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Bradford County (PA) Queries January 2008 - June 2008
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(Updated 5/23/2008)

Subject:  SHORES
Date:  5/19/2008

I am interested in any information you might be able to provide to me on SAMUEL SHORES, spouse Polly Stevens and buried in Post Cemetery, Sheshequin Township, Pennsylvania.
Carolee SMITH Murray

Subject:  The Fox Farm
Date:  May 21, 2008

Dear Joyce:

I am trying to find the farm that my mother and sisters grew up on.  
The farm was purchased on June 13, 1861 by John and Michael Fox from 
Richard Barnwell who purchased it 12/10/1855 from J. H. Statford who 
purchased it 4/5/1852 from a Sarah Butler.  I have the deed which 
indicates that the land was originally part of a piece of land 
surveyed in the warrantee name of George Williams.  The deed says is 
it deed # 2254 and was witnessed by an Aaron Ely on behalf of 
Bradford County.

Subsequently the deed was recorded August 20, 1917.  I assume that 
was when my grandfather William P. Fox inherited it from his father 
John.  When Richard Barnwell bought the land, the deed was recorded 
in book 45, page 321.  When my grandfather recorded the deed, the 
notation is that is in book 330, page 534.

My mother's birth certificate lists Sugar Run as the place of birth 
but she always said they lived on Oak Hill.  I remember going there 
as a small child.  My mother Ellen (Helen) Margaret Fox was born 
10/29/04.  We saw the one room school house she attended--not 
terribly far from the farm.  One of the old neighbor names was Bagot.

Does any of this ring a bell with you?  Barnwells still lived in the 
area when I saw the farm.

Any help you can give me would be most appreciated.

Ann D. O'Hora

"sharon" <>
Sat, 3 May 2008

Joyce, I hope this is in the correct format.
I will try one more time to find information on my great grandfather Asa MILLER who was in Wysox Twp., Bradford Co., in the 1830 census with a wife and 2 young daus.  He was not yet 30.  In the 1840 census he is in Towanda Twp., there are now also 2 boys, the girls, but no wife.  Asa married Mary Ann COON in 1843,dau of Nathan COON.  The children by Asa's first wife were:
1.  Mary M. married Albannus TRAUGH druggist in Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., PA
2.  Elizabeth married Edwin Hyde
3.  Daniel Oscar
4.  William
By Mary Ann
5.  Warren (born in PA)
6.  Amaziah
Mary and Albannus moved to Illinois and then settled in Rimington, Indiana.  Asa was with them in the 1880 census.  He was listed as age 80.
Elizabeth had moved to Illinois with her father and stepmother.  It was there that she married and had a child.  What happened to that child I do not know.
Daniel married and had a family.  He died in Chicago.
William he stayed in PA and lived with Mary and Albannus when his father and family moved west.  He married Sarah, dau of Samuel and Rebecca CHAPMAN.
Sharon Rauworth

Date:  April 22, 2008

I am searching for information re Charles K COLEMAN, born 12/1865 to 
Nickolus O COLEMAN (1838) and Mary Elizabeth WILSON, residing in 
Rummerfield.  According to family records, Nickolus died when son 
Charles was an infant, ≈ 1866 or 67.  Any information would be 
greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Mary Ishihara

Subject: Death Records CUNNINGHAM St. John's Cemetery Bradford County
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2008

I am trying to find a death record for a William Cunningham who is buried in the St. John's cemetery in Troy, Pennsylvania. I have contacted the parish in Canton, who has parish records for St. John's, but the death records do not go back that far. On their advice, I contacted the Diocese, both in Philadelphia and Scranton. But, so far, I have not been able to locate any records. Does anyone know if the records exist andwhere they are kept?

I am particularly interested in William Cunningham who died in August 1859. He is buried next to Henry Cunningham in Row 28. Henry Cunningham is the brother of my husband's great great grandfather, George Cunningham. We believe that William Cunningham is Henry and George's father, but do not have records that would help prove or disprove the theory. Any death record for Henry Cunningham who died in 1886 would be helpful.

Henry Cunningham came to live in Columbia around 1856 or 1857 from Fallsburg in Sullivan County, New York. We do not know if William Cunningham came with him or came from somewhere else to join Henry Cunningham. I don't have the dates for when the Cunninghams came to America from Ireland. We believe they came from County Roscommon, but have not been able to find them in the records in Ireland (despite three trips to Dublin).

Any information on any of the Cunninghams in Bradford County would be appreciated. We leave for another trip to Ireland in early April and I am trying to locate any and all information before I go. I have reviewed the census records and any available information on the wonderful Tri-County site.

Thanks! Kathleen Wheeler Ashton, Maryland

Subject: Doing/Dowing/Dewing
Date: 3/7/2008

Hello, I am searching for the parentage of my grandfather, John Doing/Dowing/Dewing who lived in Bradford County in 1840 Ridgebury Census. I found him listed in 1850 in the Cussewago Twp., Crawford Co., Pa. tax rolls for 1848, along with David Doing, and J.F. Doing. John was listed in the 1850 - 1853 Crawford Co. tax rolls, and died on 20 Sep. 1853 in Crossingville. He is buried there.

I am trying to establish a connection to David Dewing/Doing who was listed in the 1850 Smithfield Twp., Bradford Co., Pa. Census next to a Hosley family from Vt. because David Doing was listed in the Crawford Co. tax rolls with John Doing. I believe David's wife, Sybil was a Hosley. According to the 1850 Cussewago, Crawford Co., Pa. census, John Doing was born about 1815. His wife was named Nancy, and they had one child, Francis aged 7 yrs, b. 1843. After John and Nancy Doing died, my gr. grandfather, Francis Doing b. 1843 was raised by Hopkins Stone, who was found in census and tax records of Cussewago Twp. at the same time as my Doing family lived there.

When Francis Doing (b 1843) grew up, he enlisted in the Civil War, fighting in the Battle of the Little Round Top. Francis or Frank as he was known, returned from the war, married, and is buried at Edinboro, Pa. His military papers state that he was born in Bradford County, so I am reasonably sure there is a connection to the Doing/Dewing families who can be found in records on your website but can't find proof.

If anyone has any information about this family, please contact me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hopefully, Shirley Thompson

Subject: TERRY, Uriah b. 27 Oct. 1728 Southold, Suffolk, N.Y., d. 29 June 1804 Terrytown, Bradford, PA
From: "DEAN H ROE"
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008

TERRY, Uriah b. 27 Oct 1728 Southold, Suffolk Co., N.Y. d. 29 June Terrytown, Bradford, PA m.1st Abigail Cleveland, b. 17 Mar 1728, d. abt. 1775 Wyoming Valley, Luzerne, PA; m.2nd Bethia Wells of Wyoming Valley.

Contact Dean Roe

Subject: ROSS, Waitland Devere
Date: 3/5/2008

Waitland D ROSS was born approx. 20 May 1849 in Bradford Co or town, Pennsylvania. Looking for all ancestors and relatives. He died in Redmond, Washington at 91.

replies to Jean Van Leuven
phone 360-378-8011 cell

Date: 3/5/2008

In 2003 Florence Ellis submitted information about the Peck Hill Cemetery in Windham, adding, "Reportedly, there are at least Pecks, Angels, and Rockerfellers, buried there." Does anyone know whether the Angels were Stephen Angel or Polly Angell or any of their children, who were neighbors of the Pecks in the 1850 US Census for Windham, Bradford County PA?

Henry Fullenwider

Subject: Demoney/Demonia
Date: 3/5/2008

I am researching my family name, Demoney/Demonia. John Hartley Demoney (my gg grandfather) was born 21 May 1845 in Bradford County, Penn.

Any information is appreciated!
Lora Demoney Jeffers. -- Mellorajeffers

Date: 3/2/2008

I am looking for information on my gggg-grandfather Joseph SMITH (1747-1834)who settled in Ulster Township Bradford County in the 1790s. He and his brother Lockwood SMITH(1743-1832), also of Ulster, were both soldiers in the Revolutionary War and were from Dutchess County New York.

My ggg-grandfather was Henry SMITH who married Anna SPALDING of Sheshequin and my gg-grandfather was Oscar SMITH who married Elvira FISH also of Sheshequin.

I am hoping to find the name of Joseph's wife and his parents and any other information about the family.

Thanks in advance,
James E Schultz

Subject: surname KRAFICK
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008

I am searching for information on KRAFLICK, Steve and Julia. I believe they are from Wylusing in Bradford County still living on their father's farm somewhere in that area.

Any information will be extremely helpful.
Susan E. Ross

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008

I am looking for Daniel and Ebenezer ROGERS; son James and Grandson William Phyleman ROGERS. Born in Towanda,Bradford Co.

Thank You,
Dianna Rogers

Subject: Hello
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008

Hi Joyce, My name is Penny Wager and I live in Binghamton NY. I love coming back to your site time and time again,I would like to up date the sites with my G G G grandfathers information, His name was James Peterson,born 1848-1851? died July 18 1909 he was first married to Amanda Peterson, she died May 27, 1881 in Towanda Pa, we have no obituary or cemetery information on her, and then to Louise Dunkle, he married his second wife in Towanda Pa. May 5, information on her either. He had three sons by his first wife John 1874, Walter, and William Henry, a step son Theodor Dunkel. John Peterson is my gg grandfather he died in Binghamton NY in 1930 we have no information on the remaining two sons or the step son. I do know that James in buried in Riverside Cemetery in an unmarked grave, his obituary says he was a highly respected black man, he is survived by his wife and three sons, that was in the Bradford County Gazette in July of 1909, I would love a copy of the obituaries if they could be found. Or any information that can be found.

Sincerely, Penny Wager or

Date: 2/25/2008

Requesting information on Moses and Mary OUTHOUSE Ward South Creek, Bradford County 1830- 1870. Also information on contacting a Catherine Stephens who had an inquiry on this subject in 1997 with Wisconsin e-mail address.

John Murphy
Outhouse Family Historical Society
please contact e-mail

Date: 2/23/2008

am looking or information on MOSES WARD and wife MARY(OUTHOUSE) WARD of South Creek, Bradford County,PA along with any information of children HARRIS< WILLIIAM, ELEANOR and JOHN WATSON,JAMES and MARY. Looking for place of possible burials on listed in cemeteries on site. Information is he died 1821 EXCEPT he was in census of 1840 and on tax rolls of 1836

John L Murphy
Outhouse Family Researcher
Lady Lake, Florida

Subject: Bradford County Courthouse
Date: 2/23/2008

I have been tasked with writing the 100 year history of the Peru, Indiana Courthouse. This courthouse was designed by Lehman and Schmitt of Cleveland, Ohio. I have supporting documentation that indicates that the Bradford County Courthouse was also designed by Lehman and Schmitt. If this is the case I intend to come to Bradford County to compare the design elements of the two courthouses. I have searched your web site for this information, but have come up empty handed. Is it possible that you can answer this question or forward my E-mail to someone who can.

Any Assistance you can provide will be much appreciated
David O. Enyart or

Subject: WOOD
Date: 2/21/2008

Seeking info on Clinton R, WOOD and Orisson Allen WOOD. Need to find their daughter Laura Wood BROWN and her son Owen Dyke BROWN. Have reason to believe he was adopted and that his father was Owen Bingley DYKE.

Please any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Jean Dyke Kinney

Subject:  Fred C. Lathrop
From: "Ivan Hild" <>
Date:  January 14, 2008

Dear folks;
this is in reply to a note that I recently saw on the follows...
Subj: website
Date: 6/3/2002 6:44:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Julie Jackson)
Reply-to: (Julie Jackson)

Hello Ms. Tice....what a wonderful website you have put up!!
I am seeking information on Fred C. Lathrop (married Luella Rhone) , buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Troy.....i am seeking his parentage and was wondering if you had any information, if any, on the whereabouts of his folks. His daughter, Fannie Lathrop (married to Howard Hicks) was my great grandmother, she is buried in Canton (Teaberry Hill). I have been searching for Fred Lathrop's parents for many yrs now with no success. It is my understanding that his legal name was Charles Frederick Lathrop, but for whatever reason, he preferred to switch it around, tho that is based family chat.

If you or anyone you know may have a possible lead on his parentage, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your assistance
Julie Jackson

Reply from Ivan Hild:

though I do not know anything specific about Charles Frederick Lathrop, I would suspect that the family goes back to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, an important coal town in the last half of the 19th Century. A Judge Daniel Lathrop Rhone was born in 1838 and was elected to the Orphans Court in the 1880s. His daughter may have been Rosamond Dodson Rhone, author of several books circa 1900. She was married to a Dan L. Rhone. If you would wish to follow up on this lead, there is an excellent historical society in Wilkes-Barre with, I believe, a website. 

Ivan Hild

Falls Church, Virginia

From: "Carolyn Wells"
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008

Looking for any information on George B. Wells who was "supposedly" born in Terry Twsp., Bradford Co., PA in 4/1891 per the 1900 census. His father was Burton Wells (1859 - 1907) and Jessie Pratt (1860 - ?).

Any information on this person would be greatly appreciated as I am afraid of going down the wrong path with another George B. Wells I found in Sandy, Clearfied Co., PA in the 1920 census which is quite a distance from Bradford Co. and shows up in the WWI database with a birthdate of 6/26/1888. My George B. Wells shows a 4/1891 birthdate from the W. Pittston, Luzerne Co., PA 1900 census.

Thank you for your help.
Carolyn Wells

From: "Carolyn Wells"
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008

I am looking for information on Amasa WELLS b. 6/1796 in Bradford County, Pa. He married Mary Ayres on 11/1820. They had children per the 1830 & 1840 census. Would like to acquire names of these children.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Carolyn Wells

Subject: Polly-Marie Dewing
From: "Clay Stubbins"
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008


I'm researching one of my ancestors, a second great-grandfather named Amos Coburn Merrill (1824-1904). He was born in Warren Township, Pennsylvania, the son of Henry Leonard Merrill (1794-1875) and Polly-Marie Dewing (1792-????).

I know the ancestors of Henry Leonard Merrill but know nothing about Polly-Marie Dewing's ancestors, or how my Merrill ancestor acquired the name "Amos Coburn". In reading your Tri-Counties website, I see in your discussion of the history of Warren Township has references to an Amos Coburn and an Alexander Dewing. I suspect these are ancestors of Polly-Marie Dewing and that Amos Coburn Merrill is named after Amos Coburn, but I have not been able to prove these connections.

Can you help?
Thanks. Clay Stubbins
Georgetown, Texas CA