, 1896, Uniontown Ohio.

12. AMANDA5 BARBER (ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Mar 28, 1844 in Erwin, Steuben Co, NY, and died Feb 20, 1884 in Washington Heights, IL. She married PHILIP FRENCH Bet. 1868 - 1870 in Elmira NY or Chicago IL, son of ROBERT FRENCH and RACHEL MANNING. He was born 1802 in Essex County , New Jersey, and died Abt. 1881 in Washington Heights, IL.


Amanda moved from Elmira, NY to Illinois in 1870. Her husband Philip was 40+ years older than her. She survived her husband only for only a couple of years caring for her young daughter alone. Amanda had cancer of the arteries for two years and after ten days of complications (blood abscess?) she died. Amanda was buried at Mt. Greenwood cemetery, 111th St. & California, South Chicago, in an unmarked grave. Her orphaned daughter, Evangeline Harriet went to live at a Catholic Convent, the Institute of Our Lady in Chicago, for ten years until she turned 18.

The 1868 Elmira NY Directory lists Philip French living with his son E. M. French, Dentist and also lists Miss Mary Barber & Amanda Barber, dress makers, Water cor College Avenue.

Calculating her birth date from the death certificate results in March 28, 1848 - but all census records indicate she was born in 1844. The record shows she was 35 yrs, 10 months and 23 days when she died on Feb 20, 1884. The death record also shows that she was born in Irwin, Steuben Co. NY.


Phillip was a wealthy Chicago business man who made his money selling furniture. The 1870 Chicago Ward 10 census listed him as a 66 year old spring bed manufacturer, born in New York. It lists his wife Amanda as 26 years old and also born in New York. Family notes report that he was a very wealthy man who lost most all of his fortune during the Chicago Fire the second week of October 1871. He and Amanda lived in Washington Heights, Calumet Township, Chicago. Washington Heights was a German community between 95th Street and 103rd Street, now considered South Chicago. It emerged between 1860-1873 as an elaborate suburban development engineered by the Blue Island Land and Building Company. The census also shows a nine year old girl named Lizzie Goodrich lived with them, very possibly Amanda's niece (as her sister Harriet married John Goodrich). Lizzie was also born in New York. Amanda (A. M. French) was listed as a widow with a 7 year old daughter (H.E. French) in the 1880 Washington Heights/Calumet census (p. 356).

Phillip and his first wife, Julia (and 8 children), lived in Ludlowville (Tompkins County) NY from 1834 to ca 1856 according to Deed Records and his mother Rachel is listed there in both 1854 and 1859. The town directory of Elmira (Chemung County) NY, shows he lived there in 1857. Philip was listed as a member of the Board of Health in the 1857 Elmira NY directory. He is also listed in the 1863 directory. His son Robert was born in Tompkins county (Ithaca) in 1828. ??? Tompkins Co NY changed to Chemung Co in 1851?? In 1860, the family was living in Elmira, Chemung County (page 51 of the 1860 Census).

The book "History of Early Chicago - Modern Chicago and its Settlements" by Albert D. Hager (p. 628), lists Philip French as one of the Washington Heights Justices (1874-1881).

The 1850 Lansing, Thompkins, NY Census shows Philip (48 b. NJ), Julia C. (45 B. Con), Philip, jr. (15 b. Thompkins), Edson (13 b. Thompkins), Julia C. (11 b. Thompkins), Horace C. (9 b. Thompkins), John (6 b. Thompkins), Hannah Walker (60 b. Con), and Margaret ??und (19, b. Thompkins). In 1855, son Philip is listed as 20, but there is also a boarder named Philip French, aged 21 b. Tompkins living with them).


16. i. EVANGELINE HARRIET6 FRENCH, b. Mar 17, 1874, Washington Heights, IL; d. Apr 15, 1929, Southgate, CA. 13. ELIZABETH5 BARBER (ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1854 in Steuben County, NY. She married JAMES BROWNELL, son of IRA BROWNELL and ELIZA. He was born Abt. 1848 in Steuben County, NY.


Elizabeth was referred to as Lizzie.


James, Elizabeth and James, jr. are found in the 1870 Titisville Ward 4, Crawford County, PA census living between his parents, Ira and Eliza and his brother Charles' family. He is listed as a 22 year-old teamster born in New York.

James, Elizabeth, Henry and Lizza are found in the 1880 Lindley, Steuben, NY census living with Elizabeth's Brother, Charles Barber and his wife Harriet who also happened to be James' sister.


i. HENRY6 BROWNELL, b. Abt. 1870, Erie County, NY.

ii. JAMES JR. BROWNELL, b. Abt. 1870.


James jr was not found living with the family in the 1875 or 1880 census where he would have been 10 - unless James jr and Henry are the same person.

iii. LIZZA BROWNELL, b. Abt. 1873.


Lizza was called Anna in the 1875 Linley census..

14. ELLEN5 BARBER (ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1855 in Tioga County, PA. She married CHARLES BROWNELL Abt. 1873, son of IRA BROWNELL and ELIZA. He was born Abt. 1852 in New York.


Charles and Ellen lived in Lindley, Steuben County, NY in 1880 - next door to Ellen's parents, Grant and Elizabeth Barber. The 1920 Los Angeles Census shows a Charles and Ella Brownell aged 69 and 65 both born in NY with both sets of parents born in NY.


i. GERTRUDE6 BROWNELL, b. Abt. 1874, Tioga County, PA.

ii. EDNA BROWNELL, b. Abt. 1876, Tioga County, PA.

Generation No. 5

15. EMILY6 GOODRICH (HARRIET M.5 BARBER, ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born 1858 in Tioga County, PA. She married GEORGE PACKER Abt. 1874 in Lindley, Steuben Co NY???. He was born Abt. 1854 in Steuben County, NY.


Emma's mother, Harriet Goodrich, and sister Eldora (15) and brother, Frank (10) lived with she and her husband when they were first married in Lindley, per the 1875 census.


The family moved from Lindley NY to Washington Heights around 1876. They lived in Washington Heights, close to Amanda and Eva French.


i. GRACE7 PACKER, b. Abt. 1874.


Grace was called Gracie.

ii. MINNIE PACKER, b. Abt. 1877, Cook County, IL.

iii. BESSIE PACKER, b. Abt. 1880, Cook County, IL.

16. EVANGELINE HARRIET6 FRENCH (AMANDA5 BARBER, ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Mar 17, 1874 in Washington Heights, IL, and died Apr 15, 1929 in Southgate, CA. She married (1) CHAS L. BAYLANDER. He was born Jun 25, 1865, and died Jan 08, 1944 in Southgate, CA. She married (2) FRANK ALBERT CATCHPOOL Jan 01, 1894 in Cook County, IL, son of THOMPSON CATCHPOOL and ELIJA SACKET. He was born Sep 14, 1863 in Spring, IL, and died Jan 29, 1909 in Garden Prairie, IL.


Her parents died when she was 8 and 10 years old, so she went to live at a Catholic Convent until she was 18 years old. She grew up in Washington Heights, Chicago, IL. In a book "Robin Hood and His Merry Men", we found a dedication, "To dear Eva from Mary", and in the back it said Mary Bogenhold, Institute of Our Lady, Washington Heights, IL, December 25, 1886.

The family moved from the farm outside of Garden Prairie into Garden Prairie in November 1908. Breta moved with her mother to South Gate California in 1927 - where Eva died in 1929.


Belvidere Daily Republic Obituary Feb. 1, 1909 - HAD EXPECTED TO STAY ALL NIGHT

Frank Catchpool changed his mind and went out into the storm that cost him his life - after investigating the death of Frank Catchpool on Saturday after a jury impaneled by Coroner Vance returned a verdict that he came to his death by being thrown from his hay rack and the same falling upon him while returning to his home at Garden Prairie, from Belvidere. It appears that he was either stunned or possible killed outright by the heavy hay rack toppling over on him pinning him to the ground. The rack was very heavy having been built for hauling baled hay. It is probable that he was riding on the edge of the rack away from the wind with is back to the wind, and occasionally jumping off and walking to keep his blood in circulation, as the blizzard was sufficient to chill a the bone. His weight on the edge of the rack was sufficient to tip it somewhat it is possible that at a moment when the wheels on that side went into a rut; the gale sweeping across the open fields there caught under the tilted rack, lifting it into the air and toppling it over catching the victim beneath it. The rack was thrown free from the running gear of the wagon, leaving the horses free to make their way to the home of Phil Lampert, where they were found in the morning. When Mr. C.'s body was found his feet and a part of the legs projected from beneath the rack, his face was pressed down against the earth in the snow and he had apparently made no effort to pull himself up from beneath the rack, indicating that he was struck senseless when the accident happened. There was blood on his face, which was bruised. This must have occurred before six o'clock in the evening, and the road is a main travelled one, though on that wild night, probably very few people passed the spot. If anyone passed it, they must have been so blinded by the blizzard that they did not see the rack and the man prostrate beneath it. No search was made for Mr. Catchpool that night because he had sent word to Mrs. Catchpool at their home in the village of Garden Prairie that he expected to stay with his brother, Al Catchpool, in Belvidere, over night. Mrs. Catchpool sat up till about midnight waiting fro him and concluding that he had remained in the city, retired. In the meantime Mr. Catchpool had changed his mind about staying in town, and left his brother's place about 5:00 in the midst of the storm. He was urged to remain, but said that he preferred to go home so that he would be there in the morning to do the chores. Besides the widow stricken by tragedy here are three little girls, the eldest 12 years old and a number of other relatives. All will receive the sympathy of many friends in their bereavement. The funeral will be held on Tuesday at 1:00 at the home in Garden Prairie and 1:30 at the Methodist Church there. Mr. Catchpool was a member of Odd Fellows and also of the Modern Woodmen, carrying $1,000 insurance in the latter order. The body was taken to the barn at Phil Lampert's, as it was necessary to await the arrival of Coroner Vance from Capron, who reached the place after noon.

Frank Albert Catchpool, born September 14, 1863 in Garden Prairie, son of Thompson Garnies Catchpool and Elija J. Sackett. Married Evangeline Harriett French on January 1, 1894 in Garden Prairie. Father of Breta, Gladys and Eldora. Died January 29, 1909. He was a charter member of the Woodsmen and Odd Fellows Orders.


i. MAINARD7 CATCHPOOL, b. Jun 06, 1895, Garden Prairie, IL; d. Jun 06, 1895, Garden Prairie, IL.

ii. BRETA AMANDA CATCHPOOL, b. Apr 08, 1897; d. Aft. 1950, Southgate, CA; m. (1) MERVILLE STANLEY, Jun 19, 1920; d. Aug 06, 1921; m. (2) KENNETH NEWELL, Jan 20, 1943; d. Apr 11, 1948.


Breta and her mother moved to Southgate CA in 1927.

17. iii. GLADYS ELIZABETH CATCHPOOL, b. Aug 22, 1899.

18. iv. ELDORA HARRIET CATCHPOOL, b. Nov 18, 1902, Garden Prairie, IL; d. Oct 28, 1978, Palatine, IL.

Generation No. 6

17. GLADYS ELIZABETH7 CATCHPOOL (EVANGELINE HARRIET6 FRENCH, AMANDA5 BARBER, ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Aug 22, 1899. She married HARRISON PALMER KENADY Jun 06, 1931. He was born Nov 21, 1885, and died Jan 28, 1943.


i. ELIZABETH JANE8 KENADY, b. Sep 16, 1936.

19. ii. JAMES FRENCH KENADY, b. Jan 05, 1938.

18. ELDORA HARRIET7 CATCHPOOL (EVANGELINE HARRIET6 FRENCH, AMANDA5 BARBER, ULYSSES GRANT4, JAMES B3, REUBEN2, THOMAS1) was born Nov 18, 1902 in Garden Prairie, IL, and died Oct 28, 1978 in Palatine, IL. She married LORA PAUL PRICKETT Nov 02, 1927 in Aurora, IL, son of GEORGE PRICKETT and HELEN GETSCHMANN. He was born Oct 09, 1901 in Downers Grove, IL, and died Dec 24, 1978 in Barrington, IL.


20. i. JACQUELYN ANN8 PRICKETT, b. Aug 12, 1929, Aurora, IL.

21. ii. NANCY LEA PRICKETT, b. Sep 11, 1934, Genoa City, WI.

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Hello Joyce,

I am Pauline (Polly) Goodwin and a descendent of the Reuben Barber family on your site.  Thank you so much for all the work you have done and are doing for genealogy.

In reading through the information you have on “9.  Theodore Barber (Ulysses Grant, James B, Reuben, Thomas) born about 1835 in NY”, I have found a possible discrepancy.  In the 1850 Census of NY, County of Steuben, Town of Caton, I found Grant and Elizabeth Barber with the children listed including Theodore, age 15.  The names match the ones you have listed as the children of Ulysses Grant Barber and Elizabeth Cummings.  Under the notes for Theodore Barber on your site, he is listed as 18 years and living with William and Mary Benson (which I also found).

I am attaching a copy of the census page for your verification.

With regards,

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