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Degree of Pocohontas

See Also  Improved Order of Red Men

Red Men Home Page
Founded in Elmira NY in 1885, this organization was/is a women's auxiliary to the  Improved Order of Red Men. Its first council was held in Philadelphia in 1887. Its objectives are the teaching of kindness, love, charity and loyalty to one's country. It has secret rituals, secret signs and passwords and an initiation process. Its 1977 membership was 22,827. I do not have present day statistics. Its emblem is an Indian woman with two American flags on each side of her. She has a shield which says Degree of Poconhontas. On the flagholders shown here, the shield is present but the predominant symbol is a bird. 

Among its projects are Aid to Indian Children. Financial support is given for braille books for the blind and for retarded children. They have participated in programs for safe driving.

 (Source: Greenwood Encyclopedia of .... Fraternal Organizations, Alvin J. Schmidt, Greenwood Press, 1980, pp 260-262.)


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Do you still update this site? []

Please correct all links to the Red Men and Degree of Pocahontas to  read:

Also, I continue to purchase grave markers from eBay in order to get  them off the market. They go to the IORM national museum here. {Note from JMT: I believe ebay has banned the sale of cemetery flagholders at this time as appropriate.]

Keep up the good work on your site.

David Lintz, Director
Red Men Museum and Library

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