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Five County Volunteer Firemen's Association 1897
Bradford County PA
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Tioga County PA
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Souvenir and Official Program 
of the Second Annual Convention 
of the
Five County Volunteer Firemen's Association of Northern Pennsylvania
Athens, Penna.
Thursday and Friday, September 2nd and 3rd, 1897


  1st Prize. 2nd Prize.
Hook and Ladder Race $50.00 $
Hose Race 50.00 25.00
Hub Race 50.00 25.00
Prize Drill 50.00  
Best Appearing Company in Line 25.00
Band Contest 50.00  


All races, drills and competitions take place Friday, September 3, commencing at 6 o’clock a.m., under the following conditions:

All contests free for members of the association. Home companies barred.

All companies competing must have been a regularly organized fire company at least ninety days previous to the day of the race.

Companies intending to compete in any of the races or drills must notify the Chairman of the Executive Committee of their intentions before midnight of September 2nd, at which time all entries for the same will close.

All companies taking part in the different contests must take part in the grand parade.

In any contest where but one company enters no prize will be offered, and when less than three companies enter, but one prize will be offered.


Not more than seventeen men to each company. Dry run, standing start, each team to be allowed one trial. Cart to carry 250 feet of hose in 50-foot lengths. Distance, 200 yards run, 400 feet to hydrant, attach and lay one line of hose 200 feet from hydrant, break coupling and put on pipe, pipe and coupling to be eight threads to the inch, with at least three full threads to couple, and to be screwed up to the shoulder or washer, ready for water. Time to be taken from start till the pipe drops on the ground, and within fifteen feet to the finish line. If the pipe drops more than fifteen feet from the finish lines, a penalty of one-quarter second for each three feet of excess shall be added to the time.


Hook and Ladder teams to run 200 yards, put up 20-foot ladder, have man ascend to top, man to start from ground. Time to be called when he grasps top rung, rung to be held until time is called.


Teams to start with wheel hubs over starting points, drawing fire apparatus weighing not less than 300 pounds, running a single dash of 200 yards. Hubs first over the line to win. If more than three to start, race to run in heats, with two or three entries each, and time to be taken. The teams making quickest time to win prizes. Two or more teams to start.


Each person taking part in any race will be required to start with his company from the starting point. Hydrant man shall attach to hydrant, assisted by one man, if the company so elect, but the pipe must be carried from the starting point of cart, either on the cart or by the pipeman, and no one will be allowed to assist in making connections but those running with their respective companies.

All contestants must be decently clothed. Judges to decide.

No man shall act as judge or timer who has any pecuniary interest in the result.

No man shall be permitted to run in more than one team.

No member of a home company will be permitted to run with a visiting company.

Any team running a member of any other team will be ruled out and no time allowed.

No company shall be debarred from entering a team in either or all contests, viz.: races and prize drill.

Companies not to exceed seventeen men.

Companies may have choice of running with any cart that is to be used by any company in the races.

Regulation cotton fire hose will be used, weighing one pound to the foot, with common screw coupling of ordinary weight, eight threads to the inch. Solid metal butt ordinary service pipe, weighing not less than five pounds.

Before the first race the judges are to carefully set the couplings, mark them with a file, and set to the same marks for each trial. If any coupling is not properly made by a team, a penalty will be added to their time of one-quarter second for each quarter turn, or fraction there-of, which it may lack of being up to the shoulder. Each team to reel its own hose under the supervision of the judges.

After a run the team next in order must be ready to take the hose and reel it within five minutes after the decision of the judges on the couplings. If not ready the team will lose its place.

The signal to the timers and for starting will be whatever the committee may designate on the day of the races. Time will be given from the start until the last connection is properly made.

Three judges and timekeepers will be appointed by the local committee of arrangements, and each team, during the run shall have the privilege of having a man in the judges’ stand, who shall see all the watches before time is announced. If the watches do not agree, the time, as shown by all, shall be added together and divided by three, and the nearest quarter second to this average shall be the official time, to which all penalties, if any, are to be added.

The judges shall have the power to make such other necessary arrangements as are not herein provided for, and their majority decision on all disputed points shall be final.

Any team attempting to win any prize by deception, fraud, foul play, or in any dishonorable way, or which shall disobey, infringe upon, or evade any of these rules and regulations, shall not be entitled to any time or prize.

The hose races may be run in heats of two or more companies in a heat, if the committee so desire. In such case the committee will appoint as many sets of judges and timers as there are contestants in the heat. The companies making the best time to win.

All apparatus must be pulled by hand, as no harness or other appliances will be allowed.


Specifications for band contest will be furnished upon application to the Secretary of the Executive Committee.


Each company must drill at least twenty-four men, exclusive of commandant, officers, or file-closers, and will be allowed twenty minutes for drill. The succeeding company must be ready to start within five minutes after the company preceding them have finished, or lose their place.

Forming crosses, squares, triangles, etc., are designated as emblematical movements.

The highest percentage of each class of movements will be 10, thus making the maximum percentage 100.

The judges will each be supplied with a separate blank with printed conditions, etc., and will mark each class of movements according to the best of his judgment, when the percentage will be added together, and divided by the same number as there are judges, thereby giving each company their proper percentage and standing.


Secretary of Executive Committee.

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