The History Center on Main Street

1849 church

1849 Church

The History Center on Main Street in Mansfield, Pa. has been established to collect, present , preserve and interpret the local history of Mansfield, Pa.  and the surrounding area. Among its collections are files, artifacts, and photographs of families, businesses, educational institutions, organizations and all other elements of the community from its beginning to its present. We also have a library of history and genealogy books including many by local authors and nearly full sets of local high school and college yearbooks.

The core of the present collections is from a private unincorporated museum established by Joyce M. Tice in 2003. Relocating to Mansfield from rural Sullivan Township enables us to build on the collections and make them more accessible to the community. During the past year and a half, with volunteer help, we have been engaged in organizing and cataloging the existing collections and presenting them in displays that visitors can view. This includes albums, display cases, posters and digital slide shows. We use Past Perfect museum management software which tracks items, donors, and status.

This a short YouTube video created by Shane Simmers about The History Center on Main Street.

Neal house

The Neal House

The History Center on Main Street operates in two locations. Our main location is at 61 North Main Street, is the original Methodist Church built in 1849. Our other location is at 83 North Main Street, formerly the Neal Family home and doctor's office. It is a 1917 Sears-Roebuck House.. Our holdings include business memorabilia of the greater Mansfield area, a history-genealogy library, extensive family files in our genealogy room, and tens of thousands of photos and postcards arranged in albums and in movie version or in computer slide shows to view at your own pace. The story of Mansfield and surrounding townships, its people and places, is told through pictures, articles, books and photos. The History Center has a wheelchair lift for handicap access.

On November 1, 2013, we purchased the 1849 church on the corner of N. Main and Elmira Street for the use of The History Center. It is the oldest church and one of the oldest buildings in Mansfield. It was the original Methodist church. The church auditorium is available for community meetings.

Our regular hours are noon to 3 PM T,W,Th. We are also open by appointment for out of town guests or organizational meetings. We also have a lecture series open to the public. We welcome memberships and donations to support our operation. Contact or 570-250-9829.

Founder and Executive Director, Joyce M. Tice