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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
NUMBER NAME TOWN (Post Office)  
2013 Harold Eugene Darrow Milan 24-Oct-1940
1804 Myron Eugene Darrow Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1854 James Manley Darrow Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
755 Floyd Alexander Darrow Troy 24-Oct-1940
772 Jay Kenneth Darrow Troy 24-Oct-1940
791 Lloyd D. Darrow Troy 24-Oct-1940
886 Richard LaVerne Darrow Troy 24-Oct-1940
1237 Edward Evert Darrow Troy 24-Oct-1940
2144 Claude Lee Darrow Troy 24-Oct-1940
218 Harold Lloyd Daugherty Ulster 24-Oct-1940
198 Harold Ivan Davidson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
305 Gordon Pangburn Davis Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
2044 Alden Benjamin Davis Towanda 24-Oct-1940
83 Thomas William Davy Canton 24-Oct-1940
399 Lyford Lang Dayton Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1258 Howard Clarence Dean Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1368 Lyle William Dean Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1539 Donald Alpheus Decker Milan 24-Oct-1940
328 John Riddle Deemy Troy 24-Oct-1940
1976 Robert Henry Dekay Ulster 24-Oct-1940
152 Richard Denkenberger Troy 24-Oct-1940
9 Laurence Paul Dennis Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1373 Max Manard Depew Canton 24-Oct-1940
1203 John Frederick Depew Troy 24-Oct-1940
2490 Ernest Lee Depue Milan 26-Oct-1940
2493 Robert Donald Depue Milan 26-Oct-1940
530 Robert Joseph Desenberg Towanda 24-Oct-1940
753 Franklin Peter Detrick Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
702 Donald Guy Dewey Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
1345 Russell Raymond Dibble East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
760 Herbert Wayne Dibble New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1196 Milard Kenneth Dibble New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1614 Arthur Elwell Dibble New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2486 Robert Walters Dibble Wyalusing 26-Oct-1940
108 Curtis Lee Dickerson Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
850 Roger Denham Dickerson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1139 Frank Jerome Dickerson Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
237 Clarence Fitch Dickinson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1322 Keith Robert Dieffenback New Albany 24-Oct-1940
666 Claude Wilson Dietz Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1564 Floyd Robert Dixon Milan 24-Oct-1940
411 William Edward Dixon Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2450 Ralph Edward Dixon Troy 25-Oct-1940
1114 Paul Oliver Dodge Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
25 Harold Wallace Dodge Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1262 Raymond Edward Dodge Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1069 Edgar Fayette Congdon Gillett 24-Oct-1940
788 Louis Walter Donovan Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2334 Paul Fleming Door Mil 24-Oct-1940
1439 Lawrence Melborn Doud Canton 24-Oct-1940
644 Charles Dennis Doud Troy 24-Oct-1940
2446 Thomas E. Doughty Snedekerville 25-Oct-1940
122 Laurence Kenneth Douglas Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
986 Jonathan Philip Douglas Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1708 Leonard Lyle Dove Towanda 24-Oct-1940
61 Walter Edwin Drake Towanda 24-Oct-1940
154 Charles Mervin Drake Towanda 24-Oct-1940
225 Henry Edward Drake Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1248 Herman Louis Drake Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2189 Willis Drake Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
297 Lawrence Cornelius Driscoll Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1783 Robert Edward Driscoll Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1941 Charles Edward Driscoll Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2540 Thomas Oliver Driscoll Towanda 04-Nov-1940
1894 John Henry Drislane Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1507 Walter Francis Drislane Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1603 Robert William Drislane Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2539 Preston Edward Drumm Ulster 04-Nov-1940
1838 Dean Henry Duart Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1407 Leslie Kellogg Dunbar Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2377 Morris Laverne Dunbar Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
439 Harry Judd Dunbar Gillett 24-Oct-1940
539 Lester Lenell Dunbar Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1990 Arthur Daniel Dunbar Snedekerville 24-Oct-1940
648 Stuart LaRue Dunbar Troy 24-Oct-1940
706 Frank Dunbar, Jr. Troy 24-Oct-1940
1591 Lewis Dean Dunbar Troy 24-Oct-1940
1620 Laurence Alfred Dunbar Troy 24-Oct-1940
2336 Claude Richard Dunbar Troy 24-Oct-1940
2538 Donald Orin Dunbar Troy 04-Nov-1940
1785 Joseph Carl Dunfee Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
828 William James Dunfee Towanda 24-Oct-1940
982 Jack Edward Dunfee Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1933 Michael Denkenberger Troy 24-Oct-1940
998 William Donald Dunn Powell 24-Oct-1940
178 Kenneth Dunn Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1177 Ambrose David Dunn Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1443 James Joseph Dunn Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1800 Henry Ernest Dunn Towanda 24-Oct-1940
646 William Arthur Dunn Troy 24-Oct-1940
2537 Eliel William Durland Sugar run 04-Nov-1940
761 Henry Dustmann New Albany 24-Oct-1940
483 Vernon Frank Dyer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1686 Lawrence Edward Dyer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1424 Kenneth Phillip Earle Grover 24-Oct-1940
489 John Benjamin Earley Canton 24-Oct-1940
1822 Richard Leslie Earley Canton 24-Oct-1940
103 Rex Jerome Eddy Towanda 24-Oct-1940
532 Glenn Robert Eddy Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2536 Leonard George Edsall Monroeton 04-Nov-1940
616 Lynn Francis Eiffert Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
871 Jacob Andrew Eiffert Milan 24-Oct-1940
1378 Verle Eighmey Millerton 24-Oct-1940
705 Robert harden Eldred Towanda 24-Oct-1940
905 Claire Herman Ellenberger New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1593 James Victor Ellenberger Troy 24-Oct-1940
1879 Lorimer Elliott Canton 24-Oct-1940
2228 Francis Leolyn Elliott Canton 24-Oct-1940
759 William Joseph Elliott Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1245 Francis Delanson Elliott Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1280 Guy Carlton Elliott Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1758 Frank William Elliott Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2535 Leland Edwin Ellis Granville Summit 04-Nov-1940
1294 Stanley John Ellis Milan 24-Oct-1940
507 Howard William Ellis New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1273 Robert Adam Ellis Towanda 24-Oct-1940
912 Donald Laverne Elsbree East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
510 George Perry Elsbree Milan 24-Oct-1940
1462 John Arthur Elvidge Gillett 24-Oct-1940
452 Frank Emory Canton 24-Oct-1940
19 Edgar Earl Engler Towanda 24-Oct-1940
393 Leon Durward English Canton 24-Oct-1940
1400 Raymond Kenneth English Canton 24-Oct-1940
1187 Howard Edward Ennis Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1688 Harry Ellsworth Epier New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1609 Charles Edward Epley, Jr. New Albany 24-Oct-1940
985 Carl Burton Epley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1520 Robert Curtis Epley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1887 Maurice Leonard Epstein Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2239 Sam Ralfeal Epstein Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1581 Hall Octavious Esaias Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2356 Willis Gordon Estell Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1088 Neil Estelle New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2156 Robert Francis Estep Troy 24-Oct-1940
664 William Arthur Evans Canton 24-Oct-1940
1646 Robert Vincent Evans Canton 24-Oct-1940
371 Henry Levi Evans Troy 24-Oct-1940
261 George Carl Everett Troy 24-Oct-1940
344 Charles A. Everetts Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1076 Francis Herbert Everson Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1932 Theodore Everson Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
2372 Henry David Everson Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
2374 Carl Everson Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
45 Bernard Layton Everts Troy 24-Oct-1940
1495 Hartley Lawson Everts Troy 24-Oct-1940
2534 Allen Samuel Fairbanks Burlington 04-Nov-1940
1312 Benjamin Charles Fairbanks Canton 24-Oct-1940
15 George Musselman Fairchild Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2533 Kenneth Carlton Farmer Canton 04-Nov-1940
549 Gordon Ellsworth Farr Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2531 John W. Faulkner Canton 04-Nov-1940
2532 Egbert Edward Faulkner Columbia Cross Roads 04-Nov-1940
881 Allison Wayne Fay Troy 24-Oct-1940
2396 Robert william Fennell Canton 24-Oct-1940
1474 Thomas Charles Fenner Towanda 24-Oct-1940
436 George Irvin Fenton Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1249 Norman Richard Fenton Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
457 John Frederick Ferguson Canton 24-Oct-1940
1148 Lewis Spencer Ferguson Canton 24-Oct-1940
153 Eugene Burnes Ferrell New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2530 Earl Duard Fetherbay New Albany 04-Nov-1940
269 Arthur Morris Fields Canton 24-Oct-1940
595 Kenneth Eryin Fields Canton 24-Oct-1940
1311 Alanson Ralph Fields Canton 24-Oct-1940
2390 Frederk Dean Fields Canton 24-Oct-1940
32 Glenn Alfred Fields Grover 24-Oct-1940
2258 Gerald Paul Finan New Albany 24-Oct-1940
173 Joseph Emory Finch New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1472 Arthur Willis Finch New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2293 Thomas John Finn, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2491 George William Finnerty Milan 26-Oct-1940
75 Gilbert Finnerty  Towanda 24-Oct-1940
846 James William Finnerty Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1089 Andrew Finnerty Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2235 John Bailey Finnerty Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2361 Robert Nelson Fish Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
546 Edmund Clayton Fish Powell 24-Oct-1940
613 James Edward Fish Troy 24-Oct-1940
300 Joseph Francis Fisher Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2529 Daniel Fox Fisher, Jr. Troy 04-Nov-1940
630 Bradley Arthur Fisk Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
2116 Adrian Thomas Fisk Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
2330 Cortez Edward Fisk Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
1440 Robert William Fitch Canton 24-Oct-1940
2312 James Richard Fitzgerald Snedekerville 24-Oct-1940
1370 Ervin Luther Fitzwater Canton 24-Oct-1940
1808 Kenneth Kelley Fitzwater Canton 24-Oct-1940
2307 Robert Ray Fitzwater Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1063 Philander Fred Fleming Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1195 Frank Elwin Fleming Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1526 Lawrence Elwin Fleming Troy 24-Oct-1940
1534 Alfred Neal Fletcher Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1163 Marvin Amos Ford Towanda 24-Oct-1940

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice