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Heverly's History of Sheshequin Township

John Christian Forbes & Deborah

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(Transcribed by Robert Towner,

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John Christian Forbes from Heverly's History of Sheshequin Township (Transcribed by Robert Towner,

John Christian Forbes was born October 25, 1759, at Brunswick, Germany, where his father was a large stock raiser. When he was sixteen years old he was sent by his father to deliver to the coast a drove of cattle, which he had sold to the British Government. Officers of the British vessel persuaded him to go aboard on the promise that the ship would land near his home, and much sooner than he could travel overland. After the vessel was out of sight of land, it dawned upon the young drover that he bad been tricked and was being carried to some other part of the world. When he was finally landed it was in America, being informed at the same time that he would be compelled to serve in the British army. He continued with the King's troops until a good opportunity presented itself, then deserted and espoused the American cause, giving his aid in the struggle for Independence till the close of the war. He settled on the Delaware in Delaware county, N. Y., where, July 3, 1783, he married Deborah Williams. In 1806 he came to Sheshequin with his family. He located at first where the Valley House now stands, and two years later purchased and moved on to the place now known as the Peek farm. Here he continued to reside until after the death of his wife, when he lived among his children. He is remembered as "a kindly, Christian old gentleman." He died April 19. 1853, aged 93 1/2 years. His wife. Deborah, born in Delaware county, N.Y., August 30, 1764, died September 26, 1837. Their children, all of whom were born in Delaware county, except t. he two youngest, were: Ernest, Hannah, Catharine, Polly, Eunice, Elisha, William, Francis, Archibald, Montgomery and Charles. Earnest, born April 6, 1784, married Polly Smith, died in Rome, April 30, 1860. Hannah, born September 17, 1786, married Lawrence Rose, died in Sheshequin, June 3, 1839. Catharine, born April 23, 1789, married Isaac I. Lowe, died at Athens, September, 1873. Polly, born April 2l, 1791, married Benjamin Brink, died at Athens, June 10, 1877. Eunice, born April 16, 1793, married John Hicks, died at Rome, April 8. 1877. Elisha, born March 13, 1795, married first Lucy Newell, second Sally Eastman, died in Sheshequin, September 27, 1834. William, born November 20, 1798, married Hettie Kendall, died in Indiana in 1881. Francis, born October 10, 1801, married Sally Horton, died in Indiana in 1882. Archibald, born June 22, 1805, married Hester Brink, died at Reniff, N.Y., December 18, 1883. Montgomery died in infancy. Charles, born April 13, 1810, married Julia Snyder, died in Rome, May 3, 1852.