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United Spanish War Veterans & Auxiliary to USWV
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Commemorative Plaques & Flagholders
 of Military and Organizations
as Photographed by Joyce M. Tice 

United Spanish War Veterans
Auxiliary to USWV


These commemorative flagholders are from the Spanish War Veterans and Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans.(USWV)
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This badly worn flagholder is the first I have found for this organization. United Spanish War Veterans is written in the outer arms of the cross. The circle border says Fraternity, Patriotism, Humanity. I have not yet deciphered the word in the center for certain. Can you? The flagholder of the Auxiliary to the USWV. It follows the same pattern as for the USWV and also includes elements found on the military flagholders for these veterans. This is the only one I have found to date. This organization of women was supportive of the Spanish War Veterans.
The flagholder at left was found in the state of Maine. Not all of the wording is legible, but the war date is on it as 1898.
May 2005-
Hello Joyce:

Thank you for a wondereful site in which I have learned a lot about fraternal organizations.

The word in the middle of Spanish War Veterans and Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans that you had trouble figuring out, is the word (AUXILIARY)

 The second letter from the left was the only letter that I couldn't make out. Perhaps this was the result of a faulty casting mode or rust or something else caused this leter to appear to be something different. Of course most of the letters in this word are very hard to read.


James F. Harrington

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/05/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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