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Old Guard N.G.S.N.Y.

This flagholder was found in Albany County NY on the far eastern boundary near the Vermont border. Unfortunately I did not photograph the tombstone it was with but it also included an American Legion flagholder and a Spanish American Veteran flagholder. These, of course, can be moved so are not necessarily associated, but if so it gives us a time frame for this person. My own guess is that this could be National Guard State of New York  Any ideas will be appreciated or if anyone can find anything on this Sep. Co. let me know. Thanks, Joyce M. Tice

Subj:  RE: NGSNY
Date: 4/5/2001 2:35:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (J Russell White)

Hi Joyce,

Been a long time since I visited your flagholder site and had a little bit of time before logging off for the night.

Check out these sites:
Although it does show NYSM (New York State Militia) - NGSNY (?) and is a quite interesting page, it doesn't elaborate on NGSNY.
Just past halfway down the page is the NY listings of which is Veteran Association of the 71st Regiment, NGSNY "1869"
Is the 71st Reg NGSNY home page.  I already wrote a comment to them to enlist their help in your NGSNY quest for an answer.


Subj: Re: NG
Date: 4/5/2001 4:03:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Anspake
To: JoyceTice

Dear Joyce,

A friend of yours, J. Russell White, e-mailed me and asked me to take a look at that photo (flag holder 32 etal).  NG does stand for National Guard, a designation given to State troops from 1862 to about modern times.  These units often had Veteran Associations attached to the regiments.  So the person buried there probably served in a 32 Separate Company as well as its veteran association.  You should contact the NYS Military History Institute for further information.


Clarence G. Anspake, Jr.
71st Veteran Association
National Guard of the State of New York

 Date:  5/2/2002 1:15:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (John E. LaBarre)

The 32nd Seperate Company was located in Hoosic Falls, NY, It became Co M of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, NYNG sometime around WWI. About 1922 it
became the 1st Battalion HQ Co. of the 105th Infantry Regiment. Sometime in the late 40's or early 50's it became Co. C of the 105th Infantry
Regiment. The armory is still there and now houses an armor unit. John LaBarre

December 2005 - 
Saw spot on your site where you talk about a NGSNY Plaque...... 
I have a photo, not of the Company you mention, but of a similar outfit not too far up north from Hoosic Falls, near Lake George NY.

Photo is from 1883 of Rockwell's Corps., 18 Sep. Co. Inf. in East Lake George....Thought you might like to see what they looked least in 1883.....

J. Scott Langworthy
Queensbury, New York

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