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Then and Now - Main Street Looking East

Photo: Main Street looking East
Township: Troy Borough, Bradford County PA
Year: 190? and 2001 
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
Postcard loaned by Bob Baker
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Early 1900s postcard compared to 2001 photo. Taken standing across from Video store, formerly Penneys.
What's different? Left side of street: business building replaced by First National Bank, Oliver Block and Troy House razed in 1970s, replaced by bank addition and parking lot. I am sure the photographers who took these early photos had nothing close to the difficulties I encounter with the interminable traffic. I finally had to resort to 6 AM on a Sunday morning to get the photos without being killed and even then there were cars and trucks passing through regularly. It is easier to take photos early Sunday morning in Elmira's business district than at this intersection in Troy. 
What's the same? Left foreground - Same building was Mitchell Brothers then and Ben Franklin now. VanDyne Building last on left still stands as Bank. Right side of street has same buildings still standing. 
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