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The Fine Family of Troy
Photo: Rev. Mr. Fine and Fine Family.
Township:Troy Borough, Bradford County PA
of Troy
Year: est. 1869
Photographer - Moses Gustin of Troy
Found in the Paine-Pomeroy Album
Photos from Sue BOLT Wales
Photo scanned from tintype by JMT
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Family of Rev. L.S. Fine, Presbyterian Minister in Troy. 
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Rev. Mr. L. S. Fine was Presbyterian Minister in Troy
Subj:  Troy Borough - Rev. L.S. Fine 
Date:  9/30/2002 12:11:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From: (Eleanor Wolfe)

Hi Joyce,

According to Craft, Rev. L.S. Fine died 3-5-1869.  So he was only with the church June 1868 to Mar. 1869.
Haven't been able to find much else on him.

Eleanor L. Wolfe

Rev. Lambert S. Fine
 Troy, March 10. 1869

As announced in Saturday’s Advertiser, the death of Rev. Mr. Fine occurred on the afternoon of Friday, March 5th.  Last Sabbath his pulpit in the Presbyterian Church in this place was beautifully draped in mourning, and in the presence of a large congregation, his flock gathered around the communion table to celebrate  the last supper of our Lord.  There were sad hearts in remembrance of their absent under shepard. The services were very impressive and solemn.

A meeting of the Church and congregation was held on Monday evening to pass resolutions of respect and sympathy .  At two o’clock yesterday afternoon the church was densely crowded with citizens from far and near, to witness the last services we render our precious dead.  The church was appropriately and lavishly draped with wreaths and crosses of flowers, and all the surroundings told the love the people bore the pastor.  The burial case was metallic, richly ornamented, and furnished by S.B. Hubbell, Esq. of your city, to whom we feel deeply indebted for his kindness and attention.

Upon the pulpit platform were gathered all the clergy of the different denominations in Troy also Rev. C Corss of Smithfield, Pa., who participated in the services of the afternoon.  Our Godly father in the ministry, Elder Sheardown , with his more than three score and ten years, offered  an opening prayer, which, for tenderness of feeling, and earnest, heartful  eloquence moved the multitude as rarely man’s better nature is stirred from his love for his fellow-man.  It was a sermon of itself.  Rev. Mr. Dean of the Methodist church  read the beautiful portion of scriptures, “ though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity, &c.”  A quartet choir then sang an original hymn entitled  “He’s gone, He’s gone to the silent land.”  The funeral discourse was preached by the Rev. Addison K. Strong D.D. , of Syracuse, from the text “and they took up the body, and buried it, and went and told Jesus.”   A life long friend of Mr. Fine, he paid a beautiful and just tribute to his character and self denying work in the Christian Ministry.   His words are a rich legacy to his surviving family.

The Sabbath school children then gathered around the casket and sang that sweet hymn, “Jewels, bright Jewels.”  The scene was touching and beautiful.

The Rev. Mr. Hopkins of the Episcopal Church offered the closing prayer.

As the long, sad procession went on its way to the cemetery by the hill side, the places of business were closed and the noise of trade and traffic were hushed.

So closed the bright, sunny day upon the burial services of Rev. Mr. Fine, the man beloved by all.  We could  wish he might have lived these many years to have accomplished  those purposes for which he had so ardently hoped and so fervently prayed.

We could wish he might have been spared yet longer to his family and friends, to enrich us with his counsel ,to instruct us by his pure and unselfish life, and witness to the world what one man, with God’s help, may achieve for himself and his fellows.  And yet, when we remember how great the victory and large the reward  is his who has safely and nobly battled with life, and accomplished his God given mission, we would not if we could, alter the arrangement of Providence which has brought such rich, holy and heavenly experiences to one who was, while on earth,  blessed in more than an ordinary degree, with those qualities which go to make up a successful minister of Jesus Christ. The mantle fallen from him who will take and wear ?

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By Joyce M. Tice
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