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W.C.T.U. Postcards - Part Three
The Temperance Movement  was an enormous social element for a very long period of our history, starting mid 19th century and culminating in the Prohibition ammendment to the U.S. Constitution. The W.C.T.U. or Women's Christian Temperance Union was a major force in promoting the Prohibition or Temperance Movement. Every town and village had its own chapters of this organization including those in the three county area represented on this site. People, including children,  were encouraged to sign pledge cards promising not to use alchoholic beverages. The organization still operates today, although it is not as widespread as it once was. You can find related pages using Google.

Some years ago, Don Stanton and his wife had purchased a home in Sullivan Township. Among the artifacts they found discarded by the previous owners were many W.C.T.U. postcards from early in the 20th century. Don saved these and submitted scans for presentation on the site. Since there are nearly thirtyof them, and I do not want to have to choose among them, I will present them all here on three pages. I am also including links to related pages.
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1898-1903 Minutes of the Windfall W.C.T.U.
Postcards - W.C.T.U. Postcards
Year: First decades of 1900s
Postcards submitted by Don Stanton
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