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Sons & Daughters of Liberty

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Order of United American Mechanics Daughters of America Jr. Order of United State Mechanics Daughters of Liberty Patriotic Order, Sons of America

In 1915, the Daughters of Liberty, an auxililary of Jr. Order of American Mechanics, renamed itself Sons and Daughters of Liberty and apparently began including male members. The agenda remained the same as its parent, Daughters of America, and its parent, JOUAM. The essential message and focus of activity was against immigration, against Catholics, Irish and Germans, Jews, etc., whatever was around to be against. Their idea of "Liberty" was for those like themselves and not for the masses. The earliest flagholders of this renamed organization are identical to those of its parent Daughters of America with the "S and"  inscribed above the original D of L.  These are common in the same locales where PO, S of A, JOUAM, and the related conservative isolationsist organizations flourished. Although many of this related group of organizations is defunct in the present day, some of the same communities still harbor active groups of KKK (Yes, even here in the North) whose similar agenda may take a more activist and violent turn and which probably (just guessing) does not erect flagholders. Individual lodges of some of these organizations may continue to operate in some place, but no national or official organization exists, except for the Daughters of America. I have not been able as yet to determine the present day agenda of this remaining organization of this group.

The original Sons and Daughters of Liberty organization, from which the name comes, was founded in Philadelphia to commemorate the history of the Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty which were various groups who acted underground in colonial times and during the American Revolution to achieve Liberty from the mother country, England.  These same names have been subverted in the present day by various groups. At present I have found some whose philosophy seems to be that they should have the right to kill anything at any time or place with any weapon they choose, and if not allowed to do so, their freedom is in danger along with the freedom of the rest of us. In any case, the organization represented by these flagholders has been conclusively identified and most of the other organizations bearing this name are unlikely to erect flagholders to advertise their presence. They are just "there" worrying about their liberty and safety and right to do whatever they please. 

This version of the marker probably is later than the 
other. I found two of this model in the same New 
Jersey cemetery also heavily populated with
JOUAM and PO,S of A flagholders. The shield shape
and Amercian flag remain in the insignia and show
the relationship to the sibling organizations.
The post 1915 versions of this marker have survived 
time relatively intact thanks to the technology of
galvanization. Unfortunately the clarity of their message
also has lingered into modern times and remains with 
us today. The fact that they could erect flagholders 
and take pride in their organization tells us how widely 
accepted their ideologies were in the American society
of their time and place. There was no need for them
to hide their presence as it was accepted by the 

Ironically, in one of the cemeteries where these radical
conservative markers were most prevalent, the adjacent
Catholic cemetery, full of Irish and Italian names and
legions of American military flagholders, was larger 
by far than its neighbor. This massive cemetery of the
individuals and progeny of their targets is a tribute
to their "success" or lack thereof.

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