Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
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Bradford County PA
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Pioneer & Patriot Families of Bradford County PA 1770-1800
Vol. I - Clement F. Heverly - Introduction
Pioneer & Patriots Table of Contents
Retyped for Tri-Counties by Joseph C. Clark
As with ALL collections of this type, the work of Mr. Heverly also includes errors. Please be sure to confirm what you find here through other resources as well. One reference does not a proof make.
Additions and Corrections from Heverly's addendum have been incorporated directly into this transcribed version.
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Joyce M. Tice May 2003
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BRADFORD COUNTY'S most fascinating history was made by the men and women of pioneer times. To present the names of these brave spirits, their origin, achievements, progenity and relationship to one another and to preserve precious memories and family records are the design of this work. Subjects are all treated chronologically and each carried forward as an interesting story. Contemporaneous personages and events are thus brought together for the correct assimilation of facts.

This production is not a speculation and there are no sketches "at a price" to give undue prominence to one class to the detriment of others. In our long and persistent searches we have endeavored to find and give the name of every person who in any way contributed to the early history of Bradford county. Sources of much information have been the archives of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York, the public records of Bradford, Luzerne and Lycoming counties, old newspaper files, local histories, genealogies, church and family records, justices' dockets and private papers; a vast fund, reaching back to the original families, has been obtained from our interviews with old people during the past thirty years.

To all who have furnished information, we wish to express our appreciation, and thank most sincerely the following for their valuable assistance in supplying details: J. Washington Ingham, Mrs. Susie Hallock, Mrs. Lelia Bartlett, Miss Mary E. Stalford, Miss Fannie E. Loomis, L. A. Bosworth, Dr. C. H. Bosworth, J. A. Bosworth, J. H. Calkins, A. T. Lilley, John A. Biles, R. G. Bolles, Mrs. Jennie Lee, J. C. Ingham, Esq., Major W. H. H. Gore, Harrison C. Allis, Diton Phelps, Esq., Rev. M. L. Cook, Miss Lucinda Bloom, Mrs. Frank Slocum, Chas. T. Hull, Alfred P. Dunbar, M. E. Chubbuck, D. V. Campbell, B. K. Gustin, B. W. Lewis, Esq., John Forbes, A. M. Russell, Mrs. Sarah A. Walker, Mrs. Matilda Eilenberger and Miss Mamie A. Spring.

If this work may supply a long felt want and prove a worthy memorial to the brave spirits in our most trying history, we shall feel proud of a labor of love and duty.

Most Sincerely,

C. F. Heverly

Towanda, Pa.

May 20th, 1913