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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
15 Berrnard Francis Vallilee S. Waverly
2280 George W. Van??? Sayre
278 Gordon Raymond VanDerlyke Ulster
1323 James George Vandermark Athens
2193 Lyle Howard Vanderpoel Sayre
183 Edward Richard Vanderpool Towanda
906 Edward Wadsworth Vanderpool Sayre
1300 Reginald Coe Vanderpool Towanda
1559 Lamont Billings Vanderpool Wysox
1887 Sevellow Vanderpool Rummerfield
2323 Adelbert Pean Vanderpool Athens
1816 Johnathan  Vanderpool, Jr. Towanda
1958 Benjamin  Vandusen Wilawana
771 Herbert Kenneth VanGorder Athens
2172 Ernest Sperber VanGorder Sayre
1996 Elwood Esmond VanHorn Sayre
64 Michael Leo Vanizzi S. Waverly
2146 George Merle VanKirk Athens
1736 Leo Eugene VanLuvanee Sayre
1616 Llewellyn Matson VanNess Camptown
1248 William Riley VanSice Athens
1829 Murray Lee VanSice Ulster
2093 Lloyd Raymond VanSice Wysox
139 George Vernon VanSickle Rummerfield
226 Clarence Floyd VanWinkle Rome
522 Kermit Lloyd Vaughan Wilawana
87 Leslie Grant Vaughn Wilawana
1861 Lawrence Bert Vaughn Athens
1132 Emil Peter Velardo Sayre
415 Carl L. Vergason Sayre
885 Anthony  Villanti Sayre
404 Herman  Vincent Athens
788 John Edwin Vosburgh Sayre
843 John Robert Vosburgh Ulster
758 Charles Francis Vought Towanda
196 Carl Kresge Wagner Athens
1217 Donal Harold Walker Sayre
1487 Lewis R. Walker Sayre
2371 Paul Henry Walker Athens
2004 Everett Winfield Wall Athens
812 Harold Kellum Wallin Athens
836 Frank Leslie Wallin Athens
403 Thomas Morrison Walmsley Athens
1811 Philip M. Walmsley Sayre
934 Lewis Morgan Walter Athens
1783 Harry Edward Walter Sayre
2060 Charles  Walters Athens
1074 Herman Maurice Waltman Sayre
1394 Mahlon John Wanck Towanda
218 Theodore Valentine Wandell Sayre
298 Harry Franklin Wandell Sayre
1880 Edward Lyon Wandell Sayre
207 Herman Earl Wanse Athens
526 Albin Roy Wanse Ulster
1761 Harold Edwin Wanzo Athens
1478 James Francis Ward Sayre
74 Grover Arthur  Warfle Wysox
1429 George Edward Warfle Rome
31 Charles Albert  Warner Athens
811 Elden German Warner Sayre
1139 Donald Wayne Watkins Athens
2051 John Rodney Watkins Athens
204 Paul Bernard Watson Rummerfield
998 Robert Hamilton Watson Athens
1046 Carl Lawrence Watson Stevensville
685 Harold Charles Wax Athens
691 Eugene Robert Wayman Sayre
75 Forrest Subway Weaver Warren Center
519 William Harry Weaver Wilawana
699 William Whitman Weaver Sayre
1690 Howard A. Weaver Athens
2306 Isiah Gerard Weaver Sayre
595 Joseph  Webb Wysox
2080 Stephen Green Webb Towanda
2105 Edwin Neilson Webb Towanda
1343 Albert Charles Weber Ulster
1063 Marvin Delbert Webster Sayre
1503 Mortimer Clinton Webster Athens
2009 Miles Sidney Weed Athens
1774 Richard R. Weinberg Sayre
1491 Stanley Max Weishaar Towanda
239 Seward Edgar Weiss S. Waverly
221 Clifford Benjamin Welch Sayre
361 Howard Engene Welch Athens
1118 Gerald Francis Welch Athens
2227 Harry Watson Welch Sayre
609 Frederick Rodney Weller Wyalusing
18 Gerald William Welliver Rummerfield
2391 Bernard  Welliver Athens
52 Leonard Samuel Wells S. Waverly
192 James Elbridge Wells Wyalusing
1346 Paul Francis Wells Sayre
1670 Elmer Meylert Wells Sayre
1941 Rodney Mercur Wells Wyalusing
2037 Richard Decker Wells LeRaysville
2058 Norman Elmer Wells Sayre
2302 Alfred Eugene Wells Rummerfield
2342 Gerald Fredrick Wells Sayre
920 Harvey Edward Werts Wyalusing
434 Theodore Robert Wertz Sayre
677 Edward L. Wertz Sayre
510 Frank Joseph Wesnicki Wyalusing
658 Elvin David West Towanda
2071 Clayton Ralph West Athens
397 Charles Daniel Westbrook Athens
2116 Henry Burley Westbrook Rome
1169 Paul Edward Wester Towanda
990 Eldon Westbrook Wetmore Rummerfield
1705 John Peter Wetzell Athens
116 Claude Otto Wheatan Wyalusing
1110 Glenn Granklin Wheaton Warren Center
1409 Albert Joseph Wheaton Warren Center
2220 Merton Beardslee Wheaton Rome
203 Harold Elwin Wheeler Athens
513 Wesley Burton Wheeler Wyalusing
1031 Robert  Wheeler Stevensville
1197 John Stuart Wheeler Rummerfield
1378 Harold George Wheeler S. Waverly
1530 George Clarence Wheeler Wysox
276 Frank Miles Whipple Athens
5 Charles Howard  Whispell S. Waverly
95 Francis Henry White S. Waverly
375 Cecil Ira White Athens
688 Frederick Bishop White S. Waverly
901 Lyle Jack White Athens
926 Floyd Elmer White Sayre
2121 Robert Burns White LeRaysville
2382 Loomis Joseph White Sayre
1581 William Henry Whitmiller Wyalusing
542 Theron John Whitmoyer Athens
330 Sterling Russel Wickwire Wysox
2374 Harry Barner Wickwire Wysox
1081 Clayton Ardsley Wilbur LeRaysville
1226 John Francis Wilcox S. Waverly
2050 William Robert Wilcox Ulster
2160 Harold Ralph Wilcox Sayre
426 Harry Glendon Wildrick Sayre
1234 Andrew A.  Wildrick Sayre
1359 John Wesley Wildrick Sayre
1399 Martin Wesley Wildrick Wyalusing
1961 Luther Curtis Wildrick Sayre
135 Jack Eliot Wilkins Leraysville
1011 Leon Anderson Willey LeRaysville
409 William Max Williams Athens
834 Leo Francis Williams Athens
1018 John Henry Williams Athens
1019 Hopkin Louis Williams Athens
1095 Donald Edward Williams Rome
1298 Wallace Bishop Williams Towanda
1684 Ray Frank Williams Athens
1855 Wallace E. Williams Sayre
2020 John Burton Williams Athens
2089 Roy Edwin Williams Rummerfield
2113 William Harold Williams LeRaysville
1170 Harry Raymond Williams, Jr. Wysox
1532 Joseph Gordon Willis Wysox
1908 Charles Gordon Willis Towanda
1058 George Edward Willson Sayre
1442 Howard Ray Wilmot Rome
954 Harold Oliver Wilson Wyalusing
1414 Herbert Lewis Wilson Sayre
1607 Dean Edwin Wilson Wyalusing
1737 Vernon Erastus Wilson Wyalusing
697 Raymond  Winn Athens
1470 John Anthony Winskus LeRaysville
819 Byron Lee Winters Athens
2253 John Frank Witchenski Stevensville
2301 Richard John Wlater Sayre
416 Woodrow W. Wolcott Sayre
464 Noble Eugene Wolcott Sayre
680 Howard Gerard Wolcott Athens
838 Gersley Howard Wolcott Sayre
1678 James Putnam Wolcott Sayre
1813 Eugene R. Wolcott Sayre
2056 William E. Wolcott Sayre
2062 Ira Charles Wolcott Athens
2334 Harold L.  Wolcott Sayre
444 James Leslie Wolfe Warren Center
2028 Wilford Willard Wolfe Athens
821 Ashley Lenox Wood Sayre
839 Charles Robert Wood Sayre
882 Ernest Franklin Wood Athens
1812 Lawrence W. Wood Sayre
1875 Carl Edward Wood Sayre
2333 Leslie Keith Wood Athens
2385 Walter Joseph Wood Athens
1459 Ralph Kenneth Woodburn Sayre
189 Roy Elmer Woodruff Wyalusing
343 Edward  Woodruff Wyalusing
619 Edward Blane Woodruff S. Waverly
1152 Cleon Bryce Woodruff Laceyville
1205 Lawrence Oscar Woodruff Athens
967 Purl James Woodward Ulster
2114 Ward Lee Worden LeRaysville
495 Anthony Leo Woreblewski Sayre
1933 Michael  Woroblewski Sayre
346 James Alfred Wright Ulster
1435 Allen Webster Wright Towanda
813 Manley Eugene Wright  Not given
780 Alton Willis Wrighter Sayre
1329 Anthony  Wupish, Jr Sayre
1225 Carl Larue Wyckoff Athens
1007 Anthony  Yanavitch LeRaysville
1543 Stephen  Yaremko Wyalusing
1596 Nicholas  Yaremko Wyalusing
950 Mathew Lee Yasharian Wyalusing
302 Freeman Reed Yates Towanda
597 Jacob Lyman Yeagle Rome
166 Warner Glen Yontz Athens
161 Owen Barthel Young Sayre
323 Harry Walter Young Ulster
1664 Stanley Blair  Young Wysox
1472 Leslie Perry Youngs Warren Center
1513 Wesley Charles Yuskaja Sayre
929 Donald Lee Zacharias Athens
148 Donald Richard Zeller Athens
1279 Newton Harold Zeller Ulster
2166 Andrew John Zeller Sayre
339 Mike Anthony Zello S. Waverly
1449 Joseph John Zello S. Waverly
868 Edward Francis Zimmerman Sayre
2106 Theron Arlo Zimmerman LeRaysville
94 Joseph Alexander Walter Zoltowski S. Waverly
1630 Joseph J. Zubris Sayre
584 Walter Joseph Zukeski Sayre
147 Joseph Zulkosky Sayre
400 John Kenstanti Zulkosky Athens
303 Daniel Zupp Sayre
1297 Francis Hartley Zurn Towanda

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice