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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
2238 Emanuel Norman (Can'f Read) Sayre
2254 Ralph Kenneth  (Can'f Read) Sayre
2326 George Abraham Abbott Sayre
985 Walter Butles Abell Rome
1621 Daniel Russell Abell Warren Center
1631 Edward Sterling Abell Warren Center
274 Harry Glenwood Abrams Wyalusing
2036 Frank  Abrams, Jr. Sayre
2049 Benjamin Franklin Abrams, Jr. Sayre
748 Kenneth Paul Achoop Sayre
334 Reed Julius Ackley Towanda
2069 Elmer Jason Ackley Sayre
2194 Walter Freeman Ackley Sayre
933 Ralph Wilson Adams Athens
1161 Richard J.  Adams Athens
2321 George James Adams Athens
608 Edwin Crowe Albert Sayre
110 John James Alexander Sayre
286 Orphy Theodore Alexander Sayre
994 James Willis Alexander Athens
1412 Philip A. Alexander Sayre
1617 Robert Paul Alexander Sayre
1626 Louis Eugene Alexander Sayre
1772 Theodore A. Alexander Sayre
2019 Guerino Raymond Alexander Sayre
2162 Amerigo Henry Alexander Sayre
2169 Richard Thomas Allamong Sayre
222 Dino Alfred Allegrucci Sayre
1576 Anthony Joseph Allegrucci Sayre
195 John Bruce Allen Athens
200 John Murray Allen Athens
365 Albert Barton Allen Athens
1077 Ralph Fassett Allen LeRaysville
1096 Cecil LeRoy Allen Athens
1204 Paul Emerson Allen Athens
2082 George Elwood Allen Towanda
2388 Charles Edward Allen Athens
4 Lynion Robert Allis Rome
762 Guy Edwin Allis Towanda
1432 Frederick Vernon Allis Roe
2090 Paul Mitten Allis Rome
2282 Kenneth Sidney Allis Towanda
2339 Carlton Eugene Allis Athens
67 Clifford Lee Allyn Wyalusing
707 Paul Manley Allyn Ulster
1108 Merton Elwyn Allyn Warren Center
793 Earl Schoonover Alpaugh Athens
109 Carman Tony Alteri Sayre
391 James Joseph  Alteri S. Waverly
611 Clemente  Alteri S. Waverly
909 John Lewis  Alteri Sayre
1563 Nicholas Domini Alteri Sayre
68 Angelo Michael Altiere Sayre
2032 Frank DePasquele Altiere Sayre
2328 Alexander  Altieri Sayre
2045 Martin Wesley Amrhein Athens
162 William Harold Anderson Sayre
284 Joseph  Anderson Sayre
449 Clyde Melvin Anderson Sayre
493 Harold Lee Anderson Sayre
943 Leon Francis Anderson Camptown
993 Leon Francis Anderson Athens
1965 Kenneth Albert Anderson Athens
1273 Louis Dean Andrus Athens
1448 Rocco Joseph Angelo S. Waverly
1850 Frank Joseph Angelo S. Waverly
475 Donald Raymond Anspach Athens
1989 Frederick William Anspach Sayre
551 Hayden Richard Anthony Sayre
850 Harrie Evan Anthony Ulster
725 August Claude Antonetti Sayre
2029 Michael Thomas Antonetti Sayre
1726 Ignaceous  Arcesi Sayre
83 Glenn William Arey Wyalusing
84 Glenn William Arey Wyalusing
1735 James Benjamin Arey Wyalusing
2100 Paul Donald Arey LeRaysville
445 Louis Philip Arnold Warren Center
774 Ralph Elmer Arnold Athens
1440 Claude Newell Arnold Athens
2243 George Edward Arthur Sayre
1632 Sterne Guss Ashley Sayre
1995 Lloyd Stern Ashley Sayre
612 Alvis Clyde Atkins S. Waverly
1510 Lester Robert Auge S. Waverly
1641 Stanley Louis Augustine Sayre
1251 James Mase Ault Sayre
1515 Gordon Richard Ault Sayre
280 Jerome Wesley Austin Sayre
2268 Fred Wilson Austin Wysox
1258 Ernest James Avery Athens
1198 Peter John Avondale Wyalusing
314 Allis Judson Babcock Athens
679 Burton George Babcock Athens
773 Ralph Murton Babcock Athens
976 Raymond Elwyn Babcock Nichols
661 Edward Franklin Badger Rome
1024 Carl Tony Bagdon Rome
1750 Varese John Baglini Sayre
541 Joseph Francis Bahus Athens
178 John Anias Bailey Sayre
808 Edward William Bailey Athens
1381 Clarence Abijah Bailey S. Waverly
2199 John Low Bailey Sayre
2349 Paul Norman Bailey Sayre
2392 Ellsworth Adnah Bailey Sayre
311 Howard Francis Baker Athens
1568 Charles W.  Baker Sayre
1792 Daniel Randolph Baker Sayre
170 Paul Arvin Balch Sayre
1556 Chester Summer Baldwin Wyalusing
2355 Theodore Bunnell Baldwin Wyalusing
134 Alfred John Ball Rummerfield
2035 Victor Julius Ball Sayre
1533 Howard McDonald Ballingsley Wysox
1577 Michael  Ballingsley Sayre
1649 Charles Melvin Banfield Sayre
1998 William Nicholas Barber Jr. Sayre
2081 Thomas Francis Barley Wysox
984 Charles Farnham Barnes Wysox
1166 Marion Francis Barnes Wysox
2131 Cass Nathan Barnes Wysox
149 Edward Sherman Barnes, Jr. Sayre
1968 Anthony Wayne Barrett Sayre
1758 Albert Leo Barrettini Sayre
649 Marvin  Barrier Wyalusing
480 Norman Eugene Barron Sayre
1661 George Adams Barrowcliff Athens
643 Cyrano Elmer Barrowcliffe Ulster
425 Leon Earl Barrows Sayre
614 Joseph James Barry S. Waverly
1407 Arthur Monroe Barto Wyalusing
492 James Edward Barton Sayre
734 Paul Austin Barton Sayre
1943 Leslie Cecil Barton Athens
304 John Clarence Bates Sayre
1154 Walter Edward Bates Stevensville
1307 Wilfred Robert Bates Stevensville
1653 Willard Loring Bates Stevensville
1656 Welland Arthur Bates Wyalusing
2260 William Francis Bates Rummerfield
1401 Carson Arthur Baxter Athens
1881 Kenneth Walter Baxter Sayre
458 Michael  Beach Athens
1350 Nicholas William Beach Sayre
2286 Louis Gilbert Beach Sayre
2352 John  Beach Athens
947 John Joseph Beahan Sayre
1391 Donald Edwin Bean Sayre
2191 Robert Daniel Bean Sayre
631 Edgar LaVerne Beatty Athens
922 Glenn Hugh Beckwith Rome
1496 Clarence Elmer Becraft Sayre
2373 Charles Warner Becraft Athens
727 Clifford Henry Bedeaux Sayre
1566 Earl Ray Beeman Athens
1904 Forest Sims Beeman Wysox
745 Stanley Wilford Beeman, Jr. Sayre
1164 William Walter Belcher Athens
1175 Dennis Meade  Belcher Towanda
1507 Lawrence Melvin Belcher Sayre
37 Oscar Emary Belden, Jr. Sayre
1782 Arthur R. Bell Sayre
1312 John David Belles Wysox
223 Dean Kelley Bellows Wyalusing
1800 Lawrence  Bellows Rummerfield
1552 Kelsey  Bellows, Jr. Wyalusing
43 Angelo Charles Belvey S. Waverly
394 Anthony Joseph Belvey S. Waverly
191 Alfred Melvin Bender Wyalusing
574 Carl Edward Bendock Sayre
118 John LeRoy Benjamin Rummerfield
169 Harrison Eugene Benjamin Sayre
1611 Ira Joseph Benjamin Rummerfield
1790 Garfield Wayne Benjamin Towanda
2340 Floyd Ulysess Benjamin Sayre
1462 Ralph  Benjamin, Jr. Rome
190 Joel Steven Bennett Stevensville
308 Edward Stanley Bennett Ulster
518 Robert Bernard Bennett Towanda
1085 Chester Wallace Bennett LeRaysville
1433 Albert Berton Bennett Rome
1858 Emery Gordon Bennett Wyalusing
1938 Clifford Eden Bennett Wyalusing
2228 Charles Alverda Bennett Athens
709 Miner Frank Benninger Athens
1791 Reed Clinton Benson Athens
877 Willard Kline Bentz Sayre
2046 Robert Elwin Bergman Athens
1874 Raymond Criss Berhannan Athens
338 Theodore R. Besancency Camptown
2182 Levi Lewis Bickham Sayre
326 Lloyd Roy Bidlack Wysox

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice