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Sept. 1918
Car Owners Obey the Edict of the Fuel Administration, and Try to Save the Gasolene So Much Needed.
Public opinion, operating with the potency of a presidential mandate, whisked the motor cars from our streets Sunday, withdrawing such luxuries from the highways and byways on one of the most alluring days of the year.  At scarcely more than a hint from the government that gasolene reserves for the army and navy were being dangerously reduced, car owners kept their cars in the garage.  They stayed at home, or if they went out at all, they walked or got out the “old gray mare.”
Observance of the fuel administrations request was remarkably generous.  There were some who had their cars out – a few with good excuses; some were callous souls with no excuse at all who rode without shame – but as a whole, the job riders was conspicuous by his absence.
Figures will reveal in a day or so what actual saving was accomplished of gasolene that must be hoarded for the tanks and motor lorries of the army and for destroyers and submarines, and a hundred other military buses, but it is estimated that in the territory east of the Mississippi the total will run close to nine million gallons.
Tioga county people have responded nobly to the edicts of the government; with a wholeheartedness that is encouraging, and this was no exception.  They were prompt and ready.  A proper shame of braving public opinion, a real desire to serve the nation, a quick and intelligent comprehension of the necessity of saving gasolene, constrained or inspired people with cars to keep them in the garage and take their pleasure in simpler, more old fashioned ways, and they may be depended upon for even larger sacrifices in the future.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/14/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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