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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
NUMBER NAME TOWN (Post Office)  
367 Raymond Edward Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
427 Charles Edward Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
769 Leroy Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
825 Walter John Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1038 Elias Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1183 Austin Charles Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1219 Harold Frederick Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1389 Freddie Nelson Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2191 Henry Johnson Benjamin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2274 Joseph Benjamin  Towanda 24-Oct-1940
38 Sheldon Martin Benjamin Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
1064 Ralph William Benjamin Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
1815 William Herbert Bennett East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
650 William Mickle Bennett Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1332 Edgar Arthur Bennett Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1323 Henry Joseph Bennett Granville Center 24-Oct-1940
560 Boyd Leonard Bennett Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1075 Robert Charles Bennett Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
2152 Devee Guthrie Bennett Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1420 Charles Myron Bennitt Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1010 Harold Athel Benson Canton 24-Oct-1940
563 Elmer John Benson Gillett 24-Oct-1940
353 Robert John Benson Troy 24-Oct-1940
2232 Lawrence G. Benson Troy 24-Oct-1940
2561 George Delos Benson Troy 04-Nov-1940
1041 Charles Robert Berg Canton 24-Oct-1940
1330 Donald J. Berry Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1191 Hudson Lyle Berry Ulster 24-Oct-1940
49 Raymond Emile Berube Towanda 24-Oct-1940
498 James Horton Best Canton 24-Oct-1940
57 Noble Nathaniel Betts Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2094 Harry Passage Betts Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1630 Richard Carlyle Bevan LeRoy 24-Oct-1940
360 Philip A. Biddle Canton 24-Oct-1940
78 Guy Harold Bidlack Ulster 24-Oct-1940
419 Jay William Bidlack Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2323 Donald Lindley Bidlack Ulster 24-Oct-1940
441 John Howard Bigelow Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2295 Donald Ralph Bigony Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2093 Frank Biles, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1125 Robert William Billingsley Troy 24-Oct-1940
2124 Charles Ray Billingsley Troy 24-Oct-1940
2560 George Nelson Billingsley Troy 04-Nov-1940
1989 Adrian Marinus Binford Troy 24-Oct-1940
2309 Lester Mead Birney Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1962 Harold Leslie Bixby Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1712 Neil Stanton Bixby Troy 24-Oct-1940
1272 Samuel Boucher Black Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1383 Howard J. Blake Canton 24-Oct-1940
798 Frank Charles Blalek Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2482 William Jack Bland Towanda 26-Oct-1940
888 Willis Ray Blaney Canton 24-Oct-1940
1597 Perry Wilbert Blaney Canton 24-Oct-1940
773 Douglas Sidney Blemle New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1270 Robert Paul Blend Towanda 24-Oct-1940
276 Martin Frederick Blocher Towanda 24-Oct-1940
594 George William Bloom Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
2559 Henry Matthew Blow Ulster 04-Nov-1940
74 Lewis Edgar Bly Troy 24-Oct-1940
352 Frederick William Bohlayer Canton 24-Oct-1940
678 Franklin Kent Bohlayer Canton 24-Oct-1940
106 John Frederick Bohlayer Troy 24-Oct-1940
63 Lynn Henry Bohr Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1791 Carl Thomas Bokal Sayre 24-Oct-1940
1912 Harold David Bolt Canton 24-Oct-1940
2474 Claude Bolt Snedekerville 25-Oct-1940
1756 Raymond D. Booth Towanda 24-Oct-1940
101 Leon Raymond Borgeson Troy 24-Oct-1940
1371 William Chester Botsford Towanda 24-Oct-1940
428 William Gilmour Boughner Canton 24-Oct-1940
28 Robert Edward Bourdette Milan 24-Oct-1940
323 Clarence Bourdette, Jr. Milan 24-Oct-1940
969 Donald Bovier Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
134 Max Francis Bovier Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
197 Paul E. Bovier Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1741 Ralph Frederick Bovier Towanda 24-Oct-1940
466 Joseph Francis Bowles Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1082 Patrick John Bowles Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1304 Archie Aaron Boyce Troy 24-Oct-1940
1025 Emery Marshall Boyd Canton 24-Oct-1940
1820 Donald Robert Boyd Troy 24-Oct-1940
2231 Francis Joseph Boyle Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2558 John Patrick Boyle Towanda 04-Nov-1940
2557 Russell Luke Brackman Alba 04-Nov-1940
460 Boyd Maxwell Bradford Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
339 Raymond John Bradley Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2216 John Lewis Brakeman Canton 24-Oct-1940
2164 Thomas Wilson Brann Canton 24-Oct-1940
2102 J. Ward Braund Troy 24-Oct-1940
405 Alois Joseph Brecher, Jr. Powell 24-Oct-1940
2550 Frank Joseph Brecher Powell 04-Nov-1940
1396 Arthur Wilson Breece Milan 24-Oct-1940
914 John Edward Brenchley Canton 24-Oct-1940
46 Robert Edward Brennan Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1836 Martin Patrick Brennan, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
529 Joseph William Bresee Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1295 Joseph Brewer Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1790 Grand Norman Brewer Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
286 John Brian Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
703 George Holt Brian Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
50 Clyde Carlyle Brice Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1266 Hugh Robert Brimmer New Albany 24-Oct-1940
444 Irvin Gilbert Brink New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2556 Eric Ira Brink New Albany 04-Nov-1940
2087 Robert Brink, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
258 Jefferson Bronson Troy 24-Oct-1940
1164 Fred Joseph Brookens Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2555 John Patrick Broschart Towanda 04-Nov-1940
1197 William P. Brosnan Ulster 24-Oct-1940
290 Willard Lawrence Brown Canton 24-Oct-1940
2322 Wallace John Brown Canton 24-Oct-1940
2403 Larue Zender Brown Canton 24-Oct-1940
1455 Delbert Dean Brown Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
607 William Paul Brown Gillett 24-Oct-1940
667 John S. Brown Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
2492 Stewart Andrew Brown Milan 26-Oct-1940
1387 Dayton Ashley Brown Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
657 Dean Lee Brown New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1981 Miles Irving Brown New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2159 Herbert Stanley Brown New Albany 24-Oct-1940
950 Woodrow Brown Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
925 Raymond Henry Brown Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1000 Thomas Darias Brown Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1954 James William Brown Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2005 Leon Earl Brown Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2208 Paul Albert Brown Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2554 Elery C. Brown Towanda 04-Nov-1940
142 Rexford Lewis Brown Troy 24-Oct-1940
1218 Harold Leon Brown Troy 24-Oct-1940
1305 Leslie Irvine Brown Troy 24-Oct-1940
1988 William Henry Brown Troy 24-Oct-1940
2553 Lawrence William Brown Troy 04-Nov-1940
2487 Morris Strause Brumbaugh Towanda 26-Oct-1940
244 John Andrew Brutzman Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
2078 Augustus Charles Bryington Canton 24-Oct-1940
2552 Herman Fred Buck Canton 04-Nov-1940
1753 James Edward Buckley New Albany 24-Oct-1940
20 Joseph John Bucknovich Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2484 Charles Andrew Buffington, Jr. Towanda 26-Oct-1940
655 Kenneth Henry Buffington Ulster 24-Oct-1940
347 George Rexford Bulkley Canton 24-Oct-1940
1926 Harold Lawrence Bull Canton 24-Oct-1940
810 Howard Edward Bullock Canton 24-Oct-1940
1263 Olney Booth Bullock Towanda 24-Oct-1940
909 Perry Douglas Bulock Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
166 Irvin Basil Bump Towanda 24-Oct-1940
190 Ernest Bump Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2178 Emmet Gordon Burbank Troy 24-Oct-1940
169 Richard Patrick Burchill Towanda 24-Oct-1940
610 Donald John Burchill Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2399 John Francis Burchill Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2551 Joseph Maurice Burchill Towanda 04-Nov-1940
718 Paul L. Burgan Troy 24-Oct-1940
1673 Andrew Burgess Canton 24-Oct-1940
2162 Robert Manley Burgess Mainesburg 24-Oct-1940
1128 Jay Raymond Burguess Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2200 John C. Burguess Troy 24-Oct-1940
84 James Lawrence Burke Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
478 Robert William Burke Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1402 Carl Francis Burke Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1736 Harold John Burke Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1837 Gerald Francis Burke Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
2549 Donald James Burke Sugar run 04-Nov-1940
2048 Rex Alfred Burleigh Snedekerville 24-Oct-1940
1011 Glenn Hunsinger Burleigh Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2141 Arthur Lyle Burlingame Canton 24-Oct-1940
1664 Delos Arthur Burlingame East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
1102 Leland Robert Burlingame Milan 24-Oct-1940
2394 Kenneth Thomas Burlingame Milan 24-Oct-1940
138 Charles Evvlin Burlingame Ulster 24-Oct-1940
1605 Richard Lonnie Burlingame Ulster 24-Oct-1940
6 Thomas Andrew Jackson Burnett Troy 24-Oct-1940
250 Jack Alexander Burnett Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1418 Lawrence Addison Burnett Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
559 Roy Harrison Burnham Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1278 John Wallace Burnham Troy 24-Oct-1940
1414 Lewis Benjamin Burnham Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
623 Adolpheus Willard Burr Canton 24-Oct-1940
2067 Paul Eugene Burr Canton 24-Oct-1940
2548 Howard M. Burr Troy 04-Nov-1940
1271 Wesley Harrison Butters East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
2058 Lee Washington Butters Milan 24-Oct-1940
870 Frederick George Butts Towanda 24-Oct-1940
186 Gerald Joseph Cain New Albany 24-Oct-1940
295 James Francis Cain New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2108 Daniel Joseph Calcco Towanda 24-Oct-1940
157 John Elmer Calkins Canton 24-Oct-1940
1161 Theodore Weller Calkins, Jr. Troy 24-Oct-1940
920 Frank Orlando Camp Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1543 Daniel Leonard Camp Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
662 Lloyd Harold Camp Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1807 Edward Nathan Camp Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2388 Orin R. Camp Towanda 24-Oct-1940

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice