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Commemorative Plaques & Flagholders
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Sons of Union Veterans

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Auxililary to the Sons of Union Veterans Daughters of Union Veterans Woman's Relief Corps G.A.R.

 This is not a common marker, but it is not rare either. Most of those whose graves it marks were born in the 1860s or 1870s as one would expect for a child of a Civil War soldier. Many, but not all, include the Camp 93 designation. I have not yet found reference to that to explain what it is. If anyone else can find reference to Camp 93 I'll appreciate hearing about it. All include the eagle at the top, the wreath, and the two artillery pieces crossing behind it.

Sons of Union Veterans was formed in 1881 as a branch of the GAR to carry on its activities after it was gone. It is still in existence and has many chapters. It is open to any male who can prove descent from a Civil War Soldier on the Union side.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/05/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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