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42nd Regiment - Page Two

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The source of this listing is the 1897 Tioga County History

Retyped for Tri-Counties by Donna Wert of Massachusetts

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Company E of this regiment was recruited at Wellsboro. Its roster is as follows:
Niles Alanson E. Captain Wounded entered service as captain was promoted to Major March 1, 1863 and to Lieutenant-colonel, May 15, 1863
Mack Samuel A. Captain Wounded  
Truman Lucius First Lieutenant   promoted to quartermaster March 1, 1863
Ludlow George A. First Lieutenant Wounded  
Mack Samuel A. First Lieutenant Wounded  
Taylor William First Lieutenant    
Mack Samuel A. Second Lieutenant Wounded  
Ludlow George A. Second Lieutenant Wounded  
Taylor William Second Lieutenant    
Sears George W. Sergeant    
Derby George O. Sergeant    
Ludlow George A. Sergeant Wounded  
Taylor William Sergeant    
Morgan Jonathan Sergeant Wounded  
Foss Lemuel Sergeant    
Christenot Robert G. Sergeant    
Walbridge Peter D. Sergeant    
Huck Jacov Sergeant    
Bardwell Alfred G. Sergeant Wounded  
Fenton Caleb Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded  
Christenot Gilbert R. Corporal    
Potter Benjamin B. Corporal    
Morgan Jonathan V. Corporal Wounded  
Kelsey Robert Corporal    
Roughton Edwin Corporal    
Moore Wallace M. Corporal    
Christenot James A. Corporal    
Potts John C. Corporal    
Graves Caleb Musician    
Spanogle Peter Musician    
Williamson Walton Musician    
Allen Edward R. Private Wounded  
Anderson Thomas L. Private Died  
Borden Orsamus P. Private    
Bassett John J. Private    
Boatman William S. Private    
Borden Bela Private    
Bacon Daniel Private    
Bacon Morgan L. Private    
Burrell Wesley Private    
Blackwell William Private    
Campbell Washington Private Wounded  
Campbell Stevenson Private Wounded  
Catlin Lorenzo Private    
Carney Simon S. Private    
Crossett Martin Private    
Cole Jacob Private    
Campbell Samuel W. Private    
Cleveland Martin V. Private    
Corbin Daniel Private Wounded  
Cook George Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Champlin George W. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Decker Isaac Private    
Davis Daniel G. Private    
Dewey Brazilla K. Private    
English John Private    
Eichholtz Julius A. Private    
English William Private    
Emery John B. Private    
Grow Horace H. Private    
Huck Samuel  Private Wounded  
Huck George Private    
Horn John C. Private    
Happy Lewis Private    
Hoadley Charles  Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Hagar Richard Private Died  
Horton Melvin R. Private    
Johnson Alonzo A. Private Wounded  
Jackson Henry Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Kriner Andrew J. Private    
Kinney George A. Private    
Kimball Charles Private    
Kriner James C. Private    
Kimball Chester F. Private    
Kriner Henry J. Private Died  
Kriner George W. Private Died  
Lampman DeWitt C. Private    
Mosier Parish Private    
Martin Thomas Private    
McCabe James Private    
Meiner Philip Private    
Metzgar Amos C. Private    
Manderville W. Private    
Morrison William Private    
Margreff Lewis Private Wounded  
Morgan  William M Private Killed or movtally wounded  
McCarty Henry H. Private Died  
Mathers John W. Private    
Nott Stephen E. Private    
Olmstead James Private    
Ogden Joseph R. Private    
Osborn Edward Private    
Potter Benjamin B. Private    
Pitts William S. Private    
Patterson James M. Private    
Roland Henry C. Private    
Roice Edwin Private    
Roice Ethial H. Private    
Roberts Frederick Private    
Reddington John Private    
Rote Henry I. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Rothweiler Peter Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Snyder Jacob Private    
Simmons Albert D. Private    
Steele Robert H. Private    
Satterly Samuel D. Private    
Sweet Gustavus A. Private    
Smedley William Private    
Stone Eugene H. Private    
Stone Orrin B. Private Wounded  
Smith Thomas R. Private Died  
Sheeley Abisha Private Died  
Sweet Charles H. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Starkweather Joel Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Spicer Asbury F. Private Wounded  
Torpy Aaron B. Private    
Vogan John L. Private    
Vallance Charles Private    
Varner Henry Private    
West James M. Private    
Waterman Edwin S. Private    
Walters Andrew J. Private    
Weeks Hiram Private    
Walters William H. Private    
West Philetus A. Private    
Weidley John H. Private    
Warriner Abel S. Private    
Warriner James N. Private    
Wilcox Edwin Private    
Whitmore Cyrus D. Private Died  

Company F. of this regiment was recruited in Carbon County
Wolff John A. Captain   promoted May 4, 1863. Transferred to the 190th Pennsylvania Volunteers, June 6, 1864; commissioned major; wounded at Petersburg, June 1, 1864, and mustered out with the regiment June 28, 1865
Wolff John A. First Lieutenat   promoted February 1, 1863, Company F.
Wolff John A. Second Lieutenant   promoted April 22, 1862, Company G
Wolff John A. Sergent   Company G

Company G was recruited in Elk County, and was commanded by Capt. Hugh McDonald of Tioga County, from May 29, 1861, until mustered out June 11, 1864
McDonald Hugh Captain   Breveted Major March 13, 1865
Doan Jesse B. First Lieutenant   served from May 29, 1861 to Jan 11, 1862, when he resigned
Keyes Seth Sergeant   mustered out with the company
McNeil John Corporal   transferred to the 190th Pennsylvania Volunteers
Bailey Harrison C. Private Wounded  
Benson S._P. Private    
Cline Marcus Private    
Doan Edward Private    
Daily John F. Private Wounded  
English George W. Private    
Farley Joseph Private    
Ireland Benjamin Private Wounded  
Kilbourn H. Private Wounded  
Rinehart John Private Wounded  
Reinwald August Private Wounded  
Sylvia Willard Private Killed or mortally wounded  

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