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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
NUMBER NAME TOWN (Post Office)  
2582 Fred Calvin Snyder Troy 04-Nov-1940
1973 Carlton Lee Sollick Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2056 Lester James Sollick Ulster 24-Oct-1940
17 Rexford Harland Soper Troy 24-Oct-1940
1111 Willis Wright Spalding Troy 24-Oct-1940
14 Calvin John Sparrow Towanda 24-Oct-1940
386 Albert Allen Spaulding Alba 24-Oct-1940
924 William Legrande Speece Towanda 24-Oct-1940
719 Leo Fredrick Speer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1559 William Allison Spencer Alba 24-Oct-1940
39 James Richard Spencer Canton 24-Oct-1940
891 Walter Lester Spencer Canton 24-Oct-1940
1978 Lester Ivan Spencer Canton 24-Oct-1940
2154 Lloyd Roscoe Spencer Canton 24-Oct-1940
2445 Lawrence Webster Spencer Canton 25-Oct-1940
556 Douglas Randall Spencer Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1242 Emmett Horace Spencer Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1349 Myles VanFleet Spencer Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
335 William Henry Spencer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
462 Donald Jennings Spencer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1201 Donald Burton Spencer Troy 24-Oct-1940
1145 Carlyle Romaine Spencer Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
64 John Francis Spillane Troy 24-Oct-1940
1150 Isadore Spitalnik Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1395 Lawrence Sterling Stack Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2259 Paul Edward Stafford Milan 24-Oct-1940
2085 Charles E. Stage Troy 24-Oct-1940
1893 Malcolm James Stalford Laquin 24-Oct-1940
413 Donald Dean Stalford Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
212 Delbert Edward Stalter Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1419 Ray Vaughn Stanbery Canton 24-Oct-1940
1848 Earl Stanton Canton 24-Oct-1940
1882 James Vincent Stanton East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
1481 William Anthony Stanton Milan 24-Oct-1940
1621 Oliver Marshall Stanton Troy 24-Oct-1940
1647 Russell Burton Stanton Troy 24-Oct-1940
1784 William Bennville Staudt Snedekerville 24-Oct-1940
741 Oscar Bradley Steele Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1928 Elmer John Steffen Troy 24-Oct-1940
36 Arthur Coulson Sterling Gillett 24-Oct-1940
2054 Edward Seaman Sterling Towanda 24-Oct-1940
91 Kenneth Edward Stevens Canton 24-Oct-1940
2267 Donald Alvin Stevens Canton 24-Oct-1940
1017 Earl Stevens New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1793 Francis Edwin Stevens Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1328 Orval Harry Stewart Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1751 Guy Devillo Stewart New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1198 William Richard Stewart Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1521 William Earl Stewart Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2187 Gordon Edward Stock Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1072 Albert Joseph Stoddard Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
2333 W. Sylvester Stone Canton 24-Oct-1940
1360 Lindley Dayton Stone Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
787 Nelson Charles Stone Grover 24-Oct-1940
1797 Rexford Sumner Storch Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2581 Kenneth Elkanah Storch Columbia Cross Roads 04-Nov-1940
1991 Seth Spencer Storch Troy 24-Oct-1940
391 Lamar Batten Storrs Canton 24-Oct-1940
802 Niles Trant Storrs Canton 24-Oct-1940
2097 LaRue Roy Storrs Canton 24-Oct-1940
2580 Lynn Eugene Storrs Canton 04-Nov-1940
185 Stanley Arthur Stowell Milan 24-Oct-1940
803 Max Leland Stowell Milan 24-Oct-1940
1357 Elbert Leon Stowell Milan 24-Oct-1940
596 William Albert Strauser Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2099 James Vincent Strauss Canton 24-Oct-1940
947 Kenneth Jessie Strock Millerton 24-Oct-1940
1137 Max Robert Strong Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1904 Edward William Strong Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
564 John D. Strong Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1640 James Russell Strong Towanda 24-Oct-1940
906 Leroy Gilbert Strope Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
137 Floyd Herbert Strope Towanda 24-Oct-1940
320 Isaac Strope Towanda 24-Oct-1940
970 Paul Raymond Strope Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1029 Emery Ardell Strope Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1334 Harold Eugene Strope Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1340 Howard Raymond Strope Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2084 Mahlon Brewster Strope Towanda 24-Oct-1940
731 Charles Strope Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2314 Lloyd Strope Ulster 24-Oct-1940
370 Leon Francis Stroud Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2188 Earl Acia Stroud Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2392 Roy Shearing Stuckless Canton 24-Oct-1940
1036 Mark Leo Sturdevant New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2443 John Miller Sturdevant New Albany 25-Oct-1940
675 John Norman Sturdevant Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
2129 Fred Thomas Sullivan Gillett 24-Oct-1940
964 Patrick Francis Sullivan New Albany 24-Oct-1940
66 James Joseph Sullivan Towanda 24-Oct-1940
71 John Patrick Sullivan Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1604 Francis Joseph Sullivan Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2579 Francis C. Sullivan Towanda 04-Nov-1940
1743 Kenneth Vincent Sullivan Troy 24-Oct-1940
1301 William Albert Summers Canton 24-Oct-1940
1803 Elmer George Summers Canton 24-Oct-1940
458 Leonard Leroy Summers Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2489 Joseph Benedict Supulski Milan 26-Oct-1940
910 Lorwell Wentworth Sutton Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
55 Ernest Raymond Sutton Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
1545 Glenn Maurice Sutton Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
2212 Loren Avery Swain Canton 24-Oct-1940
573 Howard Lee Swain Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1006 Lawrence Woodrow Swan Ulster 24-Oct-1940
1200 Robert David Swank Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1384 Raymond Joseph Swartz Canton 24-Oct-1940
2134 Chester Rudolph Swatsworth Grover 24-Oct-1940
742 Alden Eugene Swayze Canton 24-Oct-1940
485 Willard George Sweeney Canton 24-Oct-1940
897 Arthur Sweeney Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
508 Carl Phillip Sweeney New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2423 Martin Earl Sweeney New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1555 Robert Gerard Sweeney Towanda 24-Oct-1940
629 Wallace Manuel Sweet Milan 24-Oct-1940
1901 Richmond Halsey Sweet Troy 24-Oct-1940
942 John Archibald Swingle Canton 24-Oct-1940
387 John Rowland Swingle Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1994 Harold Jason Swingle Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1437 John Melvelle Wynne Canton 24-Oct-1940
1112 Charles Wallace Tarbox Canton 24-Oct-1940
270 George Earl Tarr, Jr. Canton 24-Oct-1940
815 James Hollis Taylor Canton 24-Oct-1940
285 Robert Shattuck Taylor Troy 24-Oct-1940
2463 Herman Charles Tears, Jr. Snedekerville 25-Oct-1940
184 George Joseph Tebo Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2340 Karl Sylvester Teribury Gillett 24-Oct-1940
264 Eugene William Terry Canton 24-Oct-1940
1824 Paul K. Terry Canton 24-Oct-1940
1124 Kenneth Bly Terry Grover 24-Oct-1940
1690 Ralph Emerson Thail New Albany 24-Oct-1940
423 Philip Brown Thomas Canton 24-Oct-1940
1346 Wesley Samuel Thomas Canton 24-Oct-1940
1452 William Laurence Thomas Canton 24-Oct-1940
1850 Henry Thomas Canton 24-Oct-1940
1110 Raymond Carlos Thomas Troy 24-Oct-1940
1512 Joseph Junior Thomas Troy 24-Oct-1940
2343 Carlton Newell Thomas Troy 24-Oct-1940
2364 Lynn Edward Thomas  Troy 24-Oct-1940
2577 William Alonzo Thomas Troy 04-Nov-1940
2578 Francis Paul Thomas Troy 04-Nov-1940
774 Willard Daniel Thompson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
913 Robert Vance Thompson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
249 Clarance Smith Thompson Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1413 Judd Adelbert Thompson Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1865 Robert Fay Thorp Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2419 Ray Emerson Thorp Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1809 Lewis Clifton Tice Canton 24-Oct-1940
310 Robert Louis Tillinghast Gillett 24-Oct-1940
475 Franklin Arthur Tillinghast Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1938 Stanley Alonzo Tillotson Canton 24-Oct-1940
1590 Donald Milton Timerman Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1752 George William Tinklepaugh Towanda 24-Oct-1940
183 Judson Eugene Titchen Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1549 James A. Tomlinson Canton 24-Oct-1940
612 Fred Tongue Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2117 John Ernest Tongue Troy 24-Oct-1940
714 George William Toth Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1252 Hershey John Towner Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2576 Donald Ridge Townsend Canton 04-Nov-1940
267 William Fedelus Tracey, Jr. Canton 24-Oct-1940
418 Robert Edward Travis Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1065 Walter Stuart Travis, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1769 John Donald Travis Towanda 24-Oct-1940
394 Walter Lewis Treaster Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2575 Howard Harvey Trefron Troy 04-Nov-1940
1212 Edward Harold Trent Canton 24-Oct-1940
941 Loyd Moreland Trimmer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
961 James Burton Trowbridge Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1425 Leslie John Tunnicliff Canton 24-Oct-1940
2132 Burdett Earl Tunnicliff Canton 24-Oct-1940
2574 Leon Junior TunniclIff Troy 04-Nov-1940
60 William Robert Tunning Canton 24-Oct-1940
2573 Claude Turnable Troy 04-Nov-1940
1153 Ernest Arthur Turner Canton 24-Oct-1940
52 Leon John Turner Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
971 William Hutt Turner Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1170 David McAllister Turner Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2510 Frederick James Turner Troy 04-Nov-1940
1929 Fowler Langwell Tuton Towanda 24-Oct-1940
281 Paul Ernest Tuttle Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
454 Harold Fleming Tuttle Towanda 24-Oct-1940
665 Donald Henry Tuttle Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1504 Joseph Clark Tuttle Towanda 24-Oct-1940
620 Herbert Henry Tyler Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
2057 Ward Daniel Updegraff Powell 24-Oct-1940
1078 Glenn Willard Updike Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1303 Charles Leon Updike Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1889 John Foster Updike, Jr. Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1744 Harry Joseph VanAuken, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2572 Wilfred M. VanCamp Troy 04-Nov-1940
2268 Earl Newman VanCampen Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1343 Raymond Stanton Vandemark Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
503 Henry Vanderpool Monroeton 24-Oct-1940

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice