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These portraits of John Franklin Gillett and Phebe Moore are in the Gillett Baptist Church. It is necessary to photograph them at an angle to avoid the glare of the glass that covers them. 

Photo: Gillett Family Photos
Township: South Creek Township, Bradford County PA
Photos from  Sylvia DENTON Smith .
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I am so happy to share the Gillett family photos that have come down through our family!  Up to now, I've never discovered photos of Asa and Laura Gillett, and I hope that if someone does have such, they will send them to Joyce post haste!

The following are photographs of three of the four children, plus their daughters-in-law.  Before these, I'd like to record a short bio of their first child...
Laura Emily GILLETT, born April 18, 1815 in Delaware County, NY.  married Welles McClelland; Laura and Welles had a daughter Laura Emily, born April 4, 1839 who was raised by her Grandmother McClelland, and married a man named Howland.  Laura Emily GILLETT McClelland died December 2, 1839 at Gillett, Bradford Co., Pa., and is buried in the Lower Gillett Cemetery.

Second child, John Franklin Gillette was born March 25, 1817 at Masonville, Delaware Co., NY.  He married Phebe C. Moore, daughter of Asa and Mercy BENTLEY Moore, who was born December 11, 1820, on October 2, 1839 at Southport, NY.  John Franklin died June 7, 1895; Phebe died September 14, 1893.  They are buried in the Lower Gillett Baptist Church Cemetery.  Their children were Emily E. (married George H. Dunham), Mary Melissa (married Philander L. Pettengill), Sarah J. (married Charles T. Fitch), Asa Nelson (died at 18 yrs, unmarried).

Third Child, Daniel Harvey Gillett was born January 29, 1819 at Masonville, Delaware Co., NY.  He married Olive Wells SMITH, daughter of Hezekiah 3rd and Betsey WELLS, who was born November 26, 1824 in Vermont, on August 2, 1846, probably at Ridgebury where Olive was teaching.  Daniel Harvey died January 26, 1901 at Wellsburg, NY; Olive died in the spring of 1895.  They are buried in the Old Baptist Church Cemetery in Wellsburg.  Their children were Emma Augusta (married Edgar Griswold), Horace Smith Gillett (married Alice Burnham), Althea (married Wilford Decker).

Fourth Child, Augusta Maria GILLETT (I have only notes that came down through our branch of the family) was likely born ca 1821, probably at Masonville, Delaware Co., NY.  She married Jeremiah Louk.  It was said her father Asa set him up in business 3 times, but he failed each time.  Eventually he left Augusta, married again, settled in Potter Co. and raised a second family under the assumed name Joseph Louck,  Following the marriage breakup, Augusta lived with her mother and father.  Jerry and Augusta's children were Em, Sarah, Asa, Althea D. (married Henry Patterson).

Sylvia DENTON Smith

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