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Bradford County Veterans
from the Database of Dick McCracken
former Director of Veterans' Affairs in Bradford County
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and Flagholders
are by Joyce M. Tice
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This database of military veterans was compiled by Dick McCracken in his eleven years as Directory of Veterans' Affairs in Bradford County. He has made it available to the Tri-Counties site for the use of the genealogical community. There are nearly 8500 individuals in the file. This is current as of November 1999.

Be sure to scroll to the right to see the cemetery and township in which the person is buried. Once you have determined that, you can link to the Bradford County Township in which that cemetery is located to see if we have the full cemetery listing on the site yet.

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Surname First Middle Title Date/Place of Birth Date/Place of Death War Branch Rank Unit Serial Nr Cemetery Township County
BUBECK Frederick S. Jr. 16 Feb 1925; Ridgewood, NJ 25 Feb 1995; Troy, PA WWII AAC TSgt 710th Bombardment Sq (Heavy) 32 928 879 Kingston Kingston  
BUBICK Michael W.   8 Jan 1931; Sayre, PA 17 May 1973; Sayre, PA Korean USAF SSgt Hq, 1020th S/A Wing AF 13 389 896 Ukranian Catholic Athens Twp Bradford
BUBNIAK Michael     17 Apr 1916; Sayre, PA 8 Jun 1993; VAMC, Wilkes-Barre, PA WWII USA Pfc Co C, 817th Tank Destroyer Bn 33 460 068 Ukranian Catholic Athens Twp Bradford
BUCHANAN John C.   21 Nov 1833 04-Feb-10 Civil USN F1 (Fireman) USS Ohio, USS Mercedita   Mountain Lake Burlington Twp Bradford
BUCHLER Robert     22 Mar 1927; Chester, PA 1 Nov 1975; Troy, PA WWII USN S1 Air Transport Squadron Eleven 247 53 46 Glenwood Troy Twp Bradford
BUCK Henry H.   1 Sep 1922; Wysox, PA 15 Jun 1955; Lancaster Co, PA WWII USA Pvt Service Co Medical Sec, 1201st SCU 33 021 723 Oak Hill Towanda Boro Bradford
BUCK Herman F.   25 Mar 1917; Lecontes Hills, PA 29 May 1985; Canton, PA WWII USA Cpl 27th Ordnance Co 33 611 603 Beech Flats Canton Twp Bradford
BUCK S. Wilson   18 Sep 1841 18-Apr-06 Civil USA Pvt Co G, 13th Regt, PA Militia   LeRaysville Pike Twp Bradford
BUCKLEY George R.     8 Mar 1932; VAMC, Castle Point, NY WWI USN Cox       West Tyrone  
BUCKLEY Russell     26 Dec 1892 12 Apr 1918 (9 Apr); Cp Green, Charlotte, NC WWI USA Pvt Co I, 59th U.S. Infantry   Oak Hill Towanda Boro Bradford
BUCKOUT Jacob         Civil USA       Windfall Granville Twp Bradford
BUDD John     1762 19 Jun 1845 Revolutionary USA Pvt Capt Post's Co, Col Shepards Regt, Mass Infantry   Austinville Columbia Twp Bradford
BUDROW Charles R.   24 Oct 1918; Killean, Canada 4 May 1991; N. Towanda Twp, PA WWII USA Cpl Co A, 717th Tank Bn 31 467 512 Bradford County Memorial Burlington Twp Bradford
BUELL Alonzo       6 Mar 1896 Civil USA   Co G, 171st Regt   Doty Hill South Creek Twp Bradford
BUFFINGTON Chauncy L.   29 Feb 1824 26 Sep 1898 Civil USA Pvt Co G, 5th Regt, NY Cavalry; Co D, 162nd Regt, 17th PA Cavalry   Warren Center Warren Twp Bradford
BUFFINGTON Eugene John   26 Jan 1924; Towanda, PA 8 Oct 1996; N. Towanda Twp, PA WWII USN S1 USS Baron (DE166) 820 97 14 Bradford County Memorial Burlington Twp Bradford
BUFFINGTON Preserved     20 Dec 1759 Jul 1842 Revolutionary USA Pvt Capt Loving Peck's Co, Col Littet's Regiment   Walter Neuman Farm (Private) Warren Twp Bradford
BUFFINGTON Walter M.   5 Aug 1926; Towanda, PA 16 Feb 1997; Towanda, PA WWII AAC Pfc Hq & Hq Sq, 20th Air Force 43 043 540 Oak Hill Towanda Boro Bradford
BUFFINGTON William J.   16 Oct 1921; Sheshequin Twp, PA 7 Sep 1996; N. Towanda Twp, PA WWII AAC Sgt Hq, 1103rd AAF Base Unit 33 459 811 Sheshequin Sheshequin Twp Bradford
BUFFUM Edward T.     07-Dec-20 Civil USA Pvt Co B, 26th Regt, PA Militia; Co F, 1st Regt, NY Light Arty   Glenwood Troy Twp Bradford
BULL John     21 May 1774 13 May 1852 1812 USA       Lake Wesauking (Pond Hill) Wysox Twp Bradford
BULL Wayne Harold   15 Dec 1964; Troy, PA 5 Jan 1986; Leroy Twp, PA Peacetime USA Pv2   131 50 0985 Grover Canton Twp Bradford
BULL William K.   1841 3 Dec 1863 Civil USA Pvt Co I, 35th Regt, Penna Militia   Riverside Towanda Boro Bradford
BULLOCK Darius     1836 1907 Civil USA Pvt Co D, 141st Regt, PA Vol Inf   Monroeton Monroeton Boro Bradford
BULLOCK Darius     6 Jan 1848 12-Oct-12 Civil USA Pvt Co D (C), 132nd Regt, PA Vol Inf   Big Pond (Hillside) Springfield Twp Bradford
BULLOCK Furman W.   1843 15 Nov 1928; Troy, PA Civil USA Cpl (Pvt) Co F, 132nd Regt, PA Vol Inf   Gladding (Sylvan Hill) Columbia Twp Bradford
BULLOCK George E.   18 Jan 1844 10-Mar-02 Civil USA Pvt Co I, 47th Regt, Penna Militia   Main Street Canton Boro Bradford
BULLOCK George Edward   11 Apr 1872; Monroeton, PA 11 Aug 1950; VAMC, Bath, NY Spanish-American USA Sgt 67th Co, Coast Arty; Btry K, 6th Artillery Regt; Co B, 9th Regt, PA Vols None Monroeton Monroeton Boro Bradford
BULLOCK Howard E.   14 Apr 1914; Canton, PA 6 Apr 1990; Canton, PA WWII AAC TSgt 98th Bomb Group 33 180 036 Park Canton Boro Bradford
BULLOCK James H.   13 Nov 1916; Conyngham, PA 26 Apr 1994; Auburn Twp, PA WWII AAC Pfc Sq E, 113th AAF Base Unit,, Heavy Bomber 6 897 751 Lacey Street Laceyville Wyoming
BULLOCK James Henry   04-Nov-05 25-Oct-63 WWII AAC Pvt 792nd Air Material Squadron   Cole Towanda Twp Bradford
BULLOCK Marshall         Civil USA Pvt Co I, 47th Regt, Penna Militia   Union (E. Smithfield) Smithfield Twp Bradford
BULLOCK Samuel W.   1773 7 Jan 1836 Unknown Unknown Unk Unk   Warren Center Warren Twp Bradford
BUMP Charles Nathan   17-Jun-36 22-Aug-54 Korean USAF A3c 802nd   East Canton Canton Twp Bradford
BUMP Clayton E. Sr. 7 Sep 1924; Towanda Twp, PA 9 Jul 1994; N. Towanda Twp, PA WWII USA Pfc Btry A, 532nd Field Artillery Bn 33 464 545 Bradford County Memorial Burlington Twp Bradford
BUMP Dennis L.   5 Sep 1839 28-Apr-20 Civil USA Pvt Co A, 57th Regt, PA Vol Inf   Bump Albany Twp Bradford
BUMP Onathus D.     22-Jul-12 Civil USA   Co A, 23rd Regt, NY Volunteer Infantry   Grover Canton Twp Bradford
BUMP Paul O.   30 Jan 1895; New Era, PA 31 Dec 1982; Towanda, PA WWI USA Pvt Co B, 10th Bn, Replacement Training Center 4 093 088 Rome Rome Boro Bradford
BUMPUS Reuben     22 Mar 1760 8 Nov 1849 Revolutionary USA Pvt     South Litchfield (Bumpville) Litchfield Twp Bradford
BUNDLE Stanley F.   1 Jan 1917; Dushore, PA 14 Aug 1993; Sayre, PA WWII USA Cpl 3616th Quartermaster Truck Co. 33 359 704 St. Basil's Dushore Sullivan
BUNN Clarence F.   6 Sep 1906; Trucksville, PA 24 Jun 1995; Athens, PA WWII USA SSgt 717th Truck Bn 33 055 219 Tioga Point Athens Boro Bradford
BUNNELL Leslie     21 Oct 1902; Skinners Eddy, PA 3 Aug 1973; W. Burlington, PA WWII USA Pvt Co I, 302nd Inf Regt, 94th Division 33 456 881 Riverside Towanda Boro Bradford
BUNT William     1843 24-Mar-06 Civil USA Pvt Co B, 141st Regt, Penna Volunteer Infantry   Stevensville Stevens Twp Bradford
BUNYAN Frank     22 Jul 1844 26 Jun 1881 Civil USA Cpl Co E, 52nd Regt, PA Volunteers; Co B, 26th Regt, PA Militia   Granville Center Granville Twp Bradford
BUNYAN George   Jr. 13-Oct-23 24-Apr-53 WWII USA Cpl Btry B, 287th Field Artillery Observation Bn 33 606 324 Monroeton Monroeton Boro Bradford

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/26/2000
By Joyce M. Tice