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Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pennsylvania

By Clement F. Heverly

in Two Volumes

1913 & 1915

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The following is extracted from Clement F. Heverly, Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, 1770-1800, Vol. 1, Bradford Star Print, 1913.

Local Government

For twenty-five years before the organization of Bradford county, the local government of the Northern townships of Luzerne was in the hands of officers, appointed by the Court, except justices-of-the-peace who were appointed by the Governor. Assessors and tax collectors were appointed by the Governor. Assessors and tax collectors were appointed by the County Commissioners. The constable was the most important officer in the new townships. His bailiwick embraced a great scope of country and each constable was responsible for the peace and order in his district. He was required to go to Wilkes-Barre, the county seat, a distance of 70 miles to make report to court. If he failed to do so, the court imposed a fine of not less than $4 and sometimes the penalty imposed was $8. Officers for the several districts were appointed as follows:

Wyalusing (or Springfield):      
1788 Oliver Dodge 1798-’9 Guy Wells
1789 Joseph Elliott 1800 Jesse Ross
1790 Justus Gaylord, Jr. 1801-’5 Reuben Wells
1792 Wareham Kingsley 1806 James Lewis
1794 Judah Benjamin 1807-’9 John Taylor
1795 Daniel Turrell 1810 Jonas Ingham, Jr.
1796 Stephen Beckwith 1811 Justus Lewis
1797 Wareham Kingsley 1812 Benjamin Ackley
Tioga (or Athens):      
1789-’90  Benedict Satterlee 1796 Avery Gore
1791 John Wilson   Ira Stephens 
1792 Wm. Spalding 1797 John Spalding
  Benedict Satterlee 1798 Elias Satterlee
1795 Josiah Marshall 1799 John Spalding, 2nd
  Benedict Satterlee 1801 Pitkin Pratt
    1802 Benedict Satterlee
1793 Solomon Franklin 1804 Benj. Martin
1795 Nathaniel Hickok 1805-’6 Ebenezer Tuttle
1796-’7 Henry Strope 1807-’8 Alpheus Choat
1798 Samuel Soverhill 1809 Wilber Bennett
1799 Wm. Coolbaugh 1810-’11  Wm. F. Dininger 
1800-’1 Ebenezer Tuttle 1812 Wm. Keeler
1797 Josiah Marshall 1802 Zephon Flower
1798 Joseph Kingsbury 1803 Wm. W. Spalding
1799 Wm. Spalding 1804 Samuel Gore
1800-’1 Ebenezer Shaw    
1802-’3 Samuel Wells 1809 Oliver Corbin
1804 Alpheus Choat 1810-’11  Chester Gridley 
1805 Asahel Johnson 1812 Theron Darling
1807-’8 Theron Darling    
1802-’4 John Dobbins    
1805-’6 Seeley Crofut 1810 Orr Scovell
1807-’8 George Sutton 1812 Seeley Crofut
1809 Ezra Spalding    
1808 John Felton 1810 Orr Scovell
1807-’8 George Sutton 1812 Seeley Crofut
1809 Ezra Spalding    
1808 John Felton 1810 Eleazer Sweet
1809 Elisha Wythe 1811-’12  Abner C. Rockwell 
Wyalusing (or Springfield)      
1789 Nathan Kingsley 1801-’3 John Horton
  Justus Gaylord   John Taylor
1790 Nathan Kingsley 1804 John Horton
  Thomas Gibson   O. Williams Dodge
1792-’3 Oliver Dodge 1805 Amasa Wells
  Thomas Lewis   John Hollenback
1794 Justus Gaylord, Jr. 1806 Jonathan Terry
  Silas F. Andrews   Joseph Elliott
1795 Guy Wells 1807 Jonathan Terry
  Joshua Keeney   John Taylor
1796 Joseph Stalford 1809 Bartholomew Laporte
  Amasa Wells   Benj. Stalford
1797 Justus Gaylord, Jr. 1810 John Hollenback
  Jonathan Terry   Edmund Dodge
1798-’9 Elisha Keeler 1811-’12  Bartholomew Laporte 
  J. Wheeler   Benj. Stalford
1800 Daniel Ross    
  Peter Stevens    
Tioga (or Athens):      
1788 Solomon Bennett 1795 Wright Loomis
  John Fuller   Isaac Cash
1789 Solomon Bennett 1796 Josiah Marshall
  Nathaniel Shaw   Joseph Smith
1790 Simon Spalding 1797 Elisha Satterlee
  Leonard Westbrook   John Shepard
1792 Benj. Clark 1798-’99  Elisha Matthewson 
  Josiah Marshall   Elisha Satterlee
1793 Ira Stephens 1801-’2 Samuel Campbell
  Silas Scovell   Salmon Hamlin
1794 Zephon Flower    
  Isaac Cash    
Wysox (or Claverack):      
1788 Jehial Franklin 1804-’5 Ralph Martin
1789 Jehial Franklin   Rogers Fowler
  Sebastian Strope 1807 Jacob Myer
1795 Silas Scovell   John Brown
  Sebastian Strope 1809 Joshua Moger
1796 James McKean   William Huyck
  Jacob Bowman 1810 Elijah Horton
1797 Stephen Strickland   Jesse Allen
  Jacob Bowman 1811 Shepard Pierce
1798 Jacob Bowman   Naphtali Woodburn
  William Coolbaugh 1812 Ralph Martin
1799 Abner Seeley   Franklin Blackman
  Wm. Coolbaugh    
1802-’3 Job Irish    
  Reuben Hale    
1797 Josiah Marshall 1801 Benj. Clark
  Jedediah Shaw   Ebenezer Shaw
1798 Joseph Kingsbury 1802 Zephon Flower
  Lockwood Smith   Samuel Clark
1799 Joseph Hitchcock 1803 Zephon Flower
  Isaac Cash   Adrial Simons
1800 Richard Fuller 1804 Stephen Powell
  Isaac Cash   Joseph Kingsbury
1802 Joseph Ballard 1804 Nathaniel Allen
  Elihu Knight   Elihu Knight
1803 Joseph Ballard    
  Aaron Cook    
1802 Michael Russell 1809 Thomas Brink
  Asahel Johnson   Nathaniel Hickok
1803 Michael Russell 1810 Chester Gridley
  Samuel Woodruff   Oliver Corbin
1804 Alpheus Choat 1811 Chester Gridley
  Michael Russell   Wm. Johnson
1807 Theron Darling 1812 Orante Grant
  Gould Seymour   Moses Coburn
1808 Amos Coburn    
  Theron Darling    
1805 Aaron Cook 1811 Samuel Griffin
  Henry Segar   Gourley Marsh
1806-’7 Truman Holcomb 1812 Samuel Griffin
  Daniel Ingraham   Seeley Crofut
1808-’9 Sterling Holcomb    
  Ezra Spalding    
1808 John Brown 1811 James Lewis
  Joseph Prestor   John Fox
1809 David Bardsley 1812 Russell Fowler
  Eliphalet Mason   Abial Foster
Overseers of the Poor      
Wyalusing (or Springfield):      
1788 Isaac Hancock 1798 J. Stevens
  Elijah Buck   J. Terry
1789 Justus Gaylord, Jr. 1799 Amasa Wells
  Oliver Dodge   Uriah Persons
1792 Amasa Wells 1800 Aden Stevens
  Justus Gaylord, Jr.   Reuben Wells
1794-’5 Minor York 1801-’2 Jeremiah Lewis
  Joshua Terry   Williams Dodge
1796 Guy Wells 1803-’4 Thomas Brink
  Stephen Beckwith Benj. Stalford 
1797 Oliver Dodge    
  Silas F. Andrews    
Tioga (or Athens):      
1789 Wm. Buck 1797 John Shepard
  Nathaniel Shaw   Wright Loomis
  Elisha Matthewson 1798 Ira Stephens
1790 Jehial Franklin   Wright Loomis
  Elisha Matthewson 1799 Clement Paine
1793 Wright Loomis   Elisha Matthewson
  Stephen Hopkins 1802 Amos Prentice
1795 Benj. Cole   John Franklin
  Ira Stephens    
Wysox (or Claverack):      
1789 Jehial Franklin 1799 David Allen
  Sebastian Strope   Solomon Franklin
1797 Job Irish 1802 Reed Brockway
  Jehial Franklin   Solomon Franklin
1798 Henry Salisbury 1803 Wm. Means
  Nathaniel Hickok   Wm. Coolbaugh
1797 Benj. Clark 1801 Peter Snyder
  Benj. Cole   Solomon Tracy
1799 Benj. Clark 1803 Avery Gore
  John Spalding   Joseph Kingsbury
Fence Viewers      
1797 Zachariah Price 1801 Jonathan Terry
  Judah Benjamin   Peter Stevens
1797 Justus Gaylord, Jr. 1802 Joseph Preston
  Joseph Stalford   Humphrey Brown
1800 Samuel Luckey    
  Joseph Stalford    
1795 Stephen Fuller 1797 John Swain
  Jehial Franklin   Jonathan Harris
1796 Stephen Fuller 1801 Wright Loomis
  Elisha Matthewson   Jonathan Harris
1796 Joseph Ballard 1799 Wm. Means
  Wm. Coolbaugh   Silas Scovell
1797 Silas Scovell 1802 Zachariah Price
  Wm. Coolbaugh   Job Irish
1797 Stephen Fuller 1803 John Spalding
  Adrial Simons   Adrial Simons
Freeholders to Settle (Auditors)      
1798 Wm. Means 1803 Moses Coolbaugh
  Samuel Soverhill   Reed Brockway
1799 Dennison Kingsbury   Ralph Martin
  Abial Foster   Amos Mix
  Zachariah Price    
1800 Dimon Bostwick 1802 Jonathan Terry
  Joab Pickett   Joseph Elliott
  John Taylor   Justus Gaylord, Jr.
  Samuel Gordon    
1801 Justus Gaylord    
  Samuel Gordon    
  Oliver Dodge    
  Guy Wells    
1801 George Welles    
  David Paine    
  Wm. Prentice    
1802 Stephen Ballard 1804 Moses Calkins
Moses Calkins Noadiah Kendall
Joseph Westcoat Isaac Chapel
Orr Scovell Dennison Kingsbury
Aaron Cook
Isaac Chaapel
Appraisers of Damages
1795 Stephen Fuller 1799 Elisha Matthewson
Jehial Franklin Solomon Franklin
1797 Julius Tozer
Sylvenus Travis