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First Bloom Diary - Joyce M. Tice

Why am I putting it here? Well, next year when I want to look at it it will be here and I won't have to hunt all over for it. It will be easier to maintain here where it does not get buried under stacks of other papers.

Tracking the First Bloom date reflects variation on weather patterns and is now a way to track the progress of Global Warming.

Flower/Plant 2008 2009
Crocus Apr 10
Miniature Daffodil Apr 12
Daffodil "King Alfred" Apr 16
Hepatica in Woods - full bloom- Don't know when it started.  bef Apr 16
Daffodil 'Ice Follies" Apr 17
Forsythia Apr 19
Heat wave 88 degrees, dry Apr 19
Pulmonaria [Lungwort] Apr 20
Bleeding Heart in woods Apr 20
Shadblow Apr 22
Red trillium in woods Apr 23
Trout Lily in woods Apr 23
Grape Hyacinth Apr 25
Rhododendron PJM Apt 26
Baltimore Oriole and Kingbird Arrived Apr 27
Lamium [purple and white] Apr 27
White Violets
Primrose Apr 29
Rose Breasted Grosbeaks (2 males at feeder) May 01
Dwarf White/Lavender Iris May 03
Brown Thrasher Arrived May 04
House Wren here May 05
Cistena Plum [pink flowers] May 07
Apple Blossoms May 07
White Crowned Sparrow traveling through May 10
Dwarf Purple Iris May 11
Catbird home May 11
Lilacs, Dark Purple & White May 14
Blue Flax May 20
Dk Pink low [true] geranium out back - one flower May 21
Wild Geranium in woods May 21
Lily of the Valley May 27
Dayliliy [yellow, front of front garden - NOT Lemon Lily] May 29
Oriental Poppy [blooming in town earlier] May 29
One Purple Lupine opening May 31
Medium Yellow Iris - No. 04 on 2007 Iris Diary
Pyrethrum June 06
Siberian Iris June 08
Wild Daisy
Tall yellow spiky primrose [back - yellow bed] June 09
Lemon Lily ? June 09
White Peony June 10
Dark Pink Yarrow
Oenethera June 14
Rudbeckia - Purple Cone Flower June 27
Black Hollyhock
Killdeer Chicks hatched
Sorry - I always fizzle out on note taking in mid June.