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Pioneer & Patriot Families of Bradford County PA 1770-1800
Vol. I - Clement F. Heverly - Records from 1766 to 1811
Pioneer & Patriots Table of Contents

Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pennsylvania

By Clement F. Heverly

in Two Volumes

1913 & 1915

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The following is extracted from Clement F. Heverly, Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, 1770-1800, Vol. 1, Bradford Star Print, 1913


Records From 1766 to 1811

Our records of early marriages are most valuable, yet, unfortunately, they are the most inadequate. The pioneers, for want of proper facilities, depended largely upon memory in carrying events. Such as could afford family Bibles, caused a record of the births, marriages and deaths of the family to be made. In time, most of the old Bibles were discarded, lost or destroyed. The early church records of the county were very meagre and but few of them have been preserved. Some of the early Justices kept excellent dockets and carefully noted all marriages. Less than a dozen of these original records are in existance. Until 1813, there was not a newspaper, published in the county. Consequently our avenues for procuring information relating to early marriages are very much restricted.

In pioneer times, marriages were generally performed by Justices of the Peace. From the settlement up to the organization (1812) of Bradford county, the following were the Justices appointed:

1787 - Obadiah Gore of Sheshequin and Nathan Kingsley of Wyalusing; 1788 - Noah Murray of Tioga Point;

1791 - Guy Maxwell of Tioga Point; 1792 - Joseph Kinney of Sheshequin and Isaac Hancock of Wyalusing;

1793 - Moses Coolbaugh of Wysox; 1797 - Resolved Sessions of Tioga Point; 1799 - Henry V. Champion of Wyalusing and David Paine of Tioga Point; 1800 - Guy Wells of Wyalusing, William Means of Towanda and Nathaniel Allen of Troy; 1807 - Wm. Myer of Wyson; 1808 - James Gordon and Charles Brown of Wyalusing;

1809 - John McKean of Burlington and Asa Stevens of Wyalusing; 1810 - Reuben Hale of Towanda and Asa C. Whitney of Wysox. In 1787, Obadiah Gore and Nathan Kingsley had also been commissioned Judges of Luzerne county.

Ministers of the gospel, itinerant preachers, or circuit riders, sometimes, were more convenient, and called upon to perform marriage ceremonies. Early preachers, locating on charges or coming on circuits within the county were: Noah Murray, 1790; Jabez Culver, 1791; Ebenezer Martin, Moses Park, Wm. Colbert, 1792; Ira Condit 1793; Daniel Thatcher, Noble Judd, Thomas Smiley, Samuel Sturdevant, M. Leach, 1799; R. R. Roberts, 1800; Wm. Colbert, 1801; James Wood 1802; Samuel Budd, James Herron, 1803; Seth Williston, 1804; Peter P. Roots, 1805; Daniel Buck, 1806; Ebenezer J. Leavenworth, Benj. Baldwin, Robert Burch, Benedict Burgess, 1807; Jesse Hartwell, Asa Todd, Elisha Rich, Sr., John Kimberlain and Rev. Best, 1808; M. Miner York, Elisha Rich, Jr., Loring Grant, Palmer Roberts, 1809; John Wilson, Samuel Thompson, 1811; William Wisner, Benoni Mandeville, Maramaduke Pearce and Abraham Dawson, 1812. The foregoing were the principal ministers, yet a few others were here for a short time or serving in a missionary capacity.

Nearly all the marriages in the county from 1787 to 1812 were performed by the Justices and ministers, given in the preceding lists. The following were the earliest marriages within Bradford county, arranged by years:

The First Marriage, 1766

The first Christian marriage celebrated within Bradford county was December 23, 1766; at the Moravian Mission in wyalusing, the couple being Thomas and Ruth, converts. The notable ceremony was in the German language.


Autumn, in Wyalusing, Aholiab Buck of Kingston, Pa., and Lucretia daughter of Amos and Lucretia (Miner) York.


October 1, in Sheshequin, John Spalding and Wealthy Ann, daughter of Judge Obadiah and Anna (Avery) Gore. They were Sheshequin’s first bride and groom.


February 20, in Sheshequin, Benedict Satterlee and Wealthy, daughter of Joseph and Eunice (Shepard) Spalding.

April 20, in Sheshequin by Judge Obadiah Gore, Matthias Hollenback and Sara Hibbard.

October 16, in Sheshequin, by Judge Obadiah Gore, Elisha Durkee and Hannah, daughter of Obadiah and Anna (Avery) Gore.

________William Means and Elizabeth, daughter of Rudolph and Elizabeth (Miller) Fox, both of Towanda Creek.


August 23, in Sheshequin, William Witter Spalding and Rebecca, daughter of Gen. Simon and Ruth (Shepard) Spalding.


June 3, in Sheshequin, John Shepard of Tioga Point and Anna, daughter of Obadiah and Anna (Avery) Gore.


March 14, in Sheshequin, Moses Park and Mary, daughter of Gen. Simon and Ruth (Shepard) Spalding.

_______, Joshua Bailey of Sugar Creek and Miss Susan, Daughter of Amos and Anna Bennett of Wyalusing.

_______, Henry Tuttle and Mary, daughter of Sebastian and Lydia (VanValkenburg) Strope, both of Wysox.


June 13, in Sheshequin, at the home of the bride’s father, John Newell, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, Samuel Rutty and Polly Newell.

August 22, on Sugar Creek, at the home of the bride’s father, Ezra Rutty, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, Orr Scovell and Polly Rutty.

September 19, in Sheshequin, at the home of the groom’s father, John Newell, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, Josiah Newell and Lydia Ogden.

October 3, in Sheshequin, at the home of the bride’s father, Ephraim Garrison, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, William Avery and Anna Garrison.

December 12, in Sheshequin, by Justice Joseph Kinney, Avery Gore and Lucy, daughter of Silas and Keziah (Yarrington) Gore.

December 19, on Sugar Creek, at the home of the bride’s father, Jonas Smith, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, Isaac Horton and Sally Smith.


May 16, John Taylor and Miss Deborah, daughter of Capt. Aholiab and Lucretia (York) Buck, both of Wyalusing.

June 3, in Wysox, at the house of Wm. Ferguson, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, James lewis and Miss Polly Jones.


June 9, in Asylum, Dr. Jabez Chamberlain and Miss Iren, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Dodge) Gilbert.

_____ Abial Foster of Sugar Creek and Miss Mary Means of Towanda.

_____ Daniel Brown and Mary, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Gaylord) Wigton, both of Wyalusing.


June 4, Silas Scovell of Wysox (Towanda) and Miss Abigail Harris of Luzerne county, Pa.


February 1, in Sheshequin, at the ome of the bride’s father, Gen. Simon Spalding, Anna Spalding and Joseph Kingsbury.

March 1, Peter Johnson and Sarah, daughter of Theophilus Moger, both of Wysox.

Spring, in Asylum, Alexander d’Autremont and Abigail, daughter of Maj. Oliver and Abigail (Harris) Dodge.

December 11, in Asylum, Bartholomew Laporte and Elizabeth, daughter of John and Susanna Franklin.


March 20, in Sheshequin by Judge Obadiah Gore, William Buch and ______Mitchell, both of Ulster.

June 26, in Sheshequin, by Judge Obadiah Gore, Ebenezer B. Gregory of Wysox (Towanda) and Mrs. Celinda (Bingham) Taylor.


March 26, in Sheshequin, by Judge Obadiah Gore, Augustus Bingham and Sarah Bardwell, both of Ulster.


April 2, in Sheshequin, by Judge Obadiah Gore, Obadiah Brown of Ulster and Joanna Brown of Milton, Cayuga county, N. Y.

October 20, in Sheshequin, by Judge Obadiah Gore, Joel Tuttle of Ulster and Rebecca Pearce of Chemung N. Y.


February 26, Ebenezer Shaw of Sheshequin and Cynthia, daughter of Eli and Hannah (Crofut) Holcomb of Ulster. They celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary, and Mr. Shaw became a centenarian.

June 14, in Wysox, at the home of the bride’s father, John Parks, by Rev. Elisha Cole, James Lent and Chloe Parks. This was the first marriage consummated in what is now Rome township. They celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.

July 12, in Sheshequin, by Judge Obadiah Gore, David Rundell and Polly Ensign, both of Ulster.

December 31, in Sheshequin, by Judge Obadiah Gore, Elias Needham and Betsey Butler, both of Ulster.

______, in Wysox, by Justice Moses Coolbaugh, William Myer and Joanna, daughter of Nathaniel and Huldah Hickok.


October 21, John Fox and Mary, daughter of Gordon and Sarah (Rogers) Fowler, both of Towanda Creek.


February 27, Reuben Hale of Towanda Creek and Miss Wealthy, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Rogers) Tracy of Tioga Point.

June 12, Sheffield Wilcox of Monroe and Miss Charlotte, daughter of John and Hannah, (Mallory) Hinman of Wysox.

______James Bidlack and Esther, daughter of Daniel Moore, both of Sheshequin.

______George Murphy and Lydia Wallace, both of Sheshequin.


October, in Terrytown, by Justice Guy Wells, Ebenezer Horton and Mary, daughter of Jonathan and Abigail (Terry) Terry.


September 11, William Snyder of Sheshequin and Hannah, daughter of John and Sarah (Wallen) Parks of Wysox.

December 28, in Wysox, Hiram Mix and Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Ralph and Anna (Shoemaker) Martin.

________ Chester P. Spalding of Sheshequin and Sarah Tyler of Tioga Point.


February 1, Harry S. Spalding of Sheshequin and Miss Lemira, daughter of Elisha and Cynthia (Stephens) Satterlee of Athens.

February 10, Jesse Beach and Miss Margaret, daughter of Jehiel Ferris, both of Burlington. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

March 8, in Ulster, at the home of Capt. Eli Holcomb, by Justice Samuel Gore, Elisha Luther and Eve Ryngor.

A Double First Wedding

Dr. Irad Wilson, in reciting the history of Alba, says: "The first marriage occurred in 1807, the parties being Robert McKean and Martha Wilson, and David Soper and Polly Luther, and the interesting ceremony performed by Nathaniel Allen, a justice of the peace of Lycoming county, now East Troy, Bradford county. The brides were of Alba, Luzerne county, and the grooms of Burlington, Lycoming county, now both in Bradford county. Esquire Allen could not, as he supposed, perform the marriage service out of his own county, therefore, the wedding party got into sleighs and drove across the line between Alba and Troy, and there, standing up in the sleigh, under the canopy of the leafless branches of the trees, amid the snow of winter, the two pairs of young people were joined together, for better or worse, through life."


November 9, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, John M. Smith and Miss Rachel, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Horton) Brink.

November 13, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, Albert Mead of Athens and Hannah Bernard of Ulster.

December 25, John F. Satterlee and Miss Julia, daughter of Dr. Amos Prentice of Athens.


January 4, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, Abner Bullard of Chemung, N.Y. and Peggy Hiney of Ulster.

January 15, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, William Horton of Lower Sheshequin and Miss Esther, daughter of Christopher and Rachel (Coolbaugh) Cowell.

February 19, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, George Hicks of Watertown (Rome) and Sarah Post of Claverack.

May 7, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, George Kinney and Miss Mary, daughter of Lodowick Carner, both of Sheshequin.

June 18, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, Peter Barnard and Miss Roba, daughter of Abel and Sally (Wilcox) Newell.

July 9, in Wyalusing, John Ingham and Miss Marinda, daughter of Edmund and Susan (Hotchkiss) Stone.

November 30, in Sheshequin by Justice Samuel Gore, Daniel Brink and Miss Rachel, daughter of Jesse and Jane (Miller) Smith.

December 28, in Sheshequin, Franklin Blackman and Miss Sibyl, daughter of David and Louisa Beardsley.


April 8, in Wysox, by Justice George Scott, Capt. Joseph Elliott and Miss Barbara, daughter of Henry and Catharine Lent.

April 12, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, Jonas Smith and Miss Jemima, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Horton) Brink.

July 5, John Griffin and Miss Betsy, daughter of Ezra and Hannah (Eaton) Spalding.

August 22, in Wysox, by Justice George Scott, Richard Ridgway and Miss Sally Cowell.

August 22, in Wysox, by Justice George Scott, John Watts and Miss Polly, daughter of Christopher and Rachael (Coolbaugh) Cowell.

August 26, in Wysox by Justice George Scott, William F. Dininger and Miss Betsy Vanhorn.

September 23, in Wysox, by Justice George Scott, Abraham Lent and Miss Gitty, daughter of William Elliott.

November 5, Edward Herrick, Esq. of Newark, Ohio, and Miss Celestia, daughter of Dr. Stephen and Jemima (Lindsley) Hopkins of Athens.

December 10, Joseph C. Powell and Miss Mary Smith, both of Ulster.

December 20, in Wysox, Shepard Pierce and Miss Sarah, daughter of Moses and Hannah (Shoemaker) Coolbaugh.


_________"At Wysox, by Justice George Scott, George Hannes, aged about 50, to Miss Sally Holley, aged 18" Susquehanna Democrat of January 11, 1811.

May 18, John Shepard of Tioga Point and Miss Deborah Hawkins of Stoney Brook, Long Island.

June 16, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, Gersham Towner and Miss Sally, daughter of Thaddeus and Lavina Hemenway, both of Watertown (Rome).

September 29, by Rev. M. Miner York, Joseph M. Piollet and Miss Elizabeth daughter of Elisha and Esther (Clark) Whitney, both of Wysox.

September 29, by Rev. Elisha Cole, Hezekiah Merritt and Miss Polly Wells, all of Towanda.

"Lately, by Justice Charles Brown, Moses Rowlee, aged 35, to Miss Nancy Youngs, aged 11 years and 6 months, all of Towanda." Susquehanna Democrat, October 4, 1811.

December 15, in Sheshequin, by Justice Samuel Gore, Lemuel Atwood and Sarah Bernard.


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