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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
NUMBER NAME TOWN (Post Office)  
1518 Earl Smith Harvey Canton 24-Oct-1940
506 John Marvin Hatch New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1754 Ivan LaRue Hatch New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1105 Fred Miller Hatch Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1709 Lewis Henry Hatherill Canton 24-Oct-1940
2521 Ross Enos Hatherill Canton 04-Nov-1940
1255 Stewart LaRue Haven Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1362 Sterling Benson Haven Snedekerville 24-Oct-1940
5 Raymond LaRue Haven Troy 24-Oct-1940
2358 Richard LaSalle Havens Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1127 Harry Walter Havens Troy 24-Oct-1940
464 Gaylord Leroy Hawley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2223 Theodore Nelson Hawley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2059 Willis Hiram Haxton Troy 24-Oct-1940
92 Dean Russell Hay Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1381 Donald Carl Hayden Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1108 Samuel Lee Heath Gillett 24-Oct-1940
522 Gerald Dennis Heath New Albany 24-Oct-1940
69 Edward Charles Heath Towanda 24-Oct-1940
170 Ralph Raymond Heath Towanda 24-Oct-1940
728 Reed Clark Heath Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2225 Robert McClure Heath Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2519 Edward Birney Heath Towanda 04-Nov-1940
1733 Howard LeRoy Heath Troy 24-Oct-1940
1874 Arthur William Heath Ulster 24-Oct-1940
390 Henry C. Hebel, Jr. Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
1309 Walter Robert Heess Canton 24-Oct-1940
259 Hess Lawson Hemenway Canton 24-Oct-1940
2282 Carl Francis Hendershot Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1158 Archie Leroy Henley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
245 Harry Mettler Henrick Milan 24-Oct-1940
988 Raymond Kenneth Henry Canton 24-Oct-1940
1992 Walter Thomas Henry Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
2351 Carl Alfred Henson Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1750 Alton A. Herda Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2133 Lloyd Clayton Herman Canton 24-Oct-1940
165 Mark Hershon Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1762 Charles Heskell Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1821 Kermit Bower Hess Canton 24-Oct-1940
2518 Victory Eugene Heverly New Albany 04-Nov-1940
2518 Victor Eugene Heverly Troy 04-Nov-1940
373 Jack Lesley Hewes Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1176 Carlton Waldron Hewitt Troy 24-Oct-1940
443 Eric Glenn Hibbard New Albany 24-Oct-1940
889 Leo Cherle Hibbard New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2256 Otis Eugene Hibbard New Albany 24-Oct-1940
2398 Elwin Delos Hibbard Sugar Run 24-Oct-1940
884 Thaddeus Stevens Hickok Canton 24-Oct-1940
496 John Edward Hicks Gillett 24-Oct-1940
2517 Donald Adison Hicks Gillett 04-Nov-1940
736 Rosell Carlyle Hicks Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
923 Charles Frederick Hicks Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1120 Wilbur Laurence Hicks Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
240 Leland Gilbert Hicks Troy 24-Oct-1940
1949 Wesley John Hicks Troy 24-Oct-1940
2012 Ivan Winfield Hicks Troy 24-Oct-1940
2262 Haenry Miles Hieber New Albany 24-Oct-1940
1536 Manley Adam Hills Milan 24-Oct-1940
164 Robert Morris Hillyer Troy 24-Oct-1940
1315 LeRoy B. Himmelwright Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1066 Earl Edward Hinman, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1367 Harry Kenneth Hipple Milan 24-Oct-1940
1845 Welles Albert Hitchcock Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2017 Robert Franklin Hite Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
999 Charles kenneth Hoagland Canton 24-Oct-1940
2139 Howard Elisha Hoagland Canton 24-Oct-1940
322 Merret Andrew Hodge Milan 24-Oct-1940
520 James Edward Hoffman Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1855 Leonard Lewis Hoffman Sylvania 24-Oct-1940
296 Harold Hoffman Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1035 John Jacob Hoffman Towanda 24-Oct-1940
104 George McMurray Hoffnagle Canton 24-Oct-1940
978 G. Dean Holcomb Canton 24-Oct-1940
2165 Raymond Leo Holcomb Canton 24-Oct-1940
2242 Newton Judson Holcomb Canton 24-Oct-1940
243 Charles Lyle Holcomb Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
575 Harold Eugene Hollenback Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1264 Raymond Allen Hollenback Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1337 Russell Wells Hollenback Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2008 Leon Wells Hollenback Towanda 24-Oct-1940
2195 D. A. Hollenback Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1091 Ralph David Hollenbeck Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1890 Lawrence Wesley Hollis Troy 24-Oct-1940
319 Crawford Clark Holmes Canton 24-Oct-1940
397 John Frank Holmes Canton 24-Oct-1940
1438 Rodman Crawford Holmes Canton 24-Oct-1940
1476 Norvin Clark Holmes, Jr. Canton 24-Oct-1940
2352 Eugene Alexander Holmes Canton 24-Oct-1940
796 Gerald Updike Holton gillett 24-Oct-1940
1980 Elwin Lewis Hoose Canton 24-Oct-1940
1832 Fredred Charles Hoose East Smithfield 24-Oct-1940
963 William Lymon Hoose Towanda 24-Oct-1940
365 Charles William Hopkins Canton 24-Oct-1940
187 Merle Edward Horning Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
763 Francis Revere Horton Ulster 24-Oct-1940
2516 Orville Foster Horton Ulster 04-Nov-1940
127 John Kewnth Hosley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1500 Raymond Arthur House Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1172 George Raymond Houseknecht Laquin 24-Oct-1940
2520 DeVere Charles Houseknecht New Albany 04-Nov-1940
1584 gilbert Elston Houston Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
472 Thomas Elmer Howard Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1560 Albert Erwin Howard Towanda 24-Oct-1940
130 Raymond Laton Howe Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1026 Willis John Howell Troy 24-Oct-1940
424 Elbert Burleigh Hoyt New Albany 24-Oct-1940
652 Harold Dean Hoyt New Albany 24-Oct-1940
77 Kenneth Wilson Hoyt Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1624 Lawrence Huffman Wyalusing 24-Oct-1940
1726 Torrence Ralston Hughes Canton 24-Oct-1940
2247 James Hughes Powell 24-Oct-1940
2317 Ivan Miller Hugo New Albany 24-Oct-1940
488 Glen Samuel Hunsinger Canton 24-Oct-1940
1338 Charles Henry Hunsinger New Albany 24-Oct-1940
429 Frank Delbert Hunter Towanda 24-Oct-1940
992 Willard Leon Hunter Towanda 24-Oct-1940
23 Elwood Louis Hunter Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1071 Wayne Lincoln Huntington Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1535 Thomas Francis Hurley Canton 24-Oct-1940
1659 John Joseph Hurley Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1159 Norman Robert Imes Troy 24-Oct-1940
1162 Harold William Imes Troy 24-Oct-1940
1024 Rexford Donald Ingerick Canton 24-Oct-1940
117 Glenn Wilmot Inman Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1757 Merle Mason Inman Gillett 24-Oct-1940
1415 Norris E. Inman Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1795 Howard Edgar Inman Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
1306 James Dickson Innes Canton 24-Oct-1940
2176 Judson Calvert Innes Canton 24-Oct-1940
2466 Floyd Adam Innes Canton 25-Oct-1940
1965 Daniel Tracy Innes Towanda 24-Oct-1940
725 Charles Henry Irvine Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1502 George Willis Irvine Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1429 Edward Scott Irving Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1863 Phillip LaSalle Isaacs Canton 24-Oct-1940
1695 Floyd Leslie Isbell Towanda 24-Oct-1940
713 Evert Gustav Isralson Alba 24-Oct-1940
1827 Robert Bowning Jackson Canton 24-Oct-1940
1840 Scott Wendell Jackson Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
1583 Kenneth Rush Jackson Milan 24-Oct-1940
1968 Elmer Lewis Jackson Powell 24-Oct-1940
1888 Gerald Kenneth Jackson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1525 John Weiss Jackson Troy 24-Oct-1940
1547 Llewellyn Phillip Jackson Troy 24-Oct-1940
765 Howard Stanley Jacoby Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1860 William Berton Jayne Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1007 Joseph Peter Jefferson New Albany 24-Oct-1940
625 Chester Frank Jelliff Wellsburg, NY 24-Oct-1940
324 Edward Chapman Jenkins Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
643 Myles Wilson Jenkins Grov 24-Oct-1940
434 Philip Roger Jenkins Troy 24-Oct-1940
1922 John Edgar Jenkins Troy 24-Oct-1940
2409 Gordon J. Jenkins Troy 24-Oct-1940
1653 Robert Earl Jenney Milan 24-Oct-1940
2125 Donald Roy Jennings Burlington 24-Oct-1940
696 Vaughn Myrton Jennings Canton 24-Oct-1940
797 William Donald Jennings Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1616 Thomas E. Jennings Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
1910 Lawrence Eldred Jennings Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
395 John Edward Jennings Towanda 24-Oct-1940
724 George Willis Jennings Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1963 Leslie Benjamin Jennings Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1831 Ferdinand Ossian Johanson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
433 Lawrence Elmer Johns Troy 24-Oct-1940
40 Virgil M. Johnson Canton 24-Oct-1940
615 Leon Allison Johnson Columbia Cross Roads 24-Oct-1940
2025 Harry Fay Johnson Granville Summit 24-Oct-1940
548 Floyd Woodrow Johnson Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
839 Judson McClure Johnson Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
862 Cameron Johnson Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
1971 Grand Johnson Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
2160 Lareen Lester Johnson Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
2245 Clifford Leland Johnson Monroeton 24-Oct-1940
417 Joseph Parker Johnson New Albany 24-Oct-1940
89 Davis Johnson, Jr. Towanda 24-Oct-1940
348 Steven Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
631 Paul David Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
708 Walter Almore Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
885 Carl William Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
983 Horace Homer Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1019 Emery Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1023 Johnnie Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1121 Walter Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1122 John Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1185 Claude Lewis Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1391 Richard Mahloe Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1482 John LeRoy Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1567 Admiral Eli Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1568 John Hoover Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1642 Raymond Monroe Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1953 Oliver Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1967 Mercur Frederick Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940
1974 Richard Theodore Johnson Towanda 24-Oct-1940

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice