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November 2008
I found a book at the Knights farm which is entitled "Early Connecticut Marriages" by Frederic W. Bailey Published in 1896.  I have made a listing of all the marriage from 1697 to 1800 in New London  (New London County) Connecticut.  These records were derived from the first Congregational Church which was organized at Gloucester, Mass in 1642 which removed itself in 1650 to New London, Ct.    Basically New London marriages covered 37 pages of the book and as you can see there are a lot of others left.  The book itself has 138 pages.
Let me know if this is something you are interested in for your site.
Cathy Knights
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Marriage Records and  Marriage Clippings on the site by using the Marriage button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some marriage notices in the Clippings partition and on the Bibles pages.

Since so much of our ancestry in this area is Connecticut based, I am including these records on this site. JMT
New London County 1697 1720 1727 1734 1743 1758 1763 1770 1791 1796
Last First Last First Date Married By: Original Entry Comments from Book
Strickland Thomas Chapil Prudence January 11, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Clark Lemuel Miner Susanna January 24, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Griswold Avery Lucas Lucy January 24, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Avery Griswold of Withersfield
Chappil Stephen Darrow Sarah February 10, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Butler Thomas Bebee Jemima March 24, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Rose Samuel Colfax Sarah April 15, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Samuel Rose of Withersfield
Leech John Gray Mary May 3, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Burker Peter Ames Hannah July 11, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Peter Burker of Cape St. Nicola
Osgood John Fiske Tory Lucy November 25, 1770 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge John Fiske Osgood of Boston
Peck Elijah Miner Jane January 8, 1771 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Mason Amos Thompson Naomi February 24, 1771 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Winship Jabez Foresides Hannah August 6, 1771 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Jabez Winship of Norwich
Lee Thomas Smith Constance August 12, 1771 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Constance Smith of Old England
Howard Nathan Miner Jane September 26, 1771 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Fox Joseph Coit Elizabeth January 16, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Stilman George Roberts Catherine March 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge George Stilman of Saybrook
Clarke Reuben Darrow Lucy April 5, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Reuben Clarke of Sturbridge
Manwaring Robert Rogers Elizabeth November, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Rogers William Tinker Elizabeth November 1, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Clarke John Worthylake Elizabeth November 5, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Collins Joseph Springer Elizabeth November 10, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Waistcoat William Harris Esther December 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Rogers Ezekiel Green Hannah December 9, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Tinker John Hilyard Desire December 21, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Reed James Chapman Anne December 25, 1772 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Richards Edward Bishop Sarah January 25, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Jennings Daiel Chaplain Anne January 31, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Chapil Richard Douglass Grace September 16, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Smith Hugh Daniels Elizabeth September 22, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Holt James Corning Elizabeth October 10, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Leech Thomas Webb Lois October 14, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Rogers Peter Rogers Hannah December 16, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Jerome Benjamin Brown _______ December 21, 1773 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge _____ Brown of Fishers Island
Wolcott Simon Rogers Lucy January 23, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Graves Samuel Hern Anne March 4, 1174 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Samuel Graves of Stonington
Wheler Edward Tinker Mary April 26, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Codney William Holt Catherine July 3, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge William Codney of Middletown
Mason Samuel Rogers Elizabeth July 10, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Daniels Jedediah Williams Elizabeth October 20, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Lane William Trueman Mary October 30, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Davenport James Mason Wealthy November 1, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge James Davenport of Hartford
Plumb Joshua, Jr. Plumb Mary November 3, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Joshua Plumb of Middletown
Lee Josiah Christophers Mary November 6, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Josiah Lee of Middletown
Weaver William Harris Abigail November 10, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Darrow Joseph Ward Lydia November 20, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Joseph Darrow of Stonington
  Luke   Cloe November 23, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Negroes
Lothrop Dixwell Rogers Rebecca December 4, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Clark Peter Fagins Sarah December 11, 1774 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Indians
Tinker Joseph Douglass Marget January 15, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Spicer Nathan Clark Sarah January 17, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Natha Spicer of Norwich
Williams Zelemus Williams Delight February 23, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
  Peter   Sarah March 2, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Negroes
Miner William Wescoat Lucretia March 9, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Jeffrey John Hancock Margret April 6, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Miner Isaac Griffing Elizabeth May 11, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Latimer, Jr. Jonathan Chapell Elizabeth August 3, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Pool Thomas Adams Elizabeth October 27, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Hide Elisha Hallam Ann November 5, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge Elisha Hide of Norwich
Darrow Nicholas Rogers Sarah November 12, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Keeney Daniel Tinker Rebecca November 16, 1775 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Bishop Ebenezar Spierpoint Sarah May, 1776 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Bill David Harris Temperance May, 1776 Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge  
Fellows Joseph Ward Polly June 10, 1787 Rev. Henry Channing  
Johnson Thomas Dunton Dolly July 15, 1787 Rev. Henry Channing Johnson of Richmond, Virginia
Byrne Daniel Rogers Bathsheba August 13, 1787 Rev. Henry Channing  
Fish Seaberry Hallam Hannah September 9, 1787 Rev. Henry Channing Seabery Fish of Nine Partners
Budington Walter Champlin Bridget November 29, 1878 Rev. Henry Channing  
Dart Job Hadlock Lydia December 2, 1787 Rev. Henry Channing  
Crawford John Beckwith Olive February 3, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing Crawford of Cornwall England & Olive of Lyme
Leverett William Hallam Lucretia February 14, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing William Leverett of Middletown
Hempstead Josiah Hempstead Polly March 6, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing Josiah Hempstead of Hartford
Waterhouse Stephen Holt Hannah March 9, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing  
Henshaw Daniel Prentis Sally E. April 18, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing Daniel Henshaw of Middletown
Sisson Joseph Smith Elizabeth April 27, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing Joseph Sisson of Preston
Gilnor Nicholas Henry Watson Lydia May 1, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing Nicholas Henry Gilnor of Montville
Richards Alexander Colfax Mary May 15, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing  
Edgerton James Hinman Katherine May 29, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing James Edgerton of Norwich
Lathrop John Rogers Lucretia June 5, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing  
Harker James Holdsworth Elizabeth July 10, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing James Harker of Hardwich, New Jersey
Skinner Joseph Stark Jane July 23, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing  
Squire John Stroud Sophia August 3, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing John Squire of Fairfield
Wakefield Abner Bliss Amelia September 24, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing  
Howard John Dart Susan Setpember 30, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing  
Procter Abel Clark Elizabeth October 5, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing Abel Procter of Westford, Mass.
Owen Joseph Kennedy Sarah October 12, 1788 Rev. Henry Channing  
Carter John Hughes Mary January 15, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing  
Backus Elijah Richards Hannah February 3, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing  
Loysel Nicholas Harris Ruth March 3, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing Nicholas Loysel of Guilford
Wheat William Smith Mary March 15, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing  
Bliss Abraham Youngs Sarah April 29, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing  
Cizane James Deshon Lydia September 10, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing James Cizane of Guadaloupe
Pike David Pitman Elizabeth September 20, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing  
Coit Thomas, Jr. Saltonstall Mary Wanton November 29, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing  
Coit John Smith Lucy December 3, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing  
Allen Samuel Prentis Mary December 6, 1789 Rev. Henry Channing Samuel Allen of Montville
Way Azariah Douglass Grace January 7, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing  
Winand John Richards Frances January 28, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing John Winand of Petersburg, VA
Perkins Elizas Woodbridge Lucretia Shaw March 14, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing  
Avery George D Champlin Mary April 1, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing  
Whalley Joseph Saltonstall Hannah April 8, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing Joseph Whalley of London England
Lord Enoch Durpey Esther June 3, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing Enoch Lord of Lyme
Gale Luther Turner Lucretia June 21, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing  
Young Joseph Butler Lydia August 8, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing  
Dodge Ezra Hempstead Elizabeth September 26, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing  
Douglass Richard Starr Abigail October 28, 1790 Rev. Henry Channing  

Last Updated on 11/5/2008
By Joyce M. Tice