45th Regiment

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The source of this listing is the 1897 Tioga County History

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This regiment saw service both in the eastern and western armies, and was engaged in the battles of James Island, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Siege of Vicksburg, Jackson, Blue Springs, Campbell Station, Siege of Knoxville, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, North Anna, Mine Explosion, Weldon Railroad, Poplar Spring Church, Hatcher's Run and capture of Petersburg. The regiment was noted for its fine discipline and the splendid bravery of its men. after Lee's surrender it took part in the grand review at Washington, D.C., May 22 and 23, 1865, and on July 17, 1865, was mustered out of service.

Companies F & G on Page One, Companies H, I, on Page Two BELOW

Company H, which was also recruited in Tioga County, embraced the following roster:

Schieffelin Edward G. Captain  
Austin Edgar F. Captain  
Seely Luke D. Captain  
Howard Enoch G. First Lieutenant  
Austin Edgar F. First Lieutenant  
Pickering Hiram First Lieutenant  
Close Reuben H. Second Lieutenant  
Trout John F. Second Lieutenant  
Greenfield J.D. Second Lieutenant  
Robb Levi R. Second Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded
Edwards Nathan Second Lieutenant  
Cady James I. Sergeant  
Hymes Benjamin C. Sergeant  
Greenfield J.D. Sergeant  
Robb Levi R. Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded
Ferguson Charles A. Sergeant Wounded
Tremain George W. Sergeant Died
Clark Amasa Sergeant  
Dobbs Benjamin J. Sergeant  
Gilbert Truman Sergeant  
Webster Ovid P. Sergeant Wounded
Avery Deruyter Sergeant  
McGee James Sergeant Wounded
Briscoe James N. Sergeant Killed or mortally wound
Avery L. Corporal  
Seymour Horace B. Corporal  
Holiday Milton G. Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Horton James E. Corporal  
Edwards Nathan Corporal  
Bullock H.W. Corporal  
Hastings George W. Corporal Died
Sutton M.O. Corporal  
Dobbs Benjamin J. Corporal  
Gilbert Truman Corporal  
Webster Ovid P. Corporal Wounded
Moore Ellison Corporal  
O'Riley James Corporal  
McGee James Corporal Wounded
Grove Albert W. Corporal  
Hill Thomas E. Corporal  
Howard John  Corporal  
Wise Matthew Corporal  
Lawler Michael Corporal  
Shappee Nathan R. Corporal  
Daniels Reuben Corporal Wounded
Sherman Isaac H. Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Wilcox Jesse K. Corporal Died
Parker William E. Corporal Dmed
 Dingman Thomas Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Lovejoy Robert A. Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Merritt Charles Corporal Died
Sawyer Harvey Musician  
Sawyer George Musician  
Avery William Private Wounded
Avery Judson Private  
Ames Elijah Private Wounded
Andrews Orsamus Private  
Amesberry A.E. Private Died
Aspinwall Edward Private Killed or mortally wounded
Ames Clark Private Killed or mortally wounded
Anderson Robert Private  
Anderson James Private  
Archer William Private  
Bryant Alonzo H. <|d ALIGN="left">Private Wounded
Butterworth Joseph  Private  
Brouglton ThomasPrivate  
Bucobee George W. Private  Wounded
Bullock Henry W. Private  
Blanchard Charles D. Private Wounded
Bowen Henry F. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Blanchard Irwin W. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Bryant Albert T. Private Died
Bump Jacob Private  
Burrows Belfonzo Private  
Bennett John L. Private  
Barry John Private  
Burr Aaron Private Killed or mortally wounded
Benson Aaron  Private Killed or mortally wounded
Brockway William Private  
Ballard Van R.W. Private Died
Colgrove John Private Wounded
Cassel Abraham Private  
Church, Jr. Daniel Private Died
Cahill William Private Died
Clark John Private  
Couch George Private  
Collony Henry C. Private  
Coon Elias P. Private  
Canfield Alvin H. Private  
Cline John  Private  
Dawson Charles Private  
Davis Hiram Private Wounded
Dewey James F. Private  
Dunham William M. Private  
Dean Horace A. Private Died
Dodge Amasa Private  
Dickinson George W. Private Died
Ery Joseph Private  
Xer|es Private  
Foster Charles Private  
Foote William Private  
Furgeson George E. Private Died
Freeland George W. Private Died
French Stephen L. Private  
French David Private Killed or mortally wounded
Fuller Rodolphus Private  
Gee William R. Private  
Green Daniel H. Private Wounded
Grinnell George L. Private Wounded
Goodwin Charles M. Private  
Greene William Private  
Greene Lewis N. Private  
Gore William Private  
Gains Charles Private  
Gee William H. L. Private Died
Geary Joseph Private  
Gillespie John Private  
Gills Thomas E. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Gardner George S. Private  
Greenfield Q.D. Private  
Hardenburgh J.H. Private  
Holiday Van B. Private  
Hills James Private  
Hain Casper Private  
Homan John Private  
Hahn Albert Private  
Hayhurst William Private  
Herring Eugene Private Wounded
Hoppus George W. Private  
Hotchkiss John N. Private Died
Hacket Nelson Private Died
Harris William Private  
Hammond N.F. Private  
Jobe Thomas M Private Killed or mortally wounded
Kleinschmidt U. Private  
Kilbourne Elliott A. Private Died
Kelley Michael Private Killed or mortally wounded
King Truman Private  
King Martin Private  
Knapp Calvin T. Private Wounded
Lovee James M. Private Died
Latteer Harvey Private
Letler John Private  
Lay Levi L. Private  
Mock Andrew Private  
Mosher William Private Wounded
Martin Robert Private Killed or mortally wounded
Mericle Peter Private Killed or mortally wounded
Miller John Private  
Morris Michael Private  
Mericle Nathan Private Died
Mann Cyrus Private Died
Mix Daniel Private  
Mead Lewis Private  
McFall William R. Private  
McNamara Daniel Private  
McCarns James P. Private  
McGrew James A. Private  
McCollum B. Private Died
Odell Ira Private Wounded
O'Mara Michael Private  
Odell Henry F. Private Died
Phillips Richard  Private  
Pepperd James Private  
Palmer Griffin Private Killed or mortally wounded
Roberts Solon Private  
Reynolds Charles Private Died
Roosa John C. Private Wounded
Stinson William Private  
Sackett Morris N. Private Wounded
Sheakley Henry Private  
Shaff William A. Private  
Soule Thomas Private  
Soule James R. Private Killed or moratlly wounded
Soule Omar L. Private  
Sylvia George Private Killed or moratlly wounded
Seymour Jerome Private Died
Smith James Private  
Stevenson James Private  
Summers Thomas Private  
Smith John Private  
Saxton George H. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Stevenson William  Private  
Stratton Francis Private Killed or mortally wounded
Smith Joel E. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Stanton Charles Private Died
Sutton Darwin Private  
Sawyer Lewis Private  
Tremain Charles E. Private Wounded
Thompson Charles Private  
Tuttle Peter M. Private Wounded
Townsend Thomas Private  
Thalhine Henry Private Killed or mortally wounded
Taylor Daniel S. Private Died
Turner Thomas  Private  
Thomas Henry Private  
Tremain James R. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Tuttle Guy Private Died
Utter William Private Died
Van Riper Jasper Private  
Van Dusen William Private  
Williams Charles Private  
Williams Robert Private  
Weaver Charles Private  
Walker Frank Private  
Wilson George Private  
Webster Henry S. Private Killed or mortally wounded
West Charles Private  
Wilson James Private  
Walton Charles Private Died

Company I, the third complete company of this regiment recruited in Tioga county, had the following roster of officers and privates:
Hills Francis M Captain  
Chase William Captain Wounded
Hart Charles M. Captain  
Smith George Dwight First Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded
Catlin James E. First Lieutenant  
Chase William First Lieutenant  
Hart Charles M. First Lieutenant  
Ackley George M. First Lieutenant  
Cole James M. Second Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded
Hart Charles M. Second Lieutenant  
Hoig DeWitt C. Second Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded
Catlin James E. Second Lieutenant  
Strong Andrew Second Lieutenant  
Haynes Samuel First Sergeant  
Catlin James E. First Sergeant  
Carvey Edward B. First Sergeant Wounded
Dickinson Decatur First Sergeant  
Emery John B. First Sergeant  
Clark Martin G. First Sergeant  
Hoffman William Sergeant Wounded
Hancock John Sergeant Wounded
Strait Justus D. Sergeant  
Carle Philo Sergeant Wounded
Emery John B. Sergeant  
Bordon Alonzo Sergeant Killed or morally wounded
Royce Malcom A. Sergeant Died
Dartt Solon S. Sergeant Died
Tyler Warden E. Corporal Wounded
Marsh Walter E. Corporal  
May Manning C. Corporal  
Saxbury Albert Corporal Wounded
Ellsworth Abram C. Corporal  
Johnson John L. Corporal Wounded
Hancock Seyman Corporal  
Reed Charles F. Corporal  
Buckley John H. Corporal Wounded
Redington Wright Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Kriner Daruis Corporal  
Andrews Ovid H. Corporal Died
Larrison Washington Musician  
Hipple Emanuel E. Musician  
Strait Charles H. Musician  
Adams Private|/td>   
Albright Henry Private  
Button John S. Private  
Boyle Peter Private  
Buck James A. Private  
Baker Lewis Private  
Barr John Private
Blacomore Dwight Private  
Baxter Seth D. Private  
 Barnes S.J. Private  
Button Warner Private Killed or mortally wounded
Beach John S. Private Died
Bowker Jasper Private|/td>  Killed or mortally wounded
Butler Zadock Private  
Brown Burton Private Borden William V. Private  
Bacon Lewis Private  
Carle John W. Private   
Cloos Newberry Private Wounded
Cahn Joseph Private  
Cowden Joseph Private Wounded
Cleary John Private  
Case Jehiel Private Killed or morally wounded
Campbell Ransford Private Died
Cooper Robert Private  
Dodge Amasa Private  
Dimmick Seldon B. Private  
Donley Samuel M. Private  
Deitrich John Private  
Donley James S. Private Wounded
Dickens Eli Private Died
Duncan George Private  
Degan Thomas Private  
Dickens Alva Private  
Edson Charles C. Private Wounded
Eastman Harrison D. Private  
English James Private  
English Joseph O. Private  
Elliott Lewis Private Died
Elliott Henry A. Private Wounded
Ellis Chester Private  
English George C. Private  
English George Private Killed or mortally wounded
Fletcher John A. Private Wounded
Francis Charles Private  
Finney Joseph Private  
Fosk Charles Private Died
Gillespie John Private  
Handy Albert M. Private Wounded
Howell Charles H. Private  
Hahn Abram E. Private  
Humphrey Henry Private  
Helter Theodore Private  
Hahn Levi H. Private  
Handy Francis Private Wounded
Hardy William H. Private  
Hayes Harvey Private  
Hotelling Ellis P. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Handy Charlton Private Killed or mortally wounded
Henry Alexander Private Killed or mortally wounded
Hunsinger Absalom Private  
Hurlburtson Charles Private  
Hampson James Private  
Hotelling Allen Private  
Huch John Private  
Houghton Sylvester Private  
Hawks George Private  
Jillison Amos Private  
Johnson James E. Private Died
Johnson Daruis Private Died
Johnson John J. Private Died
Jones James E. Private Died
Kennedy Stephen F. Private  
Kirkpatrick John Private Died
Lawton Thomas Private  
Lawton Werren Private  
Lynch Dominick Private  
Long Lewis E. Private  
Lloyd William Private  
Landgon David Private  
Larrison Washington Private  
Lanning Thomas Private  
Marsh Thomas D. Private  
Miller John P. Private  
Maney Patrick Private  
Mills Edwin E. Private  
Myers Lewis Private  
Morton James Private  
Mattison George S. Private Died
Mulvaney Thomas Private  
Morton Noah C. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Maynard Marshall M. Private Died
Mores William Private  
Miller Christopher Private Died
McGhee Charles Private  
Newberry Spencer Private Wounded
Niver Hiram Private Killed or mortally wounded
Niver Silas Private Died
Naval James Private Killed or mortally wounded
Overdurf Jeremiah Private  
Orr Robert S. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Owens Warren Private Died
Phillips John Private  
Parry William Private  
Pritchard Levi Private  
Pemberton C.O. Private  
Root Eugene B. Private  
Rowland John Private Wounded
Rexford George M. Private Wounded
Ross Frederick Private  
Rollier William Private  
Reily John Private Died
Reibsam Joseph Private Died
Reynolds Rhesa J. Private  
Royce Edwin Private  
Remington Jason Private  
Shelley Daniel M. Private  
Summerville James Private  
Sands Charles Private  
Sherman Porter R. Private Wounded
Sewell Charles E. Private  
Sawyer  Horace S. Private Wounded
Sawyer Harmon H. Private  
Smith Henry Private  
Stumpff Samuel Private  
Schmidt Harry Private  
Stone Warren D. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Saxbury Cornelius  Private Killed or mortally wounded
Smith Michael Private  
Strait Stephen Private  
Sofield Charles B. Wounded
Traverse Henry W. Private  
Traver Jacob M. Private  
Thompson William H. Private  
Townsend Charles H. Private  
Vanhosen Samuel J. Private Died
Waters Albert Private  
Williams Robert A. Private  
Wands Alexander Private  
Watrous William H. Private  
Wilson Erastus Private  
Wood Jehial H. Private  
Williams Frederick Private  
Watkins Palmer B. Private  
Wilkinson John  Private Died
Wilkinson Rook Private Died
Williams Robert Private  
Wilcox Francis L. Private  
Wilson Milon D. Private  
Young Samuel Private  
Zimmerman William Private  

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