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hi joyce,my first attempt to attach pictures.the family picture i will name left to right,top row first.
elvira rice carey b.1862-d.1901
elisha c. carey b.19oct.1857-d.feb.1935
bertha leonard b.1883-d,1965?
in the far back-charles royal leonard b.1880-d. 23 dec.1964

bottom row
john james carey b.1887-d.1962?
lawrence edward leonard b.31 mar.1897-d.27 july 1980 my father
mary leonard reed b.1899-d.dec.1983
frances leonard carey b.1894-d.1926 married a first cousin
leon d. carey b.1889-1965
my grandfather was raised by john and julie leonard.he kept the leonard name.
the bearded gentleman is elisha's brother james g. carey. b.1850-d.1913.
the couple i believe to be carey's,but do have prove.the picture was taken from a tin plate.tin plate was only used from 1855 to 1900.if someone can id they can reach me at .
   thank you again for all that you have do ne!!!   carl j. leonard,sr.

   dear joyce;If you look further down in the letter i make mention my grandfather elisha was raised by a family named john and julie leonard.elisha kept the name leonard. his brothers reverted back to  carey,such as james g.carey and a brother john.they were also taken in by the leonards. this has caused confusion in the family.elisha is a carey by birth.he is a leonard by choice.i hope i have explained that so it is understood.
  now to bertha.bertha was the eldest daughter of elisha and all the children grew up elisha gave them the choice of taking the name of their  choice.i hope that explains  bertha's name.
   names without the alias'. charles royal leonard
                                        bertha leonard  "robinson/carpenter"
                                       john james carey
                                      lawrence edward leonard "my dad"
                                      mary leonard "reed"
                                      frances leonard "married her first cousin c.edward carey,james g. carey son"
                                       leon d. carey
 these children are all full blood sisters and brothers.
  place these pictures w.burlington and canton.if this is a problem,place them in w.burlington.
i have the orginals to those pictures.i have had them reproduced. i have more to send,one of the third brother john carey b.1853-d.1909.john migrated to the 1880's.
   thanks again,  joyce
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 20 JUL 2007
By Joyce M. Tice
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