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BY BRADFORD COUNTY BOARD NO. 1 - October 24, 1940
Because of the Rural Delivery Routes your ancestor may not be listed where you expect.  Example:  Wellsburg, NY addresses were used in Ridgebury, PA
620 Bruce Warren Bidlack S. Waverly
1179 Stanley Laverne Bidlack Towanda
1873 Carlton Raymond Bidlack Sayre
2358 Howard Blair Bidlack Athens
2186 Edmund Vial Bierner Sayre
1909 Gerald Transue Biles Athens
1544 Emerson Tarlton Billingsley Wysox
427 George Owen Bird Sayre
1475 Howard Eugene Bird Sayre
481 Joseph James Birney Sayre
1237 Harry Hiram Birney Athens
1494 George William Birney Sayre
2048 George Horton Birney Athens
740 Harrison Edward Bisgrove Sayre
1338 Charles Paul Bisgrove Sayre
1456 Albert Arthur Bishop Towanda
1476 Francis John Bishop Rummerfield
982 Irving Luther Bixby Rome
1325 Ivan Frederick Bixby Athens
262 George  Bizilia Sayre
855 Michael Paul Bizilia Sayre
2312 Michael Wesley Bizilia Sayre
2320 John F. Bizilia Sayre
681 Henry Charles Blaasch Athens
451 Gustave Elias Blackley Athens
1382 Harry Clay Blackman, Jr. S. Waverly
1521 Howard Elmer Blackmar Sayre
438 Fay Kenneth Blackwell Sayre
1959 Lee Delos Blackwell Sayre
778 Ralph  Blake Sayre
26 Oresals Bernard Blakeman Sayre
999 Edward Harold Blanchard Athens
521 Donald Blauvelt Wilawana
523 Earl Jennings Blauvelt Wilawana
814 Seymour Jay Blauvelt Wilawana
1425 Arthur Jay Blauvelt Wilawana
408 Charles Albert Blemle Athens
100 Donald Reid Blend Athens
1803 John  Blondie Sayre
719 John Paul Bobick Sayre
660 Martin  Bodnar Wyalusing
726 George Lester Bogart Sayre
1697 James Arthur Bogart Sayre
2206 Raymond Edward Bolich Sayre
153 Leon Glenn Bonney Sayre
413 John Borite Sayre
1057 Clifford Vaughan Bostwick Sayre
2376 Edward Leslie Bostwick Sayre
975 Edward Franklin Bosworth Rome
512 Vincent Boundinsky Wyalusing
935 Harold Deacon Bourdette Athens
786 Vaughn Llewellyn Bowen Warren Center
1645 Richard Thomas Bowen Sayre
1885 Carl Leon Bowen Athens
430 Edward Aloysius Bowen, Jr. Sayre
1021 Clayton Howard Bowes Rome
165 Allen Henry Bowman Sayre
533 Addison Lloyd Bowman Athens
2214 Frank Gilbert Bowman Sayre
3 Francis Stanialas Boyle Leraysville
1143 Walter Reynolds Boyle Athens
1613 Thomas Marvella Boyle LeRaysville
1831 Malachi Boyle LeRaysville
1872 Joseph Francis Boyle S. Waverly
396 Claude Raymond Bradley Athens
1157 Charles Lee  Bradley Ulster
1591 Howard Leslie Braham Athens
2144 Emerson Erwin Brannaks Athens
111 Henry F. Brennan Sayre
376 John Joseph Brennan Sayre
484 Edwin George Brennan Sayre
700 Leo Harold Brennan Sayre
997 Raymond Carl Brennan Athens
2357 Andrew James Brennan Sayre
1520 Clyde Wesley Bresee Ulster
1149 Ernest R. Brewer Athens
1301 Robert Thomas Brewer Towanda
1740 Eberlin  Brewer Sayre
820 Leon William Briggs Sayre
1843 Howard Lewis Briggs Sayre
39 Harold Alton Brigham Athens
1150 Charles Almern Brigham Athens
979 Robert Levi Brimmer Wysox
1437 Reuben William Brimmer Rome
890 Leland Francis Brink Wyalusing
1029 Merle Frederick Brink Stevensville
1032 Kenneth Cole Brink Stevensville
1048 William Henery Brink Stevensville
1094 Halbert Carlyn Brink LeRaysville
1388 Alvin Bryan Brink Rummerfield
281 George Richard Brinner Rome
1107 Aubrey Bruce Brister Cadis
1372 Francis Donald Brogan S. Waverly
2002 Robert Bruce Bronson Athens
571 George Kenrick Brougham Sayre
1531 Ernest Claude Brougham Sayre
1619 Paul R. Brougham Sayre
131 Allyn Stephens Brown Athens
140 Lawrence Francis Brown Towanda
205 Juneyer Wilbur Brown Athens
224 Edwin Keeler Brown Wyalusing
340 Owen Dyke Brown S. Waverly
757 Arthur Garrison Brown Athens
1080 George Wallace Brown LeRaysville
1235 Forrest Eugene Brown Athens
1265 Henry Newman Brown Athens
1363 Charles Francis Brown S. Waverly
1420 Daniel Ward Brown Rummerfield
1883 Leonard Matthews Brown Sayre
2006 Daniel J. Brown Athens
2142 Charles Sterling Brown Athens
2208 Floyd LeRoy Brown Athens
2276 Nelson Walter Brown Athens
2347 Joseph Francis Brown Athens
2379 Howard Alfred Brown Athens
1629 Oscar Melville Brown  Warren Center
1567 Kenneth Austin Browning Wyalusing
1615 John Henry Browning Camptown
143 Malcolm Randolph Bruce Towanda
1049 John Edward Brucklacher LeRaysville
2167 George P. Bruno Sayre
2215 Quedo Antoni Bruno Sayre
1328 John  Bubniak Sayre
1599 Mike  Bubniak Sayre
261 Paul Thomas Bud Sayre
651 Charles Wesley Bullock Wyalusing
370 Clarence Frank  Bunn Athens
607 Theodore Russell Burgess Wyalusing
1232 Mathew W. Burke Sayre
949 William John Burleigh Wyalusing
668 Willard Lee Burlingame Athens
1945 Deverne Luther Burlingame Athens
1091 Kenneth William Burlington Stevensville
1116 Fred James Burnett Athens
2178 Stanley William Burns Athens
132 John Burrows Jr Sayre
1390 George Nelson Bush Sayre
2119 Francis Carlton Bush Wysox
142 Thomas Ambrose Bustin Towanda
187 Arthur William Bustin Towanda
1000 John Gerald  Bustin Athens
2267 John Andrew Bustin Towanda
1214 William John Byrne, Jr. Rummerfield
871 Lawrence Louis Cabucci Sayre
297 Joseph Bishop Cady Sayre
78 Peter Robert Cahill Sayre
446 Charles Valentino Cahill Athens
1993 James Raymond Cahill Sayre
1397 Robert Thomas Cain Sayre
73 Sugandree Calabucci Sayre
659 Quedo  Calabucci Athens
2173 Joseph James Calkins Sayre
285 George  Calveric Sayre
874 Joseph  Calveric Sayre
878 Michael  Calveric Sayre
164 Victor Wilmot Camp Sayre
644 Harry Edward Camp Wyalusing
1877 Ralph Elmer Camp Sayre
2011 George Victor  Camp Sayre
421 Francis William Campbell Sayre
563 Donald Loran Campbell Sayre
671 Wesley Jerome Campbell Towanda
904 Harold Paul Campbell Sayre
1122 Carl Smith Campbell Athens
1275 Curtis Raymond Campbell Sayre
1358 Charles Kenneth Campbell Sayre
1439 Leon James Campbell Sayre
1650 Henry Lynn Campbell Wyalusing
1722 Howard Grenville Campbell Wyalusing
1879 Bert W. Campbell Sayre
2158 Fred Lyle Campbell Towanda
2204 Lawrence Wayne Campbell Wyalusing
2233 Frank Theodore Campbell Sayre
2368 Joseph Paul Campbell Sayre
469 Laurence Edward Canavan Athens
702 Ted Fisher Canfield Athens
1677 Patrick John Cannavino Sayre
1970 Michael Lewis  Cannavino Sayre
1508 John  Cannizzaro Sayre
957 Raymond George Capwell Wyalusing
1252 Elwood Clayton Capwell Wyalusing
144 Russel Llewellyn Card Towanda
1274 Robert Emmett Card Sayre
1354 Joseph Vincent Cardillo Sayre
1810 Robert Eleazor Carey Wyalusing
2296 Howard John Carl Sayre
750 George  Carle Sayre
1634 Albert Gerwig Carle Sayre
1673 Red Robert Carle Sayre
2327 Millard Layton Carmer Athens
684 Byron George Carney Athens
296 James Wood Johnson Carpenter Sayre
561 Leo Francis Carr Rummerfield
2203 Glenn Stroud Carrington Wysox

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/27/2001
By Joyce M. Tice