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The Luckey - Kennedy Line
 We start with the Luckey line in 1850 because that is as far back as I have been able to trace the line so far. In 1850 I find Hiram Luckey age 63 living with Mathew age 31, Almon Tylor (step-son) age 14, Walter Tylor (step-son) age 7, and Charlotte Ann Luckey age 1. They were living in Harmony Township, Susquehanna County, PA although the census says they were all born in NY. Mathew at age 31 is the same age as Martha who is Almon and Walter and Charlotte's mother. I can't be sure if Hiram or Mathew is Martha's husband or did the census taker write Mathew instead of Martha. I find no Mathew after 1850. He may have gone to the Civil War and never returned. Or he may be Martha. The proof that this is the right family lies in the fact that when Martha died there was a fight over who would inherit her house. The fight was between her son Frank and a granddaughter named knickerbocker. In court papers filed at the courthouse in Towanda, PA, the name Almon Tylor shows up as her son. rank was born in 1851 so he should show up in the next census someplace .In 1860 I don't find the Tylor boys or Charlotte or Frank.
 However, in the 1860 census for Canton, Bradford County, PA., I find Martha at age 39 living with a physician named Holmes and his wife and child as well as two students. But I also find her liviing in West Franklin near Canton with W. Williams age 53, Icabod Williams age 22, Isacc Williams age14, and Anna Williams age 22. Martha is listed as a domestic and is 39 years old. It is not uncommon for a person to be counted twice in the same census. She probably moved from the Holmes residence to the Williams residence. And the census taker was a differant one. So she was counted twice. I suspect that she married W. Williams because in the 1880 census she is listed as Martha Williams.
 Now, in the 1870 census I find Charlotte Ann Watts age 21 keeping house and Hiram Luckey age 1 with Martha, no last name, living together. So Charlotte had married a Watts but now he must be gone and I suspect that Hiram Luckey is Frank H. Luckey age 19. I have never seen Frank's middle name printed anywhere but I think it was Hiram and as far as the age goes, the census taker or the transcriber could have skipped the 9. There is no mention of this Hiram Luckey again or is there a Hram Luckey in any of the cemeteries in the area.
 Also in 1870, living with Ezra Williams and his family, there is a Eveline Williams age 10 and listed as a cousin. In the 1880 census, still living with the Ezra Williams family, she is listed as Eva Williams age 21. Also living there in 1870 is a Margaret Watts age 73 listed as retired. I suspect that she is a mother-in-law to Charlotte. And probably through visiting back and forth, Frank and Eva first met. Also in 1880 Charloote Ann Luckey Watts has married  George Smiley. He is listed as head of house and she is listed as wife and there is a daughter named Martha Watts age 6 and is listed as step-daughter.
 In 1880 Martha Williams is living in Canton at age 61 and is listed as widowed and mother. Living with her is Frank H. Luckey age 29 and listed as son and a shoemaker.
 In 1881 Frank H. Luckey and Eva Williams were married in the West Franklin Presbyterian Church. Grace Orpha Luckey was born to them Feb. 6, 1882 and Clarence Ernest Luckey was born Oct. 10, 1887. I also suspect that they had a sister named Harriet Eveline born abt. 1884 that married William ( Willy ) Newcomb. I haven't found the proof yet but will continue to search for it.
 Frank and Eva must have divorced sometime between 1887 and 1892. I found Frank H. Luckey boarding at 723 Lake St.Elmira, NY in 1892 and was listed as a shoemaker. It was on an 1892 City of Elmira Directory.  I suspect that his children visited him there or even stayed with him there. And that is how Grace Luckey met John Kennedy. I don't know how long he stayed in Elmira but he next appears in Watkins Glen, NY living with his wife, Isora age 59. As per the 1910 census. been told that Gramma Jones would visit him in Watkins from time to time. When Frank died in 1914, he was returned to Canton, PA and buried in the Main Street Cemetery. He is buried with his mother Martha Williams on his right and his sister Charlotte Ann Smiley on his left. His obit says he left a wife and a son in Watkins. His son was Clarence Ernest Luckey. Who married Cora Laverna Howell from Hector, NY. He had two children, one daughter, Frances E. Luckey and a son, Arthur E. Luckey. I found Clarence on the 1917-1918 WWI draft rolls #1712365. And in 1942 he was living in Tioga Co., PA and was on the WWII draft rolls with the # WW2-2240858. Clarence is buried in the Beach Flats Cemetery near Canton, PA next to his mother Eva Williams Porter.
 In 1900 Eva was in the census as the wife of Joseph Porter age 42. With them lived two boys, Emmet Porter age 14 and Ernest Ported age 11. They lived in Canton Township, Bradford Co., PA. In 1910 They are living in Fox Township, Sullivan Co. PA. Joseph is 52 and Eva is 51. With lives Harley Porter age 19  and Bly Porter age 6. Then in 1920 they are living in Columbia Township. PA with Fredrick (Bly) Porter age 16. Bly later married Margaret Knapp, who some have known as Aunt Margaret Porter. After Bly died Margaret married Fred Klump.

 Alene Minster wrote that the Kennedys came from Ireland in 1874 and that John was the youngest of the 3 kids. She said that their parents were Patrick John Kennedy and Elizabeth Alloway Kennedy. I'm going to leave them out of this because I haven't found them yet in any records at all. She said that after the father died, Elizabeth married a man named Kline and they had another child named Margaret Kline. When Elizabeth died, Mr. Kline put the kids in an orphanage. The first record that I have is from the 1900 census of Chemung Co. NY. John is listed as being 28 years old born in 1871. His arrival in the US was 1872 and he states that he was born in Ireland and his parents were born in England. He was living with Grace who was age 18 and born in 1882. They lived on W. Clinton St. and was listed as an upholsterer.
 In the 1910 census, John says he was born in 1872 in Ireland and his parents were also born there. Now he states his arrival in the US in 1873. He is living with Grace O. ahe 28, Lillian age 9, Grace L. age 7 and Alice age 5.
 In 1900 I find a soda bottler by the name of William H. Gibbs age 22 and living on Brand St. in Elmira, NY. His wife is Mary Jane Kennedy age 26 born in PA and she states that her parents were born in England. Mary Jane was born in 1874. After John and after coming to America. With them are their sons William J. Gibbs age 5 and Charles A. Gibbs age 3. Mary Jane must have died before 1910. I found William H. Gibbs with his two sons living in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1910 at a boarding house without Mary Jane.
 I found Elizabeth Kennedy in 1900 at age 22 living as an inmate at the St. Vincents F.O. Asylum and Industrial School in Buffalo, Ward 17, Erie County, NY. She was listed as an embrouderer.Again I find her in Buffalo, Ward 15, Erie Co., NY. in 1910. She has married William A. Lannen born on Dec. 25, 1881. Elizabeth states that she was born in PA and father was born in Ireland and her mother in England. I found an obit that read" Elizabeth Anna Lannen, infant daughter of William A. and Elizabeth Kennedy Lannen, died Feb. 21, 1911.They also have two sons, William and Francis. In the 1927 Buffalo City Directory I found Elizabeth M. Lannen living at 38 East Utica St. in Buffalo. She was working as a sales lady for the J.N. Adams Co..
 So, now we know what orphanage the children were put in. And we know that the chidren did not go to live with Mary Jane. John may have but not Elizabeth. I haven't found their half sister Margaret Kline yet but I'm sure I will someday. I'll continue to search for their parents. Patrick was supposed to be buried somewhere near Scranton , PA and Elizabeth is supposed to be in St. Peter and Pauls Cemetery in Elmira. I didn't find her there when last I looked but will go back with new info and try again. I think they were living somewhere in PA when she died. It must have been close to Elmira for her to be buried there. But there are a lot of St. Peter and Pauls Parishes and cemeteries in the area.
 So, most of the mysteries of the Luckeys and the Kennedys are solved. But, as usual, more questions arise.If any body has any questions, please ask. If I don't have the anwsers in my notes; I'll go searching yet again.
 It is so much fun finding out what circumstances and events brought our ancesters together and how we came to be. When our children and grand children want to know who they are, we will have the answers. Hopefully they will carry on where we left off so future generations will have not lost this valuable information. And we should have started this quest  sooner because so much information went to the grave with our ancestors. Information and stories about their lives that can never be recovered. Now it's up to us to record all the information and stories that our children will want to cherish of our lives and their early childhood.
 I'm always looking for more info. If anyone has letters or obituaries, or birth and death certificates, bible records, anything from our ancestors, please copy them and send them to me. It is surprising how much a very little clue from a letter can do. Or even an old address.
                                                                                                                         Michael A. Krusen
                                                                                                                         104 E. McCann Blvd.
                                                                                                                                       Elmira Heights, NY 14903

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