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U.S. Military Veterans Buried in Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Bradford County Veterans
from the Database of Dick McCracken
former Director of Veterans' Affairs in Bradford County

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This database of military veterans was compiled by Dick by Dick McCracken in his eleven years as Director of Veterans' Affairs in Bradford County. He has made it available to the Tri-Counties site for the use of the genealogical community. There are nearly 8500 individuals in the file. This is current as of November 1999.

Be sure to scroll to the right to see the cemetery and township in which the person is buried. Once you have determined that, you can link to the Bradford County Township in which that cemetery is located to see if we have the full cemetery listing on the site yet.

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Surname First Middle Title Date/Place of Birth Date/Place of Death War Branch Rank Unit Serial Nr Cemetery Township County State
WHITEHEAD Bruce     1841 1900 Civil         Mountain Lake Burlington Twp Bradford PA
WHITEHEAD Henry W.   23 Sep 1843 17-Mar-24 Civil USA Pvt Co A, 97th Regt, PA Vol Inf   Mountain Lake Burlington Twp Bradford PA
WHITEHEAD James H.   ae 32y 9mo 24 Mar 1865 Civil USA   Co I, 154th Regt, NY Volunteers   Pierce & Becker Armenia Twp Bradford PA
WHITLOCK Joseph H.   3 Oct 1900; Tioga Co, PA 6 Aug 1965; Troy, PA WWI AAS Pvt Air Service Recon 1 072 456 Glenwood Troy Twp Bradford PA
WHITLOCK Maurice S.   28 Aug 1898; Ridgefield, CT 9 Sep 1980; Troy, PA WWI USA Pvt Co D, 11th Engineers (Railway) none ?? Glenwood Troy Twp Bradford PA
WHITMAN Charles L.     26-Dec-12 Civil USA Pvt ??; Co G, 50th Regt, NY Engineers   Main Street Canton Boro Bradford PA
WHITMAN Thad Walter   2 May 1910; Williamsport, PA 4 Apr 1984; Troy, PA WWII AAC Sgt 664th Air Material Sq, 414th Air Service Gp 33 180 033 Grover Canton Twp Bradford PA
WHITMAN William W.   5 Aug 1844 08-Dec-08 Civil USA Pvt Co B, 26th Regt, Penna Militia   Main Street Canton Boro Bradford PA
WHITNEY Andrew Jackson   21 Sep 1893 07-Aug-52 WWI USA Pvt 472nd Engineers 2 518 662 Rome Rome Boro Bradford PA
WHITNEY Elisha     1747, Spencer, MA 4 Jul 1832, ae 85y Revolutionary USA Pvt Warner's Massachussetts Militia   Wysox Wysox Twp Bradford PA
WHITNEY Hiram       5 Aug 1899 Civil USA Sgt Co A, 24th Regt, Ohio Volunteers   Riverside Towanda Boro Bradford PA
WHITNEY L. P.       Civil USA   Co I, 53rd Regt, IL Infantry   County Home (County Farm) Burlington Twp Bradford PA
WHYTE Raymond J.   3 Feb 1917; Freedom, PA 4 Jan 1994; N. Towanda Twp, PA WWII USA Pvt Co E, 2nd Signal Training Regt 33 357 661 Catholic (SS Peter & Paul) N. Towanda Twp Bradford PA
WHYTE Robert J.   18 Feb 1892; Towanda, PA 16 Jul 1975; VAMC, Bath, NY WWI USA Pvt Co F, 145th Infantry, 37th Div   Hornbrook Sheshequin Twp Bradford PA
WICKHAM Ellison     23 May 1830 11-Sep-06 Civil USA Pvt Co D, 161st Regt, PA Volunteer Infantry   Mosherville Wells Twp Bradford PA
WICKIZER Andrew     5 Apr 1832 15-Apr-08 Civil USA Sgt Co G, 107th Regt   Miller (Laddsburg) Albany Twp Bradford PA
WICKIZER Frank C.   10 Apr 1918; Sheshequin, PA 7 Jan 1982; Sheshequin, PA WWII AAC Pvt 231st AAF Base Unit 13 007 137 Sheshequin Sheshequin Twp Bradford PA
WICKIZER Leon R.   17-Jun-00 31-May-78 WWII USA Sgt     Tioga Point Athens Boro Bradford PA
WICKIZER Louis F.   23 May 1844 2 Feb 1863 Civil USA Pvt Co I, 141st Regt, PA Volunteer Infantry   Rome Rome Boro Bradford PA
WICKIZER Willard W.   16 Feb 1823 11-Mar-03 Civil USA Pvt 50th Regt, NY Engineers; (Co K, 15th Regt, NY Engineers)   Ulster Ulster Twp Bradford PA
WICKWIRE Sterling Lance   2 Dec 1939; Sayre, PA 26 Mar 1991; Dallas, TX Vietnam USA SP4 Service Battery, 30th Artillery US 52 604 439 Bradford County Memorial Burlington Twp Bradford PA
WIDMAYER Jacob Richard   1896 09-Jan-60 WWI USA       Tioga Point Athens Boro Bradford PA
WIDRIG James Franklin   13 Jan 1890; Hill Twp, ??, PA 23-Feb-58 WWI USA Cook 274th Military Police, 79th Division 1 811 804 Hillcrest Albany Twp Bradford PA
WIGGINS Arthur H.   1875 28 Feb 1926; Charlotte, NC Spanish-American USA Pvt; Pvt Co M, 9th Regt, PA Vol Inf   Oak Hill Towanda Boro Bradford PA
WIGGINS Carlton H.   26 Jun 1908; Franklin Twp, PA 14-Apr-49 WWII AAC Pfc Squadron Z, 301st AAF Base Unit   Bradford County Memorial Burlington Twp Bradford PA
WIGGINS James         Civil USA   Co B, 50th Regt, NY Engineers   Pail Factory N. Towanda Twp Bradford PA
WILBER Donald Eugene   18-Jun-37 24 Nov 1995; Landstuhl, Germany Korean; Vietnam USAF SMSgt 601st Trasportation Sq (USAFE) 176 32 5342 Beech Flats Canton Twp Bradford PA
WILBER Ira     2 Apr 1849 28-Jun-13 Civil USA Pvt Co C, 203rd Regt, Penna Volunteer Infantry   New Era Terry Twp Bradford PA
WILBER Reuben   Hon. 21 May 1785 5 Nov 1881 1812 USA Paymaster; Lt     Glenwood Troy Twp Bradford PA
WILBER Roderick F.   20 Mar 1828; Schoharie Co, NY 17 Jul 1886 Civil USA Pvt Co G, 185th Regt, NY Volunteer Infantry   Pail Factory N. Towanda Twp Bradford PA
WILBER (WILBUR) Charles       17 Dec 1899 Civil USA Pvt Co E, 52nd Regt, PA Volunteer Infantry   Franklin Center (Christian Church) Franklin Twp Bradford PA
WILBUR Francis E.   14 Sep 1906; Orwell, PA 1 Jun 1988; Towanda, PA WWII USA Cpl Hq & Hq Co, SCU 1103 33 031 722 Valley Home (Windham) Windham Twp Bradford PA
WILBUR Hugh     15 Apr 1896; Tuscarora Twp, Bradford Co, PA 16-Jul-55 WWI USA Pfc Co M, 328th Infantry 3 629 018 Lacey Street Laceyville Wyoming PA
WILBUR James     6 Dec 1824 25 Jun 1902; Towanda, PA Civil USA Sgt Co D, 162nd Regt, 17th PA Volunteer Cavalry   Oak Hill Towanda Boro Bradford PA
WILBUR John     18 Oct 1760 9 Nov 1846 Revolutionary USA       Glenwood Troy Twp Bradford PA

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