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Pike Township Photos & Postcards - Leraysville Borough
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These postcards are being shared with you in loving memory of my mother, Joan M. Gibbs 1937-2007
Kevin D. Gibbs
Bosworth Bros. Clothing Store – Postmarked October 16, 1907 - Looking west down east street to the corner of East and Main Street showing Bosworth Brothers Clothing Store and the Gazebo in the corner of the Congregational Church lawn, which is still there. 
Bosworth Bros. Clothing Store – Postmarked 1913 
BOSWORTH BRO’S GENERAL MDS’E. – Postmarked July 5, 1913 – Sign on porch roof has on it: Hamilton Brown Shoe Co. Largest in the World - Sign on building to the left behind the store reads: TIONA GASOLINE FOR SALE HERE
Postmarked February 18, 1911 – Bosworth Brothers Store 
Post Office - Postmarked February 18, 1906 - Building, that is no longer there, that housed the LeRaysville Post Office and the Fay L. Rose Groceries & Meats Store. Other postcards showing this same building next to the First National Bank don’t show the Post Office sign, so the post office must have been located in a different building when those postcards were made.
First National Bank and part of Fay Rose Store
Johnson’s Furniture Factory – Hand dated on back January 10, 1912
Johnson’s Mill – Hand dated on back October 18, 1909
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01 FEB 2008
By Joyce M. Tice
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Thanks to Kevin Gibbs for sharing his collection 01 FEB 2008