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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
NUMBER NAME TOWN (Post Office)  
819 Jay B. Foreman Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1671 James Addison Forrest Snedekerville 24-Oct-1940
578 Robert Francis Forrest Ulster 24-Oct-1940
1093 Charles henry Forrest Ulster 24-Oct-1940
536 Edward John Forys Towanda 24-Oct-1940
776 Earl George Foster Canton 24-Oct-1940
1188 Donald Edward Foster Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1394 Bernard Linwood Foster Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1608 Ray Leon Foster Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1892 John Francis Foster Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2174 John Philip Foster Troy 24-Oct-1940
2528 Edward Philip Foulkrod Canton 04-Nov-1940
396 James Dennis Foust Alba 24-Oct-1940
1348 Paul Tilman Foust Alba 24-Oct-1940
2036 Joseph Leonard Fowler Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
174 Wayne Oliver Fowler New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1223 James Strawbridge Fox Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1565 Herbert Fox Towanda 24-Oct-1940
195 Joseph Foy Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2074 Richard Ridall Franklin Canton 24-Oct-1940
1363 Relemo Charles Franklin Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
224 Daniel Morant Franklin Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
2068 George Washington Franklin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2331 Theodore Roosevelt Franklin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
44 Carl Harold Franklin Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
294 Glenwood Newton Franklin Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
1641 Leonard Charles Frawley Overton 24-Oct-1940
336 Francis William Frawley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
711 Ivan Lawrence Frawley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
990 Vincent Charles Frawley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
857 Eden Judson Frease Alba 24-Oct-1940
289 Arthur Lee Frederick Troy 24-Oct-1940
636 Claude Haldine Freeman Canton 24-Oct-1940
217 Charles Oliver Freeman Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1528 Floyd Wesly Freeman Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
544 Dwight H. Freeman Troy 24-Oct-1940
247 Jesse Charles Freeman Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1404 Howard Lavier Freeman Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1586 Herbert Stage Freeman Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
902 Purl Rolland French East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
1622 Frank Henry Fries Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1778 Carlton Tomlinson Fuild Troy 24-Oct-1940
1729 John Kenneth Fulda Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2329 Thomas Alton Fulda Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2424 Fred William Fulda, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
601 Leon Francis Fullagar Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1239 Leo Joseph Fuller Canton 24-Oct-1940
18 Laurence Claud Fuller Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1403 George Henry Fuller Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2286 Karl Barton Fullmer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
516 Francis Leon Fulton Canton 24-Oct-1940
1588 Walter Peter Furman Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1562 Elmo Furman Troy 24-Oct-1940
2166 Philip Wolcott Furst Troy 24-Oct-1940
1382 Francis Edward Galvin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1441 Harry Jacob Gangloff New Albany 24-Oct-1940
959 Walter Stuart Gardner Canton 24-Oct-1940
2069 Raymond Henry Garrison Troy 24-Oct-1940
835 Erwin Thomas Garrity Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1321 John Edward Garrity Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1386 Wendell Emerson Gassett Canton 24-Oct-1940
1329 Horatio George Gates Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2527 LaVerne Edward Gates Columbia Cross Roads 04-Nov-1940
1819 Candido Anthony Gatti Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2203 John Francis Gaw Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1062 Mayne Martin Gee Canton 24-Oct-1940
899 Andrew Frederick Gee Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1554 Karl Edward Gerlach Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
614 Harold Edgar Gernert Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1786 Ralph K. Gernert Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1710 William German Gernert Gillett 24-Oct-1940
135 Eugene Kenneth Gernert Troy 24-Oct-1940
123 Hubert Russell Gerould East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
2432 Harry Tracy Gerould Milan 24-Oct-1940
1955 George William Gerould Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
149 James Anthony Gilfoyle Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2526 Walter Ray Gillette, Jr. Ulster 04-Nov-1940
1634 Gerald Aloysious Gilligan Towanda 24-Oct-1940
799 Frank E. Gillmer Towanda 24-Oct-1940
581 Paul Floyd Girven Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1317 Myron Walter Girven Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
2472 Raymond Cordia Glover Canton 25-Oct-1940
864 Wilson Earl God Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1770 Carl God Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
1012 Louis Anthony Goff Canton 24-Oct-1940
1771 John Howard Goff Canton 24-Oct-1940
263 Luther Franklin Golden Canton 24-Oct-1940
1870 Albert James Golden Gillett 24-Oct-1940
660 Benjamin Moury Goodman Canton 24-Oct-1940
957 George Henry Goodman, Jr. Canton 24-Oct-1940
254 Harry Kenneth Goodstal Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1959 Paul Clifford Gorman Towanda 24-Oct-1940
234 Charus Leroy Goss Towanda 24-Oct-1940
677 Emerson Jacob Richard Goss Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2338 Manley Barnes Goss Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2525 Lawrence John Goss Towanda 04-Nov-1940
151 Alfred Gould Troy 24-Oct-1940
316 Edward Lincoln Gowan New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1009 William Mathue Gowin New Albany 24-Oct-1940
317 Walter Blaine Gowin Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
2319 Wayne Emerson Gowin Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
873 Arthur Howard Grace Canton 24-Oct-1940
928 Wallace James Grace Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
679 Albert Wilson Grace Troy 24-Oct-1940
2366 Warren Bernard Grace Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
782 James Leonard Graham Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2339 Paul Edward Graham Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1727 John Hammond Granger Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2369 Andrew O. Granger Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1685 Marvin Gordon Grant Ulster 24-Oct-1940
973 Fred Albert Granteer Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
2434 Ernest Walter Granteer Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
794 Robert Lacelle Grantier Canton 24-Oct-1940
342 Ralph Waldo Gray Canton 24-Oct-1940
1818 Charles Ory Gray Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2080 Stanley Wallace Green Canton 24-Oct-1940
331 Wallace Barton Green Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1661 Daniel Green, Jr. Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
770 Frederick Harold Greene Canton 24-Oct-1940
785 Ralph Horace Greene Canton 24-Oct-1940
1802 Leroy Greene Canton 24-Oct-1940
114 Clyde Arnold Greene Ulster 24-Oct-1940
1475 George Leonard Greeno, Jr. Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
2287 Lynn Keith Greenough Troy 24-Oct-1940
931 Byron Alfred Grenell Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
486 Kenneth Eugene Griffin Canton 24-Oct-1940
1324 Ralph William Griffin Canton 24-Oct-1940
253 Louis Chester Griffin East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
632 Richard Delos Griffin Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1104 Leo Robert Griffin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2234 John Stuart Griffin Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2143 John James Grimm Canton 24-Oct-1940
2027 Russell W. Grinnell Snedekerville 24-Oct-1940
313 Peter Joseph Grippi Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2488 Robert henry Griswold Canton 26-Oct-1940
2524 Scott Wicks Griswold Canton 04-Nov-1940
1210 Harry Wesley Groover Canton 24-Oct-1940
1449 Lester Erwin Groover Canton 24-Oct-1940
1759 Howard Winfield Gruver Canton 24-Oct-1940
307 Payl Bourdette Gustin Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2303 Lewis Mark Guthrie Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
214 John Wesley Haag Gillett 24-Oct-1940
2468 Louis Wolfang Hacker Gillett 25-Oct-1940
2404 Edward Bush Hackett Canton 24-Oct-1940
2236 Frank George Hafflet Canton 24-Oct-1940
2000 George D. Haflett Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1160 Burton Oliver Hager Troy 24-Oct-1940
1826 Douglas Robert Hagerman Troy 24-Oct-1940
1483 Wayne Louzerne Haight Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1599 Reginald Allyn Haight Towanda 24-Oct-1940
13 Merle Lawrence Haight Troy 24-Oct-1940
1541 Floyd Henry Haight Troy 24-Oct-1940
1934 Seward Miles Haight, Jr. Troy 24-Oct-1940
1257 John Finley Haines  Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
385 James McKay Hall Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2523 George Winford Hall Columbia Cross Roads 04-Nov-1940
1095 Luke George Hall East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
641 Robert newell Hall Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1002 Richard Merle Hall Tr] 24-Oct-1940
1652 Virgal Leroy Hall Troy 24-Oct-1940
1151 Daniel McNeal Hallett Canton 24-Oct-1940
1167 Theodore Clyde Hall Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1679 Menzo Dewett Halsey Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1142 Joseph Smith Halstead Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1412 Robert Kenneth Halstead Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
2454 Fred Joseph Hamilton Monroeton 25-Oct-1940
996 Richard Clayton Hamilton Powell 24-Oct-1940
2522 Francis Bernard Hancock Towanda 04-Nov-1940
1144 Frederick Halstead Hanlon Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
987 Gilbert Ellston Hanna Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2004 Arthur Hansen Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1265 Paul Adams Hardenstine Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
1406 William Whitfield Harding, Jr. Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1711 Andrew Johnson Harding Gillett 24-Oct-1940
383 Willard Shirley Harkness Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1077 Dana Jay Harkness Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1460 Norman Lynn Harkness Gillett 24-Oct-1940
2261 Thomas James Harper Canton 24-Oct-1940
155 Albert Joseph Harrington Troy 24-Oct-1940
401 Tracy Charles Harris Canton 24-Oct-1940
163 Eugene Kenneth Harris Milan 24-Oct-1940
2414 Allen Newton Harris Milan 24-Oct-1940
73 Robert Ennis Harris Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
571 Frank Harris Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1670 Geoffrey Weldon Harris Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
649 Herman Eugene Harris Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1250 Harold Wallace Harris Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1667 Robert Samuel Harris Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1921 Clarence Raymond Harris Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1155 Clay Ernest Harris Troy 24-Oct-1940
2385 Paul LeRoy Hartman Towanda 24-Oct-1940
814 Eugene Nelson Hartsock Troy 24-Oct-1940
1247 John Lynn Hartsock Troy 24-Oct-1940

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice