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 Since I do most of my traveling in New York State and Pennsylvania, I am not likely to see all the diversity that exists in this genre. If any of you run across flagholders commemorating these state police, I'd be happy to receive photos. If you have a digital camera, just email the photo. Get as close as you can to the flagholder and turn it to the sun if that is possible. If you scan a photo to send, do it at 200 dpi as a jpg file. That gives me plenty of resolution to work with. For any submitted photos of flagholders, tell me the town, county and state where you found it and if possible, the gender and death date of the person whose grave you found it on.
New York State Police - Troop C
Pennsylvania State Police- Erie and Crawford Counties
The Keystone Shape is the insignia of Pennsylvania
This Photo Submitted by Guest- Bill Klauk
New Jersey's State Police commemorative flagholders
include the name of the person so honored.
This Vermont State Police Insignia is mounted on the
Another New York State Police marker sent in by
Roger Davis

Subj:  Cemetery Markers
Date:  1/24/2003 10:07:36 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (John Herrmann)

Hi Joyce

Loved your site I just happened to stumble on it by searching for some information on our Police Dept. I noticed a Marker from our Dept and I copied it to show to see if anyone else has seen it or even heard about it It maybe a one of a kind made by the family.

However I must make a Correction in the picture on your site it is Described as Pennsylvania State Police - Erie and Crawford Counties. WE are Not part
of the Pennsylvania State Police they are a Dept in there own. Our Department name is what is shoen on the Marker State Police Of Crawford and Erie Counties. We are in Pa though but not affiliated with the Pa State Police 2 different department.

Also Do you know which Cemetary this Photo was taken at as I would like to visit the cemetary to see which one of our fallen brothers it belongs to as it may give me a direction to go in researching this also.

Thank you in any help you may be able to give to me. If you can correct the Description it also would be appreciated.

John Herrmann
State Police Crawford and Erie Counties Co. #48

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/05/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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